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Hi Boys and Girls,

I will be in charge of this topic regarding EXIMIUS, long story short. Eximius is a RTS-FPS hybrid that was heavily inspired by the cancelled "Tiberium", CoH/DoW and SC.

Gameplay features

The game is similar to C&C Renegade " Protect and Destroy" another winning condition are Control Point which were inspired by Company of Heroes series.

A match consist of 1 Commander and 4 Officers, the Commander are the one who will be deciding what to build and manage the units, he can even join in the firefight.

The officers are the backbone of the army who will lead the squad into firefight.

Resources are Cash, Energy, and Ammunition. These resources are important as some of them require for purchasing structures, upgrades, units and support abilities.

Here are some of the videos, you may or may not notice that I have posted in CNCNZ but not here. Well is better late than never ?

A new gameplay mode called "Challenge" Where you are alone and pitched your skills to withstand the test of time as endless wave after wave of enemy pouring in.


Officers and Commanders , thank you for those who signed up for closed beta.

The official EXIMIUS launch will be roughly 8 hours from now.









The game will be release on 28 September 2018

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Looks promising.... I'll definitely put it on a wishlist...

Theres also a very similar game, its called "Call to Arms", minus the amazing Graphics, Sci-Fi setting, and Base Building.... You can download the free trial of Call to Arms on steam

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Seems like something to keep an eye on. I especially like the CoH feel to it from the commander's viewpoint. I've always dreamed of this in a C&C setting. Command from above like the classic games did, assume control of a soldier on the field for key breakthroughs like Renegade, and return back to the commander's seat to plan the next move.

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[thumb]https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DoGzTtXUYAEb_a4.jpg:large[/Hey guys and girls, EXIMIUS early access will be available on steam store tomorrow.

Roughly about 8 hours from the time i posted this.  Updated the top information too. :)

A new faction has joined the Battlefield.

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