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    Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update [thumb]thumb_apb.h.png[/thumb][blurb]Fixed combat refilling, improved bot behaviour, radio command emoticons and more in this new update![/blurb] General Added emoticons for radio commands, like in Renegade. Refilling or buying rifles/techies in infantry combat is no longer possible. Fixed the "limit" on items in the B/N/M list, they will now display all players/buildings. Screen shake of most explosive weaponry has been reduced about 20-30%. Infantry Grenadier Splash radius down (8 -> 7m) Rifle/Medic Rifle/SMG (AK-47, M16, MP5) damage multiplier to light vehicle health/armour down (0.4/0.2 -> 0.36/0.18), a 10% decrease Rifle/SMG damage multiplier to heavy vehicle health/armour down (0.3/0.15 -> 0.28/0.14), a 6.67% decrease Starshina TOZ-194 buckshot damage multiplier to infantry decreased (1 -> 0.9), a 10% decrease Captain/Kapitan Light machinegun (M60, PKM) damage multiplier to light vehicle health/armour down (0.5/0.5 -> 0.5/0.4), an 11.11% decrease (but not against supply trucks or other unarmoured vehs) Light machinegun damage multiplier to heavy vehicle health/armour down (0.45/0.3 -> 0.4/0.3), a 4.75% decrease Light machinegun damage multiplier to armoured infantry down (0.875 -> 0.75), a 14.3% decrease Flamethrower Splash radius up (8 -> 8.5m) Splash damage down (35 -> 30) Tanya Self-healing delay increased (15 -> 20 seconds) Volkov Adjusted to be a little more "midfield" and less "enemy rooftop camping killwhoring douche": AT cannon range back up (85 -> 90m) Shotgun damage down (50 -> 45) Napalm direct damage down (25 -> 20) Napalm splash radius up (8 -> 10m) Napalm splash no longer penetrates terrain/building cover. Shotgun/napalm no longer gets improved accuracy from crouching. Self-healing delay increased (15 -> 20 seconds) No longer has infinite armour, the bar is there and it can be depleted. Vehicles Tesla Tank Physics redone slightly, should no longer be susceptible to randomly flipping over when reversing. (Unfortunately the suspension can now LOOK a little weird at times but you can't have it all. I'll figure out a better solution eventually.) Yak Decreased acceleration about 10% Decreased range (140 -> 130m) Buildings In dead buildings, prop monitors display static on screens and "blinklight" mainframes stop blinking. Construction Yard/Power Plant No longer has to be destroyed for a base destruction victory. Radar Dome Added Repair Tool props to the shelves. Airfield Removed physical collision from runway lights as they were making rotation difficult for Yaks. Tesla Coil Range no longer falls a few centimetres short of its targeting range (which made it possible for a Ranger to draw coil fire without being hurt). Splash cover penetration up from 0% to 75% Flame Tower / Turret Splash cover penetration up from 33%/0% to 75% Technology Centre Fixed the stickiness of the lower edges of the platform for the "mega mainframe". Bots Targeting priority for most bots (excluding base defenses, snipers and Tanyas) treats the target's unit cost as a much less important factor, so they will be more likely to target buildings and to finish already-damaged units. Targeting and "fear" priorities vs each "type" of unit (infantry, light vehicle/base defense, heavy vehicle, aircraft, building) have been tweaked for greater sensibility. Most importantly, bots in MBTs will no longer attempt to maintain max range against inconsequential rifle infantry that barely hurt them and they can barely hurt in return, and will instead try to charge through them but still return fire if there are no better targets, whereas the lightly-armoured Phase/Tesla bots continue to fear infantry and maintain maximum range against them. Rifle Soldier bots do not "fear" infantry, as they are free and expendable - this also means they can break past poor defensive lines and infiltrate buildings more easily. Behaviour of defender/repair bots has been improved; instead of randomly picking a building to repair/defend (even if it's in no danger) and then staying glued to its MCT until it or the bots die, they will now only rush to the aid of buildings that are damaged, and will just idle around if no buildings are damaged. Bots' per-map infantry restrictions have been revised once again to exclude more infantry that are unsuitable for certain situations. For example, since Metro is now an infantry-only map in the eyes of bots, bots will never purchase Rocket Soldiers there, and since Camos Canyon's lanes are straight and open enough that bots often find themselves fighting at long range, bots will never purchase Sergeants, Medics or Flamethrowers there. Bots don't buy Mammoth Tanks or APCs anymore, since they both have issues - with