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Found 109 results

  1. Its a bird! Its a plane! No...its...its....SANTAAAA!!! And once again, its time to change the forum theme! Well its that time again....time for us all to be victims of the big corporations' propaganda and buy EVERYONE a gift! Its like legalized mind control, some of the ads and commercials out there.... But oh the deals! THE DEALS!! Totally kidding guys, please buy everyone you love a gift and if you have the means to do so, help the poor as well. And while you're at it, change your forum avatar to something involving a fat bearded man or snow or DURRS (thats deer if you don't know jerad2142 very well). Christmas is December's forum avatar theme. But hey, not every country celebrates Christmas! If you do something different in your area of the globe, then by all means let that reflect in your avatar instead! Please make something creative if you have the means to do so, and remember .gifs work too!
  2. The APB developers over at Bluehell Productions have released a new blog! Check it out! The Red Alert: A Path Beyond team has been working hard on their game to polish it and make it better. Their latest improvements include beautiful map assets/foliage, new infantry, upgraded buildings and nicer weapons. Check out their new blog here!
  3. Not sure how many people here are/were fans of the Tribes series of games, but today Hi-rez released an update for Tribes: Ascend! Its been over 2 and a half years since an update and the game has undergone a major overhaul. On top of that, all the previous Tribes games are free now as well and you can download them here! Lots of really good (AND FREE) games here, just thought I would let everyone know!
  4. November is almost here, and with a new month comes a new Avatar theme! This month's theme is vintage brand logos! ....and some extra stuff too! Well its time for everyone to kill the next few minutes (or hours for some) on a google image search and then optionally your favorite image editor! Thats right! A new avatar theme! This month, we'll do something slightly nontraditional here. Let me explain... The new avatar theme is Vintage Brand Logos. <-This link takes you to a google image search for just that. That's all fine and dandy....But that's not all! No sir (or madam)! This month we're encouraging everyone to screw up their signatures as well! The "sig theme" if you will, is Vintage Product Ads. Now then! The rules? Well there really aren't any... Choose a real logo or advertisement, or optionally, a fake one! We don't care! Personally I feel that the more outrageous it is, the better! Can't find what suits you? Make your own! We'd love to see it! Both of these settings can be edited through your profile settings page. Have fun! EDIT: And vintage posters too!!! Not necessarily an advertisement. Didn't make that clear earlier but meant to!
  5. Time to change the forum avatar theme again! October's Avatar Theme is "Halloween and similar holidays"! It's that time again! October's avatar theme is Halloween / All Hallows' Eve / All Saints' Eve / Dia de los Muertos / Any other related holiday in honor and commemoration of our dead!.....or just pumpkins and scary things if you like : These holidays are similar in origin but are celebrated quite differently in different places. And if you want, you may also tell us a little about how the celebration takes place in your country or region. Have fun and remember that .gifs work too!
  6. We've just rolled out a new feature to the forums! Now you may give your threads an icon based on what kind of topic they cover! Click to read more! Hi everyone! We've just rolled out a new feature for the forums that should hopefully help to keep things nice and organised! When creating a thread, you may now set a post icon that corresponds to the type of thread that you are making. You can also click on a thread icon to view all threads of that type quickly and easily! Please feel free to suggest improvements and extra icons that you think would be helpful for us to integrate!
  7. And so we're open for tester hiring again! Check out the article for more details! Hello citizens of W3D Hub! It's that time of the year again, time to hire new testers. Except this time, you will not have to worry about a deadline. We're open for applications for pretty much until the end. How do you apply? Simply follow this link!
