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  1. Should Yaks be added to Ridge War?
  2. I personally have never really loved this map, but I used to like it a lot more before the mammys were removed. I have never seen the Soviets win against a competent Allied team without using a flare. We had 4 V2s hit the WF at once... only to have an engineer golden repair it. The Allies have the vastly superior base since it is much tighter and has better defenses with a pillbox/turret combo pretty much ruining an attack route for the soviets. Then, they have the front of their base well defended with a more spread out combo that is much harder to attack undetected than the soviet flame towers. there are only 3 soviet flame towers, and the one on the hill I have never actually see fire at anything. So effectively, the soviets have this giant spread out base with 3 separate ways to get into it with many blindspots, and poor offensive capabilities. The Allies have phases, and GREAT anti infantry so using infantry when tanks fail is rarely an option when they can just insta kill your whole squad with an APC/Ranger/Phase. It leaves your only option for victory as a soviet to have Russian James Bond sneak in and nuke the base. If the allies even have one competent engineer with a ranger, their base is nigh invincible. If anyone has any other things they have noticed, please speak up because I don't have a great inner understanding of the balance of this game but I know for the fact the Tesla Tank is NOT a counter to the phase or the constant med/phase spam the Allies can muster.
  3. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update [blurb]In which the "old style" Grenadier is given a new lease on life, mid-tier infantry eat their Wheaties, and the Medic is cut down to size AGAIN[/blurb] Infantry Health All non-Volkov infantry take slightly more damage from direct rocket/tank shell hits (0.3 -> 0.333) Health of most infantry has been increased across the board, the main exceptions being free infantry and ones that already have 100+ health: Flamethrower and Spy are up to 60. Thief is up to 80, but no longer has armour. All 60-health infantry are up to 70. All 75-health infantry are up to 80, except the Sniper who is up to 90. I'm sure this will be seen as fairly controversial so I'll give you my reasonings ahead of time so you don't need to ask first. Engineer Golden Wrench power down by 12.5% (except when capturing) Flamethrower Death explosion now hurts health of other flamethrowers. Mechanic No longer automatically heals armour of occupied vehicles. Officers M60/PKM damage multiplier to building exteriors down (0.15 -> 0.1), DPS -33.33% M60/PKM damage multiplier to no-MCT buildings up (0.1875 -> 0.2), DPS +6.67% M60/PKM damage multiplier to heavy vehicles adjusted (0.4/0.4 health/armour -> 0.45/0.3), DPS -10%. M60/PKM damage multiplier to mammoth vehicles adjusted (0.275/0.275 -> 0.3/0.2), DPS -12.7%. However in both cases they handle heavily damaged (no armour - heavily into combat or tripped an AT mine) vehicles better. Rifle Soldiers, Medic (weapons share same warheads) MP5 rate of fire down (15 -> 12.5). DPS to infantry -9.1%. AK-47 secondary rate of fire down (10 -> 9) AK-47 secondary inaccuracy down (3.75 -> 2.75) M16 Trishot ROF up (1.5 -> 2) "Spray" damage penalty (used by AK-47 secondary and MP5) to hard targets reduced (-16% -> -10%). For AK-47 this changes nothing; for MP5 this means its DPS to hard targets is only -2.6%. M16/AK-47/MP5 damage multiplier to MCTs up (0.18 -> 0.1875). DPS +4.17% for M16/AK-47, +1.5% for MP5. Rocket Soldiers Soviet one is no longer called the "Grenadier"; he's back to being an RPG Trooper and having a Makarov as a sidearm. Shotgunners Remington slug damage vs vehicles is now always the same as dragonsbreath damage. TOZ flechette damage vs vehicles is now always 50% higher than dragonsbreath damage. (Previously these both had different anti-armour settings to dragonsbreath.) Remington/TOZ dragonsbreath damage multiplier to light/air vehicles adjusted (0.5/0.375 -> 0.6/0.3), DPS -6.7% to all the armoured ones, but +20% to Supply/Demo Trucks. Remington/TOZ dragonsbreath damage multiplier to heavy vehicles adjusted (0.375/0.25 -> 0.4/0.2), DPS -11.1%. However in both cases they handle heavily damaged (no armour - heavily into combat or tripped an AT mine) vehicles better. Remington/TOZ dragonsbreath damage multiplier to mammoth vehicles lowered (0.25/0.15 -> 0.25/0.125), DPS -11.1%. Spy Fixed bug where radio commands were showing up in the wrong colour. Grenadier Retooled into a budget anti-tank/anti-building-exterior/anti-infantry splash unit, available to both sides and does not require a Barracks. Against vehicles, its damage varies. Against light vehicles, its damage is similar to the Flamethrower, but against heavier vehicles it's a little better and against mammoth vehicles it's a LOT better, but still nowhere near the power of proper anti-tank units (2 grens take a little longer to kill an ore truck than 1 RS does, but it takes 4 flamethrowers to kill it in that much time). It's a much stronger anti-tank unit than the Captain but also riskier. Against building exteriors, its DPS is slightly better than a Flamethrower, though it has no MCT bonus (not that it's safe to try using it against most MCTs anyway). This is its main area of expertise, and while the RS does it better due to more damage, range and survivability, the Grenadier does it cheaper and defends itself better against infantry. Against infantry, its damage potential is the same as the "RPGrenadier"'s frag grenades, except now it's available in infinite supply. This is a little worse than the flamethrower in DPS and lacks the flamer's perks of afterburn damage, cover penetration, safe CQC use and an easy arc, but is still worlds better at splashing than the LAW/RPG are. Its low price of 150 credits and high movement speed give it a place at the start of the match and during desperate times if your money is low or you lack a WF and need to move fast. Before the overhaul that turned the Grenadier into an "artillery infantry", Soviets didn't really have much of a reason to buy them because Flamethrowers cost barely more than them. Should be a bit of a different case now that there's a 300 credit gap between the two units, and buying a Flamethrower before the first dump pretty much prevents you from buying ANY vehicles for a while, whereas a Gren lets you buy some vehicles and if you cause enough havoc you can even afford a HT. Range is not as ridiculous as before; it can only throw as far as a Shock Trooper can shoot. So it can't outrange base defenses, rifles/captains/flamers, or any vehicle. As a result it should also be easier to detect. Its main downside is a lack of armour - this renders it very vulnerable to splash damage, both its own and that of enemy tanks. This means that smart positioning is very important when dealing with enemy tanks and artillery since you can't just eat up splash damage like an RS can, trying to use them as a CQC splasher like the Flamethrower is not recommended as you'll be hurting yourself more than you hurt them, and Medics can't solve either of these problems with their armour cache. It also lacks a sidearm, so it MUST maintain some distance from infantry in order to hurt them safely. Vehicles Light Tank No longer has strongpoints/weakpoints, putting it in line with other light vehicles. Minelayer Adjusted suspension a bit, shouldn't get stuck on Refill Pads anymore. AP mines actually kill medics now. Ranger Damage multiplier to building exteriors down (0.15 -> 0.125), DPS -16.67% Damage multiplier to no-MCT buildings up (0.1875 -> 0.2), DPS +6.67% Damage multiplier to heavy vehicles adjusted (0.4/0.4 -> 0.45/0.3375), DPS -10% (see Officers) Damage multiplier to mammoth vehicles adjusted (0.275/0.275 -> 0.3/0.225), DPS -12.7% Tesla Tank Damage up (210 -> 240). DPS +14.3%. Can now kill Longbows in two shots! Damage multiplier to buildings down (0.2 -> 0.18), DPS only +2.9% Damage multiplier to stealth vehicles down (1.5 -. 1.375), DPS only +4.7% Aesthetics Added ambient sounds for MCT/new computers in base buildings. Buildings Power Plant Fixed some fences that did not have collision. Fixed a bug that was causing players' weapons to aim strangely when indoors. Ore stuff Molten ore warhead changed from SplashFire to Fire, so it can actually hurt flamethrower infantry again. Silo now has a vehicle blocker on top so helis can't touch its molten ore and get perma-damaged. War Factory Old props no longer overlap with new ones in certain Soviet interior layouts. Maps On all air maps, C4 will now disappear when placed at very high parts of Tesla Coils, Gap Generators and Ore Silos (or floating near said parts, so no C4-Longbow foolishness). RA_Bonsai Removed Allies' WF turret. RA_GuardDuty Raised some of the blockers around the hills. Most of the dirt roads are now bifurcated ala RA/various other maps. Shrunk a couple of trees that were frequent Yak suicide spots. RA_Metro Soviet service depot is more accessible from the Barracks/War Factory sides. Soviet service depot has a miniature concrete wall between it and the bridge, short enough that repairing tanks can shoot at enemies on the bridge, but tall enough that it's very difficult for Allied tanks on the bridge to line up a shot against the SD itself, and impossible for caps/rifles without breaking the wall, making it harder to destroy the SD. Unfortunately, this makes it less accessible from the front, but from what I've seen the Soviet SD rarely survives long enough for Soviets to even use it, so what difference does it make? Removed barricades in front of the Soviet Barracks; their existence was vestigial thing from the Beta version - albeit updated with a more modern appearance - but they really just get in the way of Minelayers. Exposed Allied truck-side silo a bit more. RA_Pipeline Sandstorm particles are 50% smaller. Fixed missing texture on spare pump parts. RA_RidgeRacer Hopefully fixed the map timer (should be 5 minutes) RA_Zama Fixed out of bounds zone not counting as a no-beacon zone.
