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    Complaining about toxicity in the community while simultaneously complaining about not being allowed to be toxic due to removal of the grille is a bit odd. If there are people that got so upset about the grille being removed that they left the community, good riddance, really. That channel was gross. It's also a bit odd that this post talks about how bad toxicity is while it itself reeks of toxicity. But I guess judging from half of the replies in the thread, that toxicity is true to form. Yikes. FRAYDO deserves better than this and you should all be ashamed.
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    As we roll into 2019, W3D Hub is proud to unveil another mod in the works! Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero is an upcoming first/third person tactical shooter, based on the original Command & Conquer. Taking the lead on this project is Killing_You, with ICE as co-producer. The Ground Zero team will be taking a more methodical and tactical approach to combat, as opposed to what is normally seen in W3D games. A balanced force will be required to control the battlefield. Vehicles will not play as prominent a role as before, but a Mammoth Tank or two certainly doesn't hurt! "GDI Mammoth Tank approaching the enemy base." Infantry is split into classes: General (Minigunners, able to take on any target, but not as efficient as other classes), Anti-Tank (Rocket Soldiers, designed to kill vehicles and defenses), Demolition (Grenadier/Flamethrower, good vs infantry and structures), Engineers (area securing unit, will be able to place/clear mines, sandbags, and hedgehogs), Support (Medic/Chem Warrior, will be able to heal allied infantry and hurt enemy infantry), and Commandos (self explanatory, effective vs infantry and MCTs). More details regarding classes will follow in a later blog. "GDI Commando overlooking the battlefield." "But how do we know that this one will actually come out, and not get canceled?" Excellent question! Unlike some other projects we've had previously, this one is designed to be less ambitious, and relatively easy to develop. In fact, the testers will be able to touch it at the same time that you read this! And we're always taking testing applications! Contact our Testing Directors for more info or head here. "Nod Flame Tank on the prowl." Thank you to everyone that has helped get us to this point! Be on the lookout for more to come! "GDI Harvester gathering Tiberium." [blurb]As we roll into 2019, W3D Hub is proud to unveil another mod in the works! Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero is an upcoming first/third person tactical shooter, based on the original Command and Conquer![/blurb]
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    Since November 2016, Interim Apex has been seeing complete overhauls in new damage systems and visual aesthetics of the multitude of vehicles and structures! This upcoming build will deliver even more of that! The long-awaited new naval warfare is here! Captain ships from Frigates to Battleships and wrest control of the seas from the enemy. Masters of the seas who rule the tides will turn the tide of battle on land. On another note, barriers and barricades have been readjusted. Players have noted that they may have been too strong, and as such we have come up with a solution! The introduction of the Bangalore Torpedo Engineers and Sapper Class will allow players to clear obstacles with ease thanks to these units having the proper equipment for the job. Currently, there is no changelog until the second update. There's just so much stuff yet to be overhauled! However, we do have a log of some units that will be removed for the time being. BS-3 100mm Gun (WIP overhauling) ZIS-3 75mm Gun (WIP overhauling) M163 Vulcan (being phased out temporarily) And in returning units, the Nod Sa-8 Gecko stands to challenge the GDI Mim-72 Chaparral. The Gecko is an anti-aircraft unit tasked with keeping the skies clear for Nod. For maximum efficiency against GDI's air wings, the turrets are automated. While on the subject of aircraft, they too have been overhauled, both visually and in controls! The GDI Orca. The staple of the GDI air force, and an excellent support unit in any advance. The Nod Apache. While not as impressive as the GDI Orca, the Apache still boasts firepower to tackle ground threats as they approach. New Constructions Options! Introducing 2 new features. The Tiberium Field will soon be depleted and require some sort of alternative way to "Grow" Tiberium. Now both faction has introduced some sort of contraption which is to accelerate the growth of Tiberium crystals as they are now can be easily depleted when you over harvest. Above is a example of the GDI Pioneer ( Nod Pioneer has one too ) but this I show an example. SInce the introduction of barriers, barricades and obstacles, both side find it rather annoyance to deal with. Now with the introduction of Bangalore Torpedo to both GDI and Nod respectively, you can find them in the Nod/GDI Sapper or Engineer unit. They must be place relatively close to the obstacle that you want to clear, once you deploy them you must ignite the fuse by simple keep repairing it, as the fuse goes live, stand clear as it will detonate shortly. There will be 3 consecutive explosions. Last but not least, the long awaited upcoming map - Winter Assault! It has taken me a long while to optimize it, and I will continue to further optimize after initial release. One could ask, "Is that it? After two years of development?" Worry not! There is much more to be implemented yet, but until then join the server and see for yourself the massive changes in-game! See you on the battlefield! [blurb]Since November 2016, Interim Apex has been seeing complete overhauls in new damage systems and visual aesthetics of the multitude of vehicles and structures! This upcoming build will deliver even more of that![/blurb]
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    I'm actually going to agree with the community aspect. We really should seek collaboration with the other communities and encourage some sense of solidarity again. The C&C Renegade community as a whole needs this.
