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    Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update General Fixed a bug with tracking weapons that caused the tracking to frequently fail. To further accommodate the tracking fix, a bunch of tracking and formerly-tracking weapons have been amended; see below. If you are equipped with a tracking weapon and aim at a vehicle, you will get a lockon marker showing you what part of the vehicle the rocket will try to home in on. You can no longer access purchase terminals through walls. Scrolling your mousewheel down during gameplay no longer causes the sidebar to be scrolled down 1 unit next time you enter a purchase terminal. This should solve all your quick-buying troubles. Turn-restricted turrets (like the Heavy Tank's) will no longer get "stuck" aiming in a particular direction if you rotate the camera to the other direction through the space that they can't aim at. First-person infantry camera now has 75 FOV instead of 90. Weapon positions may look a little different as a result. First-person hand models of Tanya, Flamethrower and Shock Trooper are now more accurate to the clothes they wear. So flamer/shocky no longer have thief-size gloves and Tanya no longer wears flesh fatigues when using two-handed weapons. M60 now has animated recoil in first person. Fast infantry now properly do the walk animation when holding spacebar. Ranger no longer has side cameras. Ore Trucks have a visible Technician in the driver seat again, and unlike the last time they existed, they don't cause the truck to take extra damage or be damageable by teammates. Fixed smoothing on the Heavy Tank's fuel barrels. Kill icon font should now work properly on all systems. Infantry Grenadier Returned to having armour and 50 health (results in less survivability against fire, electricity, heavy projectiles, machineguns and the Remington, but better survivability against all other small arms and explosive splash damage) Grenades now bounce if they hit anything less than 10 metres away from the user that isn't an enemy unit, similar to how they worked in Beta. This can save you from a lot of accidental self-harm if you're trying to throw grenades from behind cover, though it makes it even more difficult to use grenades for point-blank self-defense (but you should be using the pistol for that anyway). Flamethrower Health up (50 -> 60) Limited-ammo flamethrowers (DM maps etc) have more ammo (5 -> 8 ) Spy/Thief Silenced Beretta damage up (10 -> 12.5) Shotgunners Damage to infantry slightly improved all around (Remington: 20.625 -> 22.5 vs armoured, 27.5 -> 30 vs unarmoured, or +9.1% damage in total. TOZ: 24.375 -> 26.25 vs armoured, 65 -> 70 vs unarmoured, or +7.7% damage in total) Rocket Soldiers M72 LAW now has homing (as it did in Beta). If you don't want to use homing because of cover around you or your target that might get in the way, it still has non-homing missiles on right click. M72 LAW projectile velocity down (100 -> 75m/s) Redeye/Strela now have homing (as they did in earlier versions). Redeye/Strela projectile velocity down (400 -> 150m/s) Redeye/Strela damage down (110 -> 90 Redeye, 80 -> 70 Strela) Redeye/Strela damage multiplier to Yaks raised (0.625 -> 0.75) Redeye/Strela range down (170 -> 160m) No longer have pistols. LAW/RPG splash damage increased (17.5 -> 22.5) Vehicles Naval vessels Rebalanced health, resistances and anti-infantry power. Basically, boats are tougher against most things - mainly in ship vs ship combat - but don't decimate shoreline rocket soldiers quite so hard. Healths: Gunboat health up (300 -> 400) Destroyer health up (450 -> 600) Attack Sub health up (300 -> 400) Missile Sub health up (225 -> 300) LST health up (400 -> 500) Armour multipliers: "Longbow" up (0.8 -> 0.9); 15.6% downgrade (needs 1 more hit to kill all naval units). Damage drops by 75% against submerged subs instead of 87.5%. "Destroyer" (dest+missub) up (0.45 -> 0.5 vs health, 0.225 -> 0.3 vs armour); 10% downgrade. "Artillery" (arty+v2) up (0.9 -> 1 direct, 0 -> 0.5 splash); 2.8% downgrade for V2, 1.8% upgrade for Artillery "AntiAircraft" (redeye+strela) up (0.625 -> 0.8 vs health, 0.5 -> 0.8 vs armour); taking the redeye/strela base damage tweaks into account, this is a 11.6% downgrade for Redeye and 5.5% downgrade for Strela. "Grenade" up (0.4 -> 0.6 vs armour, unchanged vs health); 1.6% downgrade "Fire" (flamer+tower) up (0.5 -> 0.75 vs armour, unchanged vs health); 3.6% downgrade "Hind" up (0.3 -> 0.375); 6.25% downgrade "AntiSub" (depth charge) up vs submerged subs only (1 -> 1.25); 6.25% downgrade "BulletAT" (APC) up (0.5 -> 1 vs