  4. So for some reason the thought ran through my head: what if we returned infantry combat to being more rocket-tag-ish like in Beta, by improving headshot damage? How would we go about this without nerfing infantry into the ground? Right now here's how the damage of every small-arms weapon (plus the Flamethrower for kicks) lines up against regular infantry, sorted by headshots vs armoured health. Grey = needs 10 or more shots to kill a regular inf (armoured rifle infantry, naked techie). This is only for body shots, thank god. Cyan = needs 4-9 shots. In the case of headshots, these things might as well be airsoft guns, especially the PKM. Green = needs 3 shots. Yellow = needs 2 shots. Orange = needs only 1 shot to kill regular infantry. (with shotguns this is with all pellets) Red = can kill any infantry in 1 shot. And here's how everything would line up if the global headshot multiplier got raised to 5, a bunch of weapons had their armour penetration values adjusted, and a couple had less/more base firepower: An explanation of armour/base damage adjustments: Since captains and shotgunners have a harder time of getting headshots due to their accuracy, they don't have a penetration penalty to compensate for all this (so they can still bodyshot decently against armoured infantry) - on the other end of things, the pistols are very easy to headshot with due to their accuracy and hitscan nature, so they have the harshest penetration penalty and thus their headshots are not much better than before - unless they're facing naked infantry who die with ease. Higher armour strength in general means that bodyshots are less desirable (except with the captain/sergeant) which could somewhat compensate for the beefier headshots. APC's 6 -> 7 is completely unrelated to all this and is a balance change coming in the next patch to compensate for some other changes, don't worry about it. Hind's 7.5 -> 6 would be a thing that would happen if this headshot multiplier change went through; firing from above gives it a better chance at unintended headshots, and machineguns all piercing armour better means it essentially has a higher damage than before against normal infantry if its base damage is left untouched. And it really doesn't need help against infantry. So a base damage reduction (compensated by increased multipliers to hard targets to even its damage to them out) really shouldn't hurt it. Snipers' 50 -> 60 would happen if the armour/HS change went through, because it's difficult for them to get headshots; since they use the same warhead as the other "can only hurt infantry" guns they share the same armour penetration capability so I can't just leave them with 50 damage and their old 50% penetration at the same time. Pillbox's 9 -> 10 would happen if the armour/HS change went through, because it doesn't intentionally go for headshots. (It shares the assault rifles' warhead which is why it happens to have a weaker armour penetration settng.) It already sucks versus vehicles, this extra damage point probably won't change that much, and if it does, it can just reload slightly slower as its alpha strike matters more against infantry than it does against vehicles. The big question here would be how to do all this without making infantry worthless again - or whether I should even go through with this at all - and that's why I opened this discussion. So talk away! Something I could do here: making the "neck" hitbox just act like the body (1x damage) instead of the head (5x) so headshots are harder to pull off. Unlike helmets everyone has the same neck box so this affects everyone equally, and somewhat nerfs tanks against infantry since their low ROF makes a failed headshot pretty punishing. I brought up an "aesthetic change" in the video thread; this would be that if the headshot overhaul happened, I would give head hitboxes a new material that would have a more satisfying headshot sound effect attached to it, instead of the current generic flesh impact sound. (Which would get pretty silly if I did that with the current system where Tanya takes 12 PKM headshots to kill.)
  5. So we already know that Seamist is set up to end the game if the objective building dies. Lunar Paradox has the same thing going on when the WF dies (though I believe it's not been seen yet) because the map also contains a helipad that is invisible and therefore unkillable (which had to be done to make aircraft purchasable without making room for a "real" helipad). I now realise that I could combine this feature with the "trigger an event X number of times" logic used in FoI and Siege to make it so that if a team loses ALL their production buildings (Barracks, War Factory, Helipad, Naval/Sub, and arguably the Missile Silo) on any map (except Seamist/Hostile Waters where one specific building is an objective) then the game ends after a short time (say 3 minutes), giving the win to whichever team killed the production buildings (or in the case of mutually assured destruction, whichever team did it first). How does everyone feel about this? I'd say that while it is possible for situations like that to lead to surprisingly tense kapitan/truck wars like the one on KOTG last Sunday, in almost all cases having no production buildings on one side just leads to a long wait for death, and having no production on EITHER side means both teams usually can't make any headway, and in both cases, leads to people quitting because they're bored of waiting for the next match. And it's certainly much easier than trying to figure out how to make the PP/Dome/Ref/CY extremely vital to a situation where you can only buy sarges and caps. And, you know, means we never have to deal with any Ransiks.
  6. As promised @NodGuy, a Steam tutorial. Was going to PM you, then thought why not a thread for others to use. Disclaimer - Red Alert: A Path Beyond is not and will not ever be available on Steam. As much as we all would want it, we cannot forget copyright and all that. Okay! So if you have me, Silverlight, Pushwall, or ChopBam as friends on Steam you may have seen us playing Red Alert: A Path Beyond from the Friends List. In this tutorial I will show you how to do this. Step 1. Add a Non-Steam game to your Library Probably your easiest step, I hope. Just open your Steam account and find your Library tab. And then find + ADD A GAME... and then select Add a Non-Steam Game... Step 2. Locating your APB game.exe Once you select Add a Non-Steam Game... you'll come across this. Select Browse... and search for wherever you placed your W3D Hub Launcher. My preferred method is simply finding your shortcut and opening the file location; Find your games folder; Open apb-release; And select game Of course, you can also find it by going this other route: OS (C:) >>> Program Files (x86) >>> W3D Hub >>> games >>> apb-release >>> game.exe Once you have done that, your game.exe appears in the list of programs to add and is checked off. Select Add Selected Programs and done! Step 3. Renaming game.exe and connecting to the server. You now have APB in your Steam library, though as you can see it is using its file name. Not only that, if you start it from this shortcut now you will only launch single-player LAN mode. Here's how to change that. First we right-click on game and select Properties. You will then come across this. Here we are going to want to change two things; the Title and the Target. 1. Where it says game, delete that and type in Red Alert: A Path Beyond. Silverlight and the others prefer the full Command & Conquer: Red Alert: A Path Beyond title. Whichever you prefer is fine. 2. In the Target: copy and paste this at the end after the quotes. +connect +playername YourNameHere +multi Important: Note the YourNameHere in the Target and change it to your ingame username. Can't have several people all trying to connect under the same name. What you should come out with is this. And in your Library you now have Red Alert: A Path Beyond! You can now hit Play and join the server right from your newly created Steam shortcut! And your friends will see that you're online too! End Tutorial And that concludes this Steam tutorial! As it is a Non-Steam game your playtime will not be tracked, but when you hop ingame you do get the Steam overlay. Just hit Shift+Tab and it opens. You can then take screenshots through Steam and chat with your friends while playing! Thank you for your time. I hope this tutorial becomes of use to you and I'll see you ingame!
