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  1. here is my mammy 36 inch sound it is halo 4 scorpion tank sound B1628D90.ik_36inch_fire.wav
  2. threve can you make this sound for the mammoth 36 inch and change it to a wav fileScorpion Cannon Shot.mp3
  3. w3d hub stops working and says it has an internal errors on some maps like vile it wont load i fall through the map
  4. F0074DC4.ik_mlrs_launch.wav
  5. is this it

    Screenshot (2).png

    1. Threve


      Yeah, it is. I'll take a look at it and see what's wrong when i get home. The file name may have been updated and i'll need to correct it. Will message you back when i find out.

  6. how do i put it in threve
  7. scorpion_cannon_fire.wav
  8. what do i need to make my own tank
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