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  1. So this guy's in his senior year and he asks his friend to go with him to the Formal. She says yes, and he's bursting with joy. The next day he heads to the tailors for a nice suit, and of course - this being the day before the formal - all his classmates are there and he has to wait in line for a few hours. He doesn't care though - he's still super happy. Next he goes to get some lunch, because by now it's midday, but of course it's peak hour at the shops and he was to wait in line for another few hours to order. After he finishes it's the afternoon, so he heads to the florist for a corsage. He has this great yellow one in his mind, made of imported Dutch tulips, and can't wait to see it. He has to wait in another line for a few more hours - someone was buying thousands of roses for a wedding. He still doesn't care though, he's just so excited to be going out with his friend. On the way home there's a huge line of traffic but he's just daydreaming the time away. Come the next night and he's back in traffic, he picks her up and they arrive at the venue - after sitting though a long line of cars - only to be queued up at the ticket checking line. They get in on time though, and meet up with their friends - who all agree the corsage he bought was beautiful. After lining up for some photos, they sit down to talk. He's still gushing to be with her, so he enthusiastically asks "can I get you anything?", she's smiling away and just says, "a drink would be greats, thanks" So he gets up and almost skips to the bar where they had the punch and, surprisingly...
  2. Here's a thing I drew in a lecture and then pixel'd.
  3. I too play Trombone (but I'm not really that good) and also Pianola if you count that! I know some stuff about digital audio workstations and muck around in Acid Studio and Avid Pro Tools - also Wavepad for simple stuff
  4. Quixel Studio... ... ... More like quickscope studio! ... ... amiright?
  5. https://secure.w3dhub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=414835 Hold on, hold on. Sketchup seems to have changed it's policy it looks like enduar was right! I went to check the export formats and sketchup gave me some warning about my '30 days being up' (this is a new 'feature') and I can only export in a .dae now. I'll have to update the tutorial at some point now >.> Edit: DAE's can be quickly converted (it seems) to other formats for free(?) with programs like this; http://www.greentoken.de/onlineconv/- so although sketchup won't let you export a 3ds (urgh) you can still use it.
  6. You can export to 3ds max files and other autodesk too from sketchup (pretty sure) for free
  7. The only way you can good at stuff is by doing it! Give sketchup a go!
  8. I have an idea, but execution will take a little time After Nod moved in on an old Trainyard base, a GDI team was quickly dispatched to find out what they were up to. Nod had been excavating the nearby railway tracks to recycle, and had left long empty ditches all over the nearby plains. On one particular day, a powerful ion storm rolled in, and both teams were left without communication to their command. It was a twist of fate that this was the same day that the Nod force finally detected the GDI presence, and fighting ensured. Due to the storm; both sides were limited to ground troops only, and so a strange battle played out in the excavated railway ditches - one in the style of the ancient trench battles of the 20th century. (Contrary to what you suggested this is the first time I've used pixelart to draw a map )
  9. Well sure, if you have any ideas chuck em at me Here's an explorer
  10. I've spent this weekend annoying Moonsense / mucking around in leveledit and 3dsMax8. Here's all I've got done though; A pixelart textured shipping container w3d asset!
  11. So you're a dentist? I always wondered why someone would want to be a dentist - no offense, I just don't like the idea of poking around in people's mouths! I have so many questions to ask... like what's specifically boring about root canals?
  12. My pleasure! I hope this is what you had in mind! Variations:
  13. Oh bloody hell, I played the Elite Force 1 demo way back when I was a wee tyke and it scared the life out of me! In the mission you played you could shoot the 'borg' but they'd become immune to your weapons and would just keep coming at you! Used to have nightmares of that game :stare:
  14. Sketchfab claims it can do BBcode embedding, I suspect we need some sort of module for that though... forum people?
  15. Okay, I also made some very, very small monochrome pixelart icons for Moonsense's Heroes-X
  16. Before you go too crazy check out C&C Minecraft. They've made all the TS buildings, all the TD buildings, and many RA2 ones. Great work on the conyard though
  17. Here it is, the only working King Tiger in the world in France starting up: thats a v-12 maybach engine: 700 ps A fuel tank with 860L, enough to go 170km A beast of a machine.
  18. I have actually made plenty of these and the irony is that that's what started me on making pixel art Unfortunately there are all terrible and not worth posting here but maybe I'll make a new one this year... Yeah I've used gamemaker in the past purely because I know it. They are quick and easy but of course also suffer from that as well >.> Generally the stuff I produce is pretty low quality because I like to get projects done really fast so I can move on. I think the longest I've ever spent on a gamemaker game was a month.
  19. Author: woandre, Squid Empire Skill level: 1 Ingredients: 3ds Max 8 / GMax: Download + setup instructions Trimble (formerly Google) Sketchup (2015+): Download from here Method Here is woandre's original tutorial saved for posterity. It is no longer necessary to go through the steps they listed however and I'll continue with the new tutorial below. Make a sketchup model. I'll assume that you know how to do this, but here's a hint: use groups and components as much as you want, they convert fine and save poly's. Click 'File' then 'Export' and then '3D Model'. Name your model and move it to wherever you want. Change the Export type to 3DS File. This step only has to be done once, the settings will save. Click 'Options' and de-check "Generate camera from Pages" - checking this causes 3DS to only import the camera. Once you've done that you can click 'OK' and then click 'Export' Open 3DS Max and click 'File', and then 'Import'. Navigate to your exported file and import it. You're done! Wasn't that easy?
  20. Does it fit you? That's a loaded question!
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