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W3D Export Tools for 3DS Max 2017 version 1.7.0 Beta released!

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[blurb]A beta update has been released for the an update to the 3DSMax 2017 Tools. Check it out here.[/blurb]I have released a beta testing version of the W3D Export tools to allow the new BFME2 DirectX Material feature to be tested.

Unless you are modding BFME2 you probably don't need to upgrade.

This pack contains:

  • W3D Exporter for 3DS Max 2017 - New tools for Max 2017 to export W3D files from
  • W3D Viewer -  A model viewer for W3D files
  • W3D Dump - A tool to open W3D files and see the contents
  • The source code to to the W3D Exporter, wdump.exe and memorymanager.dll

Read the readme.txt file for details of how to install the plugin and how to work with the BFME2 materials (especially take note of the the need to install the latest release of Max 2017 from the provided link and the note that people using the DirectX Materials need to switch to the "Legacy Direct3D" driver in max for the shader files to work)

If you have any questions, you can find me here, on the w3dhub discord or over on The 3rd Age discord (I mention that last one because that's where the BFME2 modders seem to hang out.

The current release version of the plugin can be found at

if you need it (e.g. if you want to uninstall the beta) or if you want to see the full release history of the plugin.


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