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  1. Sexy. Everything I kept was Sexy. Except for one thing. This. This is sex. This is what I look forward to every night. I have yet to play Field as Nod.
  2. Such as a ramp being infront of said base to where only infantry can get in?
  3. are you serious? stealth tank damage is pathetic... its a terribly cost-ineffective unit right now its fine... the MRV itself doesnt have much armor - kill it and youve wasted their $1000 It seems people don't even target those. They're the first things I attack when I'm GDI attacking Nod.
  4. Yeah, that weapon range on the JJ keeps me from engaging at all when I get in battles.
  5. Oh look at that, a new blo- YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! Nod will rein supreme again!
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