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Player Complaints: Superman & RHess

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These players were just recently team hampering GDI on the map Mt. Pass by spamming dynamite and even beacons to break open an incredibly large hole within the walls surrounding the base. Personally, I find making any holes within the walls questionable at best, but to the degree this went was far beyond just getting the team faster access out of the base and into personal trolling territory. Here are some screenshots and the chat log of that round.






client_3-1-2019 (Edited).txt

Edited by ganein14

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the same thing happened to me yesterday were this dude was using a flame tank and destroyed our entire front part of the Nod wall then he leaves the flame tank and buys another vehicle next thing you know we got rushed and lose the game I'm not blaming the guy but it was quite annoying ide say 

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