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  1. I thought it was pretty fun from a whodunnit perspective. Everything was so mysterious that even though it seemed like the answer was obvious, I kept rethinking and wondering if something crazy was going on. Tho it was too bad about all the unlucky fails that kept me from monkeying around like I'd hoped.
  2. So many what if scenarios. In n1, I almost bodyguarded the NK. In n2, I almost blocked Cat 5 and stole his scatter item. Instead I did nothing.
  3. Maybe. My throw action could destroy items, but it sounded like it wasn't 100% Monkey See, Monkey Take meant I took items from players I visited btw. If they didn't have an item, I'd pick up some rubble instead. And I could throw the rubble at people! That was how I knew I didn't visit anyone.
  4. I guess it's fitting for King Kong to go down tragically as a misunderstood hero.
  5. I feel like we just need info right now. Even if that means I take the hit in the random roll, I'm fine with that. I want whoever lame-o is ruining my King Kong fun to get caught.
  6. Was hoping one of you had visited Cat 5. That would have caught him in a lie.
  7. Orange who did you say you visited on n1 again?
  8. Yeah I'm having a tough time figuring out who the mysterious scatterer might be. I'm leaning toward them not existing. ##vote Cat 5
  9. Well it's mostly just because it's so difficult to figure out where the heck this scatter action came from.
  10. I'm starting to wonder if the reason my jailkeeper action failed n1 is because ILTS has BP.
  11. How likely is it that masonry could be done with an item?
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