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Some random unedited Reborn footage

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Hey all! First post. Back in January, I played a game during TS:R's event. I was trying to edit a video but it became an impossible slog to edit, so instead I made this playlist. Yeah, I had to split it into 15 minute videos. I refuse to validate my account with my phone number. Here's the first part of the videos, you can find the rest with the link below(or above here.) Also yeah, I'm trying out some new video settings, hoping it turns out not as bad as my War Thunder video's fugly compression.

I'll be the first to admit I have issues. I seriously don't like my personality, and my behavior at the end of this 2 hour session shows just how bad it gets. To be fair to me, an hour of straight non-victories will wear anyone down, but I should've taken it better. In any case, what is done is done, and it was fun for the majority of it!
As promised, this entire sentence is a link to the playlist incase you missed or didn't want to click the link above.

Have some screenshots I took!
(roughly 2:29:52, GDI assault on lesser Nod base in Egypt, 2030. I really don't like this map.)
(couldn't figure out the time stamp, someone please let me know, A CABAL run bomber attempts to take on the GDI assault mid-firestorm crisis, 2032. This match unfortunately showed the worst side of me, the side that's a complete and utter sore looser.)


Yeah by the ways, the video(at the time of writing this) hasn't been fully uploaded yet, I left my computer on overnight to do that. Hopefully by the time you see this, the video is ready!

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