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    Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update [blurb]Medic and Volkov cut down to size, Sergeants more suited for center-mass shots, new building props, two more bot-friendly maps, and Militant Force! What more could you ask for?[/blurb] General Mines and non-main structures are no longer subject to the splash cover system (only relevant for arty/V2/C4/nukes vs mines, and nukes vs non-main structures). Because of this, nuke damage to these objects is reduced again. Simplified collisions on dead vehicle and trilight props, should be much harder to get stuck against these. Esc help screen remade and updated by A4R91N to include a rundown on all of Delta's base structures. Infantry Saboteurs C4 charge time down from 1 to 0.25 seconds. (Not zero because zero means desyncs if you happen to have it equipped and are holding fire on a vehicle when you eject from said vehicle.) Clearing charges now have the same charge time as C4, for the same reason as above. Tanya C4's "Kiss it bye-bye" is now played globally. Repairmen Repair Tool now uses handgun character animations, allowing bots to use them properly and giving a slight range increase since they're held further forward. (Less importantly it's also more true to the first-person animation.) Medic Health up (75 -> 100) Auto-heal is reduced (3 -> 2.5) Auto-heal now only activates after 1 second of not taking damage. So concentrated fire, burn damage or scuba diving will prevent it from taking hold. Medic kit no longer heals infantry armour. Medic kit now has a 1.5-second charge time and an 0.5-second cooldown, instead of no charge and a 2-second cooldown; this means you can no longer rapidly swap between the kit and MP5 to fire the kit at up to 4 times faster than its intended refire rate. Medic kit no longer has a one-time use insta-heal. Added the "Armour Cache" signal flare (weapon slot 3); this causes friendly infantry within 25m to become uncrushable, refills their armour, and upgrades it to take 2/3rds less damage from mundane explosions (excluding AP mine) and become unstrippable. This flare provides its effect for a minute before expiring, and can be disarmed in half the time it would take to disarm a C4, so placing it anywhere near enemy spawn points is not recommended unless you're just using it as an emergency one-off armour refill. Shotgunners Dragonsbreath afterburn damage up (2.5 -> 4). Dragonsbreath afterburn now works against Flamethrowers and Volkovs. Fixed armour penetration on TOZ flechette shot which was accidentally 37.5% instead of 50% like the other shotgun rounds. (Volkov's "armour" had the correct setting here but that kinda never comes up... ) TOZ flechette shot damage to infantry down (80 -> 75), though with the above fix this is only a "nerf" to unarmoured infantry. Dragonsbreath armour shredding up (50% -> 75%). Slug and flechette armour shredding up (25% -> 100%). Thief Fixed bug where his stealing script would still play out if he died while inside a stealing zone. Volkov KovNade splash radius up (7 -> 8 ) KovNade splash damage down (15 -> 12.5) KovShotty damage down (60 -> 50) Vehicles Yakovlev Yak-9P Kills against Yaks are now recorded properly on the kill feed. Buildings Various buildings have been updated with new props from CMDBob's technology centre - computer consoles, mainframes, chairs and shelves. In most buildings this means extra cover, but in some they replace older props so it just ends up being an aesthetic thing. Tesla Coil Now detects infantry at 120m instead of using the anti-vehicle range (150m). Aesthetics The music track "Militant Force" will now play over the endgame scoreboard, overriding the map jukebox. Technician's flailing animation now works when running with "handgun" weapons and C4 and flares. Technician no longer does his flailing animation when running with large two-handed weapons. Repair Tool's screen glows in the dark. Makarov uses its old first-person animations again as the Beretta ones introduce some awful clipping. Added some new purchase quotes: Sergeant (Carville): "Moving to intercept" Starshina (Topolov): "Za Rossiyu" (For Russia) Captain (Esling): "There is still much to be done" Kapitan (Kukov): "Take the fight to them" Missile Silo basement now has a window into the missile tube, with a shutter that closes during launching. Performance Airfield's runway lights no longer eat up a huge amount of draw calls. Oil pumps use less draw calls and no longer have performance-hungry multimaterials. Bots Bots in the "engineer" group actually do their job now. Sort of. Instead of basically just being worthless pistol defense bots, they will head to a friendly MCT and use the Repair Tool on it endlessly, until the building is dead at which point they may move to another one. At a later date I plan to refine this so that they only repair buildings that NEED repairs, but I haven't had time to figure that part out yet. Bots in the "engineer" group may now spend their money on Engineers for extra survivability instead of only buying Technicians - not like they're ever going to spend it on vehicles or offensive infantry. Small-arms infantry bots will now "ignore" buildings - that is, if these are the only targets in their range, they will shoot them but will move forward at the same time in hopes of finding better targets. Allied bots can now buy Medics; however they do not know how to use their medic features intelligently so they just use them as a CQC commando. Infantry now treat MCT rooms as their "objective" - they will try to reach these areas if no other targets are getting in their way. Once they do so they will shoot the MCT. Infantry preferences are now set on a per-map basis: On small, cramped maps, they will buy more Sergeants, Medics, Flamethrowers and Tanyas, but no Snipers. On open, vehicle-heavy maps they will buy more Captains and Rocket Soldiers, but no Sergeants or Medics. On maps that fall somewhere in between, they get a good mix of everything. Maps RA_CanyonRiver Removed rocks that are completely underwater or hidden in marsh-grass since you really have no way of noticing and avoiding them. RA_Fissure Removed "Militant Force" music track. RA_LunarParadox Auto-healing on superboats down (10 -> 5). Chrono dustblowers collide with Service Depots properly. SPAM Site no longer announces that it is "under attack" when a spy temporarily destroys it. RA_Metro Bots can now be enabled. Same method as usual. On this map they will buy rangers. Base radar markers are present now. (Not that the map was particularly complicated before, but their absence was causing bots to derp out.) War Factory spy zone no longer needs the spy to jump to activate. Fixed the long silence after "Eaten Alive" music track. RA_Pipeline Fixed some misplaced barrels at the Allied pump. Fixed rainbow door. Added a collision safety net between the walkway and top of the oil silo so you can't fall down. Moved dead Allied turret near shore slightly to reduce stuck issues. Shorelines are now lit properly. RA_RidgeRacer Both types of cars are a little slower than before. This leaves them easier to control since high-speed driving doesn't go well with lag in this engine. The Soviet ones are still faster and more slippery than the Allied, but should be less slippery than before - while the Allied ones should do a much better job than before of sticking to the road and being able to take corners at their full speed. Time limit for each checkpoint has been raised to 70 seconds to be more in line with the slower pace of the game. RA_RidgeWar Removed external SDs and the defenses near them. Added additional AA defense on the far east side of each base to compensate (near Soviet Refinery and Allied Conyard). RA_ToTheCore Out-of-bounds border no longer bleeds into the basement of the Allied Construction Yard RA_Under Naval structures are now snow-capped. Deepened water around Allied base. RA_Wasteland Bots can now be enabled.