  7. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update [blurb]Medic and Volkov cut down to size, Sergeants more suited for center-mass shots, new building props, two more bot-friendly maps, and Militant Force! What more could you ask for?[/blurb] General Mines and non-main structures are no longer subject to the splash cover system (only relevant for arty/V2/C4/nukes vs mines, and nukes vs non-main structures). Because of this, nuke damage to these objects is reduced again. Simplified collisions on dead vehicle and trilight props, should be much harder to get stuck against these. Esc help screen remade and updated by A4R91N to include a rundown on all of Delta's base structures. Infantry Saboteurs C4 charge time down from 1 to 0.25 seconds. (Not zero because zero means desyncs if you happen to have it equipped and are holding fire on a vehicle when you eject from said vehicle.) Clearing charges now have the same charge time as C4, for the same reason as above. Tanya C4's "Kiss it bye-bye" is now played globally. Repairmen Repair Tool now uses handgun character animations, allowing bots to use them properly and giving a slight range increase since they're held further forward. (Less importantly it's also more true to the first-person animation.) Medic Health up (75 -> 100) Auto-heal is reduced (3 -> 2.5) Auto-heal now only activates after 1 second of not taking damage. So concentrated fire, burn damage or scuba diving will prevent it from taking hold. Medic kit no longer heals infantry armour. Medic kit now has a 1.5-second charge time and an 0.5-second cooldown, instead of no charge and a 2-second cooldown; this means you can no longer rapidly swap between the kit and MP5 to fire the kit at up to 4 times faster than its intended refire rate. Medic kit no longer has a one-time use insta-heal. Added the "Armour Cache" signal flare (weapon slot 3); this causes friendly infantry within 25m to become uncrushable, refills their armour, and upgrades it to take 2/3rds less damage from mundane explosions (excluding AP mine) and become unstrippable. This flare provides its effect for a minute before expiring, and can be disarmed in half the time it would take to disarm a C4, so placing it anywhere near enemy spawn points is not recommended unless you're just using it as an emergency one-off armour refill. Shotgunners Dragonsbreath afterburn damage up (2.5 -> 4). Dragonsbreath afterburn now works against Flamethrowers and Volkovs. Fixed armour penetration on TOZ flechette shot which was accidentally 37.5% instead of 50% like the other shotgun rounds. (Volkov's "armour" had the correct setting here but that kinda never comes up... ) TOZ flechette shot damage to infantry down (80 -> 75), though with the above fix this is only a "nerf" to unarmoured infantry. Dragonsbreath armour shredding up (50% -> 75%). Slug and flechette armour shredding up (25% -> 100%). Thief Fixed bug where his stealing script would still play out if he died while inside a stealing zone. Volkov KovNade splash radius up (7 -> 8 ) KovNade splash damage down (15 -> 12.5) KovShotty damage down (60 -> 50) Vehicles Yakovlev Yak-9P Kills against Yaks are now recorded properly on the kill feed. Buildings Various buildings have been updated with new props from CMDBob's technology centre - computer consoles, mainframes, chairs and shelves. In most buildings this means extra cover, but in some they replace older props so it just ends up being an aesthetic thing. Tesla Coil Now detects infantry at 120m instead of using the anti-vehicle range (150m). Aesthetics The music track "Militant Force" will now play over the endgame scoreboard, overriding the map jukebox. Technician's flailing animation now works when running with "handgun" weapons and C4 and flares. Technician no longer does his flailing animation when running with large two-handed weapons. Repair Tool's screen glows in the dark. Makarov uses its old first-person animations again as the Beretta ones introduce some awful clipping. Added some new purchase quotes: Sergeant (Carville): "Moving to intercept" Starshina (Topolov): "Za Rossiyu" (For Russia) Captain (Esling): "There is still much to be done" Kapitan (Kukov): "Take the fight to them" Missile Silo basement now has a window into the missile tube, with a shutter that closes during launching. Performance Airfield's runway lights no longer eat up a huge amount of draw calls. Oil pumps use less draw calls and no longer have performance-hungry multimaterials. Bots Bots in the "engineer" group actually do their job now. Sort of. Instead of basically just being worthless pistol defense bots, they will head to a friendly MCT and use the Repair Tool on it endlessly, until the building is dead at which point they may move to another one. At a later date I plan to refine this so that they only repair buildings that NEED repairs, but I haven't had time to figure that part out yet. Bots in the "engineer" group may now spend their money on Engineers for extra survivability instead of only buying Technicians - not like they're ever going to spend it on vehicles or offensive infantry. Small-arms infantry bots will now "ignore" buildings - that is, if these are the only targets in their range, they will shoot them but will move forward at the same time in hopes of finding better targets. Allied bots can now buy Medics; however they do not know how to use their medic features intelligently so they just use them as a CQC commando. Infantry now treat MCT rooms as their "objective" - they will try to reach these areas if no other targets are getting in their way. Once they do so they will shoot the MCT. Infantry preferences are now set on a per-map basis: On small, cramped maps, they will buy more Sergeants, Medics, Flamethrowers and Tanyas, but no Snipers. On open, vehicle-heavy maps they will buy more Captains and Rocket Soldiers, but no Sergeants or Medics. On maps that fall somewhere in between, they get a good mix of everything. Maps RA_CanyonRiver Removed rocks that are completely underwater or hidden in marsh-grass since you really have no way of noticing and avoiding them. RA_Fissure Removed "Militant Force" music track. RA_LunarParadox Auto-healing on superboats down (10 -> 5). Chrono dustblowers collide with Service Depots properly. SPAM Site no longer announces that it is "under attack" when a spy temporarily destroys it. RA_Metro Bots can now be enabled. Same method as usual. On this map they will buy rangers. Base radar markers are present now. (Not that the map was particularly complicated before, but their absence was causing bots to derp out.) War Factory spy zone no longer needs the spy to jump to activate. Fixed the long silence after "Eaten Alive" music track. RA_Pipeline Fixed some misplaced barrels at the Allied pump. Fixed rainbow door. Added a collision safety net between the walkway and top of the oil silo so you can't fall down. Moved dead Allied turret near shore slightly to reduce stuck issues. Shorelines are now lit properly. RA_RidgeRacer Both types of cars are a little slower than before. This leaves them easier to control since high-speed driving doesn't go well with lag in this engine. The Soviet ones are still faster and more slippery than the Allied, but should be less slippery than before - while the Allied ones should do a much better job than before of sticking to the road and being able to take corners at their full speed. Time limit for each checkpoint has been raised to 70 seconds to be more in line with the slower pace of the game. RA_RidgeWar Removed external SDs and the defenses near them. Added additional AA defense on the far east side of each base to compensate (near Soviet Refinery and Allied Conyard). RA_ToTheCore Out-of-bounds border no longer bleeds into the basement of the Allied Construction Yard RA_Under Naval structures are now snow-capped. Deepened water around Allied base. RA_Wasteland Bots can now be enabled.
  8. I have Ideas to improve either to fissure, forest of illusion, or rock trap. Idea #1 how about player controlled cannons? They would have limited health and might be something for those who are not good at infantry combat to do. (Remember cannon or turret; not pill, not flame, not m60, nor machine gun.) Idea #2 (fissure only) capturable oil pump? It allows some who don't like infantry combat to instead go for a moneymaker. what do you guys think?
  9. How much memory is APB supposed to use? It seems to take up to 3 GB at times but that doesn't seem right, which impacts other running applications. Is there a memory leak somewhere?
  10. I'm sure others are sick and tired of their Artillery and V2 vehicles slightly moving when trying to line up a shot. You could try exiting and entering the vehicle but on some terrain this just doesn't work. I don't know if it is the game or my 180 ping but it's very annoying. My suggestion is the option to press Q to 'deploy' the vehicle. I use quotations because there would be no animations for this, it's not really deploying but the vehicle would simply stop moving completely, like the Nod Artillery from Reborn. This would save so much time when preparing to attack enemy defences and buildings. Speaking of the Nod Artillery, it would be awesome if when the Artillery is deployed we get the previously removed slight pivot to the left and right back. This was extremely helpful for me when hitting defences. For those who don't like the pivot then they just don't deploy and use the vehicle like it is now. I'll throw a poll up so people can vote if they would like this or not, although I don't see why not as those who are against can simply never press Q while in these vehicles.