health, unchanged vs armour); zero change in effectiveness vs boats, but 60% upgrade vs LSTs "BulletAP" (captain+ranger) up (0.375 -> 0.5 vs health, unchanged vs armour); 16.7% downgrade vs boats, 6.7% upgrade vs LSTs "Electric" and "ElectricTrooper" (shock+TT+coil) up (1 -> 1.25); 6.25% downgrade "C4" down (1.2 -> 1 normally, 1.2 -> 10 vs submerged). Engineer C4 now does 500 damage and thus does not one-shot anything except LSTs or submerged subs; Tanya C4 still one-shots everything except destroyers. Every other weapon, due to not having an adjusted multiplier vs the raised HP of naval units, is effectively downgraded 20% vs LSTs and 25% vs combat vessels. Splash damage vs infantry: Attack Sub down (60 -> 45) Destroyer down (30 -> 25) Missile Sub down (25 -> 20) Destroyer/Missile Sub Projectile velocity down (200 -> 100m/s) No longer has a 25% damage bonus against aircraft (it shouldn't need it now that it can reliably hit them with homing) Range down 10m. Phase Tank Projectile velocity down (100 -> 50m/s) Longbow Projectile velocity down (200 -> 100m/s) Mammoth Tank Tusk missiles projectile velocity down (200 -> 50m/s) Tusk missiles damage down (70 -> 60) Tracking weapons (and targeting of bots/base defenses) now attempt to hit around the top of the main chassis, instead of the very lowest point on the vehicle (which sometimes caused them to hit the ground instead). Suspension should no longer freak out and get you stuck when going off cliffs. Light Tank Max speed down (14 -> 13.5m/s) Ranger Max speed up (17.1 -> 18.7m/s) Turn rate down 20% Takes longer to reach its 3rd gear, so it is slower when accelerating from a full stop or coming out of a tight turn. Chinook Speed up (20 -> 24m/s) Turn rate up 35% Health down (300 -> 225) Yak Rearming rate halved (gains 5 bullets per tick instead of 10) Damage to aircraft up (1.4 -> 1.5) Minimum speed limit is now enforced 2 seconds after cruising mode begins, instead of being enforced instantly. Since acceleration gets enforced before the speed limit, you should no longer have to worry about the possibility of dying during takeoff unless you ACTUALLY crash into something. Minimum speed limit when cruising up from 20m/s to 30m/s. The delayed enforcement of this limit provides FAR more than enough time to get up to speed on an "imperfect" takeoff, so don't worry about that; this stricter speed limit just means you're more likely to die if you crash into the side of a hill/mountain while flying. Death explosion deals 300 AntiAircraft damage within 20 metres. Not a perfect fix for the "Yak crashes harmlessly into Longbow" problem, since it doesn't always explode in midair and doesn't kill Longbows that are in fresh condition (so as to discourage spam suiciding a $800 unit into a $1200 unit), but it's a stopgap until we can get a proper solution. Buildings Airfield Removed the invisible ramp from the end of the runway. This was originally there for the old flight system to give people time to ascend so they don't immediately crash into the ground, but it's been rendered obsolete by the new auto-switching control scheme, and it was also complicating matters for people who tried to land on the end of the runway. Planes parked on the runway when the building is destroyed are no longer able to rearm/repair/sell in mid-flight. Barracks Is no longer weaker on infantry-only maps. Naval factories Naval units now create instantly, which should hopefully prevent boats from getting stuck in each other Bots Ants no longer bunnyhop. Vision cone of human bots is now only 150 degrees (was 270 so they could see mostly behind themselves) Increased weapon inaccuracy. Can't refill in combat anymore. Maps Canyon River Raised terrain around Soviet service depot so you shouldn't get stuck on it anymore. Hostile Waters Gem Silo income down to 2. Neutral Ore Silos now give an instant boost of 100 credits to the first team to capture them, jump-starting your economy a bit so you should still be able to start buying boats at around the same time as before. Tech Level raised to 5 - can now buy Tanya and Volkov. Metro Manhole covers no longer render on top of phase tanks. Fixed a spot where you could jump out of the map. Rock Trap Back in the game! Level geometry is scaled up x2, except for the cave behind the waterfall. Domination points no longer exist. Both teams now have a Barracks and Ore Silo; the Soviet base is where the northeast control point used to be, and the Allied base is where the southwest control point used to be. Like with Fissure, the silo is out of reach of repair tools, but unlike Fissure, it is positioned in such a way that it is easy to