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  1. 1 hour ago, Raap said:

    I'm a bit late here but let me clarify the main issues with singleplayer.

    1. There is no technical limitation. We can do singleplayer, we can do a whole lot of whatever we want, since we control the full engine codebase. Yes, some things are hard coded, but if someone has both the time and motivation, there isn't technically much stopping us from doing something.
    2. Why we've not seen singleplayer content in released projects yet, is simply because most of us as developers/designers do not feel much for it. Most of us prefer working on multiplayer games because of the replayability and social aspects. 

    But no, to re-iterate, right now I could make a singleplayer mission if I wanted to (I'd just have to check up on a few things). But I lack the time and have no motivation to do so, since I believe for our engine, multiplayer is the heart of it.

    Something else to keep in mind is that while the engine has improved a lot over the years, we've not put any work into singleplayer stuff, so mechanically we're still very limited there. It would make more sense to create singleplayer games on a different engine.

    AR will be using a little bit of singleplayer for a tutorial mission. (And you will want to play it, because AR works a little different from your typical C&C shooter!)

    3. They take a crap-load of time to create. All the trigger zones and scripts that need to be placed... and that doesn't even include modelling the maps

  2. 15 hours ago, Killing_You said:

    Currently, we're using resources recycled from APB and Renegade Beta. We're also attempting to contact the developers of The Brotherhood to see if they have anything we can use, though we've yet to get a definitive response.

    Try contacting Staude. I worked on that mod for a while. Alot of assets werent rigged though. Just the Humvee from what i can remember. 
    The soundtrack was pretty nice

  3. 3 minutes ago, Jerad2142 said:

    Either way I don't think an engine move is the way to go, Renegade X runs like 2x the players of original Renegade at peak times and its free, putting years of work into a new engine to get potentially double the players doesn't sound like a very good trade.

    Thats true. But Renegade X has been out for years now. A new game will definitely attract more players. Renegade was never a really popular game to begin with. Just slap Red Alert on it and servers will start smoking. Red Alert 2 outsold renegade by 10:1 IIRC 

    just for reference: that one video showing a VR version of RA got nearly 300k views in just a few days for christ sake. And it barely resembled RA

  4. 1 hour ago, Dadud said:

    Wolf, saberhawks already has his w3d asset importer working 80% of the time in just a few weeks time. Unity would be a better move.

    Whats the point when you have original .max assets? I really like unity, but all gameplay code would have to be written from scratch. Which takes a long ass time.

    I actually did a complete port of AR to RenX a while back. But never shared it because i got all assets from a dev and didnt want to get said dev in trouble. Although i dont think thats relevant anymore now. So lemme know if its OK to post up what i was working on 😉

  5. No need to talk. Its gonna happen.

    2 hours ago, Jeod said:

    Actions do speak louder than words. However, I for one don't judge a mod by graphics alone. :v For example, these guys got a functional chronotank complete with a teleport-targeting map into W3D. A selling point for UDK wouldn't just be that it looks better, but you'd be wise to make an argument for the greater possibilities and ease-of-functionality. Consider what features APB/TSR/AR could have but are limited by W3D, and consider if UDK could support such pipedreams.

    Take it as a challenge if you like. Either way, seeing C&C FPS progress on more engine platforms will most likely be a spark to the greater modding community even if it doesn't affect the dev team here. I think proving that it's possible and showcasing the possibilities will bond the community together in a way it desperately needs.

    Definitely not just for the graphics alone. W3D is very limited in what it can do, and while UDK also has its limitations, its alot more flexible coding wise.

    The video below is not my work, but it shows Reborns HMRLs using floating physics instead of having to resort to invisible wheels to create the illusion of a floating vehicle.


  6. 15 minutes ago, Jeod said:

    You can guarantee a functioning port? Do you know how to create models? Export them from w3d and import them into UE4? Do you know if it's possible to convert diffuse maps to specular or PBR? If it isn't, do you know how to create those kinds of maps that are demanded by UE4? Do you know how to animate models with more advanced technique than w3d currently needs?

    If you can do all that, then why not do it yourself--and by that I mean showcase things like APB logic in UE4, apply to staff team, offer to teach fellow developers, etc. Instead of being hostile towards dev-fans who work on these mods in their spare time and are curious about how far they can take the w3d engine, why not dig deeper and find out about personal goals and ambitions? Communication and transparency is a two-way street. We've stated already that we'd like to do a better job of it on our end, but hostility from the other end isn't productive towards the common goal.


    But yes, ive been apart of both the Reborn and RenX team for some time. Porting APB/TS/AR to UDK would be a walk in the park. I still have Reborns source files and am considering doing just that. Just to show its possible :P

  7. 2 hours ago, OWA said:

    Have a read of the other points I mentioned and try not to focus on just one. Moving to a new engine is not a good idea collectively because of all of those things.

    It's like telling the Mental Omega team that they should move to the C&C3 SAGE engine or the OpenRA guys that they should be using UE4. It's just not gonna happen.



    Some of those points are just plain BS tbh. You can always find people who possess the necessary skills.
    UDK still has an active community, its far from dead. And i bet some of the Renegade-x community would be willing to help out to a certain extent.They didnt put in nearly half of Tiberian Suns vehicles for no reason.

    Nostalgia is a very bad reason to stick to W3D. Do you still work with GMax out of nostalgia? I doubt it. 

    How about you opensource all of your content so others can do what you are incapable of doing? A functioning port would be up and running within a few months, i can guarantee you that.
    I think its misleading to claim that its too hard to too difficult to do a proper port to UDK. its a piece of cake with the tools that are available right now.

  8. 3 hours ago, GraYaSDF said:

    So, I am trying to say, that W3D Hub as a community should also work more to expand their auditory, to show good games. Just like in that song from Tiberium Dawn OST, remember? "Reaching out to the other worlds!" Why not to bring back the golden age of Westwood Studios? 😃

    Thats a bit much to ask from devs who dont get paid for their work. :P 

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