  11. Hey all, Under sure is a fun map lately... if you are the Allies that is! Look at all this fire power! those communists can't even step out of their base without getting blown back to Stalingrad! And by cutting off their income we've made certain they have no hope of ever sending large scale retaliation, very clever if i do say so myself. Whats that cadet? The soviets have a cost effective infantryman equipped with an RPG that is capable of destroying our glorious fire power? THEY ARE HIDING IN THE TUNNELS RIGHT NOW READY TO STRIKE?? Oh never mind they either all died in that explosion or they had to retreat Hahaha! but you know that last attack has me thinking cadet... if the Soviets had some form of access tunnel linking from their base to the top of the hill we might actually have to do some fighting for once, those RPG troopers could actually pose a viable threat from up there! but its a darn good thing that there isn't said tunnel so instead the soviets all die horribly to our assault isn't that right cadet? TL;DR I've been noticing a sequence of events unfold in the Under map in the same manner more and more often, the total allied mechanized dominance over the center, once this stage gets reached it usually concludes in the demise of the soviets sooner or later, now the factors leading to this circumstance could range from V2s being harder to use in the small map, or to the allies advantage in terms of mechanic units repairing what little damage soviets manage to do to allied tanks and artillery, however I would like to propose a map adjustment for the dev team to mull over. The core concept is an access tunnel either leading to the top of the hill exiting like so Or a tunnel exiting to the North west end of the map near or around the watchtower area, both of these are mainly to create access points for infantry to reach the center area and contribute to the combat without being slaughtered as soon as they leave base, thus giving opportunities to attack enemy vehicles and put up more of a fight like so obviously these two access points should be accessible for both teams however I would think the paths back to their respective bases should be team locked to prevent even more infantry rush routes, anyway that is up for debate as well, but really let me know what you all think of the idea, talk about your reasoning behind why you think it's either good or bad, necessary or unnecessary, lets hear it all!
  12. As I have mentioned before in-game, I think there are many flaws with the carcinogenic map known as RA_Siege, A.K.A "who even made this map?" or "!skip pls". I know there are some people out there who like it, but it's my impression that most players don't. I might be wrong, though. I also have the impression that players usually leave when this map comes in. Now, what's wrong with siege (note: this is my very own personal opinion): 1- It's way too big (we all know that). 2- Also due to the size, it takes a lot of time for the harvester to get the ore. 3- A lot of unused space in the castle (See first picture). Some AI "ghosts" would be good, like in the church on Stormy Valley. 4- The rainy weather makes that map depressing. This may have a psychological effect on players. Rainy weather = bad weather; rainy map = bad map. 5- This section of the Soviet base (see second picture, compare to third picture). Additional suggestion: How about a secondary path for vehicles/infantry over the lake? (See fourth picture) I think it would be good to make a community-designed map, so we could all contribute with ideas and make something great. Also, what happened to Fissure? And who designed Siege? I am open to discussion.
  13. It took me two evenings to make a little demo of what also could be made for Red Alert A Path Beyond. Including few hours for moving resources of this game back to my experimental lab for Commando Assault and for exploring them. Did not know there is already Level Editor and source codes for APB, thanks to CMDBob for the tip.
  14. Time will tell, sooner or later... But anyway, it took me two days again to finish another script for Red Alert A Path Beyond - an alternative script for Chronotank. In overall, it is a crazy unit for "Lunar Paradox" map. However, new Chronotank, as well as Chronosphere, may cause Chronovortex which would try to destroy buildings and units of your teammates. Joked at the end of video
  15. As I promised, here are the weird messages I get on APB. The second one in particular is disturbing, and makes me wonder what kind of people are behind APB and W3D.
  16. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update [blurb]The infantry overhaul we tested before has been refined and introduced to the game for real - as well as a few map updates![/blurb]The infantry overhaul we tested before has been refined and introduced to the game for real - as well as a few map updates! As usual, in the changelog, look for bolded entries for the main gamechangers - but since this is a refinement of the previous temporary patch, if you've already read the experimental version's patch notes, just look for underlined entries and everything after Volkov, as those are the ones that have actually changed since the first iteration. General Changes to nuclear explosions (Demo Truck and A-Bomb Flare): Both now deal extra damage to infantry (0.13125 -> 0.225). This translates to 180 and 225 point-blank damage with demos/flares (was 105 and 131.25), but as noted the infantry section, is reduced to half through terrain, and degrades more sharply at range for demos. Demo Truck's anti-unit/aux structure explosion radius down (120 -> 100). It still damages main structures in its original 120 radius. Both deal reduced damage to Volkov compared to normal (0.225 -> 0.15). Both deal increased damage to mines (0.375 -> 0.625) to compensate the cover penetration since buildings count as cover. Infantry General Headshot/helmetshot damage multiplier increased from 3 to 5. Neckshot damage multiplier decreased from 3 to 1. Getting an actual "headshot" is therefore harder. Armour penetration of various weapons is altered. For the weapons that are penalised by this, bodyshots are therefore worse than they were before, except against "naked" infantry. Remaining machineguns, tank shells, rockets 75% -> 87.5% Assault rifles, MP5, Pillbox 62.5% -> 50% Pistols, snipers, KovShotty 50% -> 37.5% Armour shredding of various weapons is reduced: Machineguns 150% -> 100% Tank shells, rockets 200% -> 100% Flame weapons 150% -> 50% M16, AK, MP5, Pillbox 100% -> 25% Slug 150% -> 25% Cover penetration of various weapon explosions is reduced: Nuclear explosions 100% -> 50%. This does not affect their damage to main structures; just units and non-important structures. Flame weapons 50% -> 33% Artilleries 25% -> 20% Phase/Mammoth/Turret 25% -> 0% Infantry now regenerate 5 HP per second instead of 3. Tank shells/rockets damage multiplier to infantry down from 0.375 to 0.3 (0.625 -> 0.5 for Volkov). Infantry can now begin to see stealth units from 25m away (was 20). Headshots and helmetshots now use a distinct sound. Height differences between infantry have been narrowed. Infantry hitboxes have been overhauled; all infantry now have completely identical ones (this time for real), except for Flamethrower's backpack, and they are generally smaller than before (especially the head). Pistol users Accuracy penalty when jumping up (1.5 -> 3). AI pistol users (such as techie bots) now have a special variant of the pistol with the same inaccuracy as the M60/PKM. So now you shouldn't get your entire infantry squad wiped by an Ore Truck technician while trying to cripple the enemy's economy. Repairmen Engineer no longer has extra armour. Engineer is no longer fireproof. Engineers now have 5 Clearing Charges. Clearing Charge blast radius down (10 -> 7.5). Clearing Charge damage down (500 -> 250). This only really matters for hedgehogs as it has an overkill damage multiplier against mines. Repair Tool ROF down (10 -> 1). Repair Tool repair/disarm damage up (1 -> 10). Golden Wrench ROF down (13.33 -> 5). Golden Wrench repair damage up (3.33 -> 10). Golden Wrench ammo down (100 -> 50). So now it repairs 500 building health (as much as a normal building has) in 10 seconds, instead of 333 (two-thirds) in 7.5 seconds. Repair Tool and Golden Wrench abusability overhaul: They are no longer area of effect weapons; instead, they are invisible hitscan beams (like a pistol) with splash damage at the end. You will now need to point directly at an object to repair it. So no more repairing the Soviet Barracks MCT through the floor above. For disarming c4/flares, you just need to point in their general direction. The hitscan has 3m range and the splash has 3m range. (Previously it was an AOE around the user with 3.5m.) As long as you can use the full length of the hitscan beam (for example, you're out in the open trying to disarm a C4 on a silo/coil) then you essentially have a longer disarm radius of 6m, but if you're trying to disarm through a wall, you're slightly worse off than before - you can no longer disarm C4 on a Soviet Barracks MCT through the floor above. Disarming through walls is still totally possible (which it needs to be to allow disarming flares on auxiliary buildings), there's just less places that you can do it. Now has 180 degrees of inaccuracy while bunnyhopping. This has a severe effect on repair attempts and makes C4/flares take at least twice as long to disarm. Long story short, if a repairman is being shot at and needs to bunnyhop to survive, his repair capability is significantly worse than before, but if he's undisturbed it's business as