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  1. Correction Irish [D0 AC]-[N0 OC] 100-18* In case you're wondering why my OC changed, it's because it was always the same as everybody else's, but since I was R2 for D1, I was okay with accepting any advantage given to me. In this case, it was Jeod declaring that I must have 1/2 OC since I am the great mad scientist, Hououin Kyouma! Even though the rules stated that character choice didn't affect your role. I never actually agreed with him, just sort of silently went with it, but silent approval still counts as lying here, I think? So might as well come clean about it.
  2. Well I guess here's my last table. Bells & Whistles Irish OP47 Fray CK Nod Jeod KY Misa Voe KMod CB [D0 AC]-[N0 OC] 100-9 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 100-18 N0 Investigation Fray = T Voe = T CK = T Jeod = T CK = O OP47 = T Jeod = O Voe = T Self = ? Self = O OP47 = T N0 Visits 0 2 1 2 (1) 0 2 0 0 2 (1) 0 0 [D1 AC]-[D1 OC] 100-18 82-15 91-15 82-15 100-18 82-15 100-18 100-18 82-15 100-18 100-18 [N1 AC]-[N1 OC] 100-20 80-16 90-18 90-18 L 100-20 80-16 100-20 100-20 80-16 L 100-20 100-20 N1 Investigation KMod = T Kmod = T Self = T OP47=O Kmod = T Kmod = T Self = T Self = ? Kmod = T Jeod = T Jeod= T Upa Count G→0 G→0 0 M 0 2G→M 0 0 M→0 G,M→M 0 N1 Actions Track ChopBam Target Jeod Track Jeod Target Kmod X Untold X Watch Self Trade Upa X X Random Misa Watch Self X N1 Visits 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 4 (5) 0 [D2 AC]-[D2 OC] 100-20 70-14 90-18 90-18 100-20 60-12 100-20 100-20 80-16 60-12 100-20 [N2 AC]-[N2 OC] 100-11 67-11 89-11 89-11 100-11 56-11 100-11 Lynch 56-11 100-11 N2 Investigation Nod = T Fray = T ?OP47? KY = T Self = ? Self = T Self = ? X OP47 = O CK = T KY = T Upa Count G→0 0 M→0 M→0 0 GM→? 0 X 0 GM M N2 Actions Tracker OP 47 Blocked Retracted X Untold Fray Blocked Random Voe Blocked X Untold X X X X N2 Visits 0 2? 1 1 1 0 2 X 0? 0 X [D3 AC]-[D3 OC] 100-11 44-11 78-11 78-11 89-11 56-11 X 56-11 100-11 [N3 AC]-[N3 OC] 100-13 75-13 X 63-13 X 50-13 Lynch N3 Investigation Self = T Fray = T X X Self = O Self = O X Upa Count GM GM 0? 0? X 3M? 0 X 0 GM X N3 Actions X X X N4 Visits 0 0 X 0 1? X [D4 AC]-[D4 OC] 100-14 75-14 X 63-14 X 38-13 X
  3. Huh, I'm just getting confused here, but probably to send a D-mail to add another vote on Killing_You for D3. As long as Orange doesn't get lynched, there shouldn't be any time machine nonsense.
  4. Since everyone dead so far, aside from Misa, has been confirmed town before you were confirmed to have RS. So you'd have to have the wrong read on someone. Hence, no Reading Steiner possibility.
  5. I don't think so, if you were able to confirm everyone as town on lynch, I think it'd eliminate the chance of you having RS and it'd be re-rolled to someone else.
  6. Ugh, I'm so conflicted right now since this game doesn't necessarily allow someone to be in the Organization and work towards Organization goals the entire game, because for majority of the game, anyone of the 8 left could've been working towards being scum, but there's a 75% chance that if they were, it's all for naught since they wouldn't flip scum no matter what. Like I'm town and have been for all but D1 (even though I fought against the Organization D1 as well), but I might be forced to be part of the Organization if Voe is lynched and flipped Town on D5. Makes me wonder how I'm supposed to even play right now. Should I be pro-town? or pro-scum? Although at this point, I'm not sure it even matters.
  7. I will, the only solace I take in this is that Voe doesn't have more than maybe a plastic upa, so I have better odds at being town for D5 since I have a gold, metal, and plastic upa, all of which I'll use to roll for town.
  8. Well I hope Voe is scum because I spent all this time creating the table, it'd suck for it to be all for nothing, or rather to my detriment.
  9. The only thing that happens is that Chopbam might come back to life. If Voe is lynched scum, it'll stay the same. If I'm lynched scum, KY or OP47 is lynched D3.
  10. I got mine. Maybe that person thought you'd PM the doc links and didn't check their actual e-mail?
  11. I'm not sure how I feel now that this game is close to being over. It's been pretty fun and interesting so far, regardless of the outcome.
  12. No, because if that were the case then 5 people should've been cleared from being Rounder #1 after you were lynched with the time machine, since 5 people investigated you after your death. Cat5 already mentioned we can investigate dead targets in our doc. So, unfortunately, I still have a chance to be part of the Organization...what is this? The Gamma world line?
  13. I visited Nodlied since he was alive after the time machine use and no one investigated him before. Then he died again, so my investigation became pointless.
  14. Yeah, if Voe flips, he'll only kill Kmod and Orange. If I flip, I'll only kill Fraydo and Kmod.
  15. Ugh, I regret not investigating Jeod now. I avoided doing so because I didn't want to lower his AC and because if he'd be the prime kill for the Organization. At least, that's what I thought initially.
  16. Kmod is right, just checked. It looks like it'd force either Voe or myself to be part of the Organization. Ugh, what a shame. I'm not asking you to quote the PM, I'm asking your to tell me your percentages of only your AC and OC starting from N2.
  17. I never got Fraydo's or KY's N2 investigation, nor did I ever get Voe's AC and OC from N2 onwards.
  18. We're going to need your AC and OC from N2 to now plus investigation from N2, Kmod.
  19. Voe would have to swap actions with me. I already did my D-mail for D2, in case I wasn't able to hop on here. Which I barely was anyway. It doesn't matter who you make vote for Nodlied, as long as he gets the majority. I don't think Killing_You is a good vote considering he investigated himself twice (unless my info is wrong), so he'd be the smallest threat. Going back to the original world line is the best way forward in my opinion, mostly due to Plan S. Back to work I go. ##vote Orange P47
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