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Found 2 results

  1. As I have mentioned before in-game, I think there are many flaws with the carcinogenic map known as RA_Siege, A.K.A "who even made this map?" or "!skip pls". I know there are some people out there who like it, but it's my impression that most players don't. I might be wrong, though. I also have the impression that players usually leave when this map comes in. Now, what's wrong with siege (note: this is my very own personal opinion): 1- It's way too big (we all know that). 2- Also due to the size, it takes a lot of time for the harvester to get the ore. 3- A lot of unused space in the castle (See first picture). Some AI "ghosts" would be good, like in the church on Stormy Valley. 4- The rainy weather makes that map depressing. This may have a psychological effect on players. Rainy weather = bad weather; rainy map = bad map. 5- This section of the Soviet base (see second picture, compare to third picture). Additional suggestion: How about a secondary path for vehicles/infantry over the lake? (See fourth picture) I think it would be good to make a community-designed map, so we could all contribute with ideas and make something great. Also, what happened to Fissure? And who designed Siege? I am open to discussion.
  2. Siege developer notes by Raap. Come see the completed project! Siege developer notes - by @Raap "Hey folks, I'd like to thank everyone for being patient with the release of this level. It took a lot more time to develop than I anticipated, and then some real life matters caused further delays. I simply had to get the level out this year, so I made a concentrated effort to wrap up development on the level, so that you can finally play it." "Siege originally started a rough development back in 2008 during the BlueHell Production days, where it was designed to be the first airplane-enabled level. The order was to create a level with enough open space for airplanes to do their air-planey-things, but unfortunately that feature never made it into any public APB release, and Siege was put onto the backlog of other unfinished projects." "Siege has seen more changes than most maps. Once featuring a massive castle interior, I eventually opted to simplify the map design in order to focus gameplay into smaller areas, which also meant I could focus my development attention on smaller regions. The level was divided into a few segments which were all developed separately; The caves, the ramparts and balcony, the courtyard, the team bases, and the rivers/lake. To spare the technical details, you can assume it involved -a lot- of different files and assets." "In terms of gameplay, the intent was to keep the map focused on core APB gameplay, and not be quite as big of a departure as HostileWaters was in this regard. The gameplay development went towards secondary gameplay elements, such as the permanently present Siege Cannons; Stationary castle wall cannons capable of dealing extreme damage, and repairable once destroyed. Additional mini elements are also present, such as destructible scaffold bridges. Last but not least, I've experimented with a new side feature not quite done before, for now, I'm simply calling it a "map secret challenge"." "In closing, I hope you folks enjoy Siege, it is my second contribution to APB Delta, and there is one final contribution coming up, and trust me, I did save the best for last..."
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