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  1. I'm not revealing more about what happened to me last night. Based on the number of things that happened to me I'm willing to bet that at least two of the people who visited were members of the town. I'm not going to give out more information publicly about what roles the town could potentially have.
  2. Sorry I wasn't participating as much as I usually do. I've just gotten back from three weeks of business travel and had some stuff to take care of. First of all, I do agree with what Voe originally said today. Chaos had hardly any activity yesterday, the only reasons I can think of for him being killed are a veteran who knows him would have killed him or that he was targeted randomly. Now, Voe is a pretty aggressive player, nothing wrong with that. However, he was very, very quick to target myself and Cat5 this morning. He seems both more aggressive than usual and he's never been the best at pulling off plots as scum. Out of all the players in this game, the most veteran from this forum would be Nodlied, Chaos Knight, Voe, and myself. Nodlied and myself historically have been the biggest threats to the opposing faction, whether we're scum, town or third party. So, it makes sense that we'd be heavily watched during the first night (I know a TON of people were looking after me). If the Allies are indeed being led by at least one veteran they'd know that attacking Nodlied or myself (if we're both town) would be very risky. That leaves Cat5, Chaos Knight, and Voe. Voe is more than capable of tying the noose around his own neck and he sometimes latches onto the wrong target and hurts the town. So, if a veteran were to indeed want to take out another veteran last night Chaos would have been the best choice. That is why I went to go visit him last night. However, somebody prevented me from actually getting to him. If that hadn't of happened he would probably be alive right now. I'm going to keep on rereading posts but I'm pretty suspicious of Voe right now. He was very quick to start attacking me at the start of the day and he's more aggressive than he usually is.
  3. Make up your mind. I'm either suspicious or I'm not. And yes, your behaviour was a really good reason to lynch you. Ironically enough, I actually jumped on Cat 5's wagon. It just seems that we think alike.As for OWA, I don't know. It's the first time I've seen him playing a game with us, and he's barely done anything so far. Pretty much blank. iLTS, can be very sneaky when scum. Can also be very sneaky when town. Again, no idea. DoublepostBecauseMafiaDoesn'tAllowEditing I do want to see more from iLTS though, as I know that he can do better. I'll be making a post later today, kind of busy at the moment.
  4. I knew something like this would happen... Well, we can always discover who he really is after tomorrow starts...
  5. That sounds scummy to me, regardless of Camo's allegiance. Why would you have business to settle? Once the votes started piling on Camo he basically asked for more votes. I don't what kind of role a town member would need to have where they want it. This whole thing is fishy.
  6. Works for me. ##Vote GeneralCamo
  7. Just had a thought. What if Camo is lynch-proof scum? He could be trying to get us to waste the 1st day and not learn anything...
  8. That seems pretty scummy to me... Why shouldn't we all just start shooting you?
  9. You should always trust everything Voe says and tells you to do.
  10. The only fair way to apply a joke vote is by being random! ##vote FRAYDO
  11. I think I'd be up for a game... might be time limited due to new job but I'd be active during the morning and late afternoon/evening of EST. We should totally do a Dead Space game again...
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