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  1. I was tempted to go full Harley but had to settle for just referencing the voices in my head. Guess it's good I didn't! If it makes you feel better, I was really worried that you had me figured out. I had no idea being scum in a mason doc is so hard.
  2. We were in a pretty tough spot anyway. I didn't know if Jeod knew that someone kissed him that night or not, so I was a little gunshy about claiming anything until things had gotten out of control.
  3. Thanks! Yeah I was trying to go with a fun theme for my roster. It was fun coming up with abilities, especially for Harley and Poison Ivy. I even asked for a giant hammer for Harley too, but Retal already had an unblockable kill on his team.
  4. I wanted to lynch Jeod there, but it was hard to put the deciding vote on him with people shouting about Retal/Sunflower. I wasn't expecting everyone to jump behind me though.
  5. Wow nice job of figuring out exactly what my BANG gun was in the dead doc Shade. Even if I was Harley and not Mistah J.
  6. At least I can rest easy knowing that one of Jeod's characters is going to die of poison and there's nothing to be done to stop it!
  7. I believe that Jeod (and maybe you too) tried to pick the people least likely to be protected by KY and kill them to end the game. Maybe there was some RNG involved to balance it and they got lucky. I don't know why he didn't pick me. Maybe he thought I had some BP or something. One of my characters does have a %chance to dodge attacks at night, so he would have been right too.
  8. I never said he wasn't scum. I told him that his lies were BS already. It's just that you are so obviously scum. You two tried for an insta-game over last night and it failed. You are the desperate one.
  9. Like think about that for a second. If Retal is town and Jeod managed to kill of his characters last night, it would have been instant game over. Town would not do that.
  10. Jeod's already shown that he killed Shade during the day and Retal at night. My suggestion is to either lynch him or try to take out one of his characters and hope you pick off the killer.
  11. There are no facts. Just lies or fantasies. I'm not spending my birthday weekend dealing with this. ##vote Jeod
  12. Says the guy that killed someone last night.
  13. Seems like half the players here have some kinda kill action or a deadly passive or something. I just have this pop gun that doesn't hurt anyone.
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