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Found 158 results

  1. Hey guys, I was digging through the server statistics to find some information on what works well in the current gameplay meta and what should be avoided. Turns out, Siege and Hostile Waters are the least played maps (especially HW), the only maps less played are not in the default rotation but admin-triggered special maps. So while I won't be able to do major reworks on these maps, I cannot help but feel the need to ask, given that these were my contributions, what the problems are within the gameplay on these maps today? For Siege I already know that most rounds end via time-out. This is very unpopular but unfortunately it is how the map was designed intentionally. How has the game been since Pushwall added the extra bridges? The data here is hard to read as there is no patch filtering available. Did the extra route make the map more enjoyable and less meat-grindy? Whatever the answer, know that I will not create tug-o-war style maps again given their lack of popularity. And how is Hostile Waters nowadays? I noticed it is barely being played, despite having received more revamps than most maps in the history of APB (YES! I BEAT FOI'S RECORD!?!?). I brought it back from the pre-Beta days based on a LOT of requests when Delta launched, I redesigned it from scratch, and overhauled it twice afterwards. It uses experimental gameplay and graphical effects and all of this creates a very non-standard gameplay - could this be the simple fact that non-standard gameplay just isn't enjoyed enough by most people? Or is it something else? Anyhow, just trying to figure out where I went wrong with these maps. I might be edging towards repeating mistakes if it turns out that most people dislike anything that deviates from the core gameplay, so better for me to take the hint early and avoid doing it a third time. Thing is, my aim is typically to deviate - and perhaps my aim is off. Let me know!
  2. Hey Guys, this is my second attempt at making a map for A Path Beyond. My first attempt ended sadly when my first computer (JC9000) bit the bucket, that computer ran faithfully from 2002 till a few years ago, oh well. I am getting back on the bike and trying again. This time with a more power computer, and many many back up saves. So like all good maps, I needed some concept art. Anyways, then after drawing inspiration hit me! Allies and Soviets fighting over a gem site. Its a start, but then I realized this map would be a worse sniper disaster since the least liked map of all time of APB Camos Crossing (not made by Raap by the way) Lastly Camos Crossing was so bad it never made it past version .9935 So then I thought... add more space, more rocks, some platforms and this could be doable. Yet I felt the straight line fighting might get boring/tawdry. So back to formula on ways to avoid this. Then Inspiration hit me... why not bend it into a Y-shape. Keep one bridge, and add some lower elevation/ledge spots. Then to prevent more sniper abuse add rocks and a cave. This^ is a more cleaned up version. I figure I should add a cave, and sniper towers, and crates, and have one of the lower ledges a lot lower with a cave entrance. The lime green is the "kill zone" / falling to death area. Anything outside the lime green could be flat trees or just more grass not sure. The above is all I have at the moment to show. I will soon fire up 3ds max 8 again and make this map. But before I do, any thoughts or input into the design? Lastly this will be an on going development so don't expect anything before Christmas.
  3. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update General Stealth shaders have been re-enabled, and there is now an option to disable them if they are hindering your performance (Extended Options -> Effect Shaders Enabled) Infantry Grenadier No longer available to Allies No longer available without a Barracks Price down (200 -> 160) Mechanic Health down (70 -> 60) Speed up (7 -> 7.5) Rocket Soldiers LAW back to being non-tracking and 100m/s LAW/RPG splash damage up (22.5 -> 25), radius up (6 -> 6.5m) Spy Soviet players will see a Soviet flag when targeting him even when he is inside a vehicle. Shotgunners Inaccuracy down (3 -> 2.5) Vehicles If you kill a vehicle that has the "instant pilot death" property (planes and naval units that aren't beached), you now get credited for killing its pilot and passengers. Chrono Tank Can now be purchased on Tech Level 5 maps for 2400 credits. Acts as a tank destroyer (it stands a better chance than a Medium Tank when facing down a Mammoth Tank) and a building harasser (while its anti-building power is merely on par with a Medium Tank's, shifting lets it evade base defenses and take attack and escape routes that other vehicles cannot) Press Q to open the overhead map, then left-click on a destination to chronoshift there. You can only shift to places that are within 250 metres of you (this range is shown by the white circle around your map icon) and are free of any obstacles, and after shifting you will not be