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Found 41 results

  1. [blurb]First patch of the new year brings several new units as well as many improvements! Hope you enjoy! [/blurb] First patch of the new year brings several new units as well as many improvements! Hope you enjoy! New Features A Dodge Charger has been added to the civilian unit roster. It is RWD, does 0-60 in about 5 seconds, with a top speed of about 200 MPH. (I wanted to do Mustangs and a few others but the license for these vehicles requires you email Ford to ask permission and I honestly couldn’t be bothered.) The San Casina Police Force has now upgraded
  2. Enjoy a small hotfix for the holidays! The server will also have 10x payouts for jobs Christmas day (being the 25th CST).[blurb]Enjoy a small hotfix for the holidays! The server will also have 10x payouts for jobs Christmas day (being the 25th CST).[/blurb] Bug Fixes/Improvements: Updated the credits file (It was missing some creators of 3D models). Fixed some typos Defaulted the Nuclear Power Plant dazzle setting to 0 for max client performance. Fix for the infinite ammo/money glitch when players had tons of money in the bank and bought a weapon with cheap ammo.
  3. Time for a late 2020 update! Added some new weapons, animals, and performance enhancements for online play! New Features: Added a new config file called DazzleConfigSettings.ini (in the data folder) which allows players to reduce or disable dazzles in game. Due to the research of Veyrdite and GeneralCamo it was discovered that the dazzles (the Nuclear Power Plant specifically) were hitting some computers extremely hard (I never noticed because when developing ECW you have to host the game, and it always runs pretty crappy in that case). The dazzles file has been added with a defau
  4. [blurb]Housing and other server side fixes, as well as new hardware for the ECW server![/blurb]Hardware updateUpgraded the ECW server (was running an i5-3570, now running an i7-4770). Initial tests show much better SFPs, lowest I ever saw during a disaster was the nuclear disaster with 10 SFPS (there was one point where the framerate dropped way down but fairly sure it was caused by bad physics). Housing Scripts updates• Fixed a bunch of issues with the housing system: I noticed recently that a couple players had homes that hadn’t been online in over 3 months, after looki
  5. Shipping lane noise may affect residents Water is water, after all. Cats Players are not the only people finding it hard to drive in ECW physics lag Like magnets! The police force in this game is too hard, we need pole-spawning weapons. Jerad plsfix. Debris infighting Doc, Marty, Santa and the Elves meme template Dammit Marty, we stayed too long! But Doc, the elves had such nice ringtones on their Motorolas. Help me shut these gullwing doors! And put out that plasma candy cane, it stinks! Ouch my graphics Why are t
  6. Area 69 has been a mainstay since RP2. I could never get very far into this base when I was younger, but now the powers of the paladin course through my debit card and progress is surmountable. This time around I tried to make something you can easily print out onto a sheet of A4. My previous ECW sewers map turned out to be a bit unwieldy to use whilst playing. As denoted on the map: not to scale, not all secrets marked and trap streets cannot be ruled out. Good luck! militbase_V1.pdf militbase_V1.svg
  7. Just a reminder that there is a stats website for ECW as well as several of my other coop games at [blurb]Stats Website Reminder http://jeradsnetwork.midcoip.net:10025/StatsWebsite/EcwSanCasina[/blurb]http://jeradsnetwork.midcoip.net:10025/StatsWebsite/.
  8. [blurb]Made the AC130 bomb better and a couple bug fixes.[/blurb]So I was in game the other day and noticed a few things, this addresses those. Fixes/Improvements • AC130 bomb now falls 2x as fast as c130 vehicle drops • Pumpjacks will now play the full health animation after being stolen/repaired • Increased the verbosity of some error logs • Fixed a bug that caused the special purchase terminals to report a missing script zone error (change was originally made to reduce script zones for the server).