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    [blurb]Another month another Apocalypse Rising update! This update brings a closer look at the Navy SEAL C4, Soviet architecture, and Allied base defenses.[/blurb] Another month another Apocalypse Rising update! This update brings a closer look at the Navy SEAL C4, Soviet architecture, and Allied base defenses. Navy SEAL C4 Special delivery! After mowing down enemy infantry and clearing a path, the US Navy SEALs effortlessly dismantle enemy bases with their signature C4. Soviet maintenance personnel should be diligent in disarming any and all C4 planted as a single brick is packed with enough explosives to destroy a building. It is rumoured that Special Agent Tanya carries her own unique model of C4, although battlefield reports have yet to confirm this. Texture by @Romanov Soviet Doors Continuing with the renovation of internal infrastructure, the Soviet Engineer Corps have had every detail in mind from the purchase terminals right down to the doors. While it may not appear to be much to the average Conscript, the Soviet engineers are nonetheless proud to now have doors that are truly representative of the working class! Concept By @Squid Empire, Model by @Romanov Patriot Missiles To keep the skies clear of Conscript paratroopers, Soviet Siege Choppers and Kirovs, the Allies turn to the Patriot Missile System. Serving the role as the primary anti-air base defense, the Patriot utilises advanced targeting systems and detection equipment that allows it to even down enemy MiGs called in by Boris. Unable to defend itself against ground threats, Allied forces must be vigilant in keeping the Patriot Missile structures operational lest they be overwhelmed by Soviet air power. Model by @Romanov and @moonsense715. Recruitment We are always hiring new team members to speed up AR's release! If you believe that you can help us out, you are more than welcome to help! The following positions are open: 2 Artists for modeling and texturing civilian buildings and props. 1 Artist for making nature assets (trees, bushes, etc.) 1 Character Artist 1 Texture Artist/Photoshop User (optionally Unwrapper) to help in texturing building interior objects If you wish to contribute to this project and believe you have the skills, give us a shout! If you would like to contribute to the game and believe you have the skills, don't hesitate to apply! If you don't know if you have the skills, send us a forum PM and we can chat. If you would like to help in areas not listed here, that is also more than welcome. To apply, just send @moonsense715 or @One Winged Angel a PM (Private Message) via the forums and let us know which position you wish to apply for. End Feel free to contact the team regarding testing applications for Apocalypse Rising and our other W3D projects and become an official W3D Hub Tester today!
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    Yep, making these things again. Here's the first of several planned episodes. Fun fact: The C&C LEGO logo was designed by AZ-Stalker, and the voices were done by me and Killing_You!
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    Hello, I'm the creator of said cancerous map. I do apologize that my creation gave you cancer, I assure you, killing you was not my intent. Nevertheless, I'll answer your bullet points with my reasoning: You came to that conclusion by looking at the map scale, but not the actual play space, and certainly not the relevant play space. The relevant play space isn't any significant amount larger than standard Tech 5 maps. The Ore Truck takes a while in order to provide an opportunity for Infantry to destroy it and have it be noticeable. If the path was short like more commonly the case, destroying a truck only delays the income less. This is proportional to the travel time. To prevent economic blackouts, the dual Ore Silo keeps the game going until a team decides to take them out... If that occurs, an economic blockade becomes a real threat, and this is how you're most likely going to win the match. So first you complain that the map is too big, and then you're asking why some space is inaccessible by normal means? You're weird. Siege once offered about double the available play space than it currently has. The castle roof and interior access were axed in order to trim down the map. A lot of play space got axed to leave mostly only the relevant play space. Initially a bonus area (map secret) made the cut, but was eventually also axed. All this axing was for this triple purpose: To utilize a smaller development budget. Creating assets to occupy space takes time. To improve performance, less areas to render means more frame rates. To streamline the map, so that players do not get lost in areas that have no meaningful impact to gameplay. The purpose of APB is to destroy the enemy base, not to play hide and seek. Adding more space simply isn't an option unless gameplay changes demanded it... In Siege's case, that is unlikely unless @Pushwall gets drunk one night and decided, in blood, that Siege needs Naval combat, for... reasons. As for ghosts... They are a byproduct of inhaling toxic gasses. You don't actually believe ghosts exists? Man up soldier, and go inhale those gasses of illusion! I happen to enjoy a good rain, especially during these hot summer days. Weather helps set the mood in a map to be sure, but rain being a cause for depression? You must be of fragile mind to get depressed by some water. You'd best avoid places like, you know, lakes, oceans, even your home water tap. A common point of feedback in APB is uninspired or identical base layout design. While the Allied base on Siege isn't really special, a bit more work went into the Soviet base layout. The result of attempting to make it stand out was the lowered War Factory, expanded base tunnel, and compact building placement. The helicopter landing pads are an extension of that idea, and makes Soviet aircraft climb while clear from the base (you don't take off in an aircraft near a building, typically, due to the hazards caused by flight malfunction), and further more, the outward layout serves as a supportive extension for an adjacent Airfield, should that be enabled on the map. Naturally I'd have put more detail into the map, but even with visibility culling, the performance is absolutely pushing the current limit of W3D. Either way, if people truly wish to remove the map, then it is for @Pushwall to decide. I delivered the level, and he maintains the entire APB project. Suffice it to say, Siege was my last "new" contribution to APB. The upcoming HostileWaters revamp is my final contribution, it always was. I feel that I've lost touch with what players of W3D games want, and it'd be a waste of my limited time to continue creating undesired assets. Whether or not this will also mark the end of my working with W3D entirely is still up for me to determine.
