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  1. Some jerk broke into my house and blew me up, along with my home. Looked just like you, too.........
  2. That sounds amazingly interesting, especially with how the W3D engine is. (And thanks.) Why can I not find anything about Discord that thing is great
  3. I remember being in the basement in 2002, about the same time I started playing Unreal Tournament nigh-religiously, playing some version of RA2. It was pretty fun, but I was horrible at it. No, before that, I was actually playing RA2 at my babysitter's house, I distinctly remember a mission on the Allies campaign. Well, just that it was the Allied Campaign. Fastforward seven years and I see that CnC collection and grab it, along with Tiberium Wars. That was my first introduction to Renegade, and had a ton of fun. Wish I knew how to run it on Windows 8.1.
  4. It's been long enough that I should probably say hi here and ask what all has been going on. Because honestly it kind of feels like I've missed out on everything. Like ECW. What even is that?
  5. Well we clearly see who has the brains here.
  6. Being a fan of the show and watching from time to time this caught me off guard with just how damn well this guy did. If only he made it...
  7. Give me a bit to catch up... It's slow but I'm getting there.
  8. I REMEMBER THIS GAME. I wonder, has it been updated?
  9. Well, I guess I could just say hi and declare that I'm one of the worst players here. Good to meet you all!
  10. I just don't understand how I have like 20 posts and I've only posted twice including this. Did the posts for TSR/AR carry over?
  11. Welcome back to TSR Wallywood. I had no idea what all was going on, and only recently noticed that you were missing. Good to know everything's going good now.
  12. Unofficial Leader of the Lavama's Losers Clan. Current population: Me

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