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  1. Sunflower

    That would definitely fit Shade's history from the last pokemafia game!
  2. Sunflower

    Ew. Bugs are gross. Why would anyone want to catch them?
  3. Sunflower

    Welcome to the forum!
  4. Sunflower

    If this means revealing what types of roles people will have, I'd rather you didn't.
  5. Sunflower

    Wow deja vu. I watched A Very Goofy Christmas last night and THIS GUY was saying the exact. same. thing. as jonwil. Thankfully, Goofy's holiday cheer won the day!
  6. Sunflower

    That was why you kept the tape wasn't it?
  7. Sunflower

    I think that was the 2nd or 3rd game in a row you shot a scum without a cop report or anything. That's some sharpshooting cowboy!
  8. Sunflower

    I'm pretty sure FRAYDO enjoyed that tape.
  9. Sunflower

    Tis a dark day at the Howdy Townie Saloon, folks. This morning I awoke to find the body of ChopBam, crumpled, wings broken, and hanging from the very spot that I found psyduck just days ago. His name was Cupid and he was aligned with the Town. He was the Roman God of Desire, a cherub with a bow and arrow, and it seems he had taken up residence in our humble abode. Through some dark and miserable tragedy, he now lies dead. I played two coins upon his eyes, as was his tradition and interred him next to Psyduck. I'll be heading to church to consider what this all means... TheIrishman OrangeP47 Shade939 Killing_You Category 5 Hurricane Nodlied FRAYDO iLikeToSnipe
  10. Sunflower

    Well I'll be. We've already watched Irish hang from there great old oak and get shot to smithereens with a giant beam cannon, but apparently we're going to try this again? Y'all are a persistent bunch a knuckheads, I'll give ya that. Using a cattle prod, I push TheIrishMan up upon the fated execution stand, wrap the noose round his neck, and cut the rope! He hangs there and for a long moment... it looks like he's dead. But then his eyes open again, staring back at the crowd and smiling. TheIrishMan, you are one creepy buckeroo, partner. PLAYER CURRENT VOTE CURRENT NOMINATION OrangeP47 TheIrishMan Killing_You iLiketoSnipe TheIrishMan Killing_You Nodlied TheIrishMan Shade939 TheIrishMan Killing_You TheIrishMan ChopBam TheIrishMan OrangeP47 Shade939 TheIrishMan Shade939 Killing_You TheIrishMan Killing_You Category 5 Hurricane TheIrishMan FRAYDO TheIrishMan Killing_You Have fun in the vault Killing_You! Remember only two posts during the night phase.
  11. Sunflower

    And it's hammer time! One moment.
  12. Sunflower

    Oh just went back to check and found a hanging chad we missed. Added it in.
  13. Sunflower

    Updated CVC PLAYER CURRENT VOTE CURRENT NOMINATION OrangeP47 iLiketoSnipe Nodlied iLikeToSnipe TheIrishMan Killing_You TheIrishMan ChopBam Shade939 NoLynch Shade939 Killing_You Category 5 Hurricane FRAYDO
  14. Sunflower

    It's a page turna!