  8. Roundup! Hi everyone and welcome to the latest community roundup! We've put together this update to summarize what has been happening in the community over the course of the past few months! Since the launch of W3D Hub we have seen over 400 users sign up to the forums. This is pretty good, but in the coming months we aim to do much better than that. Here are some of the things that we're working on to help us achieve this! Who is in charge of this community? Over the course of our first few months as a community, I have noticed that there have been a few people who have been speculating on who the actual leader of W3D Hub is. Is it me? Is it Wallywood? Is it danpaul88? Is it (god forbid) TeamWolf? The answer is all of the above! W3D Hub actually has 6 leaders that work together as a council to solve issues together via a democratic voting procedure. This was done to ensure that no one person would be in control of the entire organization. This also helps us to make decisions when people are away. The community heads (in no particular order) are as follows:Lead Launcher & Infrastructure: danpaul88 Leader of Reborn: Wallywood Leader of Apocalypse Rising: One Winged Angel Leader of Battle For Dune: War of Assassins: TeamWolf Leader of Expansive Civilian Warfare: Jerad2142 Lead Website & W3D Tutorials: moonsense715 As well as equally distributing the power at the top of the community, we have also split the lead moderator role into three specific areas. These areas are lead forums moderator, lead server moderator and lead TeamSpeak moderator. The people in charge of these areas are as follows: Advanced forums moderator - Pyryle Advanced server moderator - Triattack Advanced TeamSpeak moderator - Lord_Kane Please feel free to speak to any of these three individuals if you have any problems with any areas concerning W3D Hub's rules, moderation, staff or other members. Please also feel free to approach myself and the other admins as well! I hope that has cleared up a lot of misconceptions about our community! TSR and AR Updates! Tiberian Sun: Reborn and Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising have released a couple of mammoth updates for your viewing pleasure! TSR's update focuses on the inclusion of the Juggernaut as well as several new weapon models whilst AR's has a plethora of new vehicles and the announcement of attack dogs going into the game! Click either one of the two corresponding images below to check these updates out if you haven't done so already! Battle for Dune: War of Assassins Before W3D Hub was launched, we were in talks with the the talented Battle For Dune developers in order to officially move their project across to W3D Hub along with TSR and AR. This has come to fruition recently with test builds of their project now being available on the W3D Hub Launcher. Because W3D Hub aims to be the centre point for all things W3D-engine related, this was a pretty easy decision to make. For those of you who don't know what Battle For Dune: War of Assassins is, then here's a quick synopsis and some screenshots: Although they have been quiet over the course of the past year, work is still being carried out behind the scenes and they are working towards a big content update to show everyone. Please give a warm welcome to LR01, Venom775, Methelina and the rest of the BFD/WoA team! You can find their IndieDB page here for more news, information and screenshots. Expansive Civilian Warfare confirmed for W3D Hub! After talking with Jerad Gray for a long while about the state of the Renegade community in general, we both agreed that it wasn't getting any bigger and isolating ourselves from other mods wasn't the way to move forward with this community. With that being said, after some negotiation, we are pleased to announce that we have formed a modding alliance between ourselves and ECW. So what does this mean? Well it means that ECW will be moving its official forums over to W3D Hub and we will work together to make all of our games better in the long run. Our goal with W3D Hub was to provide a strong knowledge base for the W3D engine and the games that use it, so ECW joining us was a bit of a no-brainer for both parties. Moving forward, we will share our knowledge of the engine with each other to produce some great games. The new dog skeletons for AR and other games are a prime example of this at work! So give the ECW team a warm welcome and go check out the game if you haven't done already! It will be on the W3D Hub launcher soon enough, so there will be no excuses! Tiberian Dawn Those of you who have been around the community for a long time may remember the Tiberian Dawn mod for C&C3 that was started by Aprime and continued by Kushan and Duuuude007. Unfortunately this project was put on hold a while back with no signs of it being completed. Today we are proud to announce that this mod is back and being headed up by Bro888 of War Studio as well as community veterans Ric, Nyerguds and Soviet_Deso! The mod needed a place to call home, so the team got into contact with us and we were only too happy to oblige! Look forward to more updates from this revitalized project in the coming months! Also, check out their ModDB page here! Scripts 4.2 officially released! For those of you who play Renegade, Scripts 4.2 was recently fully released. It contains a ton of fixes, and some new content as well. You can get more details by clicking here. Launcher & Website Upgrades danpaul88 and moonsense715 have been working on improving the launcher and the website respectively! The launcher has had several upgrades made to it so that it now supports pulling news from the website! Now players will be able to get the latest info right from ther launcher! Read more about it here! You may have also noticed that our website has undergone a major upgrade. How we have media tabs packed with screenshots and videos, information about the games we host and links to handy bits and bobs. We also have an affiliates area! If you run a community and wish to become an affiliate please contact us at dev@w3dhub.com Superhound Social Media