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WhereIsMyMedal? - can you guys check this out?

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I have some screenshots about the player WhereIsMyMedal?
It looks like he was possibly using some type of hack that bypasses mines.

What do you guys think about this, is this legit?

On Orca Heights he was able to get inside the PP and destroy it via the MCT, despite the fact that both doors were still



I spawned in the base and decided to check the PP after it was destroyed as I'm just generally interested how people get in. However my mines were still there, above both doors. "How is this PP red with mines still at both doors, how did anyone get in here?", I thought. So I asked in public how he even got inside PP.



I now thought I could've been going crazy, as I was now not seeing my mines. But when I checked my screenshots I was right, my mines were there just a second ago. Unfortunately I didn't get a good screenshot of the left door showing the mines, but what you can see is the mines dissappearing with that electric animation. You can also see my message showing in public chat.


On the right door you see 2 mines on the side, I guess thats where he died.

On the left door I didn't get a good shot while the top mines were there but you can still see 3 mines on the side.
Was it mine limit and someone overmining? I doubt it, they don't go that fast. Do the server logs show the mine limit at this time?


Okay, the mines dissappeared, lets suppose I didn't see this, you still don't get in through the door without setting off
those mines on the side. Or is there some trick?


(A side note: this was earlier this week, 27-Apr. Sorry I didn't get round to do this till now.)


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I saw him do something dodgy before, like 4 weeks ago.

He was able to walk in through the PP door with a Mendoza and survive, despite it being mined. I was right in front when he came in and I saw all the mines blow up, but he did not die.

He said he got a DNA, which I guess means it restored his health, but it still seemed dodgy.

Its not that easy to survive these Interim Apex mines. Maybe on normal Renegade but these mines are no joke, even 1 or 2 can kill your character easily; you don't just run past mines and be able to pick up a DNA to survive it.

Its a shame beacuse I actually enjoyed it whenever he was logged in, hes a good player and is usually at the top of his team. Thats why I let it slide, beacuse I only play a few times a week, I'm a bit of a n00b when it comes to small details like this.

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2 or 3 mines kill a normal character depending on how forgiving the burn damage wants to be. In addition the Flame Thrower/Mendoza Fire suit is retarded resistant to mines.. being able to run through about 8/9 or so before death.

It seems that the mines were being over limited, as you can see in the pictures they start to disappear. 


I'm willing to bet a couple senerios could have happened as I wasn't in-game.

1. Where'sMyMedal suicide rushed into your building the whole game till the mines blew up and then killed the PP. After which someone mined it again despite it being dead.

2. Where'sMyMedal used his apache to clear some of the mines in the door. It's possible to do this with certain vehicles such as the X1A Bernadini by moving the turret alongside the door. After clearing a certain number of mines he went to the left/right side of the door and avoided the mines. Maybe took a hit from 1 or 2.. As i can see in the last couple of photos, the mines were badly placed on the far side and they will not activate if someone runs on the opposite side of them.

3. Where'sMyMedal called in !support near the door whilist in a vehicle. I do this sometimes as well because the bots will fall on the door and blow up all the mines for you, they then ran outside and died to AGT.

4. A combination of all of these things.


I don't doubt he was able to do it without cheating for a second. He does this every game, mainly only doing this over and over and over and over and over until he blows up a building. Only thing that can be done is to just build turrets facing the doors, place mines directly above the doors, and call in !support inside of the buildings along with shooting any helicopter in sight.


Although this really isn't your fault as Orca_Height.mix is just all over the place with map praised/consistent suicide infantry like this being one such example.


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Judging from the looks of it, all Medal had to do was pop open a door to the PP and toss stickies onto the MCT. Unless their throwing range was nerfed into the ground. In that case, look at Threve's options.

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On 5/3/2020 at 1:41 AM, ganein14 said:

Judging from the looks of it, all Medal had to do was pop open a door to the PP and toss stickies onto the MCT.

That’s a big thing as well I forgot about. He probably did that as he usually does with the ref as well.

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