defend. The area previously occupied by the southeast control point is now a depot containing very frequently respawning crates containing weapons, C4 (this is normal C4 so it should only be placed on the barracks), max health boosts, radar invisibility, and extra money for your team. These crates will not give character changes, so there are no consequences to snatching up all the crates you can get. Added some extra tunnels to the map; two for each Barracks leading out of the basement, and one in the middle connecting the riverside to the western cliffs. These are more spacious than the tunnels seen on other maps, hopefully providing better infantry combat; other maps with tunnels may receive this treatment in the future. Added "Ammo Clip" (from Renegade) to the jukebox. You can no longer jump off the cliffs overlooking the rivers on the north/west sides of the map. Now supports bots. Siege Terrain lighting levels are more in line with Canyon River's. Shortened range of cannons from 350m to 240m; base-facing cannons can no longer hit the entire base - just the frontal defenses, frontal SD, and a minor main building (Soviet CY/Allied Dome). Added a crag in front of the Allied Barracks to protect it from the Allied-side cannon, so that both base-facing cannons have a roughly equal set of buildings to hit. Moved the pillbox at the Allied side entrance slightly forward. [blurb]Bugfixes abounds in this APB update! Homing weapons, Heavy Tank turrets, boats milling around the Naval Yard, and quick-buyers all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Oh, and there's some balance too. Be sure to check out the full changelog![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.9.png[/thumb]
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    It is with a heavy heart that I bring this news. I awoke this morning to the news that zunnie is no longer with us. A well-known gamer and founder of MPF, zunnie was a friend to all persons he had met throughout his life. zunnie has done a lot for the Renegade and MPF community and will be greatly missed. This is a terrible loss for us all. Our condolences go out to his family and loved ones. May he rest in peace. Source: https://multiplayerforums.com/topic/7663-rip-zunnie/ [blurb]It is with a heavy heart that I bring this news. I awoke this morning to the news that zunnie is no longer with us. A well-known gamer and founder of MPF, zunnie was a friend to all persons he had met throughout his life. zunnie has done a lot for the Renegade and MPF community and will be greatly missed. This is a terrible loss for us all. Our condolences go out to his family and loved ones. May he rest in peace.[/blurb] [thumb]custom_thumb_ren.png [/thumb]
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    Good news! If you haven't heard, A Path Beyond has been featured on PCGamesN! https://www.pcgamesn.com/red-alert-a-path-beyond-update Share the word with your friends and bring them here! Use their share buttons and get us across Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit! Have them check us out and play today! [blurb]Good news! If you haven't heard, A Path Beyond has been featured on PCGamesN! https://www.pcgamesn.com/red-alert-a-path-beyond-update[/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.5.png[/thumb]
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    People, people, the solution is simple. Just give the Rocket Soldier a melee attack. When cornered, he can swing his LAW or RPG at the enemy and hope to knock them out gg
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    馃馃馃馃THE EXPANSIVE CIVILIAN WARFARE SUPER SYMPOSIUM THIS SUNDAY. SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! BE THERE!馃馃馃馃 Expansive Civilian Warfare has been quiet for a few months, but we've been working hard to bring you a new update that'll enthrall and enchant all those who dare walk the streets of the most dangerous city in America. Ladies and gentlemen, cervines and other various woodland creatures I bring you great news! A sizeable ECW patch will be released on Sunday, July 22nd (Midnight CST)! Jerad has been working tirelessly to add 10 new tanks, 2 aircraft and another 2 civilian vehicles to the streets and skies of San Casina. New Features 路 Added the check in system! Players can check in once a day, checking in requires players to play in San Casina for five minute and (and not be AFK) once the five-minute check in is complete they will receive money. The amount of money given depends on the length of the check-in streak. A one-day check in streak is worth $100,000.00, whereas a ten-day check-in streak is worth $1,000,000.00 (which is the max). If a player misses a day, the streak will be broken and they'll have to start back at a one day streak and work their way up. 