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  1. Sunflower

    And I'm casting my vote for Radical Pluralism.
  2. Sunflower

    Well I'm sure as heck not giving any of you 4 an extra PP.
  3. Sunflower

    ##strangle myself with medkit
  4. Sunflower

    It will probably be you that I shoot.
  5. Sunflower

    I can't believe I actually thought I'd do something to help everyone by picking up the medkit and preventing night kills. I definitely learned my lesson. Next time I get something that can kill players, I'm doing it first chance I get.
  6. Sunflower

    In case you didn't notice, fraydo and snipe got killed at night.
  7. Sunflower

    Shoooot meeeeeeeeee
  8. Sunflower

    Sounds like a plan. Shooting me would be awesome.
  9. Sunflower

    And yet they apparently have a player that can vote twice too? And if Irish were scum, that would mean SQ only has 2 players.
  10. Sunflower

    You realize Retal could have said it too?
  11. Sunflower

    Please just shoot me now or else find someone to replace me.
  12. Sunflower

    Yep that's right I have the medkit and Retal (I assume) has the gun.
  13. Sunflower

    ##vote reform economic
  14. Sunflower

    Btw Retal. I'm not going to switch my vote. You'll have to shoot me if investigating Shade bothers you so much.