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    Nobody asked for this episode, but it's here anyway.
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    To add to this, none of us get paid to do this. We work for free, spending many countless hours and days of our lives working on projects to bring players like you as much fun as we can. And I say again, for free.
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    You know, we did have a poll on whether it should be removed from rotation a while back. Seems pretty clear cut to me. But this isn't a problem with other maps of the same size because... And due to the two ore silos, that hardly matters. I remember a game where the Allied OT was being constantly wrecked and everyone could still afford hordes of longbows. It's less a question of size and more how far the ore fields are from base (but again, two ore silos makes that less relevant). Ridge War's Allied ore field is within kissing distance of the refinery, that doesn't make it a tiny map. You're thinking of the wrong map, but I hope you can model, texture and rig the ghost medieval soldiers then. I can think of more convincing reasons why rain might be a problem (like slowdown) and the "psychological effect" doesn't seem to be an issue with the 5 other rainy maps. I've always wondered what the deal with that was myself, let's let the mapper answer that.
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    [blurb]Red Alert: A Path Beyond featured on the Mod DB front page![/blurb] Red Alert: A Path Beyond featured on the Mod DB front page! Edit: Tiberian Sun: Reborn also featured!
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    As promised @NodGuy, a Steam tutorial. Was going to PM you, then thought why not a thread for others to use. Disclaimer - Red Alert: A Path Beyond is not and will not ever be available on Steam. As much as we all would want it, we cannot forget copyright and all that. Okay! So if you have me, Silverlight, Pushwall, or ChopBam as friends on Steam you may have seen us playing Red Alert: A Path Beyond from the Friends List. In this tutorial I will show you how to do this. Step 1. Add a Non-Steam game to your Library Probably your easiest step, I hope. Just open your Steam account and find your Library tab. And then find + ADD A GAME... and then select Add a Non-Steam Game... Step 2. Locating your APB game.exe Once you select Add a Non-Steam Game... you'll come across this. Select Browse... and search for wherever you placed your W3D Hub Launcher. My preferred method is simply finding your shortcut and opening the file location; Find your games folder; Open apb-release; And select game Of course, you can also find it by going this other route: OS (C:) >>> Program Files (x86) >>> W3D Hub >>> games >>> apb-release >>> game.exe Once you have done that, your game.exe appears in the list of programs to add and is checked off. Select Add Selected Programs and done! Step 3. Renaming game.exe and connecting to the server. You now have APB in your Steam library, though as you can see it is using its file name. Not only that, if you start it from this shortcut now you will only launch single-player LAN mode. Here's how to change that. First we right-click on game and select Properties. You will then come across this. Here we are going to want to change two things; the Title and the Target. 1. Where it says game, delete that and type in Red Alert: A Path Beyond. Silverlight and the others prefer the full Command & Conquer: Red Alert: A Path Beyond title. Whichever you prefer is fine. 2. In the Target: copy and paste this at the end after the quotes. +connect +playername YourNameHere +multi Important: Note the YourNameHere in the Target and change it to your ingame username. Can't have several people all trying to connect under the same name. What you should come out with is this. And in your Library you now have Red Alert: A Path Beyond! You can now hit Play and join the server right from your newly created Steam shortcut! And your friends will see that you're online too! End Tutorial And that concludes this Steam tutorial! As it is a Non-Steam game your playtime will not be tracked, but when you hop ingame you do get the Steam overlay. Just hit Shift+Tab and it opens. You can then take screenshots through Steam and chat with your friends while playing! Thank you for your time. I hope this tutorial becomes of use to you and I'll see you ingame!
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    pretty cool. Maybe this means we can have useable carry-alls in reborn now too!
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    [blurb]Good welcome, citizens! Battle Grid Response has received reports of progress on Tiberian Sun: Reborn 2.0. Intel indicates a look at Limpet Drones, the Mutant Hijacker's new tool, and the prospect for the GDI Riot Trooper.[/blurb] <<<Incoming Transmission>>> Good welcome, citizens! Battle Grid Response has received reports of progress on Tiberian Sun: Reborn 2.0. Intel indicates a look at Limpet Drones, the Mutant Hijacker's new tool, and the prospect for the GDI Riot Trooper. Limpet Drones First appearing in Firestorm, the Limpet Drone is a reconnaissance unit utilised by both GDI and Nod. Initially designed to uncover stealthed Nod bases, the Limpet Drone relays tactical information from the battlefield from its sensor and camera equipment. Even before being brought on as full staff, Ice was working with TSR Lead Producer Wallywood on the Limpet Drones. Mutant Hijacker Wrench Nod Mutant Hijackers are notorious for effortlessly breaking into any GDI vehicle and making it their own amidst the confusion of the battlefield. Being caught in the crossfire however usually leaves their prizes with some scratches and damage. For this reason, Mutant Hijackers have procured wrenches that will allow field repairs on their newfound rides. Numerous hijackings and equally numerous repairs have left their wrenches as worn out as their rusty crowbars, yet it gets the job done. Riot Trooper Shield The GDI Riot Trooper as we have noticed appears to have trouble in the open battlefield. While the Riot Trooper naturally excels in close-quarters combat, his survivability is greatly reduced when left out in the open. To alleviate this, there are plans to provide the Riot Trooper with an appropriate Riot Shield. This will greatly increase his survivability in the field. Ice is currently working on the Riot Shield, as well as working on a Nod Repair Station. More on the latter in another update. Shield preview by Ice. Early WIP. It should be noted that the Imperial Age guys have already gotten this down for their infantry. Check out Imperial Age if you haven't already and explore the amazing things @dblaney1 and @Kaskins have done with their project! That is it for this update! In the next update expect news of a certain fan mapper among other things. Peace through power citizens! One Vision. One Purpose. <<<End Transmission>>>
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    You would....? I find that to be more disturbing than the string existing in the first place as what was supposed to remain some sort of inside joke between people from the past. I think you're reading too much into this. As has been stated, neither of the individuals involved are with us anymore. That was many years ago.
