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      Important PSA: W3D Hub 2018 Roadmap Announced!   04/03/2018

      W3D Hub's roadmap for 2018 has been published! This important update outlines W3D Hub's missions and objectives for this year as well as provides a large amount of exicting updates! Click on this announcement to find a link to the post!    


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    Hi everyone! Now that 2018 is in full swing I'd like to just take this opportunity to recap on what we managed to achieve last year as well as what we are aiming to do with W3D Hub this year! 2017 Retrospective 2017 was a productive year for W3D Hub! We outlined our roadmap in this thread last year: As you can see, we pretty much achieved everything that we set out to do, which is great! Work was started on fixing Tiberian Sun: Reborn and is proceeding as planned. Development work on Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising continued at a great pace (especially in the latter half of the year) Expansive Civilian Warfare saw a release on the launcher, which has been mostly a great success! Red Alert: A Path Beyond saw a plethora of updates that steadily iterated and added to the gameplay over the course of the year. The stats system has been significantly upgraded since the beginning of last year, but the new stats website hasn't been pushed live just yet. We didn't put together the planned media pack that we talked about, but I feel that we are slowly building the player-base up to a good number. The download manager went live, but hasn't seen too much use just yet. Hopefully this will change over the course of this year. Discord has been running for a while now and has been a great success! Integrated chat via IRC was implemented into the launcher! Hopefully we'll look at tightening this up a bit more this year as well! The bug tracker is back up and running. If you have issues to report, please submit some bugs for us! We'll be making this more visible in the coming months. Advanced Tags and Prefixes was reinstalled and works as intended! So with 2017 being a success as far as our plans were concerned, here's what we have planned for 2018! W3D Hub Roadmap 2018 A New Look First off, we have decided that the W3D Hub logo was due a freshen up for 2018, so we've updated it a bit. the layout is still the same, but it is now a lot crisper with flat colours on the text that make it look a lot more contemporary. Here's what we have decided to go with. Over the course of this month, we shall be updating the logo across all of our games, services, and channels; so keep an eye out for it! New Development Tools (SDK) Mammoth Tank Assembled We're proud to announce Mammoth; a brand new tool that we're hoping to develop and build on throughout the year. Mammoth is a full replacement for the venerable Commando Level Editor (that shipped with Renegade) that will allow for a much higher degree of flexibility when creating mods and maps on the W3D Engine. Here are a couple of screenshots: It may look a lot like level edit and that's because it is currently being developed as a reverse engineering of that piece of software, however once that is complete, we can then begin adding some more outlandish features. The viewport controls have already been improved, allowing users to use the RMB and WASD to navigate the viewport and LMB to select objects without changing between view and select modes! Special thanks to @jonwil for spearheading this project as well as @saberhawk for laying some of the initial groundwork. If you're a mapper and would like to help us develop this new tool by providing feedback on all aspects of the functionality, interface design and user experience, please get in touch with us. (@Raap and @Timeaua we'd especially like to hear your thoughts!) 3DS Max 2017 W3D Export Plugin After years of using Gmax and 3D Studio Max 8, a new 3D export plugin is finally within our grasp! With this new plugin anybody will be able to export their models and animations from new versions of 3DS Max that are 100% compatible with Windows 10. This is really big for all of us, because it allows us to make use of software that has newer features that are much more powerful (than Gmax and Max 8 are) and easier to use. Here's a screenshot of the new plugin in Max 2017. It's not quite ready, but we hope to release it sometime this year! Also, because the new export plugin has been built from the ground up, we can consider the possibility of porting it to other 3D modelling programs. We know that not everyone can get their hands on a copy of 3D Studio Max, so we are also looking at integrating the plugin to work with Blender, which is a popular free software package for 3D modelling. Big thanks to @cfehunter for making this pipe-dream a reality! Launcher Updates The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that the W3D Hub launcher has been receiving a steady stream of updates! Here's what we're looking at this year! As always, big thanks to @danpaul88 for fighting OpenReach in order to help us improve our lawn chair! User Interface After the addition of the Chat tab, work began on re-vamping the launcher's UI to make it more user-friendly and generally nicer to look at. This project is still ongoing and we hope to improve the user interface further over the course of 2018. Here's a shot of our latest internal mockups: The final design won't look exactly the same, but this is just to show you the direction we are moving forward in. If you have any feedback on the UI, please let us know in this thread or make a new one in General Discussion! Single-Client Packages Currently W3D Hub is the only download source that the launcher connects to when downloading packages. This is problematic because if we suddenly go viral, our servers will get rammed pretty hard. So to counteract this, we will be working on single-client packages! A single client package is simply the launcher bundled with one of the games. The installer will install the launcher and the packaged game, then the launcher will update it to the latest version. There