Mammoths they frequently manage to somehow leave the pathfinding grid, upon which they become "stuck" and only serve as a stationary turret, and with APCs the "infantry join a transport vehicle" logic isn't currently functioning in group rushes, so an APC in a group rush doesn't provide the intended effect of speeding up the group (because the tanks wouldn't have to wait for infantry to catch up at each waypoint) to compensate for being a mediocre combatant. Both may be re-enabled in future if these issues are fixed. Bots will still try to use an APC/Mammoth if they are left unused for too long (like with Rangers). Bots can now buy Grenadiers. (However, due to issues targeting around cover, they don't get bought on Metro.) Volkov bots now use the AP shotgun against infantry. However, due to the AI 1-weapon limitation, this draws from the same ammo pool as the AT cannon and takes no time to "switch" to. Allied Sergeant bots now use the dragonsbreath shot against infantry to balance them with Soviet ones, since being set on fire causes bots to aim sporadically. Bots will now react to the radio commands "Follow me" (causes some bots who are near you to follow you) and "Move out" (releases followers who will then do their own thing) Group rushes are less "patient" - they won't wait around for participants to join for as long as they used to. Bot "wakeup" time after spawning is randomised. Player kills versus bots are reported on the killfeed and play the kill sound. Maps RA_CamosCanyon Fixed OT pathfinding which somehow broke again. RA_Metro Bots no longer crash the game. Bots no longer get hung up on the War Factory props or the Cargo Truck. Moved Soviet north silo slightly south so it's easier to repair. Moved the boxes around Soviet north silo to provide more cover to repairmen. RA_NorthByNorthwest Fixed missing spy/thief zones for the Soviet Barracks, War Factory and Refinery. Fixed a VIS error in the Tech Centre. RA_RiverRaid Bots can now be enabled. (As usual, load up the map in LAN, press F8 to open the console, and type botcount 30 or some number around that.)
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    Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update General Script zone checks are now only run server-side, this will improve client performance. Reduced particle count, size and lifetime of a wide array of particle effects in the game (mostly explosions, smoke and fire). Again this will improve performance. Fixed exhaust sound for normal rockets being louder than even V2/Arty projectiles (now only audible from up to 50m away instead of 200m) A little experiment to switch up sub searching. Water is now 95% opaque instead of 99%, but it blocks target acquisition - you can't get a target box on something on the other side of a water surface, just like in Beta. So subs are a fair bit easier to spot by eye close up (though not so much from a distance since the bubble emitter is gone), but you can't just detect one by flailing your mouse until a target box shows up anymore. This also has the neat little effect that bullets/rockets going through water will actually splash at the water surface now instead of the floor. However, it also causes tracking weapons to randomly go berserk when trying to track through water, but that's really only an issue for Longbows hitting submerged subs - phases are almost never close enough to submerged subs to hit them, and dest rockets don't damage them anyway. To compensate for this inconvenience, Longbow damage to submerged subs has doubled. The water opacity and permeability settings aren't on the non-naval maps yet until it tests well and even then only when I have more pressing reasons to update every other map (probably at the same time as whatever ends being done about rooftop access - don't worry, it's not getting removed, you've made your point ) On the flip side, water is now completely opaque from below due to a bunch of awkward overlaps with particle effects/windows. Subs should still have a fairly easy time seeing boats from below though due to the water wakes and the submerged hull (which subs CAN get targeting on). Vehicles Supply Truck Max speed up (~13.5 -> ~15.3m/s), a ~14% increase Can't dodge FTs/Turrets anymore. LST Price down (700 -> 500) Health down (450 -> 400) Reworked physics a bit, should be less vulnerable to getting stuck on beaches. Submarines Attack Sub torpedo's trail spawns particles at a faster rate, so it's easier to determine how to lead but also easier for Allies to notice you when you're firing. Removed rotor bubbles, so submerged subs are harder for Allies to spot at a distance. Reduced physical collision radius. Due to the water permeability change, Missile Sub's missiles now fire straight and it now needs to bring its launchers