  9. [blurb]Sabertruck, new Deathmatch Map, and more![/blurb]In this release I’ve added an electric car and a new Death Match Map. New Stuff: • The Sabertruck has drove into San Casina, a fully electric all wheel drive car with very fast acceleration; however, it tops out at about 155-160 MPH. • The Mysterious Forest death match map has made it into San Casina, this terrain was originally made for my Slenderkane map, but I figured it would make a good addition for ECW. Worry not, this terrain DOES NOT make it to San Casina and there TOTALLY ISN’T a secret object on it with
  10. Additions: • An electric vehicle with a laser drill has landed in San Casina - The Mars Rover! Able to climb extremely steep terrain and accelerate quickly, the rover will make yet another unique unit to the city’s landscape! • Two new high scores have been added for the radio, these allow the game to track how long the player has listened to the radio and how (in inventory or out). Bug Fixes and Improvements: • Cat no longer makes bone breaking noises when moving around the spawn room. • Did an optimization pass on the broken vis system on the main map, hopefully this wi
  11. So its been quite a while and I figured I might as well push out a few quality life improvements as well as some bug fixes that have been live on the server for a while to the public. “New” Features · The Status Website for ECW and several of my other Renegade based games is live at http://jeradsnetwork.midcoip.net:10025/StatsWebsite/ (It has been for a while but I’m just now announcing it to the public. · Due to fixes in how the saving code works, stats for the ECW scores are now updated every ~5 minutes to the website. [blurb]Quality of life improveme
  12. Good Evening all. Due to the amount of things in ECW and no real collection or wiki for it, I am making a user guide that will hopefully shed some light on where to find things or get perks. I understand there will be a group that will say "That's just the nature of the game. You should go find stuff". But I am not interested in spending 2 hours trying to find a vehicle that i've been wanting forever and also have to earn money for in the first place. I hope you find this information well and encourage all with knowledge to post their findings below as it would really help out. I do not have e
  13. [blurb]Just a little polishing done to the map and the message in a bottle system.[/blurb]Just a little polishing done to the map and the message in a bottle system. • Added missing light emitters to the racetrack. • Added 3 more hidden teleport phone numbers for the bottle system that go to the ski hill, Santa's Workshop, and the Speedway. • Fixed a pump jack that had an incorrect ID at the speedway. • Fixed an exploit in how Oil Tycoon is unlocked. • Fixed a bug in the message in a bottle cypher system that caused numbers to be incorrect until you had the language
  14. While digging through some of Blazea58's old assets I stumbled across a 3D model for the San Casina Speedway, which I've decided to add! Additions: • Added the San Casina Speedway which has a racing system similar to the Race Track that already existed. • Added the Enhanced Pump Jack perk which doubles how long pump jacks operate before breaking down. Bug fixes/Improvements: • Pump jack payouts have been doubled and the Hard Worker Perk now applies to them. • Fixed the exploration system, you now get money for discovering Santa’s workshop as well as
  15. [blurb]The San Casina Christmas update adds new terrain, weapons, items, and jobs![/blurb]Christmas has arrived in San Casina, and with it Santa’s workshop in the North Pole! This location features several new weapons scattered about for the player to find. From left to right: • Stamp Pistol – This weapon uses compressed air to launch highly adhesive stamps at high velocities. • Bells and Holly Shotgun – Used for decorating the hard to reach places, the bells and holly shot gun fires off… unsurprisingly… bells and holly! • Repair Gun – Just your normal C&
  16. This patch fixes the M12 and also adds some more config settings to the config file and a fix to the performance tab in config.exe! • Fixed config.exe's Performance Tab, you can now change the Texture filter and Lighting Mode. • Fixed the M12 Gun Motor Carriage so it has to deploy to fire. • Player cat character now only has 25 health. • Minor AI fixes that should improve some performance losses. • Added a bunch of new configuration settings for weekend events. • Added a bunch of new config settings: JOIN_MESSAGE - If this setting is in the config file
  17. Jerad2142 is happy to announce that Expansive Civilian Warfare is set for an upcoming release this month on December 30th! If you didn't already know, ECW has it all! From stealing cars to petting deer, ECW has something for everyone. Look for it on the W3D Hub Launcher come release date, and stay tuned for more updates! UPDATE: ECW has been released! Update your launcher and download the game now! [blurb]Jerad2142 is happy to announce that Expansive Civilian Warfare is set for an upcoming release this month on December 30th![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_ecw.0.png [/thumb]