路 Added 13 new records that track who changes the weather with the weather control tower. 路 Added a new street sweeper job, that pays money when driving, however the most lucrative aspect of the job comes from repairing street signs (just pull up to ones that have been ran over, you need to wait 5 minutes after the sign was run over before you can repair it). 路 Added another favorite vehicle slot, players now have 3! Improvements 路 Taxis can now charge your debt card. 路 Visible infantry in vehicles can now be damaged depending on a new setting. This allows vehicles like the Cargo Truck to only have damageable drivers in the back. 路 The player will now get a message stating "Sorry, we cannot let you have more than $500,000,000.00 on your person, that is just too dangerous!" if they attempt to pull more than that amount onto their person. This is to protect the player as the game will flip to a negative amount once you get to a certain point. 路 *Updated the message for withdrawing out money on maps besides San Casina to make it clearer to the player that it costs you an additional amount of money (basically 10x what you're trying to pull out). 路 PIN now displays as ******* instead of the actual number client side (in case the player is recording the game so they don't give their PIN away). 路 Removed geometry that kept you from walking up the ramp on the oil tanks in the industrial area. 路 Removed collision from the for sale signs, hopefully cars would bug client side when running them over. 路 Cargo truck鈥檚 occupants in the back can now take damage, people in the cab are immune. 路 Hazmat truck occupants are immune to damage. Bug Fixes 路 Fixed the UFO screen fade effects when its firing, the screen now correctly fades purple when the UFO begins firing. 路 Massive UFO no longer kills player that aren鈥檛 in San Casina. 路 Aircraft should no longer stall when hitting the boundaries of the map and teleporting to the other side. 路 Fixed a bug with the player money backup system that would give the player 4 billion dollars if they happen to have a negative amount of cash on hand right before a game crash. 路 Fixed a money bug with the cell phone that would have prevented the player from moving more than 4 billion dollars from their bank to on hand. 路 Fixed a bug with the hazmat job that would display incorrect amounts of money. 路 Fixed the jet reload zone on Hell Island. 路 Fixed multiple street signs that were floating and added a few missing street signs. Tweaks 路 Renamed the file that tracks the money players have on hand from BetaRP2PlayerMoney to BetaRP2PlayerMoneyOnHand. 路 Changed the rose and lion drop ship armor types (was using building armor). 路 A10 Warthog now moves vertically faster. 路 Updated credits file New Vehicles Cromwell Medium Tank Cost: $10,000 Armor: 1000 Speed: 40MPH Primary: OQF 75mm Secondary: Besa Machine Gun - Your basic battle tank from the WWII, it's immune to the effects of EMP like all the other World War II vehicles. Ke Nu Light Tank Cost: $19,600 Armor: 330 Speed: 25 MPH Primary: 57mm Tank Gun Secondary: 7.7mm Machine Gun - LARP like a technologically in-advanced Imperial Japan, and bring your Red Alert 3 fantasies into a virtual reality. Just don't get immolated by a Panzer! M10 Wolverine Tank Destroyer Cost: $47,900 Armor: 125 Speed: 30 MPH Primary: 3-inch Gun Secondary: M2 Machine Gun - A heavy duty tank destroyer with a powerful co-axial gun. It packs a punch and allows you to bring the hurt to other armored vehicles. M12 Gun Motor Carriage Cost: $41,700 Armor: 650 Speed: 24 MPH Primary: Canon de 155mm GPF Secondary: N/A - A piece of old school heavy artillery that doesn't need to deploy. Use it to rain down fire on your enemies! Mark IV Tank Cost: $5,000 Armor: 2000 Speed: 4 MPH Primary: .303in Lewis Gun Secondary: QF 6-Pounder 6 cwt Hotchkiss - Pretend you're in the trenches just like your great, great, grandpappy with this badboy! A second player can enter this vehicle and act as a gunner! Panzer III Cost: $38,000 Armor: 650 Speed: 25 MPH Primary: 3.7cm KwK36 Secondary: MG 34 - You don't have to hide your power level when you're dispelling death from the Panzer III. Sturmpanzer Cost: $78,600 Armor: 1300 Speed: 25 MPH Primary: 15cm StuH 43 L/12 Secondary: MG 34 - A heavy German heavy tank that packs a surprising punch! Sturmtiger Cost: $118,800 Armor: 2000 Speed: 25 MPH Primary: 380mm RW 61 Rocket Launcher L/5.4 Secondary: N/A - A competent rocket based harassment vehicle that'll bring a great deal