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    I agree, the Riot Shield will indeed greatly.
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    ooh can I join Metric ton of images ahead! Toggle spoiler to see content.
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    Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update [blurb]In which the "old style" Grenadier is given a new lease on life, mid-tier infantry eat their Wheaties, and the Medic is cut down to size AGAIN[/blurb] Infantry Health All non-Volkov infantry take slightly more damage from direct rocket/tank shell hits (0.3 -> 0.333) Health of most infantry has been increased across the board, the main exceptions being free infantry and ones that already have 100+ health: Flamethrower and Spy are up to 60. Thief is up to 80, but no longer has armour. All 60-health infantry are up to 70. All 75-health infantry are up to 80, except the Sniper who is up to 90. I'm sure this will be seen as fairly controversial so I'll give you my reasonings ahead of time so you don't need to ask first. Engineer Golden Wrench power down by 12.5% (except when capturing) Flamethrower Death explosion now hurts health of other flamethrowers. Mechanic No longer automatically heals armour of occupied vehicles. Officers M60/PKM damage multiplier to building exteriors down (0.15 -> 0.1), DPS -33.33% M60/PKM damage multiplier to no-MCT buildings up (0.1875 -> 0.2), DPS +6.67% M60/PKM damage multiplier to heavy vehicles adjusted (0.4/0.4 health/armour -> 0.45/0.3), DPS -10%. M60/PKM damage multiplier to mammoth vehicles adjusted (0.275/0.275 -> 0.3/0.2), DPS -12.7%. However in both cases they handle heavily damaged (no armour - heavily into combat or tripped an AT mine) vehicles better. Rifle Soldiers, Medic (weapons share same warheads) MP5 rate of fire down (15 -> 12.5). DPS to infantry -9.1%. AK-47 secondary rate of fire down (10 -> 9) AK-47 secondary inaccuracy down (3.75 -> 2.75) M16 Trishot ROF up (1.5 -> 2) "Spray" damage penalty (used by AK-47 secondary and MP5) to hard targets reduced (-16% -> -10%). For AK-47 this changes nothing; for MP5 this means its DPS to hard targets is only -2.6%. M16/AK-47/MP5 damage multiplier to MCTs up (0.18 -> 0.1875). DPS +4.17% for M16/AK-47, +1.5% for MP5. Rocket Soldiers Soviet one is no longer called the "Grenadier"; he's back to being an RPG Trooper and having a Makarov as a sidearm. Shotgunners Remington slug damage vs vehicles is now always the same as dragonsbreath damage. TOZ flechette damage vs vehicles is now always 50% higher than dragonsbreath damage. (Previously these both had different anti-armour settings to dragonsbreath.) Remington/TOZ dragonsbreath damage multiplier to light/air vehicles adjusted (0.5/0.375 -> 0.6/0.3), DPS -6.7% to all the armoured ones, but +20% to Supply/Demo Trucks. Remington/TOZ dragonsbreath damage multiplier to heavy vehicles adjusted (0.375/0.25 -> 0.4/0.2), DPS -11.1%. However in both cases they handle heavily damaged (no armour - heavily into combat or tripped an AT mine) vehicles better. Remington/TOZ dragonsbreath damage multiplier to mammoth vehicles lowered (0.25/0.15 -> 0.25/0.125), DPS -11.1%. Spy Fixed bug where radio commands were showing up in the wrong colour. Grenadier Retooled into a budget anti-tank/anti-building-exterior/anti-infantry splash unit, available to both sides and does not require a Barracks. Against vehicles, its damage varies. Against light vehicles, its damage is similar to the Flamethrower, but against heavier vehicles it's a little better and against mammoth vehicles it's a LOT better, but still nowhere near the power of proper anti-tank units (2 grens take a little longer to kill an ore truck than 1 RS does, but it takes 4 flamethrowers to kill it in that much time). It's a much stronger anti-tank unit than the Captain but also riskier. Against building exteriors, its DPS is slightly better than a Flamethrower, though it has no MCT bonus (not that it's safe to try using it against most MCTs anyway). This is its main area of expertise, and while the RS does it better due to more damage, range and survivability, the Grenadier does it cheaper and defends itself better against infantry. Against infantry, its damage potential is the same as the "RPGrenadier"'s frag grenades, except now it's available in infinite supply. This is a little worse than the flamethrower in DPS and lacks the flamer's perks of afterburn damage, cover penetration, safe CQC use and an easy arc, but is still worlds better at splashing than the LAW/RPG are. Its low price of 150 credits and high movement speed give it a place at the start of the match and during desperate times if your money is low or you lack a WF and need to move fast. Before the overhaul that turned the Grenadier into an "artillery infantry", Soviets didn't really have much of a reason to buy them because Flamethrowers cost barely more than them. Should be a bit of a different case now that there's