  18. The server is down temporarily while I upgrade the hard drive, shouldn’t be down more than 2 hours.
  19. New Features: • Northrop Grumman E-C2 Hawkeye has been added to the game, this vehicle can spot players for the driver and passenger (much like the sensor twinbow). In addition it comes with a new reconnaissance job, simply fly to the points marked on the radar and then land to collect money for your recon flight. In order for the sensor markers to show up the Hawkeye must be in the air. • Added 31 new scores to the high score system, 95% of them are for tracking job earnings and time spent in the jobs, you can now show off just how long you spent grinding at the cash register! •
  20. I recently logged onto the ECW main server, and found I was unable to move from a cube-shaped room containing what appeared to be tutorial instructions. I attempted to press every key on the keyboard I could think of, then random keys, before finally figuring there was something I was missing. I tried repairing the game, which did re-download the "extras" folder, but beyond that, the installation seemed fine. I want to get out of this room and actually play the game; how do I do so?
  21. ????THE EXPANSIVE CIVILIAN WARFARE SUPER SYMPOSIUM THIS SUNDAY. SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! BE THERE!???? Expansive Civilian Warfare has been quiet for a few months, but we've been working hard to bring you a new update that'll enthrall and enchant all those who dare walk the streets of the most dangerous city in America. Ladies and gentlemen, cervines and other various woodland creatures I bring you great news! A sizeable ECW patch will be released on Sunday, July 22nd (Midnight CST)! Jerad has been working tirelessly to add 10 new tanks, 2 aircraft and another 2 civilian vehicles to the s
  22. [blurb]Expansive Civilian Warfare on W3D Hub! It's a popular standalone Renegade mod that offers lunacy, chaos, and fun for all! [/blurb] W3D HUB PROUDLY PRESENTS: Created by Blazea58, Jerad2142, Canadacdn, & Napalmic Expansive Civilian Warfare (or ECW) is a popular standalone Renegade mod that recently joined with W3DHub in 2015. Since then, it has been subjected to rigorous balance testing, polishing, script and map additions. What role might you play in the streets of San Casina and its surrounding areas?! WHAT IS EXPANSIVE CIVILIAN WARFARE? ECW was originall
  23. San Casina has some new visitors! This April 1st from 12:00 AM CST to 12:00 PM CST giant ponies will freely roam the land and bring joy and smiles to all. Please welcome them with your best hospitality for they come in peace. Disclaimer: Any and all persons objecting to this will face the wrath of the Great Spirit Deer in the sky. San Casina is a safe space and the mayor or whoever is in charge of the city will not tolerate any prejudice or hostile actions taken against our pony friends. Such violations will be immediately addressed, especially if their name is Testament. The giant
  24. [blurb]Double job payouts this weekend starting at 3/10/2018 12:00 AM CST - 3/12/2018 12:00 AM CST to celebrate the new config file system![/blurb] New Stuff: • Added some new code for the config file which will allow Weekend events to kick off without me being around. • Added some more content to the game data for something new that will be coming soon! Improvements/Tweaks: • Updated the AI door entry points file with more info as to what type of door it is (going to be used for a new thing coming soon!). • Minor AI improvements for the Giant Vengeful Spirit deer and o
  25. Last night, while just derping around on ECW, @Fogbot3 and I wondered if we could take on the Defiant-class battlecruiser guarding Hell Island using two Dreadnaughts, the most powerful player controlled ship in the game. The result? Well, watch the video Featuring additional commentary by @Ice.
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