able to shift again for another 30 seconds. APC Points value increased (75 -> 100; now equal to Light Tank) Minelayer Fixed 2 AT mines leaving heavy tanks on 1 HP. MRJ Price down (1200 -> 600) MGG (and variants) Windows no longer have the opposite shader settings that they should, so now they actually reflect like other windows. Phase Tank Price down (2000 -> 1600) Is now visible on radar. Gunboat/Destroyer Now have the same property as subs/LSTs, where being in open waters prevents the pilot from ejecting and causes the pilot to instantly die when the vehicle dies. Bobbing animation now includes them rocking from side to side slightly (1 degree) Gunboat range up (105 -> 110m) LST Radar dish is animated again. Lowered target bone so that flame towers aren't so prone to missing against it. Should no longer explode and instantly kill you if you eject while not fully inside a beaching zone. Attack Sub/Missile Sub When surfaced, they should no longer explode and instantly kill you if you eject while not fully inside a beaching zone. (They'll still kill you if eject when submerged though. So don't.) Attack Sub range up (110 -> 120m) Attack Sub projectile speed down (75 -> 50m) Hind Band-aided the terrible unwrap on the tail rotor. Yak Fixed scaling; it is now half its previous size, and comes to about the same length as a Heavy Tank - which is more accurate to the real-life Yak being about the same length as a T-80. Physical collision box now covers a little more of the wings - though due to the size reduction it still has a smaller collision area than it used to. Health down (300 -> 250) to compensate for the reduced size. Has its old "lenient in-flight hitbox" again to compensate for the reduced size. Homing weapons now home in on the tail of the Yak instead of the nose, so they are better at catching Yaks on the retreat. Build limit up (2 -> 3) since they take up less space on the runway. Maps Reduced random field rocks on various maps Complex Tech Level downgraded; only T3 vehicles are available, but T5 infantry are still available. (Do you really want to see Allies getting Chrono Tanks on a map that's already biased in their favour and would let them do base-to-base warps?) Keep off the Grass Removed the wall near the Soviet OT route/CY. Moved Tesla Coil out to where that wall used to be. Removed Flame Tower from WF side. Moved Refinery Flame Tower closer to the empty field for reasons. Soviet resource field downgraded to ore. (It takes about as long to make a trip as it does on Camos Canyon anyway.) Allied OT now takes a little longer to get ore, to help keep it on more even footing with the reduced Soviet economy. Ridge Racer Ranger physics redone; now heavily based off the standard gameplay Ranger (less flippable), main difference being it has less drag and a less restricted gearbox. Instead of just the original two Allied and Soviet ranger colour schemes, you now have 8 - the 4 standard Ranger camos, 3 of Pyryle's classic colour schemes, and hot pink. Technicians no longer receive damage from falling (a common source of accidental deaths when jumping through the portals due to how fall damage works) or from the finishing-line wall of barrels. Moved the walls backwards at the final turn to make it less obnoxious and less likely to result in pile-ups if multiple people race. Jukebox changed to the old theme song of Fissure: RenAlert Jam. Ridge War Fixed VIS error on roof of Allied storage shack. Seamist Allies now get an additional Light Tank when the 5-minute chinook drop happens. Tesla Coils downgraded to Flame Towers like in older versions of the map. Added environmental sounds (surf+birds) [blurb]EVA: Chrono Tank ready.[/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.2.png[/thumb]
  4. catting

    what would be a good keymapping set for a playstation controller i am using antimicro i bought a logitech that has analoge sticks so that should make it easier the software can select one button to switch from keymap to keymap https://github.com/AntiMicro/antimicro
  5. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update General Fixed a bug with tracking weapons that caused the tracking to frequently fail. To further accommodate the tracking fix, a bunch of tracking and formerly-tracking weapons have been amended; see below. If you are equipped with a tracking weapon and aim at a vehicle, you will get a lockon marker showing you what part of the vehicle the rocket will try to home in on. You can no longer access purchase terminals through walls. Scrolling your mousewheel down during gameplay no longer causes the sidebar to be scrolled down 1 unit next time you enter a purchase terminal. This should solve all your quick-buying troubles. Turn-restricted turrets (like the Heavy Tank's) will no longer get "stuck" aiming in a particular direction if you rotate the camera to the other direction through the space that they can't aim at. First-person infantry camera now has 75 FOV instead of 90. Weapon positions may look a little different as a result. First-person hand models of Tanya, Flamethrower and Shock