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Interview with Frank Klepacki (after Transform CD)

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18 hours ago, Coolrock said:

Great interview. Hopefully we can get a pretty good one!

Thanks for reading! If interview comes out and will be interesting enough to read, can you leave a reminder in W3D Hub personal messages, so I can translate it for my community? Because every single time I am translating something, I am making it not only to promote a person and their stuff, but also doing something good for many people and for myself.


By the way, as Frank said to me, feel free to ask anything. For example, I asked many other questions, requested advices (about how to make professional orchestra and which devices are better for monitoring of sound), threw him all my new works, said many thanks, and also expressed my opinion on matters that we discussed. Here are couple of examples from the past:

GraYaSDF: "God damn Petroglyph!.. They did some mess with your soundtrack, actually. I recently discovered from our fan community that they put tracks with WRONG names on them. I told you)))"

Frank Klepacki: "Lol - wouldn’t be the first time names were wrong (C&C had that issue as well). Glad you enjoy the teaser for Transform - looking forward to its release!"

GraYaSDF: "My latest track Wind In West Depot reminds me old days of Westwood Studios and their games, Frank. But it is really sad to remember those times... maybe I need to make less nostalgic tracks?"

Frank Klepacki: "Nothing sad about nostalgia - I look back on it fondly. Was the golden age of game development."

GraYaSDF: "The sound of M70x is just perfect. Maybe I need to save money for better M70x or for V-Moda Crossfade."

Frank Klepacki: "The V-Modas become uncomfortable to wear for very long periods of time. I have tried the M70x as well, it is a different sound - I still prefer the M50x."

GraYaSDF: "What the antivirus do you use to protect your devices? I have Avast, much faster than Kaspersky."

Frank Klepacki: "Using Vipre - seems pretty good."

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