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Available for free download. Inspired by, but not too close to TIberian Sun. Did a different melody this time, a little bit emotional, soft, and bright. It has a short length, but anyway, I decided to publish it :)
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In protest of cancellation of the most anticipated TSR 2, I decided to remove the song from here.
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It's very good. I like how it's emotional, soft and bright. I think the choice of title fits it perfectly. It's like being in a dream with all this awe and wonder of the tiberium world. Like you said, not too close to tiberian sun. Though personally i would have liked if you had gone a little bit darker. I was looking for that little bit of grit and dirt or background noise like that on the menu screen (HAL9000 soundbite or what sounds like a shutter or heavy machinery close by) which made tiberian sun so atmospheric. Please keep making these though, this one in particular is quite special, it is a dream.

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Thanks for the commentaries, comrades. Also,

On 03.10.2017 at 1:58 PM, Doctor699 said:

 Though personally i would have liked if you had gone a little bit darker.

That is a bit darkier, try to listen to and, if you want to, share your thoughts there. Thanks for an exhaustive commentary, anyway, will remember that =)

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