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Pre 1.91 War Thunder Soundpack for A Path Beyond

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Here are the sounds I shamelessly found from War Thunder and decided to use for A Path Beyond 
The 105 L7 gun (Centurion MK10) replaces the sound for the Medium Tank 
The 75mm M3 gun (M24 Chaffee) replaces the sound for the Light Tank 
The 120mm M58 (M103 Heavy Tank) replaces the sound for the Mammoth Tanks twin guns
The 100mm gun (T-55) replaces the sound for the heavy tank 
The 128mm 
PaK 40 (Jagdtiger) replaces the sound for the Artillery 
The 90mm M3 gun (M26 Pershing) replaces the turret  

Apologies if this is the wrong place to upload it, if someone else can do it for me, I will give them 34 rolls of toilet paper

s_apc_fire.wav s_arty_fire.wav s_heavytank_fire.wav s_lighttank_fire.wav s_m60_fire.wav s_mammothtank_fire.wav s_med_tank_fire.wav s_turret_fire.wav

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