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  1. Hi WMxHeadShot,

    There was this trick back of mining the ceiling inside the barrack. Let me show you.

    If a user place a proximity mine here on the ceiling it can indeed trigger if the user try to beacon on the roof or by simply walking on top.

    Thanks for highlighting me this issue i will re-locate the Beacon Pad to a suitable location to prevent such incident as is nearly impossible to spot and disarm. Tho unfortunately won't be fix in the upcoming patch/build.

    Perhaps maybe a re-design of the structure structure layout may also help to prevent proximity mine mining. I am thinking of having the pad open in the open area of the base where it could be cover by friendlies instead of it being near a structure.



  2. Before i go through each and one of those I am going to make it very clear that this won't change as it is fixed.

    Infantry unit pricing are based off Vanilla Renegade pricing and its location of most of the units ( exceptional of relocation of Hotwire by Dblaney1 ) and this is permanent already no more adjusted pricing. So those units you are seeing they are fixed prices, the only optional is i extend to 2nd page. So if you want things cheaper is either move around within the current slot preferably. Infantry weapons such as Vervack Piercing Sniper Rifle and Ramjet should be how it was or close to how is it in Renegade, although I do not agree with Ramjet shooting down Orca Assault Craft/Apache in 4 shots, in IA they needs to be at least 7 shots. Hitting weakspot you may destroy it with less than 4 shots is a bonus incentive. Any unit that is the same other than different outfit and armor type especially with + addon backpack grant 10% 20% 30% ( tied to their Tier ) more firepower per shot excluding 2nd fire.

    When suggesting such balance please do NOT take into consideration of !support/!Weapon/!Character/ and !Ammo as those are beyond my control. They will be replace by IA design variant which won't be anytime soon.

    Regarding Gunner. If gunner want to be Crush-able I am fine by revert back to its damage previous before the time when his damage were reduce and given non-crushable. Current damage per shot is 197, increasing to 249 ( upgraded 206 increase to 396 ) This is back when Gunner rush base was a thing. He is also radar visible and his range reduce to 130.

    Nod BRDM 6 Wheel doesn't have the ability to swim unfortunately, it will be rectify in the next build as it should not have swimming capabilities. This fix for this patch was so long pending at the side and it still not yet update the new one and players are finding this out thinking is a meta. Should it be swim capable? Hmm...

    Any maps that is not E06 will require a overhaul to fit with the new feature and addons units


  3. On 2/28/2020 at 1:37 AM, shoverno2 said:

    Well, i found THIS!

    The Soviet flame long range tank object 483!


    and some info http://tankmuseum.ru/ob483/

    I think it's just need to be in game. It's own base - T-54, so almost half "meshes"(i wonder) already exist.

    Maybe some disraptor type Nod fraction vehicle...

    There done, i haven't compile my render but it is a WIP is a working unit in the game but not officially in yet ^^.


    Btw stay tune for new tanks probably will replace the old vehicles, is for GDI side. I also need to prepare for the upcoming change log stuff.

  4. Back and I did a test on my end and it sees to deal damage against Nod Airstrip as well as other buildings with Explosive Disc.

    Btw Obelisk Gun is using Laser_noBuilding therefore they deal 0 damage to structure.

  5. Hmm strange, I am pretty sure Explosive Discs grenades should be able to destroy a building from outside and inside as well. Thanks for informing will get back to you in about 8 hours from the time this post goes up.

  6. 1 hour ago, GibbletsnBits said:

    It seems to me that the random weapon pickups that have littered the maps recently (not crates) are way too powerful of weapons to just find on the ground. I found a nuke beacon and a PIC just sitting in the destroyed RA refinery building right outside the enemy base in Vile (lots of other maps have this problem to) at the beginning of the game. I hope some changes can be made so that either the low tier weapons or mid tier weapons can be picked up for free scattered around the maps and once the game has matured then the high tier weapons can spawn. Thoughts?



    Hi GibbletsnBits thank you for bringing this up, how does the spawn logic works currently is that I have a spawn points which will spawn a number of added preset to it. I may create a separate spawn powerups with different tiers to make them have lesser chance of spawning higher tier weapons. Do note that this will take some time to apply and I am not sure if this will solve the issue completely.

    I may take a look into it and toy around with its settings when I have a free time for it.

  7. Hi I see where this is going as it was brought up to my attention about 2 days ago. Been very busy with some other vehicles I am modeling it for IA and real life work related.

    So there is some tweaked which will be apply on the upcoming update for the Homeguard/Red Tide unit.

    Sticky Bombs/Grenades explosion (c4 type ) damage reduce from 128 to 114.

    Sticky Bombs/Grenades explosion radius reduce from 6 to 2.85.

    Sticky Bombs/Grenade detonation time increase from 4.1 seconds to 6.0 seconds

    Reload time for sticky bomb increase from 3.2 seconds to 5.7

    In addition the ammo they carry will be now 3 from 5.


    The throwing distance was adjusted on the server side, it was originally if not mistaken intended for easier to place dynamite, and timedc4 on a vehicle. Sticky Grenade inherited the timed c4 logic and therefore is throwing range is further which I have a mix thought about it.


    So to destroy the building entirely an average time I calculated ( which took me to do so ) is about 33 seconds, you may try to be super micro and may get to 29 seconds the fastest in destroying the MCT. I didn't use !ammo as I tested it on lan so is not accounted for.


    But there is a catch, with less sticky bomb and without the !ammo call in, there is a small chance that even after you unload all the AT4 or Shmel launcher the building will stay alive.


    But above all Homeguard and Red Tide are only useful within the 5 minutes when the match start, after that their useful capabilities plummeted.

  8. Hi there and it is unfortunate that we meet like this where your actions causes a chain reaction and this make no excuses.