above sea level before firing, or else the missiles will spaz out. Yak Made physical collision box more lenient (used to be 66% as wide as its wings, now it's only 33%, or about as far as the landing gear). In addition to making it harder to clip trees/other Yaks and less obnoxious for infantry getting in, 2 Yaks can now be landed at the Airfield without creating a Mexican standoff where neither of them can build up speed for takeoff without crashing into the other one. Now floats downwards 1m while putting away its landing gear, so that the plane's in-flight position reflects its physical collision box more accurately (since moving THAT instead during the animation would cause issues). In addition to making it easier to tell how close you are to the ground, this also puts its gun 1m closer to the ground compared to its collision box, making it slightly easier to hit things without crashing into cover. Made speed thresholds for stall/damage more lenient again (20m stall/25m damage -> 15m stall/20m damage) Now has a heli-esque fuselage pitch effect when flying, and the inherent pitching from the flying animation is reduced to compensate. This makes it harder to attack things that are at ground level if you deliberately stop accelerating, ensuring that the more lenient stall speed is not too abusable for combat - it's there to make communication easier and make it harder to crash accidentally. Deceleration when not holding W is slower thanks to reduced mass (however mass can't be reduced much further than it already is without glitches) This mass reduction has also effectively improved its acceleration again, however its max speed is now lower to compensate (~49m/s -> ~45m/s) Horizontal aiming cone increased (40 -> 60 degrees) Splash damage (anti-infantry) up (9 -> 10) Splash radius up (10 -> 12) Direct hit damage multiplier to infantry down (1 -> 0.5), a 50% decrease Damage multiplier to Mammoth armour back down (0.4 -> 0.3), a 25% decrease Range down (130 -> 115m) Shots now use the same terrain effects as dragonsbreath, so they will not kick up enough dirt/sparks to hinder performance. Health down (400 -> 300) Now has a unique armour class that takes reduced damage from various sources: Redeye/AA Guns (1x -> 0.5x) LAW (1x -> 0.75x) APCs (0.875x -> 0.625x) Rangers/Captains (0.5x -> 0.4x) Artillery/V2 (1.2x -> 0.8x) With the health reduction, this means Yaks are killed by Redeyes/AAs 33% slower, APCs 5% slower and Artilleries 11% slower, but 6% faster by Rangers/Captains and 33% faster by almost everything else (Rifle/Sergeant/Grenadier/LT) as the problem before was that Yaks were completely useless if Redeyes were on the field, but completely unstoppable if they weren't. TL;DR Yak is now much easier to use (both control-wise and hurting infantry reliably) but has less raw power in fringe cases, and is less hard-countered but more soft-countered. Buildings Airfield Added a small invisible ramp on each end of the landing strip, which will cause Yaks to automatically pull up slightly at the end, making it more clear when you should start manually ascending. Maps RA_GuardDuty Removed the tree cluster directly in front of the Airfield to give scrambling Yaks more time to ascend. Allied infantry bots no longer randomly commit suicide while on the move (they kept trying to path to the Airfield MCT and failing). However they won't try to infiltrate the Airfield anymore. The riverside hills are reshaped to be less accessible, harder for enemy infantry to retreat from, and force artillery/V2 to expose themselves more when attacking from them. RA_Under Fixed Attack Sub being stuck in its spawn point. More tweaks to naval, as well as the long-awaited rerelease of Hostile Waters, are coming soon![blurb]Performance improvements and experimental Yak/naval tweaks abounds in this new APB update![/blurb]
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    Hey guys, Since I'm officially done with APB level contributions, I'm more or less free to pick up the occasional small tasks. The first thing I've worked on today was an updated Soviet Airfield, since I really did not like the existing low resolution single black asphalt texture that was on it. I've had to make sure not to modify the existing geometry much, else complications may have surfaced in various levels. The screenshots below are 100% material/texture work with no geometry changes outside of vertex coloring. The runway stripes glow, making them easy to spot in night time maps. The runway consists of 11 new textures and ~13 new 3-pass materials. Snow version: Grass version: I may do a desert version if @Pushwall requires it, but keep in mind none of the current buildings even have a desert version. If I end up doing any additional contributions, I'll post them here.