usual, except that the Golden Wrench is a little better. Disarming a flare is now only worth 500 points (was 750). Disarming a C4 is now only worth 50 points (was 75). Officers Firing sound radius down (130 -> 120m). PKM rate of fire down (12.5 -> 12, a ~2.7% DPS decrease). Price up (250 -> 300). Rifle Soldiers Range down (100 -> 90m). M16 Trishot accuracy penalties are now only 0.25 lower than primary (was 0.75 lower). So now it only has perfect accuracy when crouched. M16 Trishot rate of fire down (2.25 -> 1). Firing sound radius down (120 -> 100m). No longer has a crabwalking accuracy penalty. Damage multiplier to MCTs up (0.175 -> 0.18); a ~2.9% DPS increase. Flamethrower Firing sound radius down (70 -> 30m). Fireball explosion sound radius down (250 -> 150m). Range up (90 -> 100m). Splash damage up (30 -> 35). Splash radius down (9.5 -> 8). Direct hit damage multiplier to infantry up (0.4 -> 0.5). Health is now completely immune to fire splash; however, armour depletes at the same high rate that it would against normal infantry. So you still don't want to splash yourself, but you can't kill yourself by doing so. Price up (300 -> 450). Still doubled on Fissure. Rocket Soldiers F1 Grenade direct damage up (15 -> 20). RPG-7/LAW accuracy penalty when jumping down (2 -> 1.5). AT launchers firing sound radius down (140 -> 100m). Mechanic Health up (50 -> 60). Wrench AOE radius increased (10 -> 12.5m). Medic No longer has extra armour. Health up (75 -> 100). Rate of fire up (13.33 -> 15), a ~6.2% DPS increase. Bullet velocity down (500 -> 250m/s). Accuracy penalties changed: 1.5 standing/jogging, 5 jumping (was 1.25 standing/jogging, 3.75 jumping) Firing sound radius down (120 -> 90m). Medic kit AOE range increased (10 -> 12.5m). Medic kit DOT effect heals at two-thirds the normal rate against other Medics. Medic kit equip time shortened to 0.5 seconds again. Price up (500 -> 800). No longer a viable insta-rush option for tiny maps... but it's better once you can afford it. When not in multi-medic groups at least. Shock Trooper Direct hit DOT effect now deals 12.5 DPS for 2 seconds, for a total of 25 damage (was 7.5 for 3 = 22.5 total). Accuracy penalties changed: 0.5 standing/jogging, 0 crouching, 0.25 crabwalking, 1.5 jumping (was 0.4 standing/jogging, 0.1 crouching/crabwalking, 1.75 jumping) Shotgunners Remington Slug damage to infantry down (40 -> 30). Primary damage spread out over 10 pellets (was 8). Remington reload time down (3.33 -> 3 seconds), a ~3% DPS increase. TOZ reload time up (3.33 -> 3.5 seconds), a ~1.5% DPS decrease. Firing sound radius down (100 -> 90m). Price up (150 -> 200). Sniper Damage up (55 -> 60). ROF down (0.75 -> 0.5). Firing sound radius up (275 -> 300m). Price up (500 -> 650). Spy/Thief Damage down (12.5 -> 10), same as a normal Beretta. You still kill most infantry in the same amount of headshots as you would with higher damage anyway. Thief's money stolen from Silo is down (33% -> 25%) Tanya No longer has a depletable armour bar; instead, she has 150 health, the same 50% explosive damage resistance that the Engineer has, and fast regen like Volkov/Medics. This renders her tougher against most field infantry/vehicles, improving her ability to help Allied tanks push against Soviet infantry, but renders her more of a glass cannon against most small arms which makes her a riskier infiltration unit. Firing sound radius down (150 -> 100m). Range up (60 -> 70m). Volkov No longer has a depletable armour bar; instead, his health always takes the same damage as an armoured person would, so he essentially has infinite armour - but only for splash damage and most small arms; direct hits from any large projectile and the APC's Browning act as though he's unarmoured. AP mode targeting range is now 100m to match the Kovnades (was matching the Kovshotty instead, but why are you even trying to hit things with the shotgun at that range?) KovNade now explodes on impact. (Multiple variations on Beta's "bouncy" and Delta's "sticky" have been tried and they all have horrible clipping issues that render them terribly unreliable.) KovNade direct damage down (70 -> 25). KovNade direct hit now uses the pistol warhead, so even with the new impact explosion it still can't hurt buildings. KovNade splash damage down (30 -> 15). KovNade splash radius down (12 -> 7). KovNade ammo usage down (4 -> 2), can now be fired 6 times before reload. Vehicles Light Tank Health up (250 -> 300) Armour class down to Light. Reload time down (1.225 -> 1.2), a ~2% DPS increase. Mammoth Tank Scaled up +15% to match the size of the MAD Tank. Tusk launchers now fire in the same order as the cannons. Mi-24 Hind Damage to infantry down (7.5 -> 6). Tesla Tank Direct hit DOT effect now deals 10 DPS for 4 seconds, for a total of 40 damage (was 7.5 for 5 = 37.5 total). Splash damage down (17.5 -> 15). Yakovlev Yak-9P "Gradual self-damage" threshold down from 30 to 27.5m/s, so it should no longer feather engines or whatever while banking hard. Base damage up (25 -> 30) - maximum damage to any vehicle's health in a single pass up from 250 to 300, damage to base defenses up from 75 to 90 Damage multiplier to all buildings except defenses down (0.3 -> 0.25) - so damage to them is unchanged from before Damage multiplier to non-Ranger light vehicle shields down (1 -> 0.9) - maximum damage to them in a single pass up from 250 to 270 Damage multiplier to heavy vehicle shields down (0.625 -> 0.4) - maximum damage to them in a single pass down from 156.25 to 120 Damage multiplier to mammoth vehicle shields down (0.5 -> 0.4) - maximum damage to them in a single pass down from 125 to 120 Buildings Radar Dome No longer causes Tanya/Volkov to become unavailable on death. (This was more a placeholder "feature" for until something useful came along, i.e. the backup War Factory thing.) Aesthetics Mammoth Tank's side stars are moved back slightly. Mammoth Tank's mantlets now tilt appropriately with the barrels. Repair Tool's sound now matches the first person animation. Kill strings from neutral entities (for example, Stormy Valley's partisans) now correctly show up in white instead of Allied blue. Grenadier now has a proper model for his 9K32 Strela-2 anti-air rocket launcher, made and textured by Furs with texturing refinements by Chaos_Knight! Maps RA_CamosCanyon_Bots Is now merged into the main Camos Canyon map to save size and reduce confusion with the server's set next map command. To enable bots on RA_CamosCanyon while playing in LAN mode, press F8 to open the console, and type botcount 30 (or whatever number of bots you want; 30 was the previous default). RA_Complex Tech Level up to 5. The Supply Truck tunnel's connection to the central tunnel is now blocked by tank wrecks, preventing other vehicles from interacting with it - no more dropping a demo/MAD down the side tunnels and cheapshotting the enemy base, or using Rangers/tanks to intercept infantry teams travelling down the side tunnel. This also prevents a team from taking the other team's truck and concealing it safely within their own base so that it can never respawn for the enemy - it can only be taken to the other end of the side tunnel. Removed floating crates by Allied WF. Spire by the Light Tank wreck is not so comically tall anymore. RA_Fissure Tech Level down to 1. Both teams now have an additional 2 credits per second income that cannot be prevented. RA_GuardDuty Expanded some of the map boundaries, particularly in areas ground vehicles can't easily access or have little reason to. Flight ceiling up from 80m to 125m; warning up from 67.5m to 105m. RA_Pipeline Repair Tool can now capture neutral structures; however, this takes about 12 seconds for a neutral one compared to 2 with the Wrench. (Capture logic is tied to ROF and not damage, hence why the ROF/damage per shot changes had to be made.) RA_RidgeRacer Added a vertical physical collision mesh around all the elements of the track border that aren't already completely vertical. So now you should never get stuck or flipped by track borders unless you charge into them at max speed. Fixed the seam on the final stretch. Added a bunch of new billboards by A4R91N. Hedgehogs are now rusted to make them stand out more, especially in areas where they're on roads. Allied and Soviet rangers now behave differently; Allied ones are "grip" rangers that have a weaker max speed/acceleration but stick to the road much better (good for newcomers or high pingers) and Soviet ones are "drift" rangers, which are difficult beasts similar to the rangers in previous versions of this map, and have a high speed/acceleration but need extra care when handling corners. They can potentially finish earlier than grips if you can control them. Reduced number of cars to 16. Spread out starting positions more so you can't get stuck behind unoccupied cars and are much less likely to accidentally hop into a car you don't want. Replaced music track with Motorized from RA2. Country Swing ramp is lower so it should be much harder to flip when landing. Final snow ramp is lower so it should be harder to crash/flip on the concrete wall ahead. Time limit set to 5 minutes. RA_Siege Moved coil outside the walls. Moved positions of all the AAs that aren't on the refill areas; they're now all outside the walls except 1 on the WF roof. Soviet SAMs now only really cover the rear/centre of base just like the Allied AA guns. Cannon damage up (200 -> 250). RA_StormyValley Partisan health/speed now reflects the stats of the units they're "copying" (rifle = 50 health/6.5 speed, shotgun = 60 health/7 speed, rocket = 50 health/6 speed), instead of being an all-powerful 75 health/7 speed for all of them.
