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  1. Yeah I was pretty sure that was what you were implying. Is there anything we can do to defend ourselves against being forced to make BS choices?
  2. I'm having trouble figuring out how that would be possible in the lore unless there's like a witch doing mind control. And that wouldn't make sense because the rebels started out independent and could be anyone, witch or no.
  3. Wish I had more info to narrow down my suspects list. Still feels like taking a shot in the dark.
  4. The best part is for some reason my brain read that in Martin's voice.
  5. Nothing tried to eat your face off yet I hope?
  6. And was also just kinda curious if the kingdom has the power to send him to the wall. In my head, I wondered if it was kinda like this. King Euron sends a letter to King Tormund, expressing his demand that Tormund immediately goes to the wall. King Tormund replies with a letter politely declining and suggesting that King Euron shove it. Ofc I think it was still better to try to send him to the wall than to send the royal forces off into the unknown. But that scenario did kinda play out in my head...
  7. Yeah that was why I was wondering if it worked.
  8. I don't have anything else to add sadly. Other than wondering if we know whether rubeci actually got sent to the wall successfully or if it's just going to be a mystery?
  9. Looking at the difference in the charts, it looks like either someone new because a rebel or maybe the rebels used an action to increase their numbers like sellswords or something.
  10. I just got the feeling from your posts up to that point that you might have decided to rebel. And I wasn't feeling the rubeci/retaliation debate, so just decided to put my vote on my top suspect. But after your response to finding rubeci, I'm feeling less suspicious of you now. (thanks! I thought it was a good one for GoT)
  11. Whoa! Kingdom of the North! That's a big find. Now at least we know what that green pie slice was. I agree that invading him probably won't work. Ussuuuuaalllyy when the GM warns you that something is hard, it's a good idea to listen! At least he knows his way around the land beyond the wall I guess? I say send him to the wall. Who knows what might happen to the royal army if we send it out there. For the project, I think Irish makes a good point. Maegor's Holdfast could work well with an invasion (or even without one really...) But the Great Sept would give some sweet benefits to the loyalists. I'm leaning toward the Great Sept for now because that 25% will add up faster the quicker we get it done. But the Holdfast would be helpful too.
  12. I'm not really feeling the rubeci train so I'm gonna hop off, but I don't really know where to hop to so I'm just gonna no vote for now. I might change my mind in a few minutes! ##vote nobody.
  13. He's pretty high on my suspects list actually.
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