of butt hurt to other armor. Of course with great power, comes a hefty price tag! T1K Battle Tank Cost: $350,000 Armor: 1700 Speed: 50 MPH Primary: Proto Plasma Torpedo Launchers Secondary: N/A A extremely powerful tank that'll take your enemies out like the trash they are. With a less powerful plasma torpedo that can fire in salvos of two, this self healing and fire immune tank will allow you to dish out much more pain for longer than an Abrams could ever dream of doing! Kokusan Armored Car Cost: $8,600 Armor: 145 Speed: 25 MPH Primary: 7.7mm Vickers Mk 1 Medium Machine Gun Secondary: 6.5mm Machine Gun - An Anti-infantry wet paper bag that is slower than molasses.This'll help you confirm without a doubt why Japan lost the war. X7-32 Apache Cost: $240,000 Armor: 400 Speed: 100 MPH Primary: Heavy Laser Secondary: Plasma Rockets - It seems Jerad decided we needed the VTOLs from Avatar in ECW. This futuristic helicopter self heals and can extinguish fires automatically. It is an extremely powerful close support aircraft that you'd better hope to not come up against. BF-109 Cost: $12,000 Armor: 0 Speed: 360 MPH Primary: Twin 131 Machine Guns Secondary: N/A Finally, another armed prop plane has entered the skies of San Casina. With its powerful cannons and easy to manage top speed, you'll be able to strafe the ground and own the skies. Will you be the Luftwaffe hero who finally brings down the wretched Ogel cat?Streetsweeper Cost: $40,000 Armor: 300 Speed: 14 MPH Primary: N/A Secondary: N/A - Make a career out of fixing the destruction that other players have wrought on the streets of San Casina with the street sweeper! A base wage will be payed for driving, but the lions share comes from repairing street signs that have been destroyed across the city/desert! Garbage Truck Cost: $60,000 Armor: 1000 Speed: 40MPH Primary: N/A Secondary: N/A - A heavily armored civilian vehicle that gives the Armored Truck a run for its money. Just try and avoid the swarms of bees that'll be following you if you spend too much time as a garbage man. [blurb]With 14 new vehicles and a bunch of new features, is live this Sunday![/blurb]
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    At it's core, C&C RTS games were a sandbox. The game gave you a bunch of units and structures along with related mechanics but ultimately it was up to you, the player, how you went about utilizing any of the tools the game gave you. Two or more people, with their own strategies and tactics, fighting each other over bragging rights. The whole concept is truly this simple. Forget e-sports and crazy twitchy micro management. The original games offered a very accessible gaming experience that was very unique at the time, and even till this day there has not really been many games like C&C RTS games. Most RTS games fail to get any traction at all because they always miss one or more fundamental pillars that C&C games nailed down (and perhaps Westwood did so more by chance rather than intentionally). The RTS franchise as a whole has been completely tunnel vision focused on e-sports when there simply is no audience for this. For the onlooker, RTS games are a difficult to follow mess, and for the participant, the barrier to entry is massive because of the huge skill ceiling that comes with micro managing and fast reaction requirements. C&C games in particular had much more success in the hands of "the average player", the casual player that wanted to play some RTS for either story or a match versus some equally skilled opponents, or simply with friends. To most players, the over-designing of later RTS games did not add anything of value. All that really mattered was that factions were diverse and offered plenty of unique and fun units, structures, or mechanics. RA3 was a good example of over-designing, where so much time was wasted on making the units e-sports friendly, that in that process they forgot to focus on everything else, resulting in bland and forgettable units at best, and cringe-worthy units at worst. Naturally, earlier C&C games added upon that in terms of game setting, background stories, and general game character. It resulted that people gained a sense of ownership to these units and structures as they became more immersed into the universe. This isn't something many other games managed to emulate, because the traditional C&C themes were original and strong (until EA absolutely murdered all of this post C&C3). TLDR: C&C games are beautifully simple games. Later C&C games and other RTS games cannot reach the potential of the older games because game developers do not understand what made these games sell.