  17. So, I was poking round the really old APB 9935 gmax building source files, and I noticed there was a civilian technology centre model that was half finished. So, I decided to finish it. The exterior of the center. The entrance to the facility. Simple, but it works. One of the research domes, with a couple of computer(?) stations. The largest dome, still under construction. The last dome, with just a few crates and a catwalk. The central atrium, with stacks of crates, and the roof access ladder. Going up... The roof. Be careful not to fall off! Finally, a view from the top, complete with a look into the domes! I've attached the 3ds max source files (the building itself, plus a proxy and edge for cutting into the ground), as well as the two textures that are missing from APB. (Just the metal floor on the roof and the actual dome texture.) They're all in one archive. civtechnologycentre.7z In terms of what this could be used for, I'm not sure. It's big, sure, but not too massive. (It's a little bigger than 2 x 2 war factories, but the inside is a fair bit smaller than that.) It could make the centrepiece of a TDM map (with extra ramps to the roof added, and maybe one of the domes removed and a ramp up there...) or an objective in a mission map (defend/assault the tech center? Capture the tech center and hold it for 5-10 minutes to win? The possibilities are endless...) or, it could just be a big prop. (Capture it to unlock the ability to produce a special trooper/tank?) Anyway, it's there for people to use.
  18. So it seems the medic is still a problem, but outright nerfing him would just make him even more useless on vehicle maps and I really want to figure out a way to make him more useful for those. What if, in exchange for his medic kit equip time and healing to other medics being dialed back a bit again as a general nerf, he got given a secondary fire that instantly refilled a portion of teammates' HP (say 50 health plus also starting the gradual heal) but can only be used once and also starts a long reload on his medic kit which he must wait out (equipping the MP5 prolongs this as it would with any other reloading weapon) before he's able to use his normal healing mode again (say 5 seconds)? Due to how the aoe weapons work, this would still not heal the Medic himself nor would it be possible to do so without making it a separate weapon entirely. But naturally it can be made to heal other Medics less just like the gradual heal. The big thing about this is that Supply Trucks would be able to refill the ammo that the secondary fire uses as well as circumventing the reload, thus essentially giving him more charges of this ability on maps where STs spawn in the field or can be bought and kept behind front lines without too much trouble. Or if he can get home to refill on non-vehicle maps. I've already tested this out and it can be done without technical issues - though KOTG's one-shot medic kit crate will have to be upgraded to a one-shot insta-heal kit as adding the instant-but-limited-use secondary fire requires making the normal firing mode use no ammo, but given that that item almost never comes into play anyway, I guess there's no issue with that. The same limited-ammo thing could easily be done for Mechanics. Not considering doing it though, just pointing it out since I'm sure someone else would have raised the question given how similarly the weapons behave. If this is a little ridiculous, we can also use this thread to try to brainstorm ways to make the medic useful outside of infantry maps that don't also make the medic too ridiculous inside infantry maps, or act as a general nerf to infantry that aren't being medic'd or overhaul too much again (so ditching the regen system entirely is probably out of the question).
  19. View File Deep Red and Green Bullet Tracers This is a texture pack that changes the colors of the bullet tracers used in Red Alert: A Path Beyond. Allied tracers are now green, while Soviet tracers are a deeper, more vibrant red - Pretty much a throwback to the old tracer colors as seen in Beta/NW and parts of Gamma. Submitter Pyryle Submitted 06/06/2017 Category Custom Textures  
  20. I made some weapon sounds by remixing sound effects from various games, to be used in another project of mine, and decided to test them in APB. Also a few vehicle sounds as a bonus. What do you think of 'em?
  21. This will make Tanya/Engin even more viable/fun in the field. With the change in the disarm system, we won't need to worry about throwing the C4 up too high so it can't be disarmed.
  22. Hello , can i get a standalone package to download because your Launcher doesn't seem to work for me ( as always ) thank you for your time and convienience. (It just says installation failed and doesnt download anything on a new harddisk and computer )
  23. Version 1.0.0


    This is a texture pack that changes the colors of the bullet tracers used in Red Alert: A Path Beyond. Allied tracers are now green, while Soviet tracers are a deeper, more vibrant red - Pretty much a throwback to the old tracer colors as seen in Beta/NW and parts of Gamma.
  24. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update This is a big one, so if you don't have the patience for the whole changelog or you just want the cliff notes, just look for siren-marked units and bolded sub-entries. [blurb]Be sure to check out the latest developments for Red Alert: A Path Beyond! Warplanes, consistent AA, reinforcements, a combat score/economy overhaul and more![/blurb] General Gamma's radio commands have been replaced with Nuclear Winter ones, for consistency since not all of the NW ones got replaced before by whoever voiced the new ones. Due to limited voice-splicing capabilities with the old commands, and some unusual placements of newer commands, some commands have actually become different ones as a result: Ctrl+3 = "Beware enemy mines" (was "Attack the Barracks", which was for some reason separated from the other attack commands.) Ctrl+4 = "Don't buy Demolition Trucks" (was "Attack the War Factory", which was for some reason separated from the other attack commands.) Ctrl+9 = "That's real, disarm it" (was "That's a real threat". A true loss to us all, but let's face it, it was basically the new Intelligence Dubious.) Ctrl+Alt+3 = "Attack the Helipad" (was "Attack the Construction Yard"... a Helipad command exists in the old commands, but not new ones, and I ran out of room for all of the buildings. The helipad is a more pivotal structure than the CY so it deserves a command more I'd say.) Ctrl+Alt+5 = "Attack the Barracks" (was "Attack the Power Plant"... there's no PP reference in the old commands so we couldn't keep this.) Ctrl+Alt+6 = "Attack the War Factory" (was "Defend the base"... which is kind of already covered by "Bolster our defenses" and "Building needs repairs") Infantry General Unequipped A-Bomb Signal Flares are now visibly carried on a character's waist (though if they have multiple weapons the visibility of this depends on which weapon they have equipped because "back weapons" are weird). Pay attention to these so you know who to shoot! Officers Damage multiplier to building exteriors up by 50% (0.1 -> 0.15). Damage multiplier to MCTless buildings up by 7% (0.175 -> 0.1875). Magazine size up (50 -> 100). Reload time up (2 -> 4). This means the bigger magazine does not affect their overall DPS - just their alpha and their ability to give suppressing fire. Accuracy penalties adjusted (1 standing/0.2 crouching/0.2 crabwalking -> 1.25 standing/0.1 crouching/0.25 crabwalking). Accuracy penalties stabilise faster (1.25 -> 2 units per second). Armour penetration up (75% -> 87.5%). Now needs less 1 less headshot to kill most units. Flamethrower Splash damage up (27.5 -> 30) Splash radius down (10 -> 9.5). This is a winning trade unless your shot lands more than 6m off target. Death explosion damage up (50 -> 60) Death explosion radius down (10 -> 9.5). Tech Level down to 1. Grenadier/RPG Trooper The "artillery" form of the Grenadier has been cut from the game entirely, and the RPG Trooper has stolen his name on a technicality (he has a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher, see?) as well as something else I'll mention further down the list. He uses the RPG Trooper's pale brown fatigues by default, but has old Grenadier yellow as an alternate camo. RPG-7 has an arc again. RPG-7 range up from 105 to 110m (same as LAW). Grenadier (aka RPG Trooper) no longer has a limited Makarov sidearm; instead he has limited F1 grenades (only 12), which take on the same role of being a last-ditch self-defense option against infantry: Now explodes on contact. Now only hurts infantry. Accuracy penalties actually work now (3 when jumping/sprinting, 0.25 when idle/jogging, 0 when crouching/crabwalking, stabilises at 3/sec). C4 logic was precluding this before. Velocity down (60 -> 37.5m/s) Range down (150 -> 75m) Splash radius down (10 -> 8m) Splash armour penetration down (50% -> 37.5%) Splash damage up (30 -> 40). Combined with the penetration reduction and damage dropoff this is actually a downgrade unless