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W3X Export Tools for 3DS Max 2017 inital beta released

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I am releasing a beta version of the W3X export plugin for 3DS Max 2017 so people can test it and look for any bugs or anything that doesn't export properly or anything else I need to fix.

This pack contains:

  • W3X Exporter for 3DS Max 2017 - New tools for Max 2017 to export W3X files from
  • The source code to to the W3D Exporter and memorymanager.dll

Read the readme.txt file for details of how to install the plugin and how to work with the DirectX Shader materials (especially take note of the the need to install the latest release of Max 2017 from the provided link and the note that people using the DirectX Materials need to switch to the "Legacy Direct3D" driver in max for the shader files to work)

If you have any questions, you can find me here, on the w3dhub discord or on various C&C discords.

I am looking for people to please test this as much as possible and look for whatever bugs you can find.

Animation export isn't working yet, nor is the "optimize collision detection" checkbox but otherwise everything else should be working.


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