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W3D Weekly #15 30/09/2021


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Welcome to the 15th edition of W3D Weekly! It's an APB and CWC special this week!

Red Alert: A Path Beyond - 3.6 Now Available!

As promised in the previous weekly, we've been announcing tidbits and updates each day, resulting in today's update; the full changelog and release!

(Nice thumbnail choice, forum! :v)


You can now grab APB 3.6 on the W3D Hub Launcher and join the battlefield! Head here to download the launcher:


Finally, be sure to join us for the APB 3.6 Game Night happening tomorrow! There are even some prizes for the best players!

Cold War ConfrontationTime for an overview of the WARPAC defences. The first one is the MG nest. Very similar to the NATO MG nest, this post has a .50 caliber DShK machine gun, capable of delivering high amounts of fire power.


The next defence is the Konkurs launcher. Located in a very similar building as the MG nest, this anti tank missile defence is perfect for demolishing vehicles. The missile will track your vehicle, so be careful, vehicles aren't cheap!


Finally, we have the Igla nest. A bit of camo netting, a pair of anti-aircraft missiles, and a soldier whose had... some training in their operation makes for something that will swat down helicopters.


So that's the defences for each faction!

That's it for this week!Join us next time for some more incredible W3D content!


When @ moonsense715  plays Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising



[blurb]Red Alert: A APth Beyond version 3.6 has now been released! What are you waiting for comrades! It's time to get back into the fight![/blurb]

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