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  1. Interesting idea. Wud be more RA2listic that building up an army of Apoc tanks would take longer than building up an army of flak tracks. Dunno about possibilities.
  2. Ditto. And cuddling, that map showing the seagull is C&C_Islands which is not an AR map. Just showing one on a renegay map far away from AR doesn't mean what you've said D:
  3. Expect a lot better quality than those pictures of my map. They were taken with LE, which does not have scripts341 installed.
  4. You mean the Juggernaut? With that y dont have to get out and that's cool yes
  5. I want the spectator mode to be the starting free unit
  6. The GI is interestin However, in RA2, the deployed GI's primary advantage was, he could kill most infantry before it could start shooting him. But this is an fps, enemy shall get closer, and the GI must start moving! Maybe a very littlebit wider moving area would be better but otherwise I love the idea
  7. If AR would have renegade beacons, no1 could find my beacon in the big battle labs! First they might start searching - which building? And then they run out of time cuz too many floors
  8. Would be hard to fight the best way you can from that camera view
  9. I just tried out the sounds in APB... OMG WHOOSH! It's so funny!
  10. Nice blog Those human walls are funny Oh and happy b-day TagDaze!
  11. Any planned version release this year?
  12. Man there are so many cool things in this game.. veteran system.. terror drone control... can't wait to play it!
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