are a number of free game websites on the internet that frown upon the use of launchers, so another reason to do this is so that we can get more players into the games as well. Hopefully we'll be able to accomplish this task this year too! Renegade Support Even bigger news is that we've been talking about the idea of Renegade support. Since Renegade isn't free, we'd have to get the launcher to detect a Renegade installation and then manage it that way. With that done, we'll be able to update Renegade with the latest community patches through the launcher and offer a full comprehensive listing of all currently hosted Renegade servers. If we can pull it off, it will mean that the W3D Hub Launcher will truly be the one and only Renegade launcher to serve the C&C community, which is quite exciting! Please bear in mind though that this is a pipe dream, so it may not happen. But we figured it's good to tell you guys that we're playing around with the idea anyway. Infrastructure Updates You guys may also be interested to know that we have been updating our infrastructure as well! Here are a few points of interest. Stats & Ranks System Work has continued on our W3D Stats system this past year, with a new website being developed to display all of the awesome data! This website will be mobile compatible, so that you can check your ranks on the go! Big thanks to @rantanplan, @Silverlight, @moonsense715, @danpaul88, @triattack and others who I may have missed for making this happen! Here's a small preview: We'll also be looking into the general presentation of achievements at some point to see if we can make the requirements more visible in-game. Watch this space! Forum Skins The APB skin is well underway now and should be finished fairly shortly! Here's a small work-in-progress shot. There's still some colouring to work out, but it is nearly ready! Keep your eyes peeled for the classic look around the forums soon! We're also aiming to develop more forum skins in the future for the other mods (starting with ECW) and then also one that mirrors the theme that's featured on Renforums (just for those people who love a bit of nostalgia!). You might also see that there are two new buttons for H2 and H3 on the post editor. If you highlight some text and click one of these buttons it will turn it into a cool heading, just like the ones featured in this thread! Keep posted for more news on this! Confluence After a few emails back and forth to the good folks over at Atlassian, we have managed to secure ourselves a licence to their documentation tool, Confluence. What does this mean? Basically it means that we will be able to port all of our scatted design documentation into one centralised location so that we can work much more effectively as a team. We might be able to make parts of it public in the future so that you guys can keep up with our design decisions as they happen, but we'll be evaluating it closely first! Downloads Sadly C&C Files isn't coming back anytime soon, but over the course of this year we'll be uploading some more files to our very own download system! This includes some old mods for various C&C games that we've been hoarding along with some, Renegade-specific files, rarities and more! Hopefully we'll get this stuff online as the year goes on for you guys to play around with. More news soon(tm)! Freelancers Do you want to work on content for any of our games, but don't want to have the responsibility of being a full time staff member? Then our new Global Freelancers Initiative (GFI) is right up your alley. What we want to be able to do is open a more fluid communication channel between mod leaders and people who enjoy making cool stuff for the games, so that any content that's made by fans can be picked up by us and made official even easier than before. What we aim to do is setup a channel on our Discord server for Freelancer and Devs to collaborate with no expectations or pressure. Just nice environment where you can share images and files of what you're working on, as well as collectively pool knowledge, so even if you don't know how to mod the games, we can give you some tips and tricks! Check back for more info on this soon, once we've ironed out the details! Events & Prizes This year we want to try and run more events and competitions! We have stockpiled a number of C&C posters in the W3D Hub vaults that need winning, so we'll have to organise a way for people to win them! Hopefully we'll scratch our collective heads and launch something soonish! Big thanks to our printing comrade, @CCHyper for these wonderful prizes! Game Roadmaps Here's a brief rundown of how the games are doing currently! Battle for Dune: War of Assassins More updates for Battle for Dune: War of Assassins are on the way! @TeamWolf recently posted up an update on BFD's new Emperor Worm mode map where you and several others take control of masterfully well simulated Sand Worms! Check it out below! Keep an eye out for more exciting updates! Expansive Civilian Warfare With ECW's release last December as well as launcher integration, @Jerad2142 is looking to expand on the game and add more features! He's currently working on a new mission system into ECW due to multiple player requests. It's going to be pseudo-random and be mostly assassination or fetch quests with some branching objective paths (like save the person instead of killing them sometimes). Keep an eye out for that in up and coming ECW updates! Flyin' high in San Casina! Also, if you're getting lost in the sewers, our new pal @Veyrdite has your back. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Nothing too big is planned for this year with APB. Updates will continue to roll out with @Pushwall at the helm which will further tune and refine the experience. There was an update posted last Saturday, so go and check that out! Infantry maps should be getting some overhauls at some point and there are still a few units to implement, but that requires artists that we currently don't have spare. If you are a 3D Artist or know other 3D Artists who may be interested, please get in touch! Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising Apocalypse Rising had an incredible second half of last year and we're hoping to keep this up with more gameplay iteration and more of a conscious thought about what maps we actually want to release with. To quote the Chinese Dozer from Generals "We have big plans!" Here's a quick shot of some Tesla Tanks playing in the snow! Stay tuned to the forums and Discord for more info as we progress through 2018! Renegade: Interim Apex Interim Apex (previously Imperial Age) is set for a new and updated release this year as well as some other big news so stay tuned! @Kaskins has been working hard on some new maps as well as a full compliment of naval units! Check out the latest update from this massive project here! Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months, because the new release will definitely be something to watch out for! Tiberian Sun: Reborn Reborn 2.0 is coming along steadily and is due out this year! There are some changes to a couple of GDI buildings that are being worked on currently and a major re-balance is planned, pending spare time to work on it. Also, Nod's very own femme fatale, Oxanna Kristos, posted in the forums at the start of March. What can this all mean? 2018 Is A Go! That about covers it for what we have planned this year! I know it's been said a lot in this thread, but stay tuned! There's even some stuff that we aren't brave enough to mention just yet, so there are plenty of irons in the fire, as they say! Thank you everyone for continuing to support us and may 2018 be a year to remember! Bring on the future! :D [thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb] [blurb]Big news for this year! Come and see what W3D Hub's plans are for 2018! Read about updates to the community, infrastructure, tools and of course the games![/blurb]
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    Announcing Interim Apex! Formerly Imperial Age, Interim Apex aims to bring an unprecedented amount of new units and vehicles to Command & Conquer Renegade. This pioneering experience is brought to you by the development team of Kaskins and dblaney1, the original founders of Imperial Age. They have worked tirelessly to bring this project into the light and we cannot express how amazing their work is. Interim Apex will retain all of the features that the previous Imperial Age boasted. For a quick re-cap of the features: - 120+ vehicles; 60+ per team - 20+ unique maps - Research and upgrade terminals to improve your team's vehicles and weaponry - Restore base structures with Construction Yards - Faster-paced gameplay than Vanilla Renegade Below you can read the full timeline of this project from its beginning in 2012 to where it stands today. Interim Apex will introduce a slew of new and unique naval units for both GDI and Nod. Take the fight to the seas in the GDI Iowa-class battleship, the GDI Hatsuyuki-class destroyer, the Nod Zara-class cruiser, and more! Kaskins, dblaney1, and the W3D Hub team are excited to bring this experience to you! The Interim Apex update is expected to ship out soon so keep an eye out for it! [blurb]Announcing Interim Apex! Formerly Imperial Age, Interim Apex aims to bring an unprecedented amount of new units and vehicles to Command & Conquer Renegade. Read all about it![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png [/thumb]
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    So you're interested in joining the testing team eh? Well you've come to the right place! Please read everything here very carefully. How do I become a tester? Well, this works much like a job: We have requirements, applications, and interviews! Alright cool, what are the requirements? You must have a W3D Hub forum account. - How else would you join us in the tester forums? You must have a Discord account. - We use Discord daily to chat about the projects as well as to quickly call upon our testers. You must have Team Speak 3. - We use TS3 during testing sessions to make sure everything goes according to plan and to communicate with each other effectively. We don't require that you have a microphone, but it would definitely be better if you did. As long as you have the ability to listen and follow directions, you should be fine You have to be able to enjoy our games. - In return for your services, we offer you early access to our games and if you don't like them, why even bother signing up? IRC* - While it is not absolutely required, we would be happy if you have an IRC client and know how IRC works. Again, this isn't a necessity. Awesome, I can do all of that! What now? Now you need to send us your application! To do this, start a group message here on the forums with myself (Nodlied) and Einstein. We're the Testing Directors. What do I put in the message? We have some questions that we need you to answer. Please use our template below. You may copy it into the message to easily fill out. Whats next? Once we receive your application, we will review it and discuss it with the staff. If you seem like you would be a good fit, then the next step is an interview. We will work out a time with you to get into TS3 and have a little chat just to get to know you better, answer any questions you have, and explain what testers do in more detail. If you pass, then we'll put you to work! What if my application gets rejected? We will allow you to re-apply after three months have passed, and your behavior on the forum and in the game servers is satisfactory of course Why does this thread stay locked??? Because in the past, we have had a problem with people not reading what we bother typing and posting their application directly to this thread. We just don't want the clutter... Are you the world's best tester? Testing is a world of ups and downs. Sometimes there will be nothing to test, while at other times projects will compete for testing time. Some testing sessions consist of bug and code testing while others revolve around good old gameplay. Is testing online and offline no problem for you? Then send us your application and maybe you can be our newest pound of fresh meat team member!
