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Found 5 results

  1. Got some news for you folks! Seems we have taken on plenty of hires onto our Staff team, some new faces and some familiar ones! This post here is our quick run-down of them! Since rediscovering our community, Coolrock has rejoined the Staff to help out with PR and various other things. In fact, since being here he has been out on a successful hunt tracking down oldbies from all corners of the Internet! Check our Discord server and you'll see some names like steppo, drunkill, Vader6, and many others from yesteryear! Sir_Kane has come aboard the scripts team, having done development back in the day and being on the scene for some time now. Working with the team, he is looking to do things for APB such as allowing LSTs to carry vehicles! Since pushing our job posting for hobby programmers to join us, we have had quite a number of responses! Damoch joins our scripts.dll dev team, offering the right amount of enthusiasm and interest in learning that we seek in our applicants. Very soon after, we received another email application from Dghelneshi. This man has the skills for sure, and jonwil was all too eager to hire him onto the scripts and programming team. The programming list goes on! Mad Ivan joins our team, bringing with him considerable experience with over 4 years programming games professionally. Combined with his extensive education, Mad Ivan more than exceeds our qualifications and we're all too happy to have him aboard! Fun fact: He and Eggman891 know each irl and at work. Scorpio9a will be joining us as well! He wrote RenegadeEx and various other network patches for older C&C titles to help them run on modern OSs and will be having a play at our code. In his oldbie search, Coolrock brought along TheKGBSpy, who had previously worked on his own Renegade-to-RA2 project; Red Alert 2: Vengeance and has also done work Tiberian Sun: Reborn. He will be joining the scripts team and may become a contributor in the future as well. Lastly on the latest scripts hires, Nexiuz will join the team! Irl friends with Scorpio9a, Nexiuz brings his knowledge of 3D math and graphics programming! That should do it for the scripts hires, and we're still taking applications! Apply here if you're interested. You will be working with a legendary team of passionate coders and programmers, and this is experience you can use and place on your CV/résumé! Formerly in our Modder user group, ZΞPHYɌUS has been promoted to a full Staff member! Originally a modder for Mental Omega, he has familiarised himself with our Mammoth tools and mapmaking tutorials and everything else moonsense715 has tested him with. Joining the team with full access, expect great things from ZΞPHYɌUS! And that's everyone! For you tl;dr people, here's the list. Coolrock Sir_Kane Damoch Dghelneshi Mad Ivan Scorpio9a TheKGBSpy Nexiuz ZΞPHYɌUS Welcome our new Staff team members! W3D Hub continues to improve by the day, making the impossible possible!
  2. I know how to create the Refinery building controller, the car marker, and all the proper way points for Harvesting. I've made two maps prior to the one I am currently working on, so I know the process, but I am having a HUGE issue with my current map. My Harvesters just don't work. Sometimes when they are created at the War Factory/Strip, they don't move. I usually redo my map and make a new mix file and that is usually solved, but the issue I am running into here is... They are made from the War Factory/Strip, they go out to the Tiberium Field...Harvest...then travel back the Refinery. They pull up in the bay and then, NOTHING. They never leave that spot again. I've tried bumping then and forcing them out, but nothing. They just stop all together, and I've done everything from replacing the controller, the car marker, new way points, path find blockers. I'm at my wits end. I'm going to recreate it again and make a video of it. Hopefully someone can help me. This has plagued me for a few years now, and before I took my break from Renegade, this was and still is my most pressing issue. Any ideas?
  3. I have a few questions regard a few scripts in LE for Renegade. I want to apologize ahead of time for some of these questions, as I only worked with these scripts once maybe twice, and then took a 3 year hiatus, and I pretty much don't remember anything about them at all anymore. Here it goes... I have a repair pad in C&C Ridgeline (b8) that doesn't work. I fired up LE to take a look and there is no script selected there. That's the problem, right? No. The OTHER repair pad works just fine, as well as the scripts for the beacon zone, and defenses (turrets & GTs), and capturable silos, but the odd thing is, even though those structures work, they ALSO don't have any scripts selected in LE, which I think is just weird. I'm not sure if I have a wrong version of LE, or what. I also remember seeing the options for scripts named something like... z_base_defense_something something. I don't see ANY scripts with z in the front, which I remember those. What am I missing here? And what options for scripts would be the best choice for defenses, repair pads & silos?
  4. It took me two evenings to make a little demo of what also could be made for Red Alert A Path Beyond. Including few hours for moving resources of this game back to my experimental lab for Commando Assault and for exploring them. Did not know there is already Level Editor and source codes for APB, thanks to CMDBob for the tip.
  5. Time will tell, sooner or later... But anyway, it took me two days again to finish another script for Red Alert A Path Beyond - an alternative script for Chronotank. In overall, it is a crazy unit for "Lunar Paradox" map. However, new Chronotank, as well as Chronosphere, may cause Chronovortex which would try to destroy buildings and units of your teammates. Joked at the end of video
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