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    Welcome to Vienna! You have all been invited by the Kaiser to see to it that we can revamp the declining Empire into something new. Despite our victory in the Weltkrieg, we find ourselves in an Empire out of time. The decline has turned into a crisis after the German Empire's Berlin stock market crashed a year ago, throwing the free world into the most horrific economic disaster in history: Black Monday. Germany, our Ally, has been dangerously weakened and overstreched, making it a prime target for the revanchist Syndicalist states in the West. The clock is ticking. This Augleich, after the failure of the one in 1927 where Hungary straight out left, might be our only remaining chance. However, the Kaiser has faith in all of you. Let's make the Empire great again! Some additional background information in video format. I have to commend OrangeP47 for immediately noticing the Kaiserreich setting, good job on that one lad. Like the previous game, Voe will be acting as a co-host in case I'm not able to be around for a night or whenever we feel like we need to post a cvc. I'll drill him a bit more this time to prevent any gun-like shenanigans from arising again. I wish you all a lot of fun palying this game. Known Objectives Your objective is linked to your role鈥檚 vision of the Empire. There are three different possibilities, each of them linked with a secondary one. 1. Primary Goal: This is your role鈥檚 vision of the Empire. Achieving this goal will win you the game. - Pluralism: The idea to reform the Empire into a Danubian Monarchy in which the different states are all equal. - Status Quo: The idea to retain the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary in which the Austrians and Hungarians are equal above all others. - Abolishment: The idea to abolish the Empire and divide it into multiple independent sovereign states. 2. Secondary Goal: This is your role鈥檚 idea on how to best achieve their goal. Achieving your goal this way will add a +1 to your victory score. - Reform: Your role intends to achieve their vision through reform. - War: Your role intends to achieve their vision a bit quicker by winning a civil war. - By any means necessary: Congrats, you have it a bit easier. Stability The stability meter shows how stable the Empire is at any given time. Actions and reforms can affect stability both positively and negatively. Should the Stability go below a certain amount, the Empire will descend into civil war. Keep an eye on the stability meter and see to it that the Empire stays stable during the Ausgleich鈥 or not, depending on your objectives. Political power Political power (now known as PP) is a new mechanic that will provide a limit as to how many actions a player can undertake during a phase. This to compensate for the many different actions in the game, the lazy moderators, and to prevent another instance of an overpowered utility belt. The standard limit per day and night phase is 2 PP and the standard action tax is 1 PP. This means that you can use up to 2 PP during both the day and night. Each phase, you will regain 2 PP, although you won't be able to gather more than your personal limit. There are different ways as to how a person can gain additional political power. Which ones? You will have to find out for yourself. Passing reforms Passing reforms is part of the order of the day and night. During the day, you will all vote on a category of reforms. These are: Economic, Political and Military. At the end of the day phase, the category with the most votes will produce a new reform on which a variant can be voted on during the night. Because we are nice and follow the rules of democracy, voting on the reform variants will happen anonymously during the night. Voting on a category will cost 1 PP. Voting on a reform variant will also cost 1 PP. You vote on a category by using ##Reform <Political/Economic/Military> The vault and evidence base As with the previous game, we have an item vault as well as a modified evidence base. During the day, a player can be voted on to be allowed into the vault with ##VoteNominate <Player Name> (1PP). The vault holds the items, which can be taken and in which players can deposit their items if they so wish it. The evidence base is off limits to anyone that doesn鈥檛 have a key. Players can check up on a player鈥檚 actions and can use examples of unlawful activity to build a case on a player. Should a player have a case on him, he will be able to be jailed during investigation. Additional actions may be available though. It appears that we're pretty sure that Voe is scum. Investigations and lynching There is no lynching in this game. We鈥檙e beyond such a barbaric concept now. Instead we use the ##VoteInvestigate (0PP) action to take a look at a player. Investigating will uncover a player鈥檚 name, nationality, current status as either innocent, suspicious or hostile, and other relevant and irrelevant information. Innocent players will be freed immediately and will only provide some of their personal information. Suspicious players will spend one night in solitary, meaning that they're blocked during the night. All items of interests will be placed in the vault and will not be returned the following day. A hostile result means that the player will spend the rest of his days in prison, being blocked from actions and will lose all items, which are then placed in the vault. All information about the player will be revealed. (He鈥檒l be eliminated from the game.) Civil war Should stability get below a certain threshold, the nation will descend into civil war. The teams are, as of yet, undecided and anything can affect the starting positions and the stability threshold of the civil war. How does it work? That鈥檚 something we鈥檒l hopefully never need to explain. Signups Beyond all the game specific rules, standard mafia rules will apply. So only two posts at night, hammers can happen. You know the drill! Please note that the game set-up is, once again, experimental and I cannot guarantee flawless balance. But I do hope that you will all have as much fun playing the game as I had creating it! Sign-up's will end on the 22nd of July. The game is optimised for 10 players, but more are possible. 01. OrangeP47 02. Shade939 03. iLikeToSnipe 04. Jeod 05. Retaliation 06. TheIrishMan 07. Killing_You 08. Category 5 Hurricane 09. Sunflower 10. Fraydo Day and Night phases Day 1 Night 1 Day 2 Night 2 Day 3 Night 3 Day 4 Night 4 Day 5 Night 5 Day 6 Night 6 Day 7 Night 7 Day 8 Night 8