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    MOD ANNOUNCEMENT: Everyone gets an extra night post to wish Sunflower a Happy Birthday!
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    Hey everyone, I bet you weren't expecting an update out so soon after the last one. We said we'd try and get more content out to you all, and this is the first step towards it! Where are things going? As the title of this update suggests, we are taking the game into a new direction. We all sat down to have a good hard talk about what we are doing with the project, how long it has taken, what we want from it and what you guys want from it. After much talk we came to the obvious conclusion any self respecting Dune shooter would, throw out the whole thing and make a Sandworm Simulator instead!! So, without further ado... Emperor Worm Simulator! We proudly present to you, the Sandworm Simulator! In this high profile and very realistic Sandworm sim, you can truly live out your wildest Shai-Hulud fantasies! Glide over the vast dunes of Arrakis, lay Spice for the little two leggy things to collect and eat them along with as many vehicles as you possibly can! In this great game you can feel the most powerful you have ever felt, and more! So what are you waiting for, get out there and live like the worm!! I think the Guild are up to something... That's it from us in this update, as usual you can follow us here, Facebook, Indie and Twitter! [blurb]Hey everyone, I bet you weren't expecting an update out so soon after the last one. We said we'd try and get more content out to you all, and this is the first step towards it![/blurb]
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    Have you read "Lessons in Being Town as Town vol. 1" yet?
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    Allied Chronosphere In the Second World War against Stalin's war machine, the Chronosphere was an invaluable asset for the Allied Forces. Following the war's conclusion Albert Einstein continued to improve upon the Chronosphere from his Black Forest laboratory, effectively removing the drawbacks the previous iteration had. Chrono vortexes would no longer appear, nor would personnel inside vehicles become lost in the teleportation. Additionally, more units can now be teleported at once. The new and improved Chronosphere would not be ready for use until late in the Third World War, but once deployed it turned the tide in the Allies' favour, much as it did in the Second World War. Video by @FRAYDO Model by @Romanov "You are aware, ja, of my Chronosphere, a device which is capable of moving matter through time und through space!" - Professor Einstein Recruitment ATTENTION all fans! We are looking for new staff members: LEVEL DESIGNERS! (if you can create terrain like this, or can complete the tutorial, please apply!) 2D/3D Artists for modelling/texturing civilian buildings and small props (Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, AutoCad, Blender or Photoshop/Gimp) Character Artists (feel like modeling some simple soldiers, or maybe Premier Romanov? ) A person with free time who wants to get into modeling/map-making (we will help you) An enthusiastic person who has a lot of free time, wants to help in development, can use a computer and speaks english (no skills needed!!!) To apply, just send @moonsense715 or @One Winged Angel a PM (Private Message) via the forums and let us know which position you wish to apply for. Note that you can include working here in your CV when applying for a job. A lot of W3D Hub Staff members got their current real jobs thanks to the experience gained here. No skills? Need a lesson/tutorial on something W3D? Ask! We can provide a lesson or create a written/video tutorial on how to model, texture, etc. You can find out current roster of tutorials here. Additionally, if there is a group of at least 3 people who want to get into modeling, map-making or learn about the W3D engine, we will launch an online training course. Any volunteers? [blurb]"You are aware, ja, of my Chronosphere, a device which is capable of moving matter through time und through space!" - Professor Einstein[/blurb]
