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SCUD Storm Mode dead?


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Ah well, maybe one day once all the main projects (AR/BFD/Reborn) are publicly released, have enough polish on them, and are doing well enough to leave be for a few months, some of the guys might pick up interest of adding Scud Storm to the W3DHub roster. It has potential, and Renegade X Firestorm is kinda doing the same thing that Scud Storm tried doing with base building, so I'm pretty sure eventually someone will come around to work on it. At least we can hope. I'd gladly work on it if I had any experience outside of sound design, and I wasn't in an unemployment/money situation thats been really screwing with me, but I wouldn't even know where to start.

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Hi there. I'm the guy that collects all of the "old things" around here, and I'd actually like to get Scud Storm functional again one day - its on my list! The main issue with this, is that I can not find the most recent release of the game anywhere. If someone could find that, it would go a long way toward a "restoration" of the game, in similar fashion to what we did to APB 1.2 Beta. But without that, or someone having a copy of the game source or something, unfortunately it can't go very far, and might be better if someone simply started again from scratch. I keep hoping that it turns up though. Version 1.6 I believe was the last release.

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