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Several issues: overt mod abuse, multiple rule-breaking, team stacking, partial mods.


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@Yap @dblaney1 @Voe

Hang on tight because this is a good read.

Smurfers join only to break rules (illegal beacon, team hampering, etc).

The game was really close, we (Nod) had a very slim lead and could’ve won the game had we not lost the ref due to tunnel/ledge beacon. averagejoe21 joined with a smurf towards the end of the match and used a spy to purposely glitch a beacon either: a) on top of refinery b) under refinery’s tunnel c) inside the center chimney. I am guessing it was either b or c because he later was able to walk at ground level and was killed by ChiefChef. The beacon was NOT accessible by any means, you can look at my radar which suggests the beacon was either really high up somewhere, or really down deep in the tunnel.

@ 1:27:13 (vid might be processing, give it some time)

After I asked nicely for mods to do something about, there seemed to be an indication that the nuke was indeed illegal based on some people saying it was ledge during the first part of the next game. As soon as the new match @ Industrial Strength started, I got hampered by ChiefChef, who drove in front of my arty to prevent me from shooting AGT. I am seriously doubting it was an accident like he claimed since he’s thrown shit at me before but w/e.

JO_MOMMA_USA power tripping. 

A few minutes later, as I picked up a stealth suit with Nod Commissar and I’m ready to rush GDI’s base, I spotted an empty tank in the field with very little health. I'm thinking of using it as I only need it to save time instead of walking to their base.

@ 05:30 to 10:00

  • As soon as I got in, it exploded because it had proxies on it. 
  • The bot said JO_MOMMA_USA had put proxies on it and with the explosion I took significant damage in the process (more than 100 HP points).
  • When I asked if flaming vehicles (putting timeds/proxies on friendly vehicles) was allowed, jo_momma answered no.
  • I followed up asking nicely that if it isn’t allowed, why did he do it. I asked nicely just as I asked him to please take care of the illegal beacon situation in the previous game.
  • As soon as I asked, he told me to stfu, denied it and called me a liar etc. 
  • All I did after that was ask him, again nicely, to look at the logs. Pointed out that it did say that he had put those proxies on that tank.
  • After some back and forth, polite on my end, he muted me without a warning or anything for the rest of the match.

Dunno how, but he is basically a mod in every major Renegade server. I don’t know why since he’s obviously not a good mod, but he must be familiar with flaming vehicle rules.

The next match, I joined as LOL_RETARDED_ because I thought I was still muted. However, the mute was gone or it was a timed mute. As I plowed through the enemy base and JO_MOMMA’s team in this new match, I let him know that I was going to report him for mod abuse and breaking in-game rules. In the end, I told him (nicely) that I would not deal with him anymore but that I would come here, and then he muted me again

@ 23:05

He of course lost the match as I collected my 4th MVP in a row and I left. He stayed and kept raging after that. Someone was nice enough to provide this screenshot of what he said afterwards. (Idk if he did end up banning me but w/e, it’s not like it can rly stop me).


A little bit of context too, 2 days ago I joined the server and I was playing against Gsharp on Lake_Garden. Greyson joined shortly after that. JO_MOMMA joined and started messing with giving players credits. He broke the map and we were unable to collect credits anymore. So he skipped the map and Winter_Assault started. When Winter_Assault started he gave all players tons of cash and he gave cash to himself to do all upgrades. At some point, I asked what the heck was happening, and at the time I was playing with ign ‘sus’. I was Nod, so he switched teams and did the same for GDI. Originally teams were JO_MOMMA & greyson vs Gsharp and I, but he made it so it was Gsharp & greyson vs JO_MOMMA & me.

I did not record this match because I knew it would be an ass-rape (which indeed it was), but part of me also thinks that JO_MOMMA messed up the map dynamics because Gsharp and greyson never had a chance due to our upgrades and we ended up later with one extra player. IMO Nod upgrades > GDI upgrades. I may be wrong, Idc. The point is that I don’t think he should've !ftc’d people around without asking everyone, much less give people credits or himself credits to do all upgrades. He should’ve let the game run, it was way too easy and we wasted a decent chance for a balanced match.

It was at some point during this Winter_Assault match (2 days ago), JO_MOMMA boasted about having @Yap’s trust. He said that if he wanted to make something a rule, Yap would do it; and that @Yap told him to do as he pleased. If someone can retrieve these logs it would be great.

The point is that this guy clearly thinks he owns the server and can do as he pleases with no accountability.


Awxyde breaking rules during matches.