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    So some of you know that i was streaming some of games from past two game nights. I managed to record overall 7 games, and its time to release them. For now only one, but i'll keep on updating this post whenever new one comes out. Also an invitation to everyone else who wants to show their videos from games, go ahead and post them here
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    Calm down...I don't mean to be or sound rude, or backseat mod if one could consider it that, but this kind of overbearing attitude tends to be what kills mods. Besides, everyone that's working on AR, testers included, is doing so of their own free time. We all have lives beyond games that come first.
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    I've officially signed off on the project, and all files have been delivered to Pushwall. Hostile Waters should return to the game map rotation in the near future!
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    THE DUMPENING 2.0 'Sup ya'll. Here are some Steam keys for the taking. Please post which ones you took to I can take them down. Cities in Motion 2 - [LINK] Crusader Kings 2 - TAKEN! Pillars of Eternity - TAKEN! Europa Universalis III Complete - [LINK] Life Is Strange Complete Season - TAKEN! Grand Theft Auto 3 - TAKEN! Max Payne - [LINK] Max Payne 2 - [LINK] Max Payne 3 - TAKEN! L.A. Noire - TAKEN!
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    Yeah, actual pilotable Kirovs! They are a bit on the small side currently because they have to actually fit inside the War Factory, but we're planning on scaling them up a bit in the future. The current idea is to have them inflate as they come out of the top of the War Factory. The size and slowness is actually fine for lag! It's fast vehicles that cause issues. Here's a quick video:
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    ECW isn't worked on by the AR team. Stopping work on it wouldn't make a difference.
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    I don't think diving into the castle courtyard will be as much of a concern as I previously thought. Ridge War with all its high plateaus though... And yeah, damage values are subject to change as Yak has never been tested against cannons/LBs before.
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    Truly the most important part of APB survival. This should replace the Don't Buy Demolition Trucks radio command.
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    https://youtu.be/Lfj8kqGLVWU?t=16m22s easily the best part of the video. good solid advice
  19. 2 likes Guard Duty's allied OT works again. I guess somehow the new cliffs which it never even interacted with previously and didn't in the broken version either were giving it ideas. #JustLevelEditThings
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    Designing new units is time consuming indeed. It's not so simple as the "mobile" SAM vehicle prop you see on the iceberg (that was just me making use of an old obsolete asset I had laying around). Also note that in none of the screenshots I've shown so far is the full iceberg cover, this is actually the current and final task on my to-do list now that I have fixed/changed everything else that needed changing between test builds. But yeah, no realism on this level, at least not in the sense of immersion. You can only expect so much in a game featuring unusual themes. Despite not having a land route, I still believe this version of the level will play better than previous iterations.
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    As mentioned in the Discord, the Debut/Premiere/Benninging of APB Thursday Throwdown went off to a very promising start. With players of up to thirty, it was action packed. It was high-octane. It was emotional. Cheekis were breeki'd, and Freedom was unleashed on commies. Tactics were put to use and players new to the MP APB scene such as myself were quickly learned in the Art of War. While still rough around the edges, it is something that will bring us all together in a scheduled event. With the exception of a very few, everyone got on with each other, even when they were on the losing end. As someone who suggested the idea in the first place, I thank you for taking the time to join in. While it's still in its early phases, please feel free to offer suggestions on how the Thursday Throwdown could be better improved. I hope to see more of that tomfoolery and shenanigans tomorrow, where we will: Suffer demo raids, Endure spies sapping your PP's, Wince at the Mammies and Hinds, Curl in a ball and cry at enemy rushes. Be there, or be a 4-sided object.
