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  1. I thought that MP5 looked familiar! Love the texture on it, that wasn't an easy one to do. Hope all is well with the old team.
  2. Hey Ben, all good here thanks. Hope all is well with you. With regards to the mod I believe we had all buildings done although not all animated and needing destruction states. The last work I saw added was several characters although I don't know if they ever made it to the svn. I seem to think all the vehicles were done too but again needed destruction states and animations.
  3. Bro888 I'm currently limited to mobile phone internet access so I'm not available on Skype at the moment but feel free to PM me on here if you wish. Hey Soviet_Deso, good to see you again. Hope you're well. Any hey moonsense715 hope all is well with you too
  4. We were working on an SVN, perhaps they got access to that?
  5. I did a good chunk of the artwork for this, have you managed to get access to the original assets? Best of luck in getting it finished, we put an awful lot of work into this, it'd be great to see it finished!
  6. Thanks for the comments and feedback on the MP5. It is still very much a Work in progress and there's a lot I want to change still, especially the back part. Also there is a lot of detail missing at the top of the gun. I'm also going to try have a straight clip rather than the curved one. Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog Ric
  7. Oh wow that brings back memories! Didn't it have a girl doll thing with a clown? Ric
  8. Just to emphasize OWA's point the models there were actually made just after I joined Apocalypse Rising and they've all been changed a lot till then. Ric
  9. Thanks for the feedback. The Service Depot only has the base colours down so far so don't panic just yet. The crane itself is not fully finished yet so it will be remodelled in time. Ric
  10. Exactly. If the squares are even then it means there is no stretching so the texture will not be stretched when put on the model. It also means that the unwrap is to scale so you don't have bits that have more detail than others. Ric
  11. Full credit to Spice for the V3, I'm just unwrapping it so it can be textured. Nice work on the internals Poggel, coming along nicely Ric
  12. Lol! Nice blog OWA I really need to get back to work on some mod work. Ric
  13. Thanks man OWA who made that easter egg? Ric
  14. As much as I like the industrial plant i don't think it's my model... Also shouldn't it be Blog 24 not 22? Ric
  15. Wow haven't seen that MCV model in a long time. Nice blog OWA Ric
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