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Stop fking with the game

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Is this directed at Interm Apex? If so, specify next time.

Now, you're reporting bugs with being unable to pick up the stealth suit and Obelisk Gun power ups. Can you give us more information for this?

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9 hours ago, ooflyoo said:

Guys, maybe stop messing with the code.  Now you can't pick up SS suits or OB guns.  Stop fucking with the game!!!

Hey Ooflyoo. 

The main server crashed earlier and as a result was put on a "temporary server" of sorts. Basically ExEric3 was hosting it instead of Dblaney since it was down.

This temp server didn't have the scripts enabled which is why you couldn't pick up the OB gun and some stuff wasn't working.

The main server is up and running again and you should be able to play it normally/ pick up SS suits or OB guns.

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