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    [blurb]This update comes with a new event and vehicle as well as many tweaks and bug fixes![/blurb] New Stuff: • Added the new nuclear strike disaster, the longer the player survives they make more money. Note being in aircraft or far from the mainland does not qualify, standing on top of sky scrapers pays less as well. • Added the mobile Flak Truck, a medium sized vehicle with a large flak cannon mounted on the back. Tweaks: • Fishing buoys now pay 2 times their previous amount. • Reduced the price of the dreadnaught from 2 million to 1 million dollars. • Ogel Cat event now pays twice as much as it originally did. • The island with the portal to Mars now teleports to Hell instead. • The armored cars in the armored car even now have a much cooler explosion when they die instead of using the nod truck death. • Calling a player that is outside of cell range now plays the busy signal for the player calling. • Money spawned from the armored cars now have random facing to make the piles of money look more chaotic. • Updated the version of Rp2ServerSettings.ini 18, it will automatically recreate itself next time a game is hosted. Bug Fixes: • Previously Canada was missing collision zones, we’ve sealed it up so the player can’t escape into the void. • Nuke explosions are now sized different depending on the power, nuclear mutant cat’s blast is biggest followed by the nuclear ICBM, finally is the nuke artillery. • Added missing water wake effects for several ships/boats in ECW. • Fixed the gunboat animation, the turret will no longer snap forward for a split second at the end of the animation loop. • Renamed the Apache Longbow to just be Apache Helicopter since it doesn’t have the longbow radar. • Fixed a bug with the AI scud launchers not giving the proper kill messages, now you should see what killed you instead of “X died.” • Fixed a bug with the phone when you go to hell, originally if the player messed around enough they could end up with a permanently disabled phone, this should now be fixed. • Slowed down a timer on one of the PT scripts, it was potentially triggering 100 times a second which is completely needless. • Added some default weapon selection for the AI if their weapon can't be granted (stability fix). • Visiting Mars via areospace vehicles is now tracked. • Added a missing church blurb for the abomination disaster. • Fixed medium money pile model, previously it was using the small money pile model. • Fixed a bug with the armored car event that caused soldiers not to spawn from the car when it died. Note: You will need to re-favorite your vehicles due to the new addition.
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    If you don't see Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x86) or (x64) in your Programs & Features list, you can try installing these packages separately: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784 Once you install them, try installing APB again. The installer might then skip msvc-2013.zip altogether. Other than that, your log shows Exit Code 5 at the end, which means "Access denied". Have you run the launcher as an administrator and then tried installing?
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    It would appear that someone did their homework before posting the question. Kudos to you sir Maybe we can get this worked out for you!
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    In case you see the recent changelog and are curious, yes, revamping Fissure and other infantry maps is high on my priority list now that the anti-refill features are a reality. I just didn't want to delay the release of the anti-refill and bot overhaul any more than I already had.
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    @BigJoe I grabbed Crusader Kings 2, thank you!
