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  1. I am so excited. I hope after this update more people will join the TSR servers. And what about the testers for it?
  2. I haven't seen players on the server in the last months and I would really like to play a bit and I think I am available most of the holidays.
  3. Ok, very nice for you, what graphics card do you have? And... did you say dads?
  4. My dreams can be very strange. About 5 years ago I was having nightmares every night. In every nightmare I died and in 2 or 3 years I told myself that I shouldn't be afraid of death. So the nightmares transformed in very VERY weird dreams. I am most of the time on a field and I can see a C&C mutant base style full of NOD guys from Tiberian Dawn or I see a very strong light and after that I wake up very sad because I couldn't remember all the dream. My worst nightmare was not about C&C at all, it was about aliens, I hate them so much. Your dream is really weird, but I think I saw in a m
  5. I have been thinking that we could choose dates for the game nights like this: there are 2 game nights per month, the first one on the first Saturday and the second one on the last Saturday. This is just a model. I think this is a better way to organise. Please don't make my 69th post worthless!
  6. This is amazing. I can finally join this events becasue most of you voted for Saturday and 8 BST. I can't wait for the next one. I think that Cabal should send groups of cyborgs to attack the bases and there should be a mutant base too, or atleast spawning mutants randomly on the map.
  7. .... So noone saved you all this time... FINE! LET ME SAVE YOU! I grab a spoon and a baseball bat and I fight with them. Stupidly I realised that I will die so I go to my Mammoth Mk.389 and I destroy that base. Because of my futuristic mech and weapon I am considered a threat by all the military forces of the Earth and everyone wants to kill me. Help... I suppose...
  8. Aaah, so nice to be back with you guys. It has been 1 month since my last activity. The last thing I've done was to wait for players at 8GMT at the last game night. It was 8:30 and noone entered. For me it was too late to stay anymore and I would really want to know what happened.
  9. I noticed that many of you play WoT so I was curious about the tanks you have and also, if you want, you can tell your account and your clan ( if you are in one). We can all be friends and play together in platoons. So, I will start first. My name is AndrewGMOD ( idk why i put gmod, I don't even play that game ) and I am in BZB clan ( The ace tankers of the Big Zorab Battalion ) and I am co-leader. El Zorab means dick on google translate, if you search in my language or on one dictionary, but I think that only me and my friends know the meaning of it . I have 2 tier 7 tanks: T25/2 and T29
  10. OH, dang! You play Rise of Nations! I love that game!!
  11. Someone else should save you because this is boring. Playing just you, me and Mac is not as funny as how we all would play. But I can't control myself so I will continue to save Killing You hoping that another person will save me. Mac and Killing You I like to be saved by you but let's try to convince other guys to play this. Because you gave your life to save me you inspired my work and I created a time machine. I go to future in 3784 year and I steal a PBHG ( portable black hole gun) and a Mammoth MK.389. I come back with the time machine, but I destroy it to not be used by anybody a
  12. Yea well, I live in Romania. It's like a marathon. I let my imagination spread in this forum. YES, a part of this story happens in my STUPID country too!
  13. Granted, but there are no computers to buy anymore because I buy them all. I sell one for 70000 dollars. Oh and I also bought all the companies and now I only make pocket laptops and you can't even play Club Penguin on them. I wish I have a plantporn site.
  14. While me and my friends watch plantporn we see some explosions on the window. We go to check it out and we see you and Super Killing You Man. We manage to save you by smashing the riot with an APC, but we could not wake up the god, but just in time an Ion storm starts because of the tiberium cloud and a lightning hits Killing You and he returns to our world. Being forgot by CIA, a clan that was born from the rests of the Brazilian ninjas wants to avenge their friends that died in the plane crash ordered by me. I managed to run to Russia, but they still followed me. Help, I only have one sp
  15. When did it started because at 8:30 pm gmt I was waiting for the server to open, but it was too late so I went to sleep. TeamWolf, I don't think I remember that times... (I know, too sad).
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