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    I started to tinker with the idea of what an amphibious capturable naval repair bay would look like, and after some quick iterations I settled on a design, here is the draft: It's missing a lot of work but this is the basic idea, enough space on two sides for a naval transport to dock, enough space near the repair crane for repairs, enough space below for subs to repair as well, and the control hub is covered in a little cabin. Any gaps in terrain would be cosmetic, you will be able to walk over this quite easily. The few assets I plopped down are modular; A destruction animation wouldn't be out of the question and this structure could then even serve as naval equivalent of a Refill Pad, if demand for that ever existed (unlikely). It could also be vehicle you have to deploy at sea to gain the repair functionalities, but that is a whole lot of animation work I'm not ready to delve into for just an experiment... So in all likelihood this would just be a static capturable objective.
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    That's almost worth not fixing just for the comedic value
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    Wouldn't want to be the guy who gets killed by a street sweeper. But hey at least you'll be a very clean corpse, hooray for bright sides.
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    What makes C&C "C&C", by FRAYDO. 1) Immersive universe. Tiberian Dawn had an amazing balance of the real-life warfare we experienced at that time and science fiction introducing the alien substance that is Tiberium. Not only was Tiberium this resource that had to be collected in order to finance your war machine, it was the focal point of the entire world. This quasi-religious organization sought to use it not only for financial gain, but for the advancement of technology and humanity. "The Technology of Peace!", as it came to be known by devout followers. Conversely, you then have our equivalent of the UN forces in GDI. The Global Defense Initiative, united in fighting against what they perceived as tyranny and fighting to protect the free world. Despite their noble ideals and intentions, they were not above using Tiberium for their benefit. Tiberian Dawn, and later Tiberian Sun, potentially had you conflicted. Is Nod's vision for the future one that should be pursued? Is their way of evolving and elevating humanity the route we should be taking? What of GDI? Are they halting the progress of mankind in stopping Nod? Or is GDI the best hope for Earth, in their mission to eliminate Tiberium and return to the status quo? As the series progresses, it becomes evident too that GDI was quickly becoming too powerful to be restrained, eventually becoming their own superpower and no longer operating within the UN's jurisdiction. Was Kane correct in warning the world that if GDI's strength was left unchecked, they would rule the world with an iron fist? Between playing the game and watching the storyline unfold in the cutscenes, it's these questions you ask yourself that immerses you further in the game. You weren't just clicking a unit here and moving him to over there. You had chosen a side in this conflict between GDI and Nod, and you were fighting to see their vision through to the end. 2) Memorable soundtrack. We all know of Frank Klepacki, the legend. He recognized that music is all too important in story-telling to be ignored. He may not have realized it at the time, or maybe he did, but his contributions in that front is what brought the game to life. You can add in a fantastic story, an impressive list of units and vehicles to fight with, and even A-list celebrities, but in order for the player to experience all this they must actually play the game. When Act on Instinct hits when you enter your first Tiberian Dawn mission, you're immediately engrossed in the mission. Get moving, soldier, we have a war to win. Better put, "We are going to have to act, if we want to live in a different world." After that song ends and the shuffle kicks in, you're still engaged in the game. Each track playing was catchy enough yet not distracting, playing on a delicate balance of keeping you the player engaged but not driven away by the music and still allowing you to focus on the action at hand. Before anyone says "if Frank Klepacki didn't make the music then it's a terrible C&C track", let me just state that you are wrong. Jarrid Mendelson did an amazing job on the Tiberian Sun soundtrack, both on the songs he did in collaboration with Klepacki and those he did entirely of his own. 3) "Classic" RTS gameplay. Not much to say that the others have not already. Deploy the Construction Yard. Build the Power Plant, then the Barracks, then Refinery, collect money, build your army, find the enemy's base, send your army, win. Command & Conquer 鈩 . Any variance of this (Generals, Red Alert 3, and C&C 4), is initially met with resistance. Generals and its Bulldozers/Workers system I came to like, Red Alert 3's style of Allied Prospectors and Imperial Nanocores I could barely tolerate, and C&C 4, well just no. 4) Idk. I just love Command & Conquer. The series has its ups and downs, but as a whole I love everything the series has given to me. The good memories, the communities it has brought me to, and my passion for blasting the C&C soundtracks on my car radio.