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    Renegade is dead. End of. It doesnt even have what counts as a community anymore. The "communites" that do exists dont work together. The communities that do exists all only exist to flame eachother and claim to be better so they can sit on the throne of a game that fucking sucks. A game that is so outdated it doesnt even have fucking recoil. GOLDENEYE64 HAD FUCKING RECOIL FOR FUCK SAKE Moreover, the community aspect is what made this game good. Because lets be perfectly honest, Renegade is anything but "Good" in an objective view. Until you lot, MPF, and whatever little else still counts as communities anymore around here can work together again, renegade will never again have that community feel. Even internally in W3D, you guys as a community are a laughing stock. You literally have a splinter community because a couple of your admins got overly PC. This is a community of people from a game in the 2000s, PC was never a thing then and in a community that is filled with those people it never will be! I remember a time when the communities werent toxic. Where they all pooled together to create patches and security for the game. Where they shared ban lists, had tournaments, and the communities were all essentially a big community. Because of the lack of this, Renegade and its mods arent that anymore. Its a vanity project for the Game Dev College rejects who couldnt make a fucking java game to beat bloons tower defence. (Not a jab at your skills, some models, maps, etc are great, but is definitely a jab at your dedication to one project and time management) Sorry guys, but thats more or less of whats become the truth to me around here now. Take of it what you will. I'll still be around to play games because as individuals most of you are alright to chat with and hang with. But Owners, Admins, Devs, all of you higher ups. Something needs to change, or these little projects of yours will end like AR, Reborn and Dune. Sat on a back shelf for years gathering dust and an interest in them largely lost.
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    The very first time I poked my head in there, I was immediately greeted by /pol/-tier shitposting. I fail to see how such content is so desperately needed to keep the Renegade community together. And yes, one can just mute it, except its existence essentially means it has the W3D seal of approval. And since we're talking "community" and how to retain it, maybe there are members of the community who aren't pleased by it being approved. And maybe it just happens to be something that the people who make the mods don't want to be associated with. If the overwhelming majority of the Renegade community demands that such channels be left alone, then it can be a discussion. Until then, there's tons of other places where you can share this kind of content all you want.
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    And please break any large posts into smaller paragraphs and lists so the information is easier to process. Walls of text look overwhelming and could easily turn people off reading it at all. Instead of this: Try this: Looks a lot better and is much easier for everyone to read. Just some friendly advice for future posts
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    Give me a break. Nobody is going to your house to arrest you for what you posted into that channel. Nor did the shitposting and any humanitarian actions depend on each other. This kind of rhetoric makes the concept of "free speech" a joke. While there are people out there fighting actual legal battles for real violations of free expression, here we are, arguing over the fact that a Discord channel got axed for being full of content people don't want to associate themselves with. If you want, I can offer my own experiences: not long ago, a Discord server I'm a member of was nearly axed by Discord staff itself over someone reporting it for inappropriate content. Whoever did it was probably a troll, but it was a difficult case to convince the admins, mainly due to a lot of people (un)ironically posting alt-right memes and whatnot in that server. So it's not even just a thing our staff might take issues with, Discord itself does not like this kind of stuff. You don't like it, take it up with them. Personally, I'd rather not see the W3D server get dropped over something like this. And as others have pointed it out, we are going off topic, so that's my last bit of input on that subject.
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    Well, one of the reasons I joined was to implement that into the game, along with better gunplay in general. So I hope this part of your concerns will be addressed soon.
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    The Medium Tank in RA1 is not an Abrams though; it only looks like one externally. Same with the Heavy Tank. While they look like certain modern tanks that we know, they're different "on the inside"; WWII-style steel armour instead of composite, more primitive electronics, different guns, etc. Make sense? Meanwhile, the GDI Medium Tank would be much closer to the real Abrams in terms of technology. Also because this is an alternate timeline, things developed a bit differently. So no, you don't need to make a tank exactly like its real-world counterpart. (otherwise the double-barreled Heavy Tank wouldn't exist at all) Another way to think of it: Imagine if someone traveled back in time with the Abrams/T-80 designs, and attempted to reproduce them with WWII-era technology, inevitably making numerous compromises in the process due to the limitations of the technology available at the time (less armour, weaker engines, more primitive electronics, etc.), as well as the cost of production. That's pretty much what the RA1 Medium/Heavy tanks could be characterized as.