Trooper are now more accurate to the clothes they wear. So flamer/shocky no longer have thief-size gloves and Tanya no longer wears flesh fatigues when using two-handed weapons. M60 now has animated recoil in first person. Fast infantry now properly do the walk animation when holding spacebar. Ranger no longer has side cameras. Ore Trucks have a visible Technician in the driver seat again, and unlike the last time they existed, they don't cause the truck to take extra damage or be damageable by teammates. Fixed smoothing on the Heavy Tank's fuel barrels. Kill icon font should now work properly on all systems. Infantry Grenadier Returned to having armour and 50 health (results in less survivability against fire, electricity, heavy projectiles, machineguns and the Remington, but better survivability against all other small arms and explosive splash damage) Grenades now bounce if they hit anything less than 10 metres away from the user that isn't an enemy unit, similar to how they worked in Beta. This can save you from a lot of accidental self-harm if you're trying to throw grenades from behind cover, though it makes it even more difficult to use grenades for point-blank self-defense (but you should be using the pistol for that anyway). Flamethrower Health up (50 -> 60) Limited-ammo flamethrowers (DM maps etc) have more ammo (5 -> 8 ) Spy/Thief Silenced Beretta damage up (10 -> 12.5) Shotgunners Damage to infantry slightly improved all around (Remington: 20.625 -> 22.5 vs armoured, 27.5 -> 30 vs unarmoured, or +9.1% damage in total. TOZ: 24.375 -> 26.25 vs armoured, 65 -> 70 vs unarmoured, or +7.7% damage in total) Rocket Soldiers M72 LAW now has homing (as it did in Beta). If you don't want to use homing because of cover around you or your target that might get in the way, it still has non-homing missiles on right click. M72 LAW projectile velocity down (100 -> 75m/s) Redeye/Strela now have homing (as they did in earlier versions). Redeye/Strela projectile velocity down (400 -> 150m/s) Redeye/Strela damage down (110 -> 90 Redeye, 80 -> 70 Strela) Redeye/Strela damage multiplier to Yaks raised (0.625 -> 0.75) Redeye/Strela range down (170 -> 160m) No longer have pistols. LAW/RPG splash damage increased (17.5 -> 22.5) Vehicles Naval vessels Rebalanced health, resistances and anti-infantry power. Basically, boats are tougher against most things - mainly in ship vs ship combat - but don't decimate shoreline rocket soldiers quite so hard. Healths: Gunboat health up (300 -> 400) Destroyer health up (450 -> 600) Attack Sub health up (300 -> 400) Missile Sub health up (225 -> 300) LST health up (400 -> 500) Armour multipliers: "Longbow" up (0.8 -> 0.9); 15.6% downgrade (needs 1 more hit to kill all naval units). Damage drops by 75% against submerged subs instead of 87.5%. "Destroyer" (dest+missub) up (0.45 -> 0.5 vs health, 0.225 -> 0.3 vs armour); 10% downgrade. "Artillery" (arty+v2) up (0.9 -> 1 direct, 0 -> 0.5 splash); 2.8% downgrade for V2, 1.8% upgrade for Artillery "AntiAircraft" (redeye+strela) up (0.625 -> 0.8 vs health, 0.5 -> 0.8 vs armour); taking the redeye/strela base damage tweaks into account, this is a 11.6% downgrade for Redeye and 5.5% downgrade for Strela. "Grenade" up (0.4 -> 0.6 vs armour, unchanged vs health); 1.6% downgrade "Fire" (flamer+tower) up (0.5 -> 0.75 vs armour, unchanged vs health); 3.6% downgrade "Hind" up (0.3 -> 0.375); 6.25% downgrade "AntiSub" (depth charge) up vs submerged subs only (1 -> 1.25); 6.25% downgrade "BulletAT" (APC) up (0.5 -> 1 vs health, unchanged vs armour); zero change in effectiveness vs boats, but 60% upgrade vs LSTs "BulletAP" (captain+ranger) up (0.375 -> 0.5 vs health, unchanged vs armour); 16.7% downgrade vs boats, 6.7% upgrade vs LSTs "Electric" and "ElectricTrooper" (shock+TT+coil) up (1 -> 1.25); 6.25% downgrade "C4" down (1.2 -> 1 normally, 1.2 -> 10 vs submerged). Engineer C4 now does 500 damage and thus does not one-shot anything except LSTs or submerged subs; Tanya C4 still one-shots everything except destroyers. Every other weapon, due to not having an adjusted multiplier vs the raised HP of naval units, is effectively downgraded 20% vs LSTs and 25% vs combat vessels. Splash damage vs infantry: Attack Sub down (60 -> 45) Destroyer down (30 -> 25) Missile Sub down (25 -> 20) Destroyer/Missile Sub Projectile velocity down (200 -> 100m/s) No longer has a 25% damage bonus against aircraft (it shouldn't need it now that it can reliably hit them with homing) Range down 10m. Phase Tank Projectile velocity down (100 -> 50m/s) Longbow Projectile velocity down (200 -> 100m/s) Mammoth Tank Tusk missiles projectile velocity down (200 -> 50m/s) Tusk missiles damage down (70 -> 60) Tracking weapons (and targeting of bots/base defenses) now attempt to hit around the top of the main chassis, instead of the very lowest point on the vehicle (which sometimes caused them to hit the ground instead). Suspension should no longer freak out and get you stuck when going off cliffs. Light Tank Max speed down (14 -> 13.5m/s) Ranger Max speed up (17.1 -> 18.7m/s) Turn rate down 