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  1. Louis

    Haha im still upset that I lost honestly if there wasn't that little hiccup things maybe different
  2. Louis

    It was cold.... Freezing cold
  3. Louis

    Also quite from scum doc "Fucking Louis" thanks Brigitte
  4. Louis

    Honestly just glad that scum didn't win even tho town didnt
  5. Louis

    Sure I'd love some feedback, for me this game was intense and I love it Also going back on this I think I was in the moment of trying to kill and find scum to even care about you being TP
  6. Louis

    Hahah yeahhhhhhh (also I rarely check my pms which I should start doing more often) Also, since I had the soul stone and used it, I was going to pass it to Irish since he misses Cat5 sooooo much but something happened where it got sucked away in a portal, so I'm guessing that ILTS stole the soul stone instead of the time stone
  7. Louis

    And right now if Ky undid his action I would have it but I don't so ILTS must've stored it away
  8. Louis

    But ILTS stole it from me, and i thought I still had it
  9. Louis

    I used the mind stone on Brigitte to target Irish, I knew Irish wouldn't die but if scum targeted him then he would be town but that's by my assumption If you did say something happened to you then it is definitely Brigitte who targeted you
  10. Louis

    Whoops edit @iLikeToSnipe
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