your foes are naked or you get a direct hit. Projectile size up (0 -> 0.25m) Screen shake is twice as harsh and long. Direct damage up from 0 (which was due to C4 not supporting direct damage) to 12.5. This uses the same warhead as the pistols, so this is merely equivalent to one Silenced Beretta shot, but that's not counting the splash damage. Rocket Soldiers Redeye/Strela are no longer homing. You will HAVE to lead your shots now - but if you can do this then you have a very reliable weapon, unlike the tracking version which just randomly didn't work. Redeye/Strela damage decreased (Redeye 140 -> 110, Strela 120 -> 80). This means the Redeye needs 1 more hit and the Strela needs 2 more to kill the enemy team's aircraft, but that shouldn't be a problem if tracking has resulted in plenty of misses for you! Strela reload time down (2.5 -> 2.2), to compensate for its greatly reduced power. Redeye/Strela velocity up (Redeye 200 -> 500m/s, Strela 160 -> 500m/s) Redeye/Strela range up (170 -> 175m) Redeye/Strela damage multiplier to boats up (0.5/0.4 -> 0.625/0.5), to compensate for the base damage reduction. Effectiveness in this area is barely any different to before as a result. Redeye/Strela accuracy penalties actually work now (2.5 when jumping/sprinting, 0 when idle/jogging/crouching/crabwalking, stabilises at 2/sec). Tracking logic was precluding these before. Redeye/Strela have a thicker smoke trail to make their presence more obvious. Now have their sidearms on Deathmatch maps. Mechanic Repairs Mammoth-class vehicles 33% slower. No longer auto-repairs at a faster rate when being a passenger instead of a pilot; with the removal of extra MBT seats this feature got relegated to the Ranger and APC, and was only relevant for the latter to aid in killwhoring. Medic Medic kit now takes 1 second to equip after switching/sprinting (was 0.5). Shotgunners TOZ-194 is now shouldered for easier headshotting/firing over cover. The "quick fire" DOT inflicted by Remington/TOZ dragonsbreath is now slightly weaker (2.5 damage over 2 seconds instead of 5 over 3) but has a 100% chance of being inflicted (was 40% per attack). Good for cancelling medic heals. Thief Can now steal from Ore Silos on any map (as long as the silo's terminal is not obstructed). However, he can only steal 33% of the Soviets' funds from Ore Silos, as opposed to 50% at the Refinery. Has a HUD help message explaining how to use him. Volkov Volknades range up (80 -> 100m) Volknades direct damage up (35 -> 70) Volknades splash damage up (27.5 -> 30) Volknades splash radius up (10 -> 11). Volktillery spread down (3 -> 2.5) Volktillery now has a harsher explosion effect and screen shake ala Beta; damage is identical though. Vulnerability to accidental AP mine detonation decreased (was 50% that of regular infantry; now 25%) Vehicles General Light vehicles (Artillery, V2, MRJ, Supply Truck, Demolition Truck) no longer have an innate 25% Tesla resistance. Updated purchase terminal logic for "optional" vehicles (MRJ, Soviet Ranger, Allied Chinook, Ore Truck) so there should no longer be any discrepancies in price/techlevel/availability that shouldn't exist. All that's really changed for the layman is that it'll be easier to enable these vehicles when map editing (for when the SDK comes out) and Ore Trucks are no longer available on maps without a Refinery. All vehicles have had a portion of their points reward converted from damage points to kill points. Demolition Truck, MAD Tank: 100 kill points Phase Tank, Tesla Tank, Mobile Artillery, V2 Launcher, Longbow, Hind: 50 Every other vehicle except ST: 25 Supply Truck: 12.5 Some vehicles' total point yield has been reduced: Longbow, Hind: Down from 150 to 125 Chinook, LST, APC: Down from 100 to 75 Mobile Radar Jammer: Down from 100 to 50 Just like with points, cash rewards for vehicles are partially shifted from damage cash to kill cash. Cash rewards are split halfway between damage and kill cash (just like with infantry), except for the Demolition Truck/MAD Tank where they are 75% kill cash, 25% damage cash. Vehicles more expensive than $1200 no longer have a cap on their cash rewards, so they are more lucrative to hunt down. Suicidal or unarmed vehicles (including the Minelayer) now only provide cash equal to 10% of their price in rewards, instead of 20% - just like how it is for infantry whose only means of self-defense is the Makarov/Beretta. Naval units that are not near a shoreline/dock/naval structure cannot be "accidentally" ejected (or entered) and all their occupants will instantly die when the unit is destroyed away from these areas. Currently this does not apply to Destroyers/Gunboats as doing this now would break their animations, but it may be expanded to them some time in future if this is resolved. APC Health down (400 -> 250). Armour class upgraded to Mammoth, which affords it slightly more resistance to flame weapons than its former 400-health "Heavy" self had, and making it almost as resistant to small-arms. Doesn't help against real anti-tank weapons though. Max speed up (13.66 -> 15.46, a ~13.2% increase). This puts it second only to the Ranger in straightaway speed. Acceleration/deceleration decreased; reaching max speed/stopping takes about twice as long as before. Which still isn't very long, but enough to make it hard to dodge back and forth like an LT. Spread up (0.25 -> 0.5) Projectile damage increased (6 -> 7), a 16.67% DPS increase against most targets. Projectile damage multiplier to mines up (0.75 -> 1). Projectile damage multiplier to aircraft decreased (1 -> 0.875). This lends it only a ~2% increase in DPS with its higher base damage. Projectile damage multiplier to buildings decreased (0.2 -> 0.16). This lends it a ~6.7% decrease in DPS despite its higher base damage. Projectile damage multiplier to mammoth-class vehicles decreased (0.5 -> 0.375). This lends it a 12.5% decrease in DPS in this area. Maximum/minimum turret tilts adjusted (+45/-22.5 -> +60/-20) Has a horn. Mobile Artillery Minimum turret tilt heightened (0 -> +2.5), effectively increasing its minimum range on flat ground by about 15 metres. Reload time down (4.875 -> 4.75), a ~2.6% DPS increase. Price up to 900. Chinook Transport Ascent/descent speed up (10 -> 11.6, a 16% increase) Destroyer/Missile Sub Range up (175 -> 180m) Mi-24 Hind Turn rate up (40 -> 75) Ascent/descent speed up (8.6 -> 10.75, a 25% increase) Bullet velocity up (250 -> 500m/s), should again help with actually hitting things. Damage multiplier to Mammoth-class vehicles up (0.125 -> 0.175). Pierces vehicle armour more (37.5% -> 50%) Clicks when out of ammo. AH-64 Longbow Turn rate up (55 -> 90) Ascent/descent speed up (13.5 -> 16.7, a 24% increase) Damage to naval units up (75 -> 80) Damage to Tesla Tanks down (80 -> 70) Clicks when out of ammo Minelayer Fixed bug where Soviet Minelayer stolen by a Spy would be targeted by defenses. Mobile Radar Jammer Can no longer be stolen while deployed. Price up to 1200. (If you're curious as to why, see the Radar Dome section.) Ranger Fixed issue where attempting to drive downhill at max speed would cause you stall out until you fell to LT-ish speed. Damage multiplier to defenses up by 6.66% (0.1875 -> 0.2) Armour penetration up (75% -> 87.5%). Now needs less 1 less headshot to kill most units. Now has a unique armour class, largely similar to light vehicles but with a few key differences: Retains the 25% Tesla resistance that light vehicles used to have. Only takes 75 health damage from AT mines (armour still gets insta-stripped as normal). It might not sound like it makes sense... but bear in mind due to the mine's targeting quirks, larger-profile tanks often have to drive straight over a mine to trigger it, while Rangers trigger them without even being that close to them. So just see it as them being less affected because they don't get directly hit Repaired 33% faster by Mechanics. Takes 25% more damage from Hinds. Shield does not take 25% reduced damage from nukes like other light vehicles do. Attack Submarine Projectile speed up (50 -> 62.5m/s). No longer has projectile extension so its projectiles will not noclip through targets at point blank range. Supply Truck Max speed up (12.23 -> 13.48, a ~10% increase). Does not affect Demolition Trucks. Tesla Tank Range up (122.5 -> 125m) Max speed down (10.11 -> 9.97m/s, a 1.4% decrease) Spread down (0.5 -> 0.25) Now immune to Shock Rifles (0.25 -> 0) Takes 40% less damage from other Tesla Tanks/Tesla Coils (0.375 -> 0.225) LST Max speed up (14.86 -> 15.12m/s, a 1.7% increase) Acceleration/deceleration is now much more rapid, reaching maximum speed or stopping in less than half a second (previously took over 3 seconds). Rotation is now much less drifty. Health down (500 -> 450). Now opens its forward ramp when near a shoreline/dock/naval structure, both indicating that you're inside the "safe zone" mentioned above and that you will disembark from the front (something that wasn't terribly obvious before). The LST's collision box is also lengthened slightly to include this ramp. Yakovlev Yak-9P Yes, you're seeing that right - the Yak is an actual main game