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The Great CrashDump Thread (IA)

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Good Evening all. I have been playing IA recently and it crashes from time to time and then asks for me to post it on W3DFourms to help diagnose what the hell happened. Rather than click "Ok" and say whatever (As %99.9 of times everyone does) i'm posting all the DataDumps the game gave me at the time of crashing to help incase anyone wants to fix or look into it.

crashdump.20180930-014840-r8149-n1.dmp crashdump.20181112-003928-r8166-n1.dmp crashdump.20190217-063150-r8239-n1.dmp crashdump.20190315-050720-r8256-n1.dmp crashdump.20190327-044728-r8256-n1.dmp crashdump.20190328-033037-r8256-n1.dmp crashdump.20190405-015131-r8256-n1.dmp crashdump.20190407-044708-r8267-n1.dmp crashdump.20190413-034743-r8269-n1.dmp crashdump.20190413-042304-r8269-n1.dmp crashdump.20190415-033358-r8269-n1.dmp crashdump.20190417-044910-r8269-n1.dmp crashdump.20190419-081603-r8269-n1.dmp invalididdump.20190410-030857-r8269.bin

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They are definitely in the right format and can be analyzed.


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I crashed only a few minutes ago.


  • Map: Winter assault
  • I played for about 1 minute 30 seconds, then my team nuked Nod's ped and won the match.
  • Client crashed after the high scores screen (where you would normally transition to loading the next map instead)
  • I had previously played in this match (~1 hour back) when it started, then I quit to have lunch.

After the high scores screen my client crashed instead of progressing to the next map loading screen.

I have a video of the last 1:30 of the match, but not one that goes all the way to the error (I stopped recording at the high scores screen).  I can't recall if anything else flashed up or not inbetween (eg PENDING or load screen).

Something I noticed of interest: similar and suspicious looking score numbers for each team.



EDIT: It looks like all players must have crashed, because there's now only two people playing (including myself).

Interestingly I was placed on GDI, even though the only other player was on GDI.  I presume the server thought I joined the new match (when I crashed) and was preserving my team.

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