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    Red Alert's manual disagrees with you Red Alert disagrees with you (strength means hp) ; medium tank [2TNK] Strength=400 Armor=heavy ; heavy tank [3TNK] Strength=400 Armor=heavy Don't Soviets dominate T5 maps enough already?
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    When I'm in the thread: When I go out Christmas shopping:
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    The times that we agree on things are rare, but I fully support you on this post. +1 from me.
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    Another idea that came up on discord, that I've considered in the past, was "Volcano but with the map boundaries turned into water". Here's an example of that which is just lazily taking the original map, deleting a bunch of the terrain and making the outermost edges all dip to the same elevation. A real version would be a bit classier than this. So we get our first full combined arms map - infantry, tanks, helis, planes and naval - and isn't particularly big, so in addition to travel time not being a concern it could even be suited for low player counts.
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    Well, it seems you all have a lot of questions. And with these questions shall come answers! Welcome to the official Questions and Answers (Q&A) Thread for Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero! Feel free to ask any question that you have- any at all- and myself or ICE will answer it! There are no wrong questions, so long as it relates to GZ, so ask away!
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    your maps is bad. But seriously. private testing was a mid 00's thing to do. its freaking 2019. get with the times. abandon W3D, use the tool Saberhawk is making to export W3D models to modern formats, and work on a new, free to use game engine, with public testing. Unity, Lumberyard, Cryengine, UE4, it doesn't matter. W3D is dead and has been for atleast 15 years. you might have to abandon all C&C ties to do so, but im sure you could rename all the units to be compliant and avoid C&D's
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    99%. When I see an APB game night I check my calendar. I'm married and have a job and am planning to start a family of my own in a few years, so life's busy. Most of the time the game nights fall on times when life is a priority. Therefore, outreach needs to go beyond nostalgia. C&C Mode is unique and pretty fun with a large server. Probably a lot of younger people out there who'd play it consistently. Even C&C Rivals Fortnite has a big following.
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    I don't remember ever seeing you ingame. Ever. For anything. Now, this community has been in danger of being flushed for years for various reasons. It may have its populated times and lulls but they are much too extreme and wind up turning off anyone who may be interested away. Nobody wants to join up into games that aren't always gonna have a decent amount of players. Funny enough, I've been posting about this on the various chans for years and I had someone tell me "No, we don't want THOSE types of players.." Lets get real, you don't get top be choosey for RENEGADE. A nearly 20 year old game that wasn't exactly popular to begin with. We should be doing EVERYTHING to retain individuals as once regulars are gone you lose 1 person who will be in that game nearly everyday giving others someone to play against. As an aside, this current "professionalism" bullshit I keep hearing from the bigwigs makes me utterly cringe. I've had to consult with them (people wholly unrelated to what I was doing) in order to post a fan video they didn't like, when I already spoke with the LEADER of that mod project and the PR lead giving a go ahead. That type of micromanagement and obsession with control means this place was never gonna grow on its own or have much chance of holding anyone's interest who wasn't incredibly autistic about Renegade. Throw away regulars for the potential to please some undefined base and people who don't even regularly play because some people don't have a skin thicker than a grapes. I know our base, and we're not doing what we can to reach them.
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    I feel I should add as well, everyone is free to express their opinion without repercussions.
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    Vehicles won't be balanced quite the same way as infantry, however we will be keeping to a defined role scheme. Short answer is, the Light Tank will still be an M2 Bradley with a 75mm cannon, and it won't be given to GDI. Details will follow in a later blog. Thank you! Once we get an update subforum, I will be opening a Q&A thread. I request that any further questions be reserved for that thread. Thank you all for your support and understanding!
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    I think this idea would only increase the problem. Right now I feel the HT barely wins over the MED in direct combat, but just as you pointed out, in the HT, it's harder to land every shot. I think one of the reasons the shots are harder to land is because of the double barrels; the two barrels simply can't have the same aim, so you'll miss a shot or two in a pinch. I feel that right now the outcome of MED vs HT is thus dependant on the 'skill' of the HT driver to land every shot with his two barrels. If he can, HT wins. If he misses some, MED wins (Offcourse dodging and maneoevering play into this as well) A HT ROF increase and damage decrease will actually increase the skills needed to operate the HT, whilst leaving the MED for what it is. Ultimately, I think Push has a point (I mean the guy is busy with APB balancing 24/7). This may be the best balance possible without making one of the tanks useless.
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    Jack, I don't think you did so bad. You made one slip under pressure and then didn't respond correctly when pressed on it. You were looking pretty townie otherwise. I thought you had plenty of reason to hold fire and wouldn't have blamed you if you held out all day. I didn't fire until it was clear that all units that couldn't fire were revealed, because I felt those units were more valuable than me. It was the mere fact that you first declined to fire, and then with very little time and pressure changed your mind, that got my attention. Then your explanations contradicted your actions, which just made things worse.