a 300 credit gap between the two units, and buying a Flamethrower before the first dump pretty much prevents you from buying ANY vehicles for a while, whereas a Gren lets you buy some vehicles and if you cause enough havoc you can even afford a HT. Range is not as ridiculous as before; it can only throw as far as a Shock Trooper can shoot. So it can't outrange base defenses, rifles/captains/flamers, or any vehicle. As a result it should also be easier to detect. Its main downside is a lack of armour - this renders it very vulnerable to splash damage, both its own and that of enemy tanks. This means that smart positioning is very important when dealing with enemy tanks and artillery since you can't just eat up splash damage like an RS can, trying to use them as a CQC splasher like the Flamethrower is not recommended as you'll be hurting yourself more than you hurt them, and Medics can't solve either of these problems with their armour cache. It also lacks a sidearm, so it MUST maintain some distance from infantry in order to hurt them safely. Vehicles Light Tank No longer has strongpoints/weakpoints, putting it in line with other light vehicles. Minelayer Adjusted suspension a bit, shouldn't get stuck on Refill Pads anymore. AP mines actually kill medics now. Ranger Damage multiplier to building exteriors down (0.15 -> 0.125), DPS -16.67% Damage multiplier to no-MCT buildings up (0.1875 -> 0.2), DPS +6.67% Damage multiplier to heavy vehicles adjusted (0.4/0.4 -> 0.45/0.3375), DPS -10% (see Officers) Damage multiplier to mammoth vehicles adjusted (0.275/0.275 -> 0.3/0.225), DPS -12.7% Tesla Tank Damage up (210 -> 240). DPS +14.3%. Can now kill Longbows in two shots! Damage multiplier to buildings down (0.2 -> 0.18), DPS only +2.9% Damage multiplier to stealth vehicles down (1.5 -. 1.375), DPS only +4.7% Aesthetics Added ambient sounds for MCT/new computers in base buildings. Buildings Power Plant Fixed some fences that did not have collision. Fixed a bug that was causing players' weapons to aim strangely when indoors. Ore stuff Molten ore warhead changed from SplashFire to Fire, so it can actually hurt flamethrower infantry again. Silo now has a vehicle blocker on top so helis can't touch its molten ore and get perma-damaged. War Factory Old props no longer overlap with new ones in certain Soviet interior layouts. Maps On all air maps, C4 will now disappear when placed at very high parts of Tesla Coils, Gap Generators and Ore Silos (or floating near said parts, so no C4-Longbow foolishness). RA_Bonsai Removed Allies' WF turret. RA_GuardDuty Raised some of the blockers around the hills. Most of the dirt roads are now bifurcated ala RA/various other maps. Shrunk a couple of trees that were frequent Yak suicide spots. RA_Metro Soviet service depot is more accessible from the Barracks/War Factory sides. Soviet service depot has a miniature concrete wall between it and the bridge, short enough that repairing tanks can shoot at enemies on the bridge, but tall enough that it's very difficult for Allied tanks on the bridge to line up a shot against the SD itself, and impossible for caps/rifles without breaking the wall, making it harder to destroy the SD. Unfortunately, this makes it less accessible from the front, but from what I've seen the Soviet SD rarely survives long enough for Soviets to even use it, so what difference does it make? Removed barricades in front of the Soviet Barracks; their existence was vestigial thing from the Beta version - albeit updated with a more modern appearance - but they really just get in the way of Minelayers. Exposed Allied truck-side silo a bit more. RA_Pipeline Sandstorm particles are 50% smaller. Fixed missing texture on spare pump parts. RA_RidgeRacer Hopefully fixed the map timer (should be 5 minutes) RA_Zama Fixed out of bounds zone not counting as a no-beacon zone.
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    Your poll confuses and infuriates me!
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    There's a very thin line between trolling (lol) and insulting. The map designer for RA_Siege is Raap and he's extremely good at what he does. From the poll Pushwall mentioned, RA_Siege is far from a "cancer" to most players and thus you would be wise to refrain from voicing your opinion so loudly as if it were. It not only gives your opinion less strength, it also demotivates others from partaking in a discussion--also a psychological effect, since you brought up psychology. By the way, I'm sorry you felt that the rainy weather in a video game didn't act as a pick-me-up for your sour mood. Be careful with the way you word your posts in the future.
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    I've actually considered hosting a community contest for something like this. The best map design submission, decided either by community or staff vote, would be formulated [by me and with my artistic license] into a real map. Would that be interesting?
