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  1. I think it was ok like it was. But ok. I know many new players asked about "why I can't play this game?". So is ok.
  2. FRAYDO told me I won. I was sure I wasn't going to win, so I didn't even wanted to look... I am surprised. Thanks for giving me the 3rd place. I am greatfully impressed.
  3. Best way to kill a sniper, is to rush it with your jeep.
  4. Lol somehow i just didn't read all rules, probably was sleepy... EDIT: Probably people is waiting to choose their best screenshots 😄
  5. I have two questions: 1) How many screenshots a single player can submit for the image contest. 2) Where I have to upload my screenshot/s? 😀
  6. I was there ^^ it was funny. Thanks for organizing it.
  7. I forgot to apply for it sorry.
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