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    Great minds think alike, I suppose.
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    Unusual mix made by me and inspired by two soundtracks at the same time. I was experimenting with Dune universe, and I tried to put some Red Alert style inside. Suggested as a music for "Expanse RTS" videogame. VSTi "Synapse Audio Software DUNE I" is included, as well as classic Roland sounds. Frank Klepacki, however, is using SAS DUNE II. As he said, it is more comfortable to use, and it has more sounds.
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    Thing is, Yaks are an even bigger achievement when it comes to unit gameplay. Whenever an updated trailer is ever produced, this unit should absolutely get two scenes; Pilot and target points of view. Anyhow, always good to see some external recognition, and as always good job to Pushwall and the W3DHub team for keeping the project alive and moving.
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    While we鈥檙e at it, can we give the Thief a hat and sword?
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    Noted, may look at it a little more before axing it - but then what will replace it? Another minor thing that might be contributing to the stigma around naval combat - particularly on HW - is the fact that it is basically impossible to score kills. When a naval vessel is destroyed the occupant just falls to the bottom of the ocean and dies of natural causes. It's not just the naval vessels that can't kill naval vessel pilots - nobody can, unless a naval unit happens to be positioned just right to crush the pilot when they get ejected, or if the pilot is able to swim to shore. So naval maps can hold back your kills and KD stats because of this. The effect isn't very significant on CI/Pacific/Under since naval combat is only a small part of the total combat, but on Hostile Waters almost all combat is naval combat. Teams' scores near the end of a match can show them with a total of like 10 kills and 100 deaths and that's just on the winning team. Well that's another thing I'm solving. The logic for this has been kicking around for a while courtesy of moonsense715, but I had no clue how to handle it before. Of course, this will not happen if the destroyed naval unit is near a shoreline (same logic that subs/LSTs use for allowing ejection). This also means that Gunboats/Destroyers will finally be getting the same feature as LSTs/subs where being in open waters prevents you from accidentally ejecting (or deliberately, since doing so in subs led to a minor exploit) and you die instantly when your vehicle does (so no waiting to fall and no extra rocket shots in your death throes). No kills is also a much smaller issue with air units - smaller because aircraft tend to fly low enough when near death that the occupant survives (unless they're over water - again, mainly a HW problem) and can then be killed by someone else anyway. But this is harder to solve for those, since you can land them and this script doesn't care if you're Volkov who part of his deal is that he can survive falling from aircraft. You will be getting credit for killing Yak pilots though since they are subject to instant death.
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    I always thought the Grenadier was generally better in infantry combat than the Flamethrower due to his faster speed and being cheaper, and I was using the flamer for attacking enemy buildings and vehicles due to better damage and easier-to land projectile (vehicles are big). Maybe my memory serves bad but I don't remember people crying about the Grenadier being a ghetto Flamethrower. About the Spy abilities, we should start setting up a page where the current unit lists and abilities are listed. Changelogs are one thing, but a "this is what everything currently does" would help a lot. E.g. I never noticed in the logs or ingame that the Spy is blocking ore truck incomes. Don't jump on the conclusion already that if people don't cry about it (maybe just not noticed) then it's all good E.g. in AR I tend to shut the radar, power down, then sap the enemy refinery constantly and nobody notices that in the tests.
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    Not me included. I'm new :-)))))))
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    hi coolrock i don't know if you're still looking at this thread but hi anyway also hi to anyone else who might see this
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    That dramatic death animation always amused me. Edit: His right leg looks broken though!
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    He was one of the friendliest person when I was new to this community. Wish I could test his TCW when he invited me and spend more time talking to him. RIP zunnie, Still playing on the C&C3 Steam you gift me.
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    I'm a big fan of Pokemon. It just doesn't feel right to go into a TANK battle side by side with someone named after Gary, of all people :P