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Abuse Much?


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I got an email saying I was banned by @ alphoca from posting on the forums for two weeks because of 'inappropriate language'.


I literally just said 'get a room you homos' as a joke to this thread :


So let me get this straight, I am under moderation which I really couldn't care less about, my post got approved by a mod because it was a harmless joke then another mod comes along and bans me for two weeks. Get your shit together, if it was a bad post then it wouldn't have been approved in the first place. Some people should simply not be mods. Don't let this guy join IA, he'll ban half the server for what's being said over there.

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This is your last warning.

Frankly, we're really tired of having to read and moderate every single post you made over the last 2 or so years. Any following offences will result on IP bans on both forums and in-game. Have a good day.

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