Some of you guys have been asking about social media groups, so here's a link to what we currently have setup! Please share these pages to your friends! Tutorials moonsense715 has been hard at work creating a database of tutorials for W3D Hub. These tutorials will help new users get to grips with the W3D engine and learn how to add content and make their own games! Our goal is for us to make the engine more accessible so that more people have a go at W3D modding. We'll be bringing our downloads system online in the coming months to support this! The new tutorials can be found here: https://secure.w3dhub.com/forum/index.php?showforum=171 Generalcamo has also made a new thread containing the latest game SDK hosted on GitLab! You can find that here: https://secure.w3dhub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=415126 We aim to completely support anyone making mods and maps, so if you're looking for some extra knowledge, feel free to make a thread here and we'll help you out! New Arrivals Since W3D Hub has launched, we've had a number of new and familiar faces rejoin the community, here's a quick summary of who's back and who's new!oxi, ex-webmaster of MP-Gaming and the creator of the legendary oxistats system has returned to help us by assisting danpaul88 with the front-end for our brand new stats system. oxistats 2.0, W3D Hub stats or whatever we decide to call it will be exclusive to W3D Hub games, but we shall be providing a plugin for servers so that they can upload to the stats system so that players on the third party servers can still get global stats tracking. More on this soon. Aircraftkiller (now known as Synaesthesia) has also joined our ranks. You may have seen his highly impressive GDI Titan that will hopefully be making its way in-game soon. He brings a wealth of knowledge from the 3D industry, as well as many years' experience working on Renegade mods. Despite popular belief, he is not just a big jakas. We are still waiting for him to fulfill his promise of a map with a conyard and a single player power plant however. Generalcamo has also joined the team and has been working up a storm on TSR. With the absence of a proper game designer to work in Commando Level Editor, he has stepped up to the plate and has taken responsibility. Please give him a warm welcome to the team! He has also been working on some graphical improvements for both TSR and AR, and should be showing off his work soon! From the recently defunkt Cinergy community come Mauler and Roszek. Mauler is an accomplished renegade modder with several tutorials and projects under his belt. Roszek is also a familiar sight around the Renegade Forums and is also very talented. Together we hope that we can create a strong alliance between these two communities and work together for a strong future of W3D modding. DarkAngel and Mick have also come back to rejoin Reborn. Both of these guys were on the previous Reborn team before it was dissolved. Both of them bring back a wealth of knowledge in 3D art and old school Reborn. Please give them a warm welcome back to the fold. White Wolf has rejoined our team as well, and will be cooperating to build up our wiki! More info on that later. Last (but not least), we have two individuals with massive LEGO collections (along with Jerad2142 that makes 3 epic Lego collections!) Yes that's right, I'm talking about Zee Hypnotist and AZ-Stalker! Zee's going to be making some more promo videos like this one as time goes on whilst AZ will be handling both inbound and outbound news around the community. Please give everyone a warm welcome! We hope that with this extended team, we can really get down to business and revitalize the W3D community. That's all for now! This is just the start of the bigger plans to come! Please stay tuned for more upcoming announcements and news!
  9. One of the founding values of W3D Hub was to increase the openness of our development process and get the community more involved with the work we're doing, not just on the games but the tools and infrastructure surrounding them. As such I've decided to create this topic to see how interested our community are in the development of the launcher and see what feedback you might have on features as they're being developed. If there is a positive response to this I will consider doing more of these for the launcher and other non-game related W3D Hub projects. Anyhow, with the blurb out of the way, here are some very early WIP screenshots of a new feature for the launcher, namely the ability to download news from the website. The current plan is for each game to list its own news items individually and also provide a combined "all news" (including community news not shown under any game tab) on the "Home" page of the launcher. One of the first issues I realised we had was that we could only show you news for TSR with the way the launcher worked before - only showing you the games you were allowed to install. That has been changed now so that all games will be listed, allowing you to browse their latest news. Part of this change was adding a new "this game is not available yet" banner to the top of the game page for those games which are not yet released. This is shown in the screenshot below; For games that are released the page looks like this; The design and theming work for this is still very early WIP, some of the things that need adding are; - Date of the news post - Replacing the "i in a box" icon with an image themed to the news post (this will also go onto the w3dhub.com website homepage, which uses the same backend service to download news items) - Improved text formatting - A link to read the complete news article online We're interested to hear what you, the community, would like to see from this feature and hear any suggestions or other feedback you might have. Let us know your thoughts Also, let me know what you think about seeing future WIP updates on our tools and services. Is this something you'd like to see more of? Is there anything in particular you'd like to know more about?
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