20% Takes longer to reach its 3rd gear, so it is slower when accelerating from a full stop or coming out of a tight turn. Chinook Speed up (20 -> 24m/s) Turn rate up 35% Health down (300 -> 225) Yak Rearming rate halved (gains 5 bullets per tick instead of 10) Damage to aircraft up (1.4 -> 1.5) Minimum speed limit is now enforced 2 seconds after cruising mode begins, instead of being enforced instantly. Since acceleration gets enforced before the speed limit, you should no longer have to worry about the possibility of dying during takeoff unless you ACTUALLY crash into something. Minimum speed limit when cruising up from 20m/s to 30m/s. The delayed enforcement of this limit provides FAR more than enough time to get up to speed on an "imperfect" takeoff, so don't worry about that; this stricter speed limit just means you're more likely to die if you crash into the side of a hill/mountain while flying. Death explosion deals 300 AntiAircraft damage within 20 metres. Not a perfect fix for the "Yak crashes harmlessly into Longbow" problem, since it doesn't always explode in midair and doesn't kill Longbows that are in fresh condition (so as to discourage spam suiciding a $800 unit into a $1200 unit), but it's a stopgap until we can get a proper solution. Buildings Airfield Removed the invisible ramp from the end of the runway. This was originally there for the old flight system to give people time to ascend so they don't immediately crash into the ground, but it's been rendered obsolete by the new auto-switching control scheme, and it was also complicating matters for people who tried to land on the end of the runway. Planes parked on the runway when the building is destroyed are no longer able to rearm/repair/sell in mid-flight. Barracks Is no longer weaker on infantry-only maps. Naval factories Naval units now create instantly, which should hopefully prevent boats from getting stuck in each other Bots Ants no longer bunnyhop. Vision cone of human bots is now only 150 degrees (was 270 so they could see mostly behind themselves) Increased weapon inaccuracy. Can't refill in combat anymore. Maps Canyon River Raised terrain around Soviet service depot so you shouldn't get stuck on it anymore. Hostile Waters Gem Silo income down to 2. Neutral Ore Silos now give an instant boost of 100 credits to the first team to capture them, jump-starting your economy a bit so you should still be able to start buying boats at around the same time as before. Tech Level raised to 5 - can now buy Tanya and Volkov. Metro Manhole covers no longer render on top of phase tanks. Fixed a spot where you could jump out of the map. Rock Trap Back in the game! Level geometry is scaled up x2, except for the cave behind the waterfall. Domination points no longer exist. Both teams now have a Barracks and Ore Silo; the Soviet base is where the northeast control point used to be, and the Allied base is where the southwest control point used to be. Like with Fissure, the silo is out of reach of repair tools, but unlike Fissure, it is positioned in such a way that it is easy to defend. The area previously occupied by the southeast control point is now a depot containing very frequently respawning crates containing weapons, C4 (this is normal C4 so it should only be placed on the barracks), max health boosts, radar invisibility, and extra money for your team. These crates will not give character changes, so there are no consequences to snatching up all the crates you can get. Added some extra tunnels to the map; two for each Barracks leading out of the basement, and one in the middle connecting the riverside to the western cliffs. These are more spacious than the tunnels seen on other maps, hopefully providing better infantry combat; other maps with tunnels may receive this treatment in the future. Added "Ammo Clip" (from Renegade) to the jukebox. You can no longer jump off the cliffs overlooking the rivers on the north/west sides of the map. Now supports bots. Siege Terrain lighting levels are more in line with Canyon River's. Shortened range of cannons from 350m to 240m; base-facing cannons can no longer hit the entire base - just the frontal defenses, frontal SD, and a minor main building (Soviet CY/Allied Dome). Added a crag in front of the Allied Barracks to protect it from the Allied-side cannon, so that both base-facing cannons have a roughly equal set of buildings to hit. Moved the pillbox at the Allied side entrance slightly forward. [blurb]Bugfixes abounds in this APB update! Homing weapons, Heavy Tank turrets, boats milling around the Naval Yard, and quick-buyers all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Oh, and there's some balance too. Be sure to check out the full changelog![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.9.png[/thumb]
  6. LordQueefington

    I'm getting the error installation failed: It also fails to extract when trying to update W3D Launcher. I've tried the solutions elsewhere on this forum, like deleting the launcher folder in AppData and downloading it again, but to no avail. Can anyone help me out?
