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Ok ladies and gents! Do you like to cook? Do you make your own recipes or even burn the kitchen down?!? Share with us your recipes and how-to's for the kitchen! But please don't burn ours down :downs:


And if you feel that you don't quite know how tell us whats on your plate and how it got there, heres a template for anyone to use:



  • make note of all pots, pans, utinsels
  • food ingredients
  • ovens
  • flamethrowers
  • anything you'll need for your recipe
  • you get the picture

Now the steps:

  1. list in order
  2. the steps to complete the preparation
  3. of your dish or food item
  4. be sure to be thorough and doublecheck
  5. everything you list here for correctness
  6. because we want not to burn stuff

Either in the steps or down below, feel free to make any additional notes regarding the preparation and cooking, times, quantities, etc. It doesn't have to be formatted exactly like this but just please keep it organized. Keep it clean, have fun, stay on topic!

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Right, i have very limited cooking ability but i like making fajitas:


I get three peppers (green, red and yellow) some people call them capsicums. One onion and two red chilli peppers.

I cut them all up

I throw them in a frying pan with some chicken

I use some chilli & garlic stir fry paste

mix it all together for a while and Ta da!

I put them in fajitas and cover them in the spiciest sauce i can find



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BenBen's Burritos




Right, to do this you will need:

Giant Wraps

Stewing Steak/Mince

Kidney Beans


Sour Cream


Crushed Doritos

Grated cheese



Jalapeno Chillis

Chilli Sauce


How to make!


Step 1: Make a Chilli using the Stewing Steak/Mince and Kidney Beans.

Step 2: Boil the Rice

Step 3: Once the Chilli and Rice are ready, heat up a wrap on a frying pan until it is warm (don't make it crispy!)

Step 4: Lay the wrap out, then add the ingredients onto it in this order: Rice, Chilli, Cheese, Salsa, Sour Cream, Crushed Doritos (also Jalapenos and Chilli Sauce if you want an extra kick!)

Step 5: Fold the burrito up like this: http://i.stack.imgur.com/VAnZp.jpg

Setp 6: Nom!

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Pesto chicken, cherry tomatoes and tagliatelle/pasta

allergy warning: contains nuts



- Armament: Large teflon pot (with lid), medium pot for the tagliatelle and frying the nuts, cutting board, sharp knife, mortar and pestle optional, spatula, cheese knife, kettle to speed up water heating process

-food ingredients:

- Chicken breasts (1 or 2)

- Cherry tomatoes and ruccola

- Pesto - 130g (from a jar, get the one that looks like chopped up herbs and not a paste)

- Tagliatelle (or tortelloni or any other pasta really)

- Pine nuts( just a bit)

- Black pepper (absolutely no need for salt, the pesto already contains more than enough)

- Brie/camembert cheese

- Olive oil - NOT (extra) VIRGIN, has to be a slut of an olive oil otherwise it wont handle the heat.


Steps according to how I do it to keep things fast and lower the amount of clean up required after


1.Kettle on , open the pesto jar and put a spoon in it

2.Put the medium pot on medium/high heat and fry the pine nuts with some olive oil until slightly browned on all sides, be careful not to burn them, and move them every 20-30 seconds, you can start step 3 at the same time.

3.Quarter or half the cherry tomatoes depending on the size you like, move to a plate and dry the board

- Check nuts we do not want them to burn, if they start to smoke then remove immediately from heat. Remove from heat and crush with the spatula, then move to a plate, and give the pot a quick clean up with a tissue paper.

4. Turn the heat on the large pot to medium high. Cut the chicken breasts lengthwise first so that you have a long strip and a short strip, then cut perpendicular to the muscle fibers (width wise) around 2cm long each piece. Throw that board and knife into the sink

5. Hot water in the medium pot, throw pasta in, they should be done in 5 minutes on medium heat and with a lid on, throw in a pinch of salt, but still less than you would usually use.

6. Olive oil - about a table spoon - into the large teflon pot, wait for it to heat up (just before it starts evaporating, we don't want it evaporating), add the chicken and quickly start stirring to get them white on all sides, wait a minute and flip them once, then wait half a minute. You might want to use the lid here because you will be splashed with hot oil.

