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Broken RDP Issues.

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Hi guys and girls.

I didn't know where to stick this so If you need to move it then do so.

As I reside over at Rencorner.com and use Remote Desktop to connect to server boxes I found out that if your PC updates to the latest Microsoft updated version, you will get an error message like this example and not be able to connect to the server box.


I found this out myself as this happened to me. 

Further information about this is here:





Just thought I'd give you guys/girls a head's up if you didn't already know. I fixed my issue by uninstalling the latest Windows update (9th May) and rebooted my PC, and now I have access to the server box. @Strike I now can get on your box again lol.

Anyways I hope this helps and also keep an eye on the Microsoft updates. 


ice187dna o/

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Great timing :p For the past couple days I've gotten another error trying to connect to the APB server box. Einstein believes this to be a CredSSP issue so I guess it's the same deal. Cheers for the heads up!


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does this update effect  the games on the w3dhub server like does it let you into apb and the other games if you install the update or does it just do it just for the server boxes

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