  7. Pushwall

    So we already know that Seamist is set up to end the game if the objective building dies. Lunar Paradox has the same thing going on when the WF dies (though I believe it's not been seen yet) because the map also contains a helipad that is invisible and therefore unkillable (which had to be done to make aircraft purchasable without making room for a "real" helipad). I now realise that I could combine this feature with the "trigger an event X number of times" logic used in FoI and Siege to make it so that if a team loses ALL their production buildings (Barracks, War Factory, Helipad, Naval/Sub, and arguably the Missile Silo) on any map (except Seamist/Hostile Waters where one specific building is an objective) then the game ends after a short time (say 3 minutes), giving the win to whichever team killed the production buildings (or in the case of mutually assured destruction, whichever team did it first). How does everyone feel about this? I'd say that while it is possible for situations like that to lead to surprisingly tense kapitan/truck wars like the one on KOTG last Sunday, in almost all cases having no production buildings on one side just leads to a long wait for death, and having no production on EITHER side means both teams usually can't make any headway, and in both cases, leads to people quitting because they're bored of waiting for the next match. And it's certainly much easier than trying to figure out how to make the PP/Dome/Ref/CY extremely vital to a situation where you can only buy sarges and caps. And, you know, means we never have to deal with any Ransiks.
  8. Coolrock

    Hey everyone, I noticed that it's been over a year since the last time someone posted on Reddit. Crazy considering how big the platform is and could bring in a lot of new players by just talking about the game, sharing pictures, and so forth. I decided to make two quick topics on r/gaming and r/commandandconquer. It would be extremely helpful to go upvote and comment on these and get them noticed. Please take some time to do this and get some new faces on the servers!
  9. arikdan

    hi all, i'm a student and was wondering if i could get the magnificent 3d models from here. i'm doing a project in my school, evolving the favourite game of mine - Red Alert, and wanted to do a homage, which envolves real footage and 3d models. can you help me please? thanks!
  10. Hey guys, I figured that it is time for a new thread since this is no longer an "uncategorized" project! This is an upcoming Red Alert: A Path Beyond core gameplay level, and for the first time, this is a mission set on US soil. But as I do not wish to spoil everything in advance, I will keep the remaining information such as the background plot close to myself until release... But here is what I CAN share! The level features a large number of 4096x4096 diffuse textures, created from real photography and edited by myself. All photography was paid for, as I could not have taken them myself given that I live in Europe! The level features a lot of experimental graphical effects, the bulk of which could not have been rendered in older versions of the W3D engine and game tools. The level geometry uses some of the most complex meshes that W3D can presently support. Everything you see is still a work in progress! Here is a video demonstrating some of the environmental effects, such as periodic overhead dust storms, persistent distant dust storms, full screen colour filtering, full screen dust particle animations, and some decrepit old windmill, because reasons! [NOTE: Unfortunately, YouTube murders the image clarity a lot, so the smaller details are hard to spot, but in-game these will be much more visible!] As always, let me know what you think, if you have suggestions, or whatever. Post words!
  11. Coolrock

    Why does he suck so much now? I know that people said to try it against a tank, but that's why Soviets have a rocket soldier for, right? I can hardly seem to kill infantry at all with him now. Maybe I just remember how good he was on maps like FoI and Fissure. Not exploding on death was kind of a let down too. What're your thoughts?