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    Happy birthday @OWA ! @Romanov has baked you a nice yummy cake. Please share with us @TeamWolf was too curious and opened your present already, sorry D: P.S. Siege Chopper is there because you like that unit, and Battle Fortress because why not. (You've modelled/finished all the units on your cake )
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    3.1.6 is now "complete" with the revival of the two Raapmaps with the update! General Fire/electric weapons no longer cause decals on MCTs so that won't be a performance issue anymore. Captain M60/PKM spread while jogging increased (1.25 -> 1.5) M60/PKM spread while jumping increased (4 -> 4.5) Yak Damage multiplier to base defenses down (0.3 -> 0.25) Damage multiplier to Cannons down (0.3 -> 0.1875) Gun now takes a little bit of time to "rotate" sideways so you can't spray bullets everywhere in a single salvo. Receives full damage from Rocket warhead again. Reduce ascent/descent speed slightly so it can't hover like it could after the recent update. Speed thresholds are slightly harsher again but not as much as originally (15 -> 17.5m/s for crashing, 20 -> 22.5m/s for damage). Wheels don't grip the runway as harshly as before, so it'll be able to acquire more speed. Checks for slowness are now more frequent (0.4 seconds instead of 0.5). Now receives full damage from AA Guns again (but not other AA weapons) Airfield Safety zone now deals damage of a unique warhead so it doesn't repair helis. Safety zone is now about 2/3rds as high as the control tower's second floor instead of about as high to reduce Harriering and because the reduced collision reduces the need for doing U-turns on the runway. RA_HostileWaters Advanced naval structure health down (750 -> 500) Advanced naval structures now take half as much damage from Longbows. Advanced naval structures are auto-repaired 2x as fast by Construction Yard. Advanced Sub Pen entrance is now less precarious for infantry to walk into. Base layout/geometry adjusted to make the main base less vulnerable. Natural ridges on the Allied side and indestructible walls on the Soviet side reduce the area in which LSTs can land effectively and the amount of buildings that Destroyers/Missile Subs can hit. Ore Silo in base replaced by Gem Silo, which has 25% more health and contains all of the base's income (4/sec). Added faint water caustics effect around shorelines. Added some new snowy plants around the base islands. Added some extra landing points on the icebergs. Added a lot of additional infantry cover to the icebergs. Crates on icebergs now only contain small arms, flamethrowers and minor money gain/loss - no more heavy anti-ship weapons. RA_Siege Added Airfield. Added altitude level warning zone for planes. Moved Soviet cluster of refill pads over to the Refinery side and opened the wall there. Soviet landing pads don't jut out of the base so much. Spread out the silos a bit. Removed Soviet Flame Tower. Cannon now reloads a little faster (5 -> 4.5 seconds) Cannon now takes a little longer to ready up when entering (2 -> 3 seconds)
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    @Threve Throw this in your data folder. input02.cfg
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    Financial troubles in ECW? Worry not! The Great Spirit Deer has decreed that this Sunday shall be Double Payout Sunday!
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    Just realized there was Max Payne 3 on the list. Not my type of game, but passed the game on to someone I often play with and who will no doubt appreciate it very much. Hope you don't mind BigJoe, you're our W3D Santa!
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    RIP me. In beta, I was that guy.....the one that always got kicked for heli-bailout -> rooftop camping.
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    Pillars of Eternity Thanks BigJoe!
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    I was kinda skeptical that Fraydo could be dark, so I decided to recheck my notes and all I had was that I thought he was sketchy but not sure why. I went back and looked at some of the old convos again. There was that moment where Jeod explained that Fraydo must have used the sense meditation before he had a chance to answer for himself. Fraydo also kinda spoke up in agreement with Jeod about not liking the supposed Force Ghost mechanic and he voted Retal/Nodlied in the round where Jeod went down. So Fraydo and Jeod were kinda buddy/buddy. More recently, he mentioned something about thinking his hibernation trance might deter "friendly force ghosts," which could imply that was on his mind when he decided to do it or it could have been an attempt at deterring force ghosts from trying to contact him. So yeah... he's actually more sketchy than I thought. I'm still not 100% sure though. It would suck to put him in a duel where he'll be severely disadvantaged if he's actually a Jedi... but if he's a sith, it's a good opportunity to get him while he's weaker.
