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  1. One I did to calm down before a big exam:
  2. Okay well thanks DH... I guess. I should make is clear I'm looking for short suggestions - ideally ideas like Nodlied posted. While it's nice you put so much effort into this I'm afraid I'm going to have to disregard most of what you posted. I have another chapter in the works but I'm also in mid-semester exam block (fun!) so it might be a few more days before I post anything.
  3. In my experience maintenance is very important. Make sure you don't put much stress on the cables (unless you get wireless!) by stretching them or having them hanging with weight as they're the most likely to break. I have Turtle Beach, my friend warned me they break easily but so far they've held up perfectly after over a year.
  4. AZ's right about not posting something huge. Simple ideas even in dot points are perfectly ideal!
  5. Sorry for the crappy title, if anyone has any better suggestions please say so! In this thread I will be posting chapters to a story we'll write. After each chapter everyone will be invited to give suggestions on where the story should go. I'll take the most popular suggestion (or failing that just whichever one I like the best ) and continue the story from there. To begin with we travel to the frigid north of Europe, specifically to a small Finnish town where Nod has secreted away a large base. Due to votes this story takes place in the Tiberian Sun universe primarily from the perspective of Nod leaders. I'm going to try to keep it away from the events actually in any of the games in order to afford more creative freedom. Without further delay, here's chapter 1! Moving onward: One of the three leaders of the Sanctuary is on a mission, but who is it and what are they doing?
  6. All right, I'm calling the voting done. Nothing has changed since the last tally, so I will officially begin writing the first chapter... now! I'm going to open a new thread and will try to keep the chapter relatively short so people don't have to spend hours reading each instalment.
  7. Fair enough, I understand that you have to be 'feeling it' - it just so happens that I'm often in those sort of moods >.>
  8. Okay, here's the updated plan: An open ended story where I'll pick the direction from suggestions/votes. It will be set in the future, and will feature alternative history, military conflicts, advanced technology and terrorism / civil unrest. It may also feature colonialism / discovery and space travel. It would be character and setting focused told from the third person perspective of important 'bad guys', or possibly from the (first-person) perspective of regular 'good guys'. It would be set in the Tiberian Sun universe. I've added an option to have it original rather then C&C themed in the poll so if you'd like you can delete your vote and cast again. Because of this I'm going to leave the poll open one more day (again, I know). Looks like there's some real interest in this, I'm getting excited!
  9. So what we've got about now (judging from the votes) is: An open ended story where I'll pick the direction from suggestions/votes. It would be set in the future and the main elements would be military in an alternative history with advanced technology and possibly colonialism and discovery. It would be overwhelmingly character focused, from the (first-person) perspective of a regular person aligned with the world's 'good guys'. If it's going to be C&C related (assume yes at this point) it will be set in Tiberian Sun's universe. I'm going to leave the poll open one more day, so get voting!
  10. Okay, but it gets toned down slightly more then you expected, and you're mildly surprised. I wish I had a pool to get through summer
  11. I forgot to have an option to have it NOT c&c themed, d'oh!
  12. Seeing as the make your own cnc faction thread fizzled out pretty fast, I had another idea to fill the void. I've got the itch to write some fiction anyway - does anyone else? What I was thinking would be a sort of 'choose your own adventure' story but with anyone on the forums choosing the directions to go in. I was thinking that after each 'chapter' - which would be a reply to the thread - everyone will be able to suggest the direction of the story. What do you think? How should it work? I also put a big poll up there to pick like themes or directions overall, and hopefully it'll also show the interest levels. *I don't know much about C&C 1 but would give it a try **I'm not willing to write anything about RA1, RA3, TW or TT because I don't know enough about any of them. Someone else might be interested though so don't not vote for them because of that.
  13. Almost too easy! You're in the marvel universe, as yourself. Within 2 days you are blown up in some terrifying supervillain plot. I wish I had paid more attention in physics classes and knew what the hell I was doing with vector addition ;_;
  14. Here's the long awaited concept of an in-game town too! Sort of... it's more an idea of what a town might look like then what one should look like. It was a very fun picture to draw, and took a long time