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    So you've modeled an object. It's probably gray or some assortment of solid colors, and if you're reading this, what you're likely wanting to do is apply stylized texturing to your object using Photoshop or some other 2D imaging program, and you either don't know how to do that yet or want to learn a few more tips to up your game. If you would rather watch a video tutorial, use this: https://w3dhub.com/forum/topic/414495-uvw-unwrapping-101-with-owa/ Otherwise, read on! This tutorial assumes a solid basic understanding of 3DS Max 8, and I will use "Photoshop" to mean whichever 2D imaging program is applicable in your case. Before we go through the tools and buttons, it would be good to provide a general outline of unwrapping and its process. I suppose the easiest way to explain it is to compare your object to a Christmas present. Imagine it is a box shape that already has wrapping on it. The wrapping is white paper and doesn't have any color on it, so you need to unwrap the present, put the wrapping on a flat table, color it, then wrap it back onto the present. The same principle applies no matter the complexity of the object. Every polygon needs to be able to be laid flat across the table. Sometimes this involves cutting parts up, which is where we get seams (useful on a lot of angular, manmade objects), and sometimes this involves slight texture stretching if seams are to be avoided (more organic or fluidly-shaped objects). The image above illustrates the principle of unwrapping a cuboid and what that unwrap would look like in the UVW edit window. The blue box in the UVW edit window indicates the boundaries of the square texture file that you will see in Photoshop. What is seen in this window can be rendered to a PNG file that will be loaded as a background layer in Photoshop, which can then be painted on. Here it is, with the texture brought back into 3DS Max. For W3D projects, the texture file would be saved as .dds and applied as a W3D material. Obviously, the UVW template background layer would also be hidden so as not to show the lines of edges and green seams in the final product. Now, HOW to do the unwrapping in 3DS Max? Glad you asked! Because of how often I do this, I set up a keyboard shortcut and I recommend you do the same (assuming you haven't imported chopbam.kbd previously, of course). Set Unwrap UVW Modifier to Shift U. Also set stitch to S. Now select your object and press Shift U. Being as familiar with 3DS Max as you undoubtedly are, you will notice that it created a modifier. Expanding this modifier you will see "Vertex," "Edge," and "Face": modes that are similar to the subobject modes in the Editable Poly mode. You can press 1, 2, and 3 to cycle through Vertex, Edge, and Face, and press the same button again to go out into the general Unwrap UVW modifier. Press "Edit..." to bring up the UVW edit window we saw above. You'll want to generally always have this window open while doing your unwrapping work. ***For future reference, the UVW unwrap you see in the window by default would be the result of any unwrap if you select all and hit "Planar" in the command panel. There is an invisible eye in the sky that looks straight down on your object on the Z axis and throws a normalized (stretched to fit the blue square) version into the UVW edit window. Unless you're unwrapping a flat plane, this is not the look you'll want in the end, but it's just the default view. These are the options I use. Sometimes things change based on the need. You'll definitely want the render width and height to match your planned texture resolution. I "Always Bring Up The Edit Window" because unwrapping is useless without it, and it saves me the step of clicking "Edit..." every time. "Save Current Settings As Default" saves me time later, since I like my preferences and don't want to have to set them every time I apply an Unwrap modifier, which is very often. Let's move forward into actually unwrapping. With face mode selected, you'll want to select all your faces. By default, all the polygons are normalized/stretched to fill the UVW square. Draw a box or Ctrl A to select all polygons. You can also select your polygons on the model itself, but keep in mind "Ignore Backfacing" is enabled by default, so unless you uncheck that box in the "Selection Parameters" rollout, that method will only select polygons facing you in the viewport. There are a bunch of ways to tell the program how exactly to cut up your 3D model's wrapping and flatten it onto the table, but the way I'll show you right now is to go to Mapping -> Flatten Mapping and hit OK. Here is the resulting unwrap for me. Find the top. In face mode select the top of your object so you know which poly that will be in the edit window. Now in edge mode, select the edges of the top and press "S" to automatically stitch the polygons on the corresponding sides. You'll see in the GIF below that I'm quickly switching between move and scale, and I'm doing that using the W and R keys. E is for rotate. I don't remember if these are set by default, so you may need to check your options. Note: If selecting individual subobjects isn't working right, and it's selecting the entire element, try unchecking "Select Element" on the panel docked below the edit window. Tip: Unfold mapping might do this automatically for you with a box, but I did flatten mapping to show the principle of stitching, which is a real time saver with more complicated objects. Now to render this out as a UVW template to get into Photoshop, go to Tools -> Render UVW Template. It will only render inside the blue square. The main thing is to make sure Width and Height match the exact texture resolution you want to use. For W3D projects, we use 512*512 for small objects, 1024*1024 for medium objects, and 2048*2048 for high resolution, newer objects like APB's redone vehicles. Keep in mind you can also use multiple textures for your object, so that'll require multiple UVW templates. Once you hit render, you'll see your render map. If it's a bit larger, it'll be scaled down by default but you can use your mouse wheel to zoom in and examine your beautiful UVW template. Save UVW template and I usually just save as a PNG. Alpha not really necessary since it's used as a background layer. Now you can work with the layer in Photoshop. Put other layers on top of it. If you set them to "Screen" or "Lighten," you'll always be able to see the UVW template through your drawn pixels and use them as a guide for where your poly edges are. For more complicated objects, flatten mapping might not always be the way to go. You'll see there are a number of map parameter options in the command panel. You can use them as alternate ways to project UVW coordinates (the term I use to denote the connection between the polygon itself and its 2D counterpart in the unwrap). These tools are for more manual work. Select the faces you want to set UVW coordinates for, and then go to work. Each tool is self explanatory. Planar acts as an eye that looks on the X, Y, or Z direction (depending on which button you press). Cylindrical works well for cylinders. Box does guesswork and lays a good groundwork for stitching, in my opinion. A few tips. 1) Always uncheck "Normalize Map." This will stretch and distort the texture to fit exactly into the square edges, and you don't want that. You want uniform scaling. Whenever I uncheck it, my polygons and elements in the edit window get really huge. Make sure to scale them down later. On this long plank, that will mean the difference between: and You will see that in the first image, the long plank is forced into a square, whereas the second image, the UVW polys are much more consistent with the shape of their object (and that the UVW elements are HUGE). I usually wait until everything's been mapped to scale down, so all my elements get scaled down uniformly. If I scale a pipe down, but not as much as the thing it's attached to, they will have different texel densities, or resolutions, and look inconsistent. 2) Maximize your UVW space. Try to eliminate as much negative space as possible by filling up the blue square with UVW elements. Otherwise you will end up with unnecessarily wasted texture space that goes into the game. 3) Provide sufficient texel density. Pretty much a no-brainer, but probably should be covered anyway. Make sure your texture has enough resolution to actually look good ingame. If elements are small, obviously they won't need as much texture detail. If elements will be large and close up ingame, you will want them to have more texture detail. 4) Use unwrapping to fix existing errors. If existing stretching needs fixing, or seams don't look quite right, or you want to rotate that wooden plank so it's going down the board (example below), you can use an unwrap modifier to fix it. Something like this would be fixable by opening the edit window, selecting that face, then using the rotate and move tools to put it into its proper place. Further tweaking can be done to the individual UVW vertices. 5) If you collapse your modifier stack, you can always get your unwrap data back later by applying another modifier with Shift U. It even saves multiple channels. If you applied a UVW map modifier to terrain but wish to fix just one spot, collapsing the stack and then applying a UVW Unwrap is for you. You can look in realtime as you adjust vertices in the Edit UVWs window and see how it's affecting the texture in the viewport. 6) If you're wanting to show your texture in the Edit UVWs window, click the CheckerPattern dropdown near the top and select your texture (assuming it's been applied through the material editor). You may need to Reset Texture List to get it to show. 7) Check out the Tools available. In the Tools dropdown, see what else you can do, from welding to mirroring to breaking vertices to relaxing, it's all there and extremely useful. Play around with it and see what you can do! You've probably also noticed the buttons for Saving and Loading UVWs, which do seem to work as expected. If you save UVWs out to a file, you can Load them into a different Map Channel. I hope this tutorial has been helpful! Write here if you have questions or comments or tutorial bug reports and I'll do my best to answer or amend any issues.
