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  1. Right, so it does require admin rights to install. That's not a problem. Now let's break down the rest of the questions here! From my point of view, I have no way of verifying that the launcher is not malicious, since I have no way of auditing the source code(I don't believe that danpaul has written any malicious code). While this launcher does not do anything bad, here's a hypothetical situation for you. If I was able to hack into the webserver and upload a malicious version of the launcher, everybody would go and update it. They start the new launcher, click 'yes' to allow it to run with admin privileges, and then it could potentially have full control over the computer. Here's an analogy for you: if you're running a hotel, do you give everybody who checks in a master key? No, you give them just the key to their room. It's more a question of one program that is doing several things. If it is only starting up games, great! it doesn't need admin privliges. It's only when it's installing that it needs privileges.
  2. It'd be rather nice to be able to do this. Since this has been an issue for several years now. Microsoft believes the common user is a total moron, which is why they make such warnings. Most of the time lately, they are right. I've had UAC disabled since I got this laptop two years ago and I didn't regret it one single time even for a bit. UAC does nothing but limit and annoy. Kill it with fire and it won't annoy you anymore. In general, running things as admin is a Very Bad Idea. This is the oldest and simplest way to secure a computer: don't give a process more resources than it requires. A launcher does not require admin privileges to start a game. Or to download a game.
  3. Hey Danpaul, can you fix your launcher to not ask for admin rights every single time it starts up? That'd be great, since even the documentation from MSDN says to not run a program as admin, you should ask first. Alternatively, what's the URL to download packages from?
  4. Not to worry, we are still on track to beat Black Mesa: Source.
  5. Ladders aren't possible. It's not changing in the forseable future.
  6. The country that you start out as is randomized at the beginning of each game. So yes.
  7. Not as far as I know, because the worldbox would prevent it.
  8. That depends on how it is set up. Since we haven't set it up yet, that's something that we will have to look at. It would probably make sense to do it that way though, because otherwise you would have sandbags in odd positions if they ever flipped over.
  9. To combat this problem, the Allies have installed Chronoshift points from their forward bases to airbases behind the line.
  10. The current plan for the bridge is to have segments that you can mix and match to make a bridge of any length that you want. The bridge shown there has a seamless texture, so you can put multiple parts together to make a longer bridge of any length. I haven't made endpieces for it yet, but those will probably be of differing lengths to help ease placement. It's possible to also simply make it as a proxy in 3DS MAX, and then LE will automatically add it.
  11. "paid" And I'm not the British person here. I'm guessing exploding barrels? In which case, probably not. The game engine doesn't really like exploding barrels.
  12. The idea is to have the heads randomize whenever you purchase the character, so that you don't end up with the same face all the time.
  13. I didn't realize that Renegade was 7 years old now. Although I must say... 7 years and there are still(at least, the last time I checked) a lot of servers out there.
  14. Regretebally, however, this made Australia too close to Britian in the RA2 universe, so this feature was eventually dropped. Originally, the concept art had the Australian unit be a boomerang throwing man; however this was also taken out of the game early on because the developers felt that the unit resembled Crazy Ivan too much.
  15. Well.... maybe if you were Russian it would make more sense.
  16. I see your god and raise you a C.N.
  17. Of course it will. It will repair the air.
  18. Jeez I've been wearing my brotherhood cap practically constantly and i have yet to get a reaction.
  19. Probably not possible. But you never know.
  20. They will animate when the vehicles are being built, but that hasn't been done yet.
  21. The trees will randomize their positions.
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