  15. As far as I can remember Black Panther is a prince from an African nation where they mine all the vibranium.
  16. It's that time of week again, I'm in a computer lab at uni avoiding work! Bismuth Consortium After the great silence of 1986, in which all interstellar wormholes mysteriously closed without warning, the mining colony on B-98 7653 (Spinter) was left abandoned in the cold depths of space, thousands of light years from earth. Forming the Bismuth Consortium, the inhabitants consolidated their resources and began digging in... literally. Spinter's Sun Sethlans is incredibly active in the higher energy wavelengths, bombarding Spinter's surface with UV and Gamma radiation, and the planet has an atmosphere tenuous at best (despite terraforming operations) so the abandoned colonists moved almost all their operations underground. They found that the planet was rich in minerals and featured many large caverns, many of which they filled with hydroponic gardens and living quarters. Now, a quarter of a century later, the Consortium houses a population just over 3 million in relative comfort due to careful management by competent leadership. Their underground cities extend over a large portion of the small planet, and downward too. However, the Consortium also came across what would was considered the greatest scientific discovery of all time in the caves of their planet, extraterrestrial life. Scientific curiosity at the discovery of lichens gave way to wonder and joy at the discovery and subsequent domestication of large herbivorous creatures, which finally gave way to terror at the discovery of vicious predators. The Consortium now fights a war for their survival, as the mysterious predators (dubbed 'Cerbs' after Cerberus) relentlessly attack their perimeters. Their team colour is Yellow (and black) The Bismuth Consortium have access to extremely heavy ground units that are generally very slow but extremely high health. Their units focus on close combat - being adapted from mining technology - although this also means all Consortium units have a bonus to damage against buildings. In addition, their units and buildings are hardened against explosive or melee attacks, but are very vulnerable to any sort of elemental or unorthodox weaponry. They cannot construct water vehicles. Bismuth is a team focused on defending/turtling or steamrolling. Their bases are mostly underground, and the only way to destroy a Bismuth base permanently is to empty it of garrisoned infantry and send your own in. Destroying aboveground buildings or entrances is a temporary measure, as Bismuth commanders can rebuild lost surface parts for free as long as the underground part remains intact. Bismuth bases can grow very large due to them having buildings that increase the team's stats in various ways when built. Units Buildings
  17. It's been a while. Farmer: Industrial worker: Commercial worker Now the only NPC left is the dreaded soldier ;_;
  18. Granted, but Squid Empire is already taken I wish I could function normally on only 4 hours of sleep
  19. Most people play as a steamroller or as a turtle because they're the safest, but rushing in most RTS's is the best strategy if done right.
  20. All Did you say... another? Time for the illuminati! Circulus Penrose Emerging from the mists of history as a half-forgotten legend the Circulus Penrose are finally prepared to move their plans into action. Existing as a secret society made up of influential bankers, kings, politicians, and despots, they have always had their hand in the world's affairs, since the dawn of civilisation. Their power is enormous, they have the entire world at their whim - whole countries will jump when they tug the strings. Now, for the first time in history, they are becoming physical and visible in the universe. Their team colour is black. The Circulus Penrose are absolute undisputed masters of manipulation and stealth, however, their actual armed forces are weak. To win as this team requires a very savvy commander. Generally they are terrible at fighting 1v1 but are excellent at manipulating enemy teams to fight each other and then swooping in on what's left. Their biggest team advantage is that their entire base and all units are disguised by default. When a game is first started another team is chosen (e.g. League of European Powers), and the other players are told this is what they are playing as. The Circulus player will then have all their buildings disguised as that teams', and will be able to produce Tier 1 units from that team in addition to their normal units. In addition, special Ciculus units (not those captured or disguised) do not show team colours unless viewed by a stealth-detecting unit Units Buildings
  21. Well, I'll do another one (it's a great way to de-stress I find) The Orange Empire The Orange Empire is an early modern colonial empire existing on another planet. The Empire is in the midst of an age of exploration and scientific endeavour, its people optimistic and brave, its celebrities adventurers and inventors. The homeworld of the Empire is home to numerable hostile predators and terrible seismic events - situations which have conspired to force the people to live differently to how we would be used to: the Orange Empire's cities float via fantastic science and their civilisation almost entirely exists in the atmosphere. Of course they visit the ground regularly and have bases and other bastions there, but the sky is their true home. Their art style is a retro-futuristic age of discovery theme (1600's-1800's) with beautiful European architecture. The Empire's colonial mindset is more or less wholesome, and they regularly employ mercenaries and otherwise from tribes they 'liberate'. Their team colour is bright orange. The Orange Empire have the unique advantage that all their buildings are mobile. However this also means that their buildings have much less health, and are very vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire. Their units are mostly focused on aircraft, but they also have some powerful infantry units. They can't construct boats of any kind, as aircraft fill that role for them. They are very vulnerable to anti-aircraft weapons all around, but excel at fighting other ground units and most aircraft. Units Buildings
  22. So wouldn't that be Active Denial System Emitter, the emitter part seems redundant. C'est vrai, mon ami!
  23. I forgot to post an example so here's one! The Tetsec States (Les États Tetsec) An alternate futuristic French society focusing on TNO asteroid mining mining, advanced computing technology and robotics. Their art style is reminiscent of the 1960's. In an era of worldwide peace they are one of earth's few remaining weapons manufacturers - a position they are granted due to their position as the Head of the UN security council. The chief exports of the states are therefore armed drones and small arms, but also general IT, education, rare earth minerals (from the asteroid mining endeavors), and of course; cheeses and wines. The states also manage two colonies in the solar system. Avilnir on Jupiter's Callisto, serving as a colony of researchers and scientists, as well as spaceship construction facility, and Port de Soleil on Neptune's Triton, which is an automated refueling and resupply station that serves as a last stop before the voyage into the Kuiper belt. Typically, a ship will take about 7 years to travel from earth to the asteroid it has targeted and back. Voyages are managed by private companies, and each ship will typically have a crew of 180-240 astronauts. In order to be economical then, each ship brings back an enormous amount of minerals, hydrocarbons, and ices. Their team colour is neon blue. The States rely mostly on automated drones adapted from peacekeeping roles. While this means their productions are rather cheap and that they cannot be affected by anti-organic tactics, have above-standard line-of-sight, and great attack range, their units are also very vulnerable to electric type damage, and generally don't have much protection against heavy weapons of any kind. Their team relies almost exclusively on advanced technology - so Tetsec bases are extremely vulnerable to having their power cut. However their sensors are incredibly advanced, so sneaking into a base will prove difficult. Units Buildings
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