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    I like it because I'm a n00b.
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    Traction might be it, if I remember correctly the Beta V2 had a really high traction setting - though this also enabled it to climb cliffs which had hilarious consequences on maps like beta Canyon River.
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    Nah, it just didn't take long to do.
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    lol Is it just me or is it actually kind of funny?
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    oh my fu***ing hell its here oh my hell its here fuking yes its here YES YES MY HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!! LONG TIME NO SEE UPDATE 3 YEARS OOR 4 MAYBE 5 SINCE WE HADE A TS REBORN UPDATE OH HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Snipers have their place in APB. If you wanna see kill whoring and cheap one shot insta kills take a look at the ramjet of vanilla Renegade. One shot kill to basic infantry, no bullet drop and a one shot kill head shot on anyone character. I have seen snipers used in a myriad of roles, if there are bothering you go buy a captain or use a soviet rifle soldier and run them down. If people wanna sniper people that's their prerogative, denigrate and nag them in game to stop being a useless pleb to the team. TL;DR lern2dodge
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    Remember when there were secret weapons hidden in that corner? What if those were reintroduced and were guarded by an Ant Hill? This has no effect on Bonsai as a whole nor addresses any issues, I just thought it would be cool.
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    I already have working bot paratroopers, they appeared first time years ago and were implemented properly last year september/october. You can read more here Since then I improved the bots a lot to act like real players (spawn where players do, have names and money pool), physically get into vehicles, join transports, fly aircraft, react to radio commands, follow mouse pointed orders etc. I just don't have time to blog about it.
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    "Ideas for improvements of infantry only maps" Add vehicles
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    Hey all, Under sure is a fun map lately... if you are the Allies that is! Look at all this fire power! those communists can't even step out of their base without getting blown back to Stalingrad! And by cutting off their income we've made certain they have no hope of ever sending large scale retaliation, very clever if i do say so myself. Whats that cadet? The soviets have a cost effective infantryman equipped with an RPG that is capable of destroying our glorious fire power? THEY ARE HIDING IN THE TUNNELS RIGHT NOW READY TO STRIKE?? Oh never mind they either all died in that explosion or they had to retreat Hahaha! but you know that last attack has me thinking cadet... if the Soviets had some form of access tunnel linking from their base to the top of the hill we might actually have to do some fighting for once, those RPG troopers could actually pose a viable threat from up there! but its a darn good thing that there isn't said tunnel so instead the soviets all die horribly to our assault isn't that right cadet? TL;DR I've been noticing a sequence of events unfold in the Under map in the same manner more and more often, the total allied mechanized dominance over the center, once this stage gets reached it usually concludes in the demise of the soviets sooner or later, now the factors leading to this circumstance could range from V2s being harder to use in the small map, or to the allies advantage in terms of mechanic units repairing what little damage soviets manage to do to allied tanks and artillery, however I would like to propose a map adjustment for the dev team to mull over. The core concept is an access tunnel either leading to the top of the hill exiting like so Or a tunnel exiting to the North west end of the map near or around the watchtower area, both of these are mainly to create access points for infantry to reach the center area and contribute to the combat without being slaughtered as soon as they leave base, thus giving opportunities to attack enemy vehicles and put up more of a fight like so obviously these two access points should be accessible for both teams however I would think the paths back to their respective bases should be team locked to prevent even more infantry rush routes, anyway that is up for debate as well, but really let me know what you all think of the idea, talk about your reasoning behind why you think it's either good or bad, necessary or unnecessary, lets hear it all!
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    It took me two evenings to make a little demo of what also could be made for Red Alert A Path Beyond. Including few hours for moving resources of this game back to my experimental lab for Commando Assault and for exploring them. Did not know there is already Level Editor and source codes for APB, thanks to CMDBob for the tip.
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    Yeah, but I'm a Tiberian Sun fanboy so the thought of TSR possibly having it is exciting.