  12. Coolrock

    Hello everyone, I just posted on Reddit again, and would appreciate everyone taking a moment to go upvote and comment on the topics. Let's bring awareness to to APB, and W3DHub in general, and draw some new players in! Link to the r/games topic here. Thank you!
  13. Coolrock

    I'm curious on what everyone's thoughts are on the current state of the Shock Trooper? I could be wrong, but is the range shorter than I remember? I find it hard to believe that the Rifle Soldier was always able to out range it. Also, I really miss the splash damage. Probably because out of habit, I'm constantly aiming for the legs. Still seems the same when it comes to vehicles. Haven't noticed anything that sticks out. Seem to do roughly the same damage to them that I remember.
  14. AgrippaDaRippa

    Hey guys, I am hoping that I may be pointed in the right direction on this one. I seem to either be lost, blind or dumb (unsure what one). I am coming back to APB after a very long break from the game and was hoping to get some practice in single player before a US/NA server is set up. Does APB have any AI maps, or am I remembering a feature that never existed in the first place? If it does have AI maps, how do I access them? Thanks for the help everyone, I am excited to come back to this game.
  15. I bring you great news! You will be happy to know that rank images for A Path Beyond are working again! In order to grab your rank image, find yourself in the ladder (it can be Overall or Monthly), open your stats page and scroll on down to the bottom. At the bottom of your user stats page you will find this. From there, you can copy and paste the BB code and include your rank image in your forum signature! You can do this where BB code is applicable, meaning you can include this in your forum signature on other forums you may visit besides our own. It's free advertising for your friend FRAYDO. Please report any bugs or issues you may find with our rank images. Not being rank #1 despite being the best APB player ever is an issue I cannot help you with. You will have to topple our top rank players one by one until you get there! In closing, I present to you our current Top 5 in the Overall Ladder. Impressive scores across the board! Do you have what it takes to place yourself at the top of the ranking ladder? [thumb]thumb_apb.e.png [/thumb] [blurb]Rank images for APB are working again! Grab yours today from the new stats page and show it off![/blurb]
  16. Coolrock

    Last one for tonight! What happened to unit pricing and money in general? I found it so odd getting my first Ore Truck dump after returning all these years, only to get $350. I decided to check the PT, and noticed a lot had changed. Ore Trucks are only $700 now? That seems a bit crazy to me. I see plenty of people buy an Ore Truck right away, and by the time you get your next dump, the game has already entered end game. What I mean is, it feels like there's no early game now, minus the usual infantry rush to the other teams base. This has also changed, as you now start with $350. This leads to people rushing with Rocket Soldiers early on, which also means that you hardly ever see V2/Light Tank rushes anymore. Maybe this is what people prefer now, but I personally don't. I've also noticed that Volkov now has a price of $1800. I'd assume because of his recent weapon changes, but even then it doesn't seem he needs such a high price. For $1800, he shouldn't be killed in a single head shot (which I thought he had protection for at one point). Seems a little steep to me. Tanya also remaining at $1200, while he's at $1800 seems odd. Tanya can destroy an entire building in 30 seconds, while killing most things coming her way (depending on the player), while Volkov has been made to be more of a sniper now (I haven't had much success). I liked the pricing how it was before. What're your thoughts?
  17. https://www.w3dhub.com/ranks/apb/ Thanks to the hard work of moonsense715, rantanplan and the team , our APB Stats page has just been completely overhauled! Sporting a more modern and clean look, our stats page is a sight to see. The overhaul itself was primarily made to better support mobile devices. The menu, located to the left, offers easy and convenient access to the other pages of our statistics. Find your place on the Overall Ladder, check the Rankings to see what it takes to be promoted to Praporshchik, and read over the Achievements page and understand what you actually had done to earn them! On the front page, you can see what is currently happening in the game. The front page offers you detailed information from the current map, the number of players in the server, and which buildings remain operational and which are destroyed. With over a year in production, we expect everything to be in order. If you do find bugs or issues, please report them to our bug tracker and moonsense715 will be happy to look at it! Now take your time and look around on the Stats page. Revel in your K/D, see how you stack up against the others on the rankings, manage your clan, or just be in awe of how amazing it all looks! [thumb]thumb_apb.a.png [/thumb] [blurb]Thanks to the hard work of moonsense715, rantanplan and the team , our APB Stats page has just been completely overhauled! Sporting a more modern and clean look, our stats page is a sight to see. The overhaul itself was primarily made to better support mobile devices.[/blurb]
  18. Good Evening all. Having played for a while I have accrued some sounds from the years that I game with and would love to share it with everyone. Some of the sounds I didn't like and replaced it as such and others I thought could use a little bit of a change or some spice. I hope you all enjoy, add some new flavor to your game and play on! Download Here <------------------------- Installation Instructions are as follows Navigate to your data folder by going Computer>Program Files (x86)>W3D Hub>Games>APB-Release>Data Once you reach the data folder drag and drop the Audio Files into the folder. Should you want to uninstall, simply delete all the audio files I have provided and the game will revert itself back to normal.
