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  1. Are you guys so sure about that? Only one member of the Organization can kill at a time (and yes, I have a tab open to the rules at all times to double check). Which means we have to lynch the other Rounder, presumably Rounder #2 first. If s/he dies first, then everyone will stay alive while we search for the last member of the organization.
  2. hehe, I'll admit, it was about 30% of the reason I punched Chopbam in the previous game.
  3. Of the 5 targets Kmod has been decently active. Last game Nod was pretty inactive and almost won commonly citing his inactivity as an excuse. Chopbam has been pretty distant KY also has been pretty inactive Misa seems to follow suit, but she's also new. Most new people hang back until they get a feel for things, or at least that's what I did. It's Jeod's hypothesis. I don't think it's true. It's more likely that the limit is only 1 for people to become part of a FGL. From the video and from the explanation of the game, everything seems to follow chances. Your organization chance wouldn't matter if it was derived purely from who you targeted. Even for only the first day, it seems silly. Also Orange already confirmed his FGL with Mojo.
  4. Vaguely forgot about that. Maybe, but only if the other partner revealed themselves. And just to help confirm this mess, Misa, what specific time did you send your PM?
  5. I only know you as a good GM.. For why I believe she's not in a FGL, I was just explaining it away to have it play out better in my head rather than just saying that there could be a limit of 1 person. Second possibility, I agree, absurd. The third one, not as much as I initially thought. Don't you need 3 members to get the time machine? She could be distracting us away from which group has a time machine already.
  6. Well, Jeod, I don't think you're part of the Organization as of yet, I just think your evidence towards Misa is too circumstantial. That said, I can't really blame you since she's ranked 3rd or 4th on my lynching pool right now. Mostly depends on if FRAYDO is purposefully inactive or if it's because of RL.
  7. So on the plus side guys, it appears that 2 people will be marked as the Organization and they can be changed each Day. The reason why I think it's Day instead phase is because the temporary Rounder Doc is closed during nights. Jeod, I'm doubtful on people meeting being the requirement for becoming a Rounder. If that's the case, that means that 2 people have to target the same person every night to become a Rounder. But that causes a problem, which comes first, becoming Rounders or making a Future Gadget Lab? Or do they do both? If that's the case there must be at least 5 FGLs...but can Chopbam or yourself even be a part of 2 FGLs at the same time? I'm don't think so. It also means that if two people don't investigate the same person, that there's to Organization to fight for the next Day. I think the most likely situation is that when first two people visit the same person, they form FGL then leave, causing the next person to be unable to form a FGL. If that's the case, that means if 4 people visit the same person, it'll create 2 different labs in chronological order. The second possibility is that Misa did meet you guys and formed a FGL, but this isn't very likely with how much you're hounding her. So my third thought is that Misa could've visited someone else and formed a FGL with another group. If that's the case, there'd be a 5th FGL or one of the other 3 has a third member. But I don't think there's any point in lying about it.
  8. I don't get it Jeod. How does that increase the chances of Misa being part of the Organization? If anything, it just confirmed that there is a rounder doc even for temporary Organization members and that it's closed during the night. And her response just reminds me of myself when Chop was targeting me last game. But maybe it's because I'm also new so I can vaguely relate.
  9. I'm a bit confused, I don't think I was ever talking about a possible rounder doc. For the reason previously stated, I don't think there's any chance that one doesn't already exist. To me, it's already confirmed.
  10. The moment a reading steiner confirms someone from the organization, deaths should happen at the same time from what I understand.
  11. Why wouldn't they? You're only locked in when you're dead or there's no other possibility. If you only gain access when you're locked in, you can't use it since you're most likely dead.
  12. But if they can change each phase or day that means they could have access to the rounder doc one phase or day and not have access to it the next.
  13. I think the Organization is in a constant state of flux while we play the game. Like how it said in the PM, if you're determined to die Night 0, you will be Vanilla Town. But it also clarified what you would be on Day 1 if you were lynched, even if it's still Vanilla Town. So that means each phase your chances for a role changes. Or at least each Day since D0 would have the same stats as N0. It's the same with have reading steiner, it's uncertain who has until they die or there's no other possibility. And when they're locked in, they're locked in no matter what.
  14. Actually, once you're confirmed as part of the Organization, I don't think there's any getting out of it, even with a time machine. Because the moment you're confirmed, it means that you were actually part of the Organization the entire time, so no matter which day you go to, they were part of the Organization. The most you might be able to do is kill the Organization member at an earlier date.
  15. That's true for everything but reading steiner. Reading steiner allows the user to remember everything across different world lines, so once you're found to have that, it'll never change.
  16. Mostly. Every person who was visited could not have lived longer than that night, so yeah they're dead. I think it'll get more confusing though when the time machine gets involved, which might enable them to die sooner or swap alignments. Although we may be able to keep them alive if we can get the timeline to diverge by more than 1% All of this is just conjecture though from watching the show.
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