    We did put in the rule but i am afraid you may not get another chance as your repeated actions are more of an intention based from what I see.

    I would advise think properly before saying something next time.

  9. 42 minutes ago, notDMB said:

    A cooldown increase would be nice. 

    Also if resupply tanks worked on the driver they would simply encourage even more lone wolfing. Their design is to encourage team play. You said it yourself, why would you ever buy a resupply tank if you can’t resupply yourself? That’s the mindset for why !ammo will never be removed because this player base just doesn’t really care about playing support that much. The few players who do get repair tanks. And I can hardly blame them, it’s not like you get points or veterancy for doing it. You don’t get a ton of veterancy for repairing, but repairing is the fastest way to make money in this game. Even faster than hitting buildings (though killing them nets even more, but that’s not exactly something you can farm.)

    Falcod use to get RedTide infantry and Supply Truck and killed 1 AGT within the 6 minutes on Industrial Strength. That is why I make it so that it must have a passenger so which take away 1 player off temp from contribution in the base or being a Attacker unit in the field.

    I am aware of the Economy thing and is something hard to entirely overhaul due to how it closely based off Renegade where before ya know it you have having 10,000+ within 15 minutes.

  10. 20 hours ago, der Papst said:

    This bug exists since at least a few weeks:

    If you build a 183mm Stage II in GDI's War Factory at mt. bog, it spawns either invisible or underground. You can sometimes enter it but you can't drive it out of War Factory (as it should normally do by itself)

    It's destroyed when the next vehicle is produced.

    Hi der Paspt, thanks for reporting it. I already found the issue that it seems to be missing the model in the content file where the model failed to load upon upgrade. It will be in the changelog here.


  11. Hi Kickmofo Merry Christmas to you too, I heard is quite hot over there. Hopefully you do not have water rationing there. Anyway as for Nod it has come to my attention not long ago and I have been working to get a fix out, hopefully by 26th I have finish finalizing and roll out the next patch to somewhat make Nod more playable, i am aware one is partly due to the Stealth Tank being nerf which affect the overall Nod gameplay style.

    Thanks again for the heads-up and happy new year.

  12. On 12/7/2019 at 10:16 PM, shoverno2 said:

    Broken update. Dragon TOW rocket, that applyed to Nod bike, now worth nothing. And there are buffed OP mamonth tank railgun 120? Why? Actually GDI should be nerfed well and Nod need buff well. So, for exemple, flame tank. Almost anyone doesn't use it. Every Nod Flames need buff. What about GDI? Well, almast everything here deals too many damage.

    Really, this update made game unfair.

    Hi @shoverno2 thank you for the heads up. I will take this feedback into account regarding Nod being underwhelming to use. I perhaps maybe went to far and astray of that initial starting idea that GDI is easy to play than Nod. Fret not as the upcoming build will see some tweak in Nod Arsenal, for further update and patch notes do refer to the above change logs as I will update it time to time.

    My apology for the late response.

  13. I do not know how does this explode out of proportion, but can't we all just take a step back and see what how far we escalate this unnecessary small issue regarding ending a vote cycle?

    Can't we just tolerate for a moment and be nice to each other? Yeah we made mistakes and sometimes our anger and frustration get the better of us, can't you both apologize for the current actions? Anyway I think this post sums it up and I don't think we need to further escalate it. I already talked to Roz to calm down.

    If you are not happy with my decision than it is unfortunate that this server maybe is not for you.

    Do please lock this topic.

  14. Hey guys just want to update, its been a year since when this game was 1st release on close beta and eventually early access and now is 1 year later and if you're curious of how far it has come, well now is the time to be adventurous to try out the game for yourself during the Free Weekend on Stream which will start on 30th August to 1st September

    For more in depth info here's the news on steam site. https://steamcommunity.com/games/505740/announcements/detail/1593633208467895475

    Also reading news doesn't feel that good unless you're on the ground. So here's the link to try it out on steam.


    EDITED : Well this what I do in real life job as a QA.

  15. 7 hours ago, Cjx0r said:

    No offence, and I mean it, but all I'm hearing is "it's easier to develop for at the expense of ingame convenience.

    The convenience help save time, the time to put effort into something that have higher priority. Sounds like excuses but is a reality is time is not on anyone side.

    But is very possible to restore and rebuild Obelisk & AGT back there we multiple ways.

    -Obelisk & AGT can be rebuild vial being repair to an extend ( Not sure if we want this )

    -Obelisk & AGT can be rebuild by purchasing a vehicle from Conyard ( hence why Conyard has a Garage door like )and drive to build  them. ( Player might abuse its location )

    -Pickup restore and rebuild using donations? Could work but am I heading to that direction?

  16. 5 hours ago, Goliath35 said:

    I'd say it's a ball kicker if advanced base defences (AGT/Obelisk) could be restored. 

    Which brings me to ask, how come they can't anyways? 


    5 hours ago, Sharky89 said:

    Why not make the restore only for AGT/OB, Refinery and PP like in the past?

    Is because in IA the AGT and Obelisk are base defenses using Vehicle logic instead of a building logic like Renegade. There are pro's and con's for this setup and I already considered using Vehicle logic.


    1st is because you can easily relocate without redoing vis.

    2nd you do not need to cut holes and weld it later.

    3rd you can have multiple obelisk and agt's

    4th no MCT which prevent camping afk-repair ( not really but his less protected than in building )



    No interior thus no spawn point + PT

    It ties to 1 Power Plant only, so if you have more than 1 AGT/Obelisk require multiple power plants? There were work around I think but is Research & Development again to find out.


    However is still quite possible to restore Obelisk/Agt one way or another but I am afraid this will make the match lean more to camping and defending. I might be wrong.

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