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  1. But not for Renegade models, right ? I know the version I released was limited compared to my personal version, but I don't remember making the public one that bad before releasing it. Anyway, its just a question of days now, I have fixed and finished writing lots of missing parts of my new scripts now and, I am attacking the importer section of it.
  2. Huh ? why would it break those triangles apart ?, lol I think I should have a look at this script you guys have, because originally it didn't do that, anything relating to the base geometry of the model was 100% working, also animations didn't get imported per-frame... not at all, that I know for sure, I spent so much time figuring out animations back then. I was pretty excited when I had got it to work perfectly, in fact I would import some animated models, and after just setting the flags back manually as they were exported, I could reexport the files and both w3d (original from the game and
  3. Just wanted to let you know that you can still get a working Identification Code online through TurboSquid website here: https://www.turbosquid.com/RegisterGmax/Index.cfm Just create an account if you didn't have one already in the past. Then copy and paste your code.
  4. Thanks, glad to hear it, but at the same time I feel so sorry and ashamed of myself for letting you guys work with such an obsolete tool for so long while I had a much better one for myself that I wasn't even using. And worst I ended up messing it all up. So for that reason I think you guys all deserve to get what you should have had since a long time ago.
  5. Hi thanks, and yeah I spoke to Jonathan. I still have lots of catching up to do, but right now my main goal is to finish/fix that latest w3d tools script I never released. Over the time I kept adding more and more stuff to it, especially when I realized, after installing Battlefield for Middle Earth II, that it used the later w3d engine (sage) and that my importer worked well with those (after just commenting some line where it was checking the w3d model version and preventing it to import). Then, has it was getting pretty voluminous as I was implementing all the newer chunks for all the late
  6. HI! Thanks for looking, what about a search for *.chm in your 3dsmax folder? Though it might not have been included with the installation, there might be some "advanced" function during the setup to select more features that are not installed by default, but I have no clue, I went from Gmax/3DSmax5 to 3dsmax 2017 so I don't know anything about versions in between. I just installed 3dsmax 2019 which like 2017 all users stuff like scripts, UI, etc. are in user's appdata\local\autodesk\3dsmax\ENU\... instead of 3dsmax root folder in program files, there's actually lots of 3dsmax paths all ov
  7. Hello there, I am currently working on a totally new set of W3D tools that will support all 3dsmax versions (yes Gmax included). So far I got some of the tools working in latest 3dsmax 2019 release and tested in Gmax as well: - W3D Flags Helper: This tool lets you select all nodes in scenes based on their flags as they were originally exported. That way, you can set all the flags in the renx tool so the model can be re-exported correctly. - Textures Browser Let you browse, any textures in selected folder including the ones in .big, .mix, .dat and .pkg file
  8. Wow, talk about a blast from the past ! Great work guys, keep it up.
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