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Blog 65 (23/01/08)

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Welcome to this special blog. Why is it special? Well, I'll tell you. We have the first AR official preview trailer to showoff to you, which is cool.


I'll start off by giving you guys something cool. Here's an alpha channelled png pf the AR logo for you all to enjoy/use/photoshop/do stuff with. Cool huh?




<h3>Trailer Park</h3>

Well, we were asked to make a trailer so danpaul88 made us a new test build and that's what we got. This was all taken and compiled yesterday by myself. Participants were me, danpaul88, Raapnaap, dtrngd, Zion Fox, Eggman891, TagDaze, The_Aces_Of_Razgriz and TruYuri. (sorry if I missed anyone). So here is the result of a little bit of polished work and madness.



<h3>Test Screenshots</h3>

Ronseal, it does exactl what it says on the tin. Just like these screenies.



<h3>Conference #6 Overview</h3>

Here is the sixth conferance overview as presented by dtrngd, now rendered with VIS!

-The GGI At4 Launcher needs rigging. The textured model looks very awesome and was waiting here for a looong time...


Nice isn't it.

If OWA fixes the GGI and his hands, then it can be finally rigged.

When the GGI deploys, it will also deploy an invisible vehicle blocker, making him unsquishable.

-The speed of the game is not discussable yet, we need more tests.

-Chrono Miner logic: if something is in the way, send a message telling that thing to clear the area.

DIE for now.

-The rocketeer model will get a few changes:

<One_Winged_Angel> I want to remake the body of this guy. The jetpack is good though.

-As tech buildings are often quite far from the bases, in Tech Oil Derricks there could be a terminal which is only accessable if a team has a Construction Yard and captured the Oil Derrick. It would spawn ONE pillbox/sentry gun next to it, providing a little defence against solo engineers running around the map. The spawner would be placed by the mapper, so it wouldn't require the minor base defense building system that we gonna use in the normal bases.

This is not gonna happen for now, we dropped the idea.


<h3>Nightcrawler's Tank Destroyer</h3>

Nightcrawler from the Reborn team posted up an old model that he had been saving from RA2 Vengeance. We will probably use it as it is a damn nice looking model. Big thanks to Nightcrawler for that one :)





<h3>Now Hiring: PR Guy</h3>

Well, Coolrock resigned yesterday because he is now simply too busy to carry out his duties.


It upsets me, but I'm starting to get very busy at work/etc. I've been working very long shifts, and I'm working on getting a new girlfriend


On February 3rd, I'm flying to Arizona to see the Super Bowl (yay Giants).


Along with all of this, I'm going to be taking night classes to get my GED starting tomorrow.


After adding all this together, I'll have almost no time to jump on my computer soon. It sucks, but I guess this is what I'm suppose to do with my life. I'm sorry I can't be of anymore help. I'll try to stay active on the forums by making a few posts once in a blue moon, but I can't make any promises.


It's been fun, and I'd like to thank you guys for giving me a shot at the Staff life


I love you guys <3

So in that case, we are looking for a new PR officer to manage site news and the moddb page. You need to be active as well as have a good grasp of the english language. Making your own banners and graphics is also a plus, but it's really the way you write that will interest us.


Think you are up to the task? Then PM me with an example of what you can do using an AR image from one of the past blogs and making up a mock news post. The new PR guy will be announced in a blog to come! We hope that you submit an application :)


<h3>Team Messages</h3>

I had an exam today, it wasn't on ice cream this time though :D But at least it is over now eh? I also made the decision that Apocalypse Rising is to be a w3d only game in it's true form. there will be no moving on once it is finished, just balance and perfection.


Pete made a makeshift fishing rod and has started fishing inside the whale that ate him a few blogs back.


danpaul88 released the new AR test to the testers so if you are a tester reading this who hasn't got it yet, you should go get it right now.


Moddb winners are announced on the 29th! I have a good feeling that both AR and APB did well!


<h3>OWA's Rebarn</h3>



"The brotherhood will rise in february." Lets pray to Kane that they actually do this time. But all jokes aside, Reborn is going to be great. I mean I'd play it just for the buildings, Sloth has really done a number with them.


Spice is also a very awesome chap.


v1410nl has started to work on a fanmap for AR, entitled "Blizzard". Take a look here.


Now lets travel back to a land where time forgot in the C&C Renegade modding timeline. Back to danpaul88's total annihilation mod that sadly never made it out of the door. The test build for this mod was really fun and there were no textures but you knew what things were. Here is the only remaining screenshot that I have.


The Defender Rocket Tower


Tune in next week for another blast from the past!


<h3>Happy Ending</h3>

We have a lot of very big suprises to come. These suprises are on an epic proportion so brace yourselves for the awesomeness hitting you sometime in the future.

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Guest =NX=VinGummi2

Nice guys and I love the Tank Destroyer. Also is it me that didn't hear the sounds on the trailer?

I didn't have any either, si there supposed to be any?


but anyway cool blog, and really awesome GGI launcher

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Guest Kakashi

The trailer had music, but no or just very faint ingame sound effects... can't tell didn't listen so closely. But I like the looks of it. When a few more buildings are in, can you do a assault the Allied base one? I wanna see the soviets siege and the allies sortie to fend them off :D


edit: danpaul was faster :p.

Edited by Kakashi
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Guest =NX=VinGummi2

I think your missing an audio codec to hear the sound on the video, quite a few people have been unable to hear it apparently.

What codec do you then need? I already have DivX 6.8.0

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hmmm really love it but the only thing that gets me is the Flak track ....the huge Soviets rock/hammer design on the hood kinda looks off to me :D (well i just looked at it again and maybe its just the color of the texture ...is a little off )

Edited by WallyWooD
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hmmm really love it but the only thing that gets me is the Flak track ....the huge Soviets rock/hammer design on the hood kinda looks off to me :D (well i just looked at it again and maybe its just the color of the texture ...is a little off )

Texture is nearly 4 years old, go figure.

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Guest Phoenixx

Oh man, sweet blog OWA. I'm diggin the tanks from all sides, and the Tank Destroyer model.


I find my self tempted to sign up as the PR guys for you...

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Guest MuadDib15

Need lower quality downloads. took me 5 minutes before I could play it.


Also, the textures look too APB like. They need to be brighter and slightly more cartoony looking.

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Guest =NX=VinGummi2

could u please post the video on youtube because quicktime dosnt work for me


nice though the mod is amazing

ehm what you need quicktime for, I run it in Windows media player, although I just needed that CCCP codec pack to get the sounds to work (link earlier in this thread)

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Guest Kakashi

Huh? It's an .avi file, Quicktime sucks even more at playing .avi than the WMP does... The codec pack I mentioned has two built in players that can be used to watch .avi (and a lot of other stuff) with, and the installer asks you if you want to associate .avi file with it at first startup. I suggest you install it and choose the "Media player classic" install. It's a basic player like Quicktime and more reliable with .mpg and .avi files (and .mkv, and .ogm, and .MP4... well you get the idea). But it's only for winXP/Vista, I should mention, as you post does not make clear if you use Windows or MacOS.


Edit: Or if you already have another player like Winamp or VLC I suggest you right click the file and use open with>VLC Media player

Edited by Kakashi
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