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  1. I've thought about some kind of role/ability buy system for a game. I think that'd make much more sense for a C&C game. Maybe it's been done before, but I haven't really followed the APB games so I don't know. My idea was that mafia gets a shared pool of credits and each town player has their own pool. Town players can donate credits if they want or stockpile them. Mafia credits have a low passive income and each town player has a higher passive income. You get the credits of anyone you kill. So maybe it'd make sense to shoot that inactive that's bothering you, even though you think they're town. Mafia also have this as another incentive for the night kill since they get credits from kills. At the end of each day phase, there's a buy/night phase. You can buy abilities (more expensive) or items (less expensive). Items can also be taken upon death, so it can be risky. It's just one of several ideas I've had but haven't had the time to do.
  2. I really did like the setup where everyone has a gun. It made this game especially active, which is a good thing.
  3. The way I saw it, if Jeod had shot Shade (or done nothing), a smart town should have lynched Jeod the next day regardless (or shot him). Maybe that would have still been winnable, but that would have only been due to inactive town and the early hammer mechanic.
  4. I do want to say I had a lot of fun (first time I've ever been in this style of mafia game iirc) and I enjoyed playing against town. I would like to be town again at some point though.
  5. I made the mistake of assuming a tracker wouldn't give any kind of soft claim unless they had tracked somebody doing something scummy. That combined with what appeared to be a roleblock and us assuming the JJ was a watcher made it seem certain that ChopBam was the role blocker.
  6. Yeah, I don't think a mystery role in this kind of setup should be a total mystery in most cases (I could see some reasons for it to be totally secret). I'd rather have it be a mystery as to what roles have been assigned and how many.
  7. To be perfectly honest, I don't know how Nod could win this game without major luck if they went up against a competent town. Even with inactive town players and some decent luck I don't think this would have reasonably winnable. The majority of town targets could have been BP N1 (or any other night depending on if they held off on their ability). Town also had two protective roles and another role that had some pretty good (and interestingly designed) BP. All this combines into a TON of information gathering for town and very little that mafia can exploit.
  8. I like the Max column if there are more role types that could be in the game. Depending on how it's setup, it could add another element to investigation/logic for both town and mafia. This game it was the JJ mystery role and only one spy instead of two. Maybe if the JJ was listed and 2-3 other roles for Nod/GDI it could have worked. Having it strict for mafia (i.e. no mystery roles) is much more of a hindrance for mafia than for town. Maybe even give a possible range for kill percentages for power roles and each one gets a different kill chance within that range. Personally, I see mafia as a logic and deduction game. That does mean there's room for percentages and math, but I don't think it should be a major/hyper effective part of it.
  9. Bullshit. I wasn't able to do anything N1 and I don't have any visiting actions.
  10. Time to throw my "alibi" out there. I was jailed N1. I know that because I tried to Dig In but was unable to. I figured I was jailed and then ChopBam said he was "less sus" of me beginning of D2. That leads me to believe he made a soft claim for the riot trooper then.
  11. That does make sense. If scum team was Jeod and two active members they'd have had an actually realistic chance at moving the lynch to someone else due to early hammer. Not having much time until tomorrow to do more analysis or to read everything, but my first impression with Jeod today was an uncharacteristic scum slip/gambit and giving up.
  12. Yeah, I buy that... So, it looks like we have a solid lynch on Jeod. I'm assuming he's done this to try and muddy the waters since he was very likely to be scum at the end of last day.
  13. I think there's really just under reacting with Shade.
  14. We've only had one night. imo, a good cop should have self investigated N1.
  15. I mean, go back and look at the mathpost I made. I wasn't actually seriously considering Irish was a spy because he jammed. A player who has a stuck result is more likely to be GDI, just because of how many more there are.
  16. So, my sarcastic remarks targeted at Shade gave Jeod an "excuse" that nobody would believe?
  17. And why do you feel that? After Irish shot at Louis, I don't think I would have believed any roleclaim. Ironically, Jeod being scum and shooting Irish would have actually been a dumb scum move.
  18. I can understand Jeod, he's lit up like a Christmas tree on my SCUMDAR. But why me?
  19. ##vote nolynch Why would you shoot somebody you suspect of scum with a 25% chance to hit rather than claim!?
  20. And if he does flip spy, I bet Louis is indeed his teammate. He would have known that would fail.
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