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Battle For Dune: War of Assassins: February Community BLOG!

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                          Another year, another harvester lost.Hi and welcome to Battle For Dune in 2019!

First of all, thank you to all for their patience, it wasn't easy to keep you guys waiting for any news or word from us, but neither is coming up with any news or word without TeamWolf getting mad at me for spoiling some 'big surprise' , but more about that later.

I know some of our co-staff here at W3D can be some cranky old men, hence in case they didn't already, at least you can say now you got the best wishes from the Battle For Dune team to all and everyone, yes even to the Ordos. At least we will be here for sure for another packed year!

As some already knew by his own announcement, TeamWolf was in the process of moving after our November update, but he hasn't been sitting still.

A lot of work was continued at a slower but steady phase behind the scenes, and the final preparations are being finished till he is fully back in action, so please bare with us, but do refer back to the roadmap released not so long ago to know where we are currently as of now and today!


For 2019 we got a lot of stuff planned, more then last year by a long shot. Like not only new weapons, maps and factions but also new mechanics and idea's  to put you right back into the sandbikes of all those lost souls in the Dunes that you send to their deaths back in Dune 2000 and Emperor: Battle For Dune. Don't lie, we all did that, we are all guilty, we are all fooled by the Lady from the Bene Gesserit.


Speaking of which, In celebration of the Dune Movies reboot (yes it is real!!!), we were wondering if you guys wanted to see some Emperor: Battle For Dune or Dune 2000 Playtroughs of the Campaigns, a small W3D Tournament for them, a Survival Mode contest or , got a (totally not ripped off) idea in mind for the game Battle For Dune: War of Assassins yourself? A new and original take on the franchise and formula with a new game mode, or weapons. Let us know in the commens down below!

Have you ever wondered, what is the point of Infantry in the Desert anyway?

I know I shouldn't end this blog with empty hands so I told Wolf that if he doesn't give me the *files* , I will make the Harkonnen tortures look like childplay. But he ran away so I had to get them my self manually.....I think.

And yes I am a shameless writer of bad puns.


Logbook, Day 42 of the Shai-Hulud Solar Calendar

'I have finally Infiltrated the Harkonnen firebase, a rock-locked area in quite the remote place, where there is no spice nor room for much bigger then what they already have deployed. But something is telling me they are up to something more, time to find it out the hard way.'

Knock Knock

'Who's there?'




That's all for today folks, I will see you all around in the next run with a Development Update and Blog!

Don't forget to follow the thread and comment all your thoughts and idea's below.

With that all said, if you would excuse me, I will now continue my search to this famous *Delay Development Button*




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