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  1. On 6/6/2023 at 10:10 PM, Einstein said:

    If you had the map previously in the last 2-3 years then it was almost certainly obtained through the TT downloader aka TTFS. Those files can be found in C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\W3D Hub\games\apb-121\ttfs. If you have these files on a previous computer or something then just copy the whole folder. The map will not be in a .mix format there but rather in an extracted format.

    Ahh that explains why I lost the files, I made sure to copy the game under program files however for some reason whenever I went to copy my AppData folder nothing was in fact copied so I lost everything that was in there. 

    On 6/6/2023 at 10:10 PM, Einstein said:

    I should have this somewhere, but I will also check with moonsense, as he was developing/maintaining this map for APB 1.2 until the server was taken offline. On that note, I'd like to get that back up some day. Its on my list....eventually. I also need to test 1.2 against the latest 4.x engine version and then release a minor patch to the game if no issues arise. I also seem to recall that there was a broken texture that needs fixing as well.

    That would be exiting as there are some elements of 1.2 that I prefer over the current versions. Also do you guys plan on rereleasing other old versions of APB?

  2. 3 hours ago, ChopBam said:

    As a note, we've had a version of this map in development hell for the modern version of APB, coming Soon™️ near you. :biggrin:

    Good we will soon have a use for that badger texture :v

    Thank you however I am still missing some files, for one the fire sound for the m16 is missing on this map, some textures, and while I haven't played long enough I'm pretty sure that the airraid siren mixed with an alarm that plays when badgers drop parabombs are also missing.


    I did back up my original copy of 1.2 that I downloaded however it seems that the map wasn't under \games\W3D Hub\games\apb\121 so where was it? (Just wondering it doesn't really matter anymore since the file is long lost)

    Btw can we have a sneak peak of the remake of the map or is it still too early?:biggrin:

  3. 8 hours ago, ChopBam said:


    17 hours ago, LeonardMT said:

    What about extracted levels? How can I get the database for those?

    How are you converting them for use in Mammoth? There's no .lvl file in the .mix files. The only way I know of is using the ancient LevelRedit program and as far as I know that hasn't worked for many years. In any event, only the example level files are supported for public use in the SDK, for now.

    Oh I just assumed that they were in the *.mix.

    8 hours ago, ChopBam said:
    17 hours ago, LeonardMT said:

    One of the reasons why I wanted to try out the sdk is to try to rebalance weapons in a way that I see fit and it looks like that weapon rules are stored on per map basis am I correct?

    No, they're stored in the global presets.

    Oh, how do I go about modding those?


    Well I hope I can transfer some of my HL2 mapping experience to W3D.

  4. Alright everything now mostly works, however I have a few questions: how do I build the global object database? What about extracted levels? How can I get the database for those? One of the reasons why I wanted to try out the sdk is to try to rebalance weapons in a way that I see fit and it looks like that weapon rules are stored on per map basis am I correct? Also after taking a closer look at the presets I have so many questions but that's for another thread :P

  5. Alright I moved the sdk to C:\a-path-beyond-sdk-master\ and Mammoth to C:\a-path-beyond-sdk-master\LevelEdit\mammoth.exe, redid the Associate_Mammoth_with_lvl_files.bat and made my mammothpath.ini to this:

    [Game Path]
    GamePath=C:\Program Files (x86)\W3D Hub\games\apb\release

    And now it looks like Mammoth is linked up:


    However it's now crashing with a .dmp when trying to open anything even hostile waters:hurr:


  6. 1 hour ago, ChopBam said:

    Can you perhaps post here what the "GamePath" actually is in your mammothpath ini file?

    [Game Path]
    GamePath=C:\Program Files (x86)\W3D Hub\games\apb\release
    1 hour ago, ChopBam said:

    Maybe a bit off topic but why do you put a folder called a-path-beyond-sdk-master inside another folder titled a-path-beyond-sdk-master..?

    Oh, that's what Windows does by default. I know it's stupid. :rolleyes:



    Edit: Maybe I should try to put the GamePath in quotes?

    Edit edit: Tried that now I can open hostile waters and only hostile waters.

  7. 22 hours ago, ChopBam said:

    You crashed using file/open?

    Yes, a CTD

    22 hours ago, ChopBam said:

    Did Mammoth work properly before applying this .bat file?

    Don't know, I read the documentation and executed the the .bat before I ran mammoth.

    22 hours ago, ChopBam said:

    Does the path in your mammothpath.ini point to the APB installation you wish to pull from/push to?



    I am now getting a dump and not just a CTD, don't know what changed.


  8. I was messing around in the Tech Center and saw a monitor that appeared to have Assembler on it:


    So I just randomly decided to look online if there was any code that was similar and I stumbled upon a website that that had Assembler for the IBM 370 and some of the comments matched word for word!


    I don't why I'm posting this maybe I found it cool that the W3D team used real Assembler than just some gibberish. I also wonder if they hid some easter eggs in the binary and/or hex code....

  9. 7 hours ago, moonsense715 said:

    W3D Hub isn't 10 people working on 1 project at once, it's every single person working on their own project.

    That doesn't really sound like a great idea considering most of the games that I listed are still vaporware and the same thing (with some other factors of course) lead Vale to not release any games. But luck good for everyone working on CwC

  10. To be honest I don't think it should disable high tech units I think it would be better if it act more like the powerplant in RenX but this time when the structure gets destroyed only the high tech units get the significant price increase.

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