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    Happy Birthday to Kane's Wrath, which turns 10 years old today! Kane's Wrath is one of our personal favourites out of the C&C series here at W3D Hub because it's just an absolute blast to play in multiplayer! In the past we've had some epic games with the likes of @Voe, @madrox8, @Killing_You, @VERTi60 and others which we've gotten a lot of fun and laughs from over the years. CNCNZ has also reported on this, providing some of the history behind the game in their coverage as well. Be sure to check out that article here! Also, on top of that, GameReplays.org have organized the Decade Cup and it's all culminating today with the final being held today! Catch it being streamed here live on Twitch by bikerushownz and kochevnik (if you're a Russian speaker)! The finalists are Phoenix and Masterleaf, and the prize pool is $2200, which is the largest since the EA-sponsored Ladder Season 3! More information on the event is available here and last week's semifinals and quarterfinals are also available to watch. Look out for the replays of the finals somewhere soon! Here's to another 10 years to this great expansion for this great game! Here's hoping that C&C Online is still serving the community by then as well, so that we can continue to play online. [blurb]Happy Birthday to Kane's Wrath, which turns 10 years old today![/blurb][thumb]custom_thumb_kaneswrath.png[/thumb]
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    After winter holidays, I was trying to make something new. As a result, I composed this simple melody and published in VKontakte as usual, but only today decided to publish it in YouTube. Inspired by one of my favourite universes which is Command & Conquer Red Alert.
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    I think Irish is the Kool Aid Man. Ooohhh yeah.
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    Orange: Let’s try not to attract attention this time Whelp.
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    I'm still sticking with Kool Aid Man.
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    Gotta say, I'm really amused by iLTS' posts because I'm reading it all in Doom voice.
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    Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update The shotgun/volkov overhaul is done, hope it works out! Next on my plate is some more map fixer-uppers. In the future, expect to see RockTrap revisited as a Fissure-esque barracks/silo map, and Coastal Influence set up so that boats/missile subs can actually attack things going around the ocean side of the central island! General Replaced the incredibly low quality team icons on target boxes with higher-quality RA team flags. Reduced frequency of texture cleanup calls (so more performance boosts) Sun dazzle actually works now (it was broken the whole past 2 years). Be wary of this beast on sunrise/sunset maps. Infantry Engineer Mine detection radius reduced (37.5m -> 32m) Number of Clearing Charges reduced (5 -> 3) Clearing Charge damage to hedgehogs doubled. Shock Trooper Move speed up (6.5 -> 7m/s) Bonus damage vs MGGs increased; now lands a 3-hit kill. Shotgunners Removed the original secondary firing modes. Sergeant's Remington primary is overhauled; it's still dragonsbreath, and is somewhat weaker per shot than the original (-17.5% armoured damage, -45% unarmoured damage), but instead of causing burn damage, it now melts through infantry kevlar rapidly (armour shredding up from 75% to 200%) - making it twice as good at this as the previous armour-shredding top dogs were (the Captain and Flamethrower). Starshina's TOZ primary is overhauled; it is now buckshot which acts more like the original dragonsbreath, having medium range and accuracy, but not burning. Combat-wise it acts pretty much the opposite of the Sergeant's dragonsbreath, dealing damage like a pistol; armour penetration and shredding ability are very poor, so performance against armoured infantry is not amazing, especially from midrange where it doesn't burn anymore, but it improves significantly when facing an enemy that lacks armour, like Tanya. (-2.5% armoured damage, +30% unarmoured damage) TL;DR these guys are pretty heavily specced towards taking out the enemy commandos, but are a little worse at general combat than before, especially at mid-range. Accuracy is now more heavily affected by crouching/jumping (jump inaccuracy up from 4 -> 6, crouch inaccuracy down from 2.75 -> 2) Starshina TOZ tracers are smaller than before and do not have the "bullet whiz" sound attached. Volkov Points value increased (100 -> 125) AT cannon range up (90 -> 120m) AT cannon ROF up (0.75/sec -> 1) AT cannon damage down (70 -> 50) AT cannon now uses the same warhead as the Light Tank; this means that it now suffers a damage penalty against the armour of heavy vehicles (Medium Tank, Minelayer) and especially against super-heavy (APC, Ore Truck), but its DPS to buildings is now a little better than the previous Kovtillery (+3%) instead of the terrible damage of the original AT cannon (which took 2 Volkovs to equal the DPS of one rocket