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  1. Ohhhh I love GOT I’m definitely in
  2. What do you mean... About me being miller? Also glad townies won haha
  3. Though right now Retaliation and Orange made cop claims (on the scum list... maybe) however, I haven't had any suspicious against anyone yet because there hasn't been a lot of action
  4. Right now, I'm surprised that Cat 5 died N1, maybe it is Irish who is scum because Cat 5 can point out Irish's scum tells, but I never trust Irish
  5. Okay okay, I only voted Irish because I thought I would be funny if I just voted him on D1 from every game we started playing, but after N1 if he doesn't pose as a threat I won't vote for him if there's viable proof that he's scum, and I know he didn't post as much but I just thought it'll be funny to always vote him D1
  6. Yeah I get that but isn't it kinda dumb because if everyone does that the you won't know who's telling the truth, it's just too confusing. We won't know who the cop is until they die, and then the truth will come out. I get that it's a smart play but for me I don't want to be involved in it, lol and because I'm a bit lazy. I just think that it'll be too confusing to listen to everyone's "COP CLAIM" and fish out who's telling the truth. Also, I know I voted Irish but that's because I'm messing with him. Now he may or may not be town but it's natural to doubt someone on the first day.
  7. @TheIrishman scum read I'm not removing my vote on ya
  8. Hmm did I? I didn't think I sent it Anyways yes ##vote Irish
  9. I'm waiting for the real fun to start.... .... .... .... .... Still waiting..... .... .... ....
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