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APB Changelog


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General Changes

  • Hitmarker behavior has been edited so that direct weapon projectiles once again provide instant feedback, and explosion damage provides server-side feedback.
  • Stealthed friendly units and objects now appear on the radar compass when the Radar Dome is disabled or destroyed.
  • The new repair script now has an added "anti-leave-zone-to-remove-repair-debuff" feature.
  • Increased naval repair zone sizes.
  • Made an adjustment that should reduce or eliminate the issue with getting stuck in airplanes right after they land.



  • Adjusted so that it is more vulnerable to rockets and shells, but slightly more resistant to small arms and C4 explosives.
  • Skin and shield changed from Light to new BTR type.
  • Health and shield values decreased. 250 -> 200

MAD_Tank.gif M.A.D. Tank

  • No longer receives damage from other M.A.D. Tank sonic detonations (this change does not apply to Angry Tanks on Lunar).

Mammoth_Tank.gif Mammoth Tank

  • Secondary missile velocity increased. 75 -> 100
  • Secondary missile turn rate increased. 225 -> 275

Missile_Sub.gif Missile Sub

  • The AA missile secondary fire can only lock on to aircraft.

Hind.gif Hind

  • Cannon can tilt its firing angle 22.5 degrees higher.

Yak.png Yak

  • Adjusted handling to feel more lightweight.

migicon 0000.png MiG

  • Missile damage effectiveness has increased against aircraft. Two salvos (one full payload) can destroy a Longbow that's at full health, but only just barely. 0.5 -> 0.75



  • Improved bot behavior around doors.


  • Moved the trees and a rock on the bottom of the cliff outside the Soviet Refinery slightly away from that cliff, so vehicles going down that hill won't get stuck.


  • Blocked off a vehicle stuck position between one of the Flame Towers and a rock.
  • Fixed a couple floating objects.
  • The lightpost at the Allied Service Depot emits light properly.
  • Fixed some texture blending issues near the Soviet base.
  • Filled in some missing polygons in the west Allied infantry tunnel.
  • Unfloated a tree near the west Allied infantry tunnel.
  • Removed an out-of-place pipe prop behind the Soviet Barracks.


  • Submarines no longer get stuck on the lighthouse beach.


  • Replaced Allied Service Depot with a large rock.


  • Changed the pine needle texture to grass in a few spots where there used to be trees.


  • Broken Tire Ragtop
    • Skin and shield changed from Light to new BTR type.
    • Health value decreased. 600 -> 500
    • Shield value increased. 250 -> 500
    • Railgun range increased. 66 -> 75
    • Cost increased. 1200 -> 1500
  • Fixed Spy character string.


  • Fixed one of the Hind landing points that made them stick in place.
  • Converted the Service Depots into destroyed versions.
  • Added a destroyed Pillbox and Flame Tower at the base entrances.
  • Rotated the now-destroyed Allied Service Depot 90 degrees, resulting in less smoke from it appearing in the Allied Barracks basement.


  • The oil pumps in the bases no longer start teamed. This fixes a bug that was introduced when the objective markers were added.


  • Fixed some texture blending seams with the snowy grass.
  • Fixed a hole in a rock that's in front of the Soviet base.
  • Fixed a vehicle stuck spot at the base of a cliff northwest of the Soviet base.
  • Grounded a small patch of floating grass next to the gem field outside the Soviet base.


  • Fixed a stuck spot on a rock northeast of the Allied base. Also sank the rock a bit so that it doesn't have gaps at the base.


  • The section of land leading to the north side of the Soviet base has been cut out, removing this area as an Allied attack route option.
  • Removed the cave behind the Soviet Construction Yard.
  • Grounded some floating trees near the lighthouse.
  • Fixed a stretched texture going up the ridge to the lighthouse.


  • BTR's can be purchased.
  • Updated Chrono Tank teleportation spots. No longer can the Chrono Tank go onto the hill behind the vehicle barricades, no longer can it attempt to teleport onto the Allied Ore Silo, and other spots were filled out such that it has fewer restrictions in clear ground areas.
  • Vehicles can no longer drive up to the Volcano peak.
  • Updated the overhead map.


  • Blocked vehicle access to a sliver of the Soviet ridge. This removes an exploit position for V-2 Launchers.
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