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2018 Indie of the Year Awards update

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Hi guys!

I have some great news! ALL of our games have made it into the top 100 candidates in the 2018 Indie of the Year Awards!
The entire team would like to thank you all for your votings that made this possible.

Voting Phase 2

The first phase of the voting is closed, now the players can choose their absolute favorite games!

If you'd like any of our games to make it into the top 5, don't hesitate to vote again, this time here:

To vote for APB, TSR or ECW:

  • Scroll down to RELEASED GAMES.
  • Open the First Person Shooter category, you can find them all there.

If you'd like to vote for AR or BFD:

  • Open the Tactical Shooter category.


Thank you again for all your votes, it means a lot to us! :)

[thumb]custom_thumb_ioty2018.png[/thumb][blurb]Our games have made it into the top 100! Thank you for your votes! Don't forget to participate in the second phase of the votings :)[/blurb]

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Voted for all. Congratulations on making it to the second round and well done to everyone in the community. These are all fantastic games and super excited to experience "Dune" again. 😄 

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