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    Greetings comrades! I'm creating this thread to talk about an amazing project that we're currently working on at CnCSaga. It's a mod for Open Red Alert, called Command & Conquer Fanwars. The story is set in a dark sci-fi future, after humanity colonized the galaxy. Remnants of the once powerful Terran Federation are attempting to seize their former colonial assets, but their corrupt government has made many great enemies during the times known as "the Dark Age". 3 factions will be available upon mod release: the brutal Red Alliance, the fanatical Order of the Inquisitors and the mysterious Conclave of Horizon. New factions (such as the Federation), units and terrain assets will be progressively implemented. I invite you to check out the mod's page on ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/mods/cnc-fanwars We're thrilled to be working on this project! This is going to be great. We started off with a team that had no experience what-so-ever in C&C modding and were able to create amazing voxel models and assets. If all goes well, a playable release should be out soon. Stay tuned for updates! As a bonus, check out this epic concept art, made by Divadawm:
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    The a-bomb is perfectly fine the way it is, and the only thing I like about your proposals is the timer scaling. If a-bombs aren't already cancelled mid-flight when a missile silo is destroyed, they should be. This gives the attacking team an opportunity to react--and honestly, if a base is completely empty due to the entire team attacking while a missile silo is still alive, it's on the team. Teamwork doesn't mean all-in, it means having players in the right places working together. That means leaving one or two behind to defend.
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    Wow I mentioned this only a few weeks ago! That was fast. Wonder if it was already in progress...
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    ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘€ good shit goเฑฆิ sHit๐Ÿ‘Œ thats โœ” some good๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œshit right๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œthere๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ rightโœ”there โœ”โœ”if i do ฦฝaาฏ so my self ๐Ÿ’ฏ i say so ๐Ÿ’ฏ thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: สณแถฆแตสฐแต— แต—สฐแต‰สณแต‰) mMMMMแŽทะœ๐Ÿ’ฏ ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ‘ŒะO0ะžเฌ OOOOOะžเฌ เฌ Ooooแต’แต’แต’แต’แต’แต’แต’แต’แต’๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ’ฏ ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘ŒGood shit
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    It's pretty fucking funny Voe
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    That second one is the fault of 2 people neither of whom are currently "behind" APB or W3D. One, either Chronojam or PointlessAmbler (old staff who aren't around anymore) for making that placeholder string which I found pointless and deleted from the string database at about the same time that I added the Yak help string. That message does not exist anymore unless your string database is out of date. Two, ErickGCH for going out of his way to extract the strings database from a pre-Yak version of the game and keep it in the data folder so that it overrides any new updates. Since I deleted that "placeholder" string and added the Yak help one around the same time I think the new one might have wound up having the same internal database ID as the old one, which is why it shows up here. I get the feeling that if that second message was a common occurrence I'd be hearing a lot more about it. So try getting rid of that loose strings.tdb file from your data folder.
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    Nice to find someone agreeing with me! Going back to DanPaul's post, even though I find Pushwall's argumentation quite valid in that the team has tried to reduce other gameplay elements so it isnt '10 mins walk vs 5 seconds fight', I still think that that scenario probably happens more than I would like. I think it's due to the fact that headshots can make kills possible in less than a second. So my argument would be that walking across the map might very well take up to 10 mins in the larger maps. Maybe its a bit less in most maps, okay. The problem, as I see it, is in that one can get killed in single infantry combat in less than a second today. I've walked an entire map several times before, only to be killed by pyryle in 0,2 seconds when i finally reached the enemy base. My first conclusion is definitely that he's really good and i should up my game. But my second conclusion is that i just spent 10 minutes only to get killed in less than a second. Which kind of makes me feel like pressing the escape button, and quitting.
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    We have gone too far. I really do not like these changes. Every weapon feels like it shoots nerf darts against people but rips tanks and buildings to shreds. It feels like trying to fight a Havoc in Renegade with a Nod rifle soldier if you fight anyone remotely competent. inb4 "git gud" I was pretty good when my bullets actually hurt.
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    Yep. But you can't even get Tanyas on the maps where Medics are a big issue. Besides, her lack of armour means that from the very moment she enters combat, she is taking far more damage from small arms than any armoured infantry are - sure, she has more health to compensate for that, but those small arms have an easier time of outdamaging the medic kit's healing on her right away. Plus the only benefit she gains from the medic's armour cache is uncrushable status - she doesn't become near-immune to splash damage like any armoured soldiers do, and she doesn't gain temporary armour like any armoured soldiers who've been stripped do. So that mitigates Medic+Tanya a slight bit, which you may think holds it back on the maps where it can be done, but if Tanyas could gain armour, that'd make them roughly twice as tough as they currently are against everything that isn't a PKM or direct hits of big projectiles, and survive headshots from sniper rifles, which might be just a little bit bullshit.
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    So Tanya has the advantage here?
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    I tested this offline so I'd know how to file the bug report. It doesn't dump - it just sits on the other team's refinery dump spot forever, possibly blocking the AI OT on the team with the working refinery from dumping. On the way there it is also likely to ram the enemy OT and get stuck though - you'll often have to help it out by ramming one of them away for the OT to actually reach the opposing refinery. I'll have to go see what the truck does on large maps where the pathfind grid isn't complete enough to connect the 2 bases together. Because in that case it certainly can't drive to the enemy refinery. e: it just sits still on its own ore field forever after collecting. Which is honestly what it should do in all cases. I have no idea why the ore miner script tries to seek out enemy dump zones if they're in range (it even knows they're enemy ones, if it didn't then it would actually dump at them!). It's not my script.
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    Just going to chime in here for a second. @GaryOak Everyone's opinion is important in our community! Don't ever think your opinion is not important, as we are always open to what you and everyone else has to say.
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    Looking great! I'm all for an objective map with the Soviets on the defensive. If the building is to be considered a prison as it was in TD, the Soviets could have captured Einstein and the Allies must break him free before he dies. If the building is to be considered a true tech centre, the Soviets are conducting their Iron Curtain research and must hold out for its completion while the Allies assault the base. A neat ending to this too would be at the end of the mission timer if the Soviets are successful in defending then the Soviets are given like 15 seconds of Iron Curtain at the end, playing out as an interactive cinematic such as when Seamist ends in Allied victory.
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    Speaking of the APC, I love it's new horn. Nothing beats being chased down by forg while he blasts an air horn.