soldier). Kovtillery no longer exists as the AT cannon now fills the roles of both previous AT modes. Shotgun ROF up (1.5/sec -> 2) Shotgun damage up (45 -> 50) Shotgun inaccuracy down (3 -> 2) Shotgun range up (60m -> 70m) Shotgun tracers are smaller than before and do not have the "bullet whiz" sound attached. Napalm grenades have a delayed explosion at close quarters again. You might want to rely more on the shotgun in such circumstances. Napalm grenade splash radius up (10 -> 12m) Napalm grenade range up (100 -> 105m) Movement speed way down (7.5 -> 6m/s) Vehicles APC Armour shredding up (100% -> 150%) Artillery Points distribution changed; gives 75 points for being killed and 25 points for damage (was 50/50). Price down (900 -> 750). Damage credit rewards actually reflect its price being increased from 600 now (Soviets get 75 credits for killing it and 75 for doing 300 HP of damage to it, instead of 60 credits each) Phase Tank No longer has the special armour class that receives extra damage from tesla weapons; that weakness is exclusive to the Mobile Gap Generator now. Ranger Special armour class that slightly resists tesla damage has returned. V2 Launcher Points distribution changed; gives 75 points for being killed and 25 points for damage (was 50/50). Fixed missile on snow camo still being visible after firing. Fixed snow camo variant being considered a "bot-usable" vehicle. Maps All snow maps Fixed rooftop snow being immune to damage on buildings that got new rooftop access routes. Antlion Removed Engineer crate. Added Flamethrower infantry and Shock Trooper crates. [blurb]The shotgun/volkov overhaul is done, hope it works out! Next on my plate is some more map fixer-uppers. In the future, expect to see RockTrap revisited as a Fissure-esque barracks/silo map, and Coastal Influence set up so that boats/missile subs can actually attack things going around the ocean side of the central island![/blurb] [blurb]The shotgun/volkov overhaul is done, hope it works out! Next on my plate is some more map fixer-uppers. Expect to see RockTrap revisited as a Fissure-esque barracks map, and Coastal Influence set up so that boats/missile subs can actually attack things going around the ocean side of the central island![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.f.png[/thumb]
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    Considering I handed in the first candidate of my work, the biggest job has been tackled. So count me in?
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    Haxxing sounds like techno wizardry which the angry mob will not tolorate! burn him at the stake! He turned pyryle’s tanya into a nute.
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    Maybe it does not work as supposed by default. But sure, if those features in modified CLE will be ported to basic C&C Renegade, it will be much easier, so I don't need to port resources from one to another game for experimental needs. I do. I am still working on C&C Renegade scripts. I made and I am still making good insertions into Westwood 3D engine, was very inspired by Bluehand Studios source codes of scripts. Recently I froze Commando Assault project and made the second, singleplayer/multiplayer mod with smart AI (at the moment, appears as "C&C Renegade AI" in CnCNet and RenList).
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    Character sheets/actions/votes: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P_8vw6l1unfJLuhVXe3FjS6N-xC6CX8Ou9D1xJKKoIc/edit#gid=0 Dead Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1adzqMu9ncf-biHDO-jOvPbXJNbaBvPlzF7zHvkdl4VE/edit Scum Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ehAAx2kNG_L9PgXznFuSArkMJlSLD5K9N43e1eeUSM0/edit
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    Should point out, Sunflower is still undefeated. 3 for 3 wins, and surviving each time too!
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    If you wish some new music for Tiberian Sun Reborn 2.0, I can help =) By the way... keep working also on W3D-import and WWSkin, that would be incredibly cool! Nice updates for CLE too, I am always waiting for some new tools for C&C Renegade in general after I joined modding community in 2006.
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    Lazily COLORIZED VOTE COUNT! CVC: Jeod voted OrangeP47 OrangeP47 voted nobody iLikeToSnipe voted OrangeP47 TheIrishMan voted OrangeP47 Mojoman voted nobody Category 5 voted nobody Sunflower voted Sunflower ChopBam voted OrangeP47 OrangeP47 is in the lead with (4/8) votes!
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    Are you Doom? If not, then you are simply part of the rabble.
