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  1. You're still at 18% right? Your chances wouldn't change from investigating yourself since you weren't targeted by someone else. I have some conjecture on how we can beat the Organization, but I want to know everyone's D1 results first.
  2. How do you know this? Chopbam has already stated that his OC is 18% for D1. All the other people who've mentioned their OC were targets. From what I gather, everyone who's been targeted has only a 15% chance of being part of the Organization while everyone who hasn't has an 18% chance.
  3. A little because it didn't. His only had the N0 Organization Chance, which was 18% for everyone, not the D1 Organization chance.
  4. Bells & Whistles Irish OP47 FRAY CK Nod Jeod KY Misa Mojo KMod CB [Di AC]-[Ni OC] 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 N0 Investigation FRAY = T Mojo = T CK = T Jeod = T CK = O OP47 = T Jeod = O OP47 = T Self = ? Self = O OP47 = T [D1 AC]-[D1 OC] 100-? 82-? 82-? 82-15 100-? 82-15 100-? 100-? 82-15 100-? 100-18 Okay, fixed. And everyone, what's your D1 OC?
  5. Bells & Whistles Irish OP47 FRAY CK Nodlied Jeod KY Misa Mojo K-Mod CB [Di AC]-[Ni OC] 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 N0 Investigation FRAY = T Mojo = T CK = T Jeod = T CK = O OP47 = T Jeod = O OP = T Self = ? Self = O OP47 = T [D1 AC]-[N0 OC] 100-? 82-? 82-? 82-? 100-? 82-? 100-? 100-? 82-? 100-? 100-? So I remade the table mainly because the way Jeod had it, it'd be harder to extend through each phase. This way, it fits better.
  6. I'm kind of sad. I was going to build a chart to help keep track of everything, but Jeod beat me to it ;-;
  7. Just want to clarify, Upa's are both day and night actions. And I'm at 100% for being alive, Jeod.
  8. Good morning everyone, I tried to quickly skim through everything, but I'll be honest, I skipped most. I'm glad it seems like most people are following through with Operation Urd (temporary name, also known as plan A). I don't see it. If we vote ourselves we're putting it at a 2/11 chance of one of us being part of the Organization, assuming they don't swap vote at the last second. But if we try to build a case against an Organization member, we'll still have that chance in addition to a variable according to what kind of information we can extrapolate.
  9. *breaking away from character* Well I was pretty passive for over half of my first game. I only won through a few lucky opportunities. I was also too indecisive on blocking Nod's day action, which would've ended things more smoothly. So this time I want to be more active and assertive, while doing my best to replace cat5's helpful deductions.
  10. Lab members (figurative), assemble! We must fight against the Organization and to do that we need information. After all, knowledge is power. As far as your identities go, I'm not too concerned since we're all in a state of flux right now. You can follow or not, up to you, but if you don't you're only helping the Organization and I'll explain why below. So I hereby declare the initiation of Operation Urd (temporary name, also known as plan A): Each member let's everyone know the results of their investigation the night prior throughout the course of the game. Reason 001. Although each person's alignment is currently uncertain, through finding out the results of each night's investigation it'll help us for when a person is designated to have reading steiner since all of their results will have been true. If we don't know their results, then reading steiner becomes useless and only hurts us, since from my understanding, you're only locked into a position when there is no other possibility or when you die (being the most likely). Of course there may be other variables that could change things. Reason 002. Sharing the information will help us also help us figure out who is more likely to be in the Organization, albeit only slightly. The moment anybody gets an incorrect result, we know them to not have reading steiner. If we know they don't have reading steiner, there's a guaranteed chance for them to be part of the Organization. I ended up investigating FRAYDO and according to my findings he is Town.
  11. ##Introduction What the hell is wrong with me? *talks into phone* Has the Organization been tampering with my memory? *ghasp* Of course! It’s absolutely clear! Stein’s Gate has chosen!
  12. Consider, can the universe be justifiably called infinite? Doubtful. It may not have a discernible end, but it had a beginning and its component parts definitely have a limited cosmological shelf-life. Splitting hairs or not, if history tells us anything, it's that scientists often make very poor poets. We're all just a ship of fools chasing phantoms heedless of what really underwrites natural law.
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