unit and no longer a Lunar joke, thanks to some clever scripting. It's certainly not "proper" fixed-wing physics, it's just a VTOL with restrictions - but it works! Right now it's debuting on Guard Duty only, but it may find itself on a few other maps in future. In terms of their damage to units, think of them as a flamethrower with a lot more power - good at dealing with light vehicles, armour-broken vehicles and infantry, but can't put much of a dent in heavy vehicles that still have their armour. Also their splash damage ignites infantry, helping light them up for snipers/rangers/other Yaks to finish off if you fail. Unlike other aircraft, they have infinite ammo with a very long reload time (though since you have to turn around to hit the same target again, this reload time doesn't make much difference) - pick your battles wisely to capitalise on this to stay in play for as long as possible, since you can't take much punishment before dying (which will also kill your infantry) or having to return to the Airfield to repair or sell! While sitting on the Airfield you can idle, reverse and rotate like a helicopter all you want as long as you don't float too high (keep trying to descend if you're worried about this). Make sure to build up speed on the Airfield before you take off; while you're airborne falling below 30m/s will cause you to take a slow trickle of damage, and below 22.5m/s you're dead. Only 4 Yaks can be in play at a time. Bots Since bots are unable to compensate for weapon arcs, MBT cannons, RPGs and Flamethrowers have no arc while under their control. Enfield/Dragunov still do though. Rocket Soldier/Grenadier bots now have a preferred range of 108m instead of 100, which should allow them to outrange a Pillbox/Flame Tower just like a player can. Captain bots are unchanged as the Captain's range advantage over defenses is very finicky anyway. Bots will now steal unattended vehicles if the owner suicides or takes too long to show up. Bots can no longer buy Rangers since they don't exactly use them intelligently. Buildings General Optimised unit collision detection on base defenses and Ore Silo, and ensured consistency between all their life/death states (so for example you should no longer get stuck in a SAM Site if you are standing on it when it dies). Airfield Of course, this has been added to the game too. This is where you repair and sell your Yak planes, and where you find them when buying them. Currently only on Guard Duty, but may find its way onto other maps eventually. (However, due to technical reasons, it's unlikely they'll exist on the same map as Soviet Helipads. Basically the airfield IS a "helipad" in the code and some issues arise if you have multiple.) Flame Tower Projectile damage down (120 -> 105) Splash damage down (40 -> 30) Splash radius up (12 -> 15) Reload time down (3.25 -> 2.75, resulting in a ~3.4% projectile DPS increase with the damage change) Power Plant No longer causes radar to go down on Radar Dome maps when destroyed/disabled. Now causes other main buildings to take 10% more damage when destroyed/disabled. Unlike the playercount scaling defenses, this applies to all forms of damage, and does not increase repair speed. Radar Dome Now contains terminals that can be used to call in an airlift of a Medium/Heavy Tank or Supply Truck if your War Factory is dead. These vehicles will appear somewhere near your Radar Dome - just look for the red/blue signal flare. However, this purchase method takes 30 seconds to cool down (though the tank and truck have separate cooldowns) and costs twice as many credits compared to a WF purchase, and cannot be used if your radar is offline (i.e. Dome is dead or jammed). These terminals do not exist on Hostile Waters or Seamist. Using a Spy to establish a relay will not re-enable the terminals. Turret Projectile damage down (105 -> 70) Splash damage down (25 -> 20) Reload time down (2.25 -> 1.5). So no DPS change on its projectile here; just harder to dodge. Aesthetics Re-enabled the new stealth shaders, as their buffer issues that previously resulted in extreme slowdown have been resolved. New main menu screen (plus a barebones version for the chat history background) by CCHyper and One Winged Angel. PCT screens, Ore Silo terminal screen, and Radar Dome screens are now fullbright. The ore chute on the Ore Silo is now tinted slightly blue for the Allies. TOZ-194 viewmodel moved to a position more in line with other shouldered weapons. Forklift's steering wheel is pulled backwards to match the hand positions of the driver. Turret's barrel now has visible recoil when firing. Turret now has a reload sound (shared with the Gunboat). Barracks flags have a new texture by Killing_You. Hind has a new urban camo texture by Killing_You. "Battle Control Terminated" now has a 3-second delay so as not to overlap with a building destruction announcement if the game ends that way. (Won't stop it from overlapping from a nuclear multi-destruction though.) Maps RA_AS_Seamist Enabled thieves again. RA_Bonsai Reduced out-of-bounds trees. RA_CamosCanyon_Bots Soviet Ranger is no longer available. Tweaked pathfinding for Soviet Barracks interior; now bots will be much more likely to path out instead of suiciding. Adjusted rally points near bases so that AIs will gather attack teams at smarter locations. RA_CoastalInfluence Reduced out-of-bounds trees. RA_GuardDuty Soviets now have an Airfield. To compensate for Soviet vehicular power being split among two buildings, Allies now have a Radar Dome that can serve as a backup WF. Both teams' Ore Silos are moved to more secure positions behind the War Factories. Allies' central Pillbox replaced with a Turret. Allies now have 2 AA Guns, one behind the Barracks and one on the Refinery hill. Soviets now have a third Flame Tower, far out by the southern end of their side of the river. Soviet base now has another backdoor infantry route, going along the riverbank behind the Refinery cliff and leading to the Airfield. However, it is blocked by a concrete wall which the Soviets can jump over from their side. Vehicles cannot use this. Shrunk some of the tall evergreen trees on the inside of the map to make it easier for Yaks to divebomb safely. Got rid of the wooden ramp in the Soviet ore field. Moved Soviet ore zone slightly so AI truck should not reset its animation constantly. The cliff between the Soviet refinery and the bridge now sharply drops off into the river so infantry/LTs cannot circle around it. Shallow water is a little less transparent as it looks basically nonexistent from above. Shore around island now fades properly. RA_HostileWaters Has been removed from the game entirely until Raap's overhaul is ready. RA_Metro Power lines no longer have projectile collision. Fixed floating telephone pole in Allied base. Removed a couple of props around Soviet base entrance alleys. Allied north silo has been moved further forward. RA_LunarParadox Uber Captain machinegun accuracy penalties harshened (jumping/sprinting up 5 -> 10, walking up 0.5 -> 2, crabwalking up 0 -> 1; stabilising rate up 2.5 -> 3) Uber Technician PortaCoil accuracy penalties harshened (jumping/sprinting up 2 -> 5, walking up 0.25 -> 1.5, crabwalking up 0 -> 0.5, stabilising rate up 1 -> 2) Uber Captain/Technician health down from 250 to 200. "RAlistic" Grenadier now correctly gives his monetary kill reward once on death instead of for every hitpoint he loses (which resulted in a total $2500 reward) Yuri Molotov now has the correct gravity settings. RA_PacificThreat Removed all non-AA defenses. RA_RiverRaid Rangers can no longer slide over the Mammoth Tank/barbed wire blockade between the Allied War Factory and their ore field. Increased fog thickness to 240/360 (was 300/450) RA_Siege Cannon primary warhead changed from Artillery to Shell (which means DPS to buildings is down 28%) Cannon primary spread down (0.5 -> 0.25) Cannon secondary projectile extension up (0.25m -> 1m) Destroyed cannons take 87.5% longer to repair (now 3x as long as the "living" cannon) Re-added and expanded on the filler mesh between the castle walls. All the castle wall meshes are no longer double-sided, since the updated filler mesh does the job of preventing camera clipping instead and with less of a performance footprint. Water damage is no longer dealt through an outdated netcode-hungry method. RA_Under Reduced out-of-bounds trees. Removed one Allied Turret. Added a filler mesh in between the tunnels to prevent camera clip abuse. Snowfall reduced by half. RA_Wasteland Fog endpoint now randomly fluctuates between 60-300m (was 60-450m). Snowfall reduced by half.
  25. As in the topic title. Why the hell can allies get a radar invisible thief to steal soviet money on the map with the easiest thief play in the game. It ruined the game for me. Not only because we lost money, but we lost hinds as well. radar invis infantry steal them. This map was fine before their was on it it. I want to know what form of mental gymnastics got this unit back on the map. please explain reasoning. This is a step backwards, one might say. P.S. just RQ offed the map and yes I'm a little angry.