7. Reduce heat to low, empty the pesto jar over the chicken, and dump half the cherry tomatoes in and let simmer for another 2 minutes with the lid on if you are still getting splash damage.

8. Meanwhile the pasta should be ready, strain using the pot lid, and set it next to the large pot.

9. dump the ruccola into the large pot, and the rest of the cherry tomatoes, and dump in the pasta, mix it all up nicely and move to a plate.

10. Sprinkle with pine nuts, add brie on top and enjoy.


I like to cool my tomatoes before adding them in to contrast the hot salty chicken pesto.


The trick to getting the chicken breast juicy and not dry and hard is to aim at under cooking it because I found that if I aim to get it cooked it comes out overcooked. It's ok if it has a very very very slight tint of pink. Also because we added the salt (pesto) at the end, less water got sucked out.


If you want to make home made pesto:

Weapons : food processor

Ammo: Salt, basil leaves, olive oil extra virgin, pine nuts (some people use walnuts or cashew nuts), garlic and parmesan cheese (i personally can't eat garlic because of a weird allergy and I'm not a fan of parmesan so I omit them completely) .

Literally mix everything together until they are fine. Start with the basil so you know how much of every other ingredient you will need.

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Well i won't be posting food itself. However it is a kitchen, and that's where i mix my alcohol.


The frozen bubblegum smoothie. Very simple.

You'll need that, and a bottle of vodka. (Coconut vodka if you want to experience heaven on your tongue.)

You go down to Burger King (Hungry Jacks if you're down under with me) and you get a large frozen bubblegum smoothie. (Or 10 because they're just too addictive.)

Open the lid, pour about 3 shots worth of vodka into the frozen bubblegum and stir it.

Drink up, and relax while playing some C&C or League or whatever it is you play.

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The meat sushi (not sushi)

What you will need:

Weapons: sharp ass knife, bamboo sushi rolling mat, cling film, sous vide immersion circulator + vacuum pack bags and machine, tongs, nonstick pan.

Ingredients: Bacon, minced meat, honey, ready bag of honey barbecue marinade, asparagus, matured/half matured cheddar (the hard real stuff, not the american meltable goo), hot dog, parsley, sweet paprika paste, and black pepper.



1.Wrap the mat with cling film ( do this for this dish and sushi, that thing is not made to be cleaned)


2.Using scissors score the fat/skin every 5 mm on the bacon to avoid curling whilst searing later

3. Line up the bacon so that the overlapped parts are the fatty lines and they are facing down towards the mat.
4. Place a thin layer of minced meat from the bottom up, but do NOT place on the last (top) 1.5 cm - this is where we will place the honey to seal the lip after rolling.
5. Sprinkle black pepper all over the meat.
6. Place the filling towards the lower third of the minced meat - the filling i used was asparagus, hotdog and cheddar, and used sweet paprika paste for taste and some parsley.
You can use carrots and baby corn too, or really what ever you like as long as it is capable of holding its form after being heated.
7. Wrap the roll , making sure you have it nice and packed at every step, apply the honey and seal the lip.
8.Wrap the bacon roll in cling film and twist, place in the freezer for 20 minutes to firm up.
9. Take out of the freezer, remove the cling film and vacuum seal in a bag with a bit of butter.
10. Sous vide at 88 C for 20 minutes.



11: Heat up the pan , empty the water/fat from the bag into the pan, and a tablespoon full of smokey honey barbecue marinade, pat the roll dry and clean, fry until the outer bacon becomes brown and caramelised




Cut up slowly with a sharp knife, and serve with a chutney , i used apple grape chutney. This dish really needs something sweet but sour to balance it as it is very savoury.

It will shrink by 2 cm by the time you are done with it.......



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I love to make salads. Two of my favorite are quail eggs salad and tuna salad.

Both are very simple to make. You will need:



Yellow pepper


Salty cheese


Olive oil

Quail eggs/tuna

How to make: mix all of the above and it's finnished :) ENJOY YOUR MEAL!

If you want a delicious drink just mix some Malibu coconut rum with pineapple juice. Put inside some ice and it's ready. You can also make a similar drink mixing up Coke with some normal rum. Just use your imagination.

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I love to make salads. Two of my favorite are quail eggs salad and tuna salad.




Quail eggs


I assume these are cooked first yes? I've never tried quail eggs but have wanted to for a while.

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