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    You can create a bunch of maps and connect them using campaign.ini to create a campaign (check the Renegade one). Then you can play the campaign and your maps should load after eachother how you defined it (you can even create bink videos between the missions). Just have to use a lot of existing scripts to create objectives, cinematics, play sounds, spawn enemies, and trigger mission complete when you prefer to. This is not very much different from creating multiplayer maps, aside from objectives and mission complete. (And yes you need a modelled terrain file, whether existing or complet
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    Happy Sunday everyone! I've got a very exciting update for you this week, so I hope you're ready to lay your eyes on what @ChopBam has been working on! Trees!@ChopBam has been putting a lot of work into updating the trees and foliage you see on maps. He's done an amazing job, and it'll be a very nice visual upgrade to the game. He was kind enough to give us a few screenshots, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! New Willow & Pine Trees Assortment of Trees (Oak in center) & New Foliage APB Game Night!We're excited to announce another Game Night ev
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