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    It depends on the workload. For renegade GPU skinning is probably the right choice as the GPU isn't the performance bottleneck and most skinned objects are using common skeletons. We can always move to CPU skinning, but our min-spec is a single core CPU and in that particular case it would absolutely murder the frame rate.
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    C&C 3 and Kane's Wrath were good games and all, really nice transition into full 3D and people have modded the games to all hell and back, however I just have a question for you all.... WHO WANTS DINNER? Shiner special, made from 100% real Visceroid meat with your choice of salts and seasoning.
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    Shhh... if don’t use logic it Will just frustrate Mihaita12. (Although I suppose a brick of reality thrown through the window of fantasy is healthy... and hilarious)
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    Hence the "should". I just took a look and they seem to be damaging MCTs at the same rate as they used to, which may look a bit high, but that's kind of the idea. I've always felt one of the purposes of the shotgunners should be for staging comebacks - you always have a strong, cheap infiltrator no matter how far on the back foot you are. Of course it helps to also have a transport for them, the means to keep your base safe while some sergeants are infiltrating, or have better infiltrators like flamer or Tanya, so it's not always easy to make said comebacks from a position where you're missing buildings - just more feasible than in say Reborn where all the cheap/free no-barracks infantry tickle buildings so a match where both teams have no production is doomed to be a 20 minute waiting game. The recent reductions in defender's advantage (i.e. no purchasing things while in combat) further mitigate that issue too.
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    Knowing this engine, you could add a piece of foliage to a map and it would cause Yaks to appear and shoot nukes.
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    What a great RTS. Never tired of this delicious multiplayer
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    I didn't suggest this? Your statement confuses me! TS/FS had a stronger atmosphere, a stronger identify when it comes to Tiberium especially. C&C3/KW had much better graphics for most things, but particularly unit graphics were relatively poor and not similar to the concept artwork, due to engine shortcomings related to unit presentation.
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    Just to clarify for the OP, Tanya uses the Colt M1911; the Desert Eagle won't be invented for another 25+ years!
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    Regarding the Volkov issue again, I haven't played Red Alert singleplayer for some time but I still remember Volkov's loadout: Silenced AT Cannon (used in Soldier Volkov & Chitzoi and Deus Ex Machina) Silenced Handgun (used in Lets make a Steal and Test Drive) Incendiary Rounds (fired from an unidentified silenced firearm, used in Situation Critical) C4 (used in all his mission appearances except Test Drive) I'm okay with his role right now, being a fast running and healing infantry having small pieces of other infantry combined into one. His AT gun should be a weaker and non-hitscan version of shock trooper's tesla coil, the silenced pistol (or the current AP cannon primary) should be a lower-range and weaker version of Dragunov and the Incendiary Rounds (AP secondary) being a weaker version of grenade/flamethrower . I don't mind his 3-round artillery burst gets removed as that's no where being a weaker version of any infantry weapon, I rather let him have the Engineer's C4 if we want to make him dangerous against buildings. And his binoculars stays.
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    Mafia confirmed. Btw not sure if I can make this one. Will let you know at a later date.
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    I'd like to return to Shotties topic. Sergeant - Indeed, they are pretty good even at longer ranges. I saw people shooting down others from rather huge ranges and still taking kills. Guess thats the unexpected outcome of afterburn damage changes. I feel like their range should be reduced a bit as a compensation for that. Regarding their secondary, i really enjoy the slug. It feels very effective against vechicles and because of that shottie is always my #1 pick when facing mixed enemy unit comps. Also, HSing someone with secondary always feels good If it has to go away, let it be. If it's bound to be replaced, i guess some kind of specialized armor shredder slug would be nice. Starshina - In all the games i used it i dont think i have ever got a single kill from secondary. I dont know if i just suck that badly or its unreliable, but i couldnt hit the broad side of the bar with it. If you keep on missing at bunch of enemies who are inside your barracks then you know that something is not right. If i buy Starshina, its for primary exclusively.
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    also don’t mafia and drive, no offense. i do respect the effort of input @VERTi60
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    I mean, if you crash you kinda get what you deserve for texting and driving, but whoever you hit didn't ask for it
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    Someone on the Allies is wishing for pre-delta unit stats that allowed spy pistols and snipers to do like 0.1 damage to vehicles
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    Truly Tiberian. Just about perfect. This better make it into Reborn. And not on one of those horrible maps with the barns everywhere.