He’s been told about it but he keeps doing it. Yap confirmed in the Discord channel that glitching beacons by partially destroying walls is against the rules. Here are two recent instances in which he’s done. My guess is that out of frustration.



1st vid @ 19:35, 2nd vid @ 26:00

Same people team stacking over and over.

Then we have the same people who are constantly just waiting for an opportunity to be with their buddies, or plain and simple switch to the other teams when losing. Awxyde, Gsharp, Threve, Thor, TottoRiina, NFHAVOC. They are constantly abusing !swap. The whole point of having a regulator is to have balanced teams and they circumvent it by crippling the game of any chance to have a balanced match. I don’t know who TottoRiina is, probably Adrian. Here in this instance he leaves the game as per usual so Gsharp can go to GDI with his buddies. Pretty sure they pm’d each other. Totto is always pm’ing me to go to his team btw, you can check other of my vids. When he rejoined, GDI had an extra player now.

@ 9:40

The next match was the same thing (vid below, just look at the teams), at the beginning there was a swap fest and the game was severely stacked beyond recovery. When the issue was promptly reported on Discord not a single moderator ever addressed it. Two mods were in-game at that moment too, and were complicit about it since they were both on GDI in the same team, however they did nothing about it. 

Instead of banning me or muting me for rightfully reporting rule-breaking, glitching and abuse, you might benefit from moderating properly and impartially. Too often it is seen that mods are strict with only some people but completely lax and even encouraging when others break the rules or play dirty.

@ Kaskins  @ dblaney1 I am removing any upcoming non-scheduled Interim Apex content from my YouTube channel and Discord if things do not have significant change (e.g. reasonable response to these complaints, JO_MOMMA_USA removed, !mute/!ban removed). I’ve introduced many people to this mod and I do have fun sometimes; but given the circumstances you are not going to get any more new attention unless staff can address these issues properly. If the !mute/!ban stays, then well... you are basically asking for it. This will be my last thread about this and I'm going to ignore any unrelated replies.

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Passed this up the chain. We'll look into it, but it may take some time. Thanks for such a long and detailed post.

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ok so how this all started impearialk says to me in a pm hey i thought flaming vehs were illegal  while i was standing there at the building saying i never bought a veh i was healing at the time at the refinery  he says ur doing flaming vehicles i said i dont know what ur talking about he says i see in chat u flamed a veh i said i dont cheat . so he didint respond again till i left a little later came back he says hey can u warn a player he was afk for 20 min i said dont tell me how to mod there is a process to kicking afks i go to spec and i want to see the player b4 i skip to something so drastic its a drastic measure in my opinion i like to give a min or so hey i know how it is to have to pee in a game so i spec wait time the player so this whole time im not playing im timing a player so he said another time hes afk again which then i specd him again waited timed then he wasnt afk he was only afk for 5 secs alot of people say this guy is afk that guy is afk and he wants u to do it promptly while ur playing and not looking in the chat at the time to see all and pms u very angry like ur in on it so this is the same guy he just changes his tag over and over and says im cheating and says if u dont warn him ill report u in forum years hes been doing this to mods u can see in comments a few days ago acusing 2 other mods of cheating hey im in this server everyday all day trying to help people trying to do many things on a daily basis u can ask other players check my recs some of them say im the nicest mod maybe thats y this is happening because i care i want the players all to have a great time . 

i muted him for 10 minutes because he kept pming me saying you should have listened and warned the player of being afk for 20 min said or ill report u so here is the report.

he always does this changes his alias and pms me says ill report u if u dont do this or that says mods r always cheating been doing this same thing for years

everybody wanted a bots map i tried the best i could to please everyone and sent bots to the other map hey i wont be trying to do bots again a big fail for me but i dont think i have done anything other than please the other player never kept 1 credit for myself

there was 4 player 2 on each i said hey u guys want full ups i can fill both ups both teams for new years bad idea i guess but they were all excited and gave all 4 players 4000 to start maybe i souldnt do those things i was just trying to have a fun new years day

i spend alot of time in the game all day all night hoping there is something i can do to help is that worth anything not a credit

i left the game after and just did it for the players but he says i kept all the credits for myself 

ive never ban anyone ever and nor want to and ive only 24 hour temp ban to like 3 players for all my service to apex been so long i forgot how long its been

hes trying to  slander my name

i think i helped built this server spent alot of time yes i may feel strongly about helping everyone with each and every player to make it the best back from when there were only a handfull of us and blaney and ktff


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