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    [blurb]A Boomerang and Throwing Spear have joined ECW's ever growing list of weapons![/blurb] New Features: • Street signs have been re-added to ECW! These used to exist before 2.0 but were removed due to their performance impact. There is now a config setting that allows the host to decide if the signs can be run over or not (allowing for performance saving, this might get turned off if the server seems to suffer from it). • The Throwing Spear now joins ECW’s ever growing list of weapons (although this has been the first new addition to that list in a long time). • Another new weapon is the Boomerang, which is one of the few ranged weapons with unlimited ammo (it comes back after being thrown). • The Turrets in A69 and other military complexes are now dropped in by chinooks instead of instantly respawning and being able to kill you (this was actually added a long time ago but it must have got lost in a roll back). • Certain parts of town will now appear more lively as I’ve added more pathways to the path network for the AI, expect to see cars using more back roads. • EcwServerSettings.ini now allows the host to define the debug phone numbers instead of them being hard coded. Tweaks: • The crime system now announces bounties at a steadier rate, should make it easier for players to know where they are in the crime system. • Train crossing script zones have been resized to hopefully reduce the double gate opening animation seen client side (kind of doubt it will now that I’ve watched the issue happen more but it’s worth a try). • Mysterious Tower now does 1/10th of the damage it used to, should make it easier to destroy. • Welfare Checks and the Cannon Fodder perk payouts are now multiplied by the JOB_PAYOUT_MULTIPLIER (which for the server is currently set at 2). Bug Fixes: • Fixed a bug in how the crime system calculated crimes committed, hopefully will fix negative crime counts, if this is the issue of negative crime counts it should also make the bounty ladder easier to climb. • The driver and passengers of the Box Truck/Mobile Flak Truck will no longer take damage from explosions outside the vehicle. • Cloak generate item now displays the correct price tag of $200,000.00. • Mobile Flak Truck’s PT now displays its price. • The black mesh under the map used as a terrain crack fix now longer has collisions, also fixed the small piece of it showing at the Nuclear Power Plant. • Fixed several spelling mistakes and typos.
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    Using "Anarchy Road" by Carpenter Brut. It took me like 4 months because I don't have much time anymore and because I'm pretty shonky at animating but was really fun and I think looks pretty good.
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    Hi everyone, I have this Installation Failed problem whenever W3D Launcher has finished downloading the files and then installation always fails when installing "msvc-2013.zip". It won't go anywhere beyond that point. *Here's what I've tried to fix the problem but to no avail: - I have cleared the APB cache, deleting everything in "C:\ProgramData\W3D Hub\Launcher\package-cache\games\apb" - Re-downloading all Red Alert APB files through the launcher, no download problems. - Download finished smoothly but installation fails every time when installing the "msvc-2013.zip" - I've repeated the steps above for 4 (four) times and still stuck on failing to install the "msvc-2013.zip" Hope anyone knows a workaround for this problem. Kindly thank you for your time and attention lads, best regards
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    Yup, the zoomed image shows a worn-off Zastava logo (because a mint one would be unrealistic :D )
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    Noted hahah, and...... PROBLEM 100% SOLVED! Case-Closed. Thanks for the given time and help regarding my issue. Tried the game and play for some mins, no problem all smooth. So yeah, 10/10 for the help lads
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    Edit: If you opt for the registry route, it's probably best for future updates to make your game's path the same as the launcher would install it. By default, this is: C:\Program Files (x86)\W3D Hub\games\apb-release\ I suggest moving your game around to meet the default path.
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    I'm not sure why the APB team are still using msvc 2013 in the first place, I thought it wasn't needed anymore... Might need to check up on that. In the meantime, the error you're seeing is that Microsoft's visual c runtime (msvc) isn't installing correctly - we just run the installer that Microsoft provide so I'm not sure why that would fail. Can you send me the errors.txt file from my documents/w3d hub/launcher so we can see what the Microsoft installer reported as an error (if anything)
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    Yeap well I'd edit the post but I cannot edit it any longer. These links should work; https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IFrej7AuGmyV7p46IesQAzPm8ez63sd0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oCTgOP4hpRPzkTnYLoNYl5z7GGy7AN6d https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mBDvlRI4zHzVO9pL2oxHm6Bwse1HvIMq I'm not using imgur because they started downscaling images a lot lately and I've yet to find a reliable host beyond that, so that's why I am forced to use google drive for the time being.
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    Sorry, no Cruisers, or other game-breaking units, for that matter! Currently managed to lose my 3DS installer... after uninstalling to try and fix an issue. Pending magical installer delivery service.
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    Options are great. But eh... I'd rather invest my points and time into another strategy.
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    Well, if we were going for Star Wars lore, it'd be more important for them to find out who their *parents* are.