  19. forg0ten1

    I Think It Would Be Cool If There Was A Sell Building Feature, I Think. Say, For Example, You Want To Buy A Harvester, But You Don't Have Enough Money. You Could Just Sell a Building Such As The Barracks For Example And Then Harvest Some Tib For Your Team. This Could Be Done By Making A Sell Area In Each Building That U Just Walk Into To Get Money I Think. I Think It Could Open Up A Lot Of Possibilities I Think.
  20. I recorded it half a day ago, but composed even earlier. Harmonica with slap bass guitar, simple rhythm, sweet nostalgic pad and other sounds. And again, inspired by Command & Conquer Red Alert.
  21. Summer APB season 2018 is on the way so I've streamed some matches from Friday and Saturday, on Saturday we even got few large player games with ~34 players on! Friday 29/06 Saturday 30/06
  22. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update Can you tell I'm running out of things to say in these? There's still more coming up, like the Chronotank and RockTrap overhaul, but I didn't want to put this patch off any longer. Enjoy! (.1 and .2 are just to fix some post-release issues) General Bullet ricochet sound radius up (15 -> 20m) You can now learn some basic information about your unit by pressing H. Crosshair is now dynamic; the less accurate your weapon, the more its lines move away from the dot. Jumping/falling will produce a considerable effect here, and with some weapons, crouching. This should make it a lot more obvious that these accuracy penalties/bonuses are in play. Flashing effect for the out of bounds zone is now less harsh (opacity was previously 0.3 or 0.4 varying between maps; is now 0.2 for all) Your team's mine count is now displayed on the HUD. Mine limit now ranges from 20-60 depending on the map (lower tech level, size, number of buildings = lower mine limit) instead of being 60 for all maps. Here's a list of all the maps' new mine limits. Use !mlimit ingame if you forget. 20 mines: Seamist 30 mines: Canyon River, Metro, Pipeline, Under 40 mines: Bonsai, Camos Canyon, Coastal Influence, Complex, Keep off the Grass, North by Northwest, Zama 50 mines: Stormy Valley, Ridge War 60 mines: Siege, To the Core Infantry Human animations have partially been fixed. Right now only injury animations are back, but in future we may see the return of idle animations, and the taunts/emotes that existed in Beta. Grenadier Back to its old durability system of having 80 health with no armour. Now has a limited pistol so that it has some option for point-blank infantry engagements. Grenades are equal for both teams; Soviet now has the direct damage of the Allied one (50 -> 45), and Allied now has the splash damage of the Soviet one (30 -> 37.5) Splash radius up (7m -> 8m) Damage to buildings up (0.25 -> 0.3) Damage to vehicle shields up (0.9 -> 1 for light, 0.7 -> 0.8 for heavy, 0.5 -> 0.6 for mammoth) Grenades more affected by gravity. No longer explodes on death. Medic Medic Kit has returned to the old area-of-effect, over-time heal that can be interrupted by Flamethrowers and doesn't affect other Medics. Armour Cache has been nerfed for anti-infantry purposes but boosted for anti-vehicle; while it still prevents armour loss from non-fire weapons and thus prevents the possibility of your men becoming extra exposed to rifles/pistols, it doesn't have additional small arms damage reduction on top of that anymore. Instead, it's returned to its old system of only being effective against indirect explosive attacks - but it's now somewhat more effective against them; most forms of explosive splash damage are reduced by 80%. Fire, electric, nuclear, C4 and AP mine damage are still unaffected. Rifle Soldier Damage to base defenses down by 20%. Shock Trooper Splash damage to infantry down (7.5 -> 5) Direct hit damage to infantry up (20 -> 25); DOT duration down from 2 to 1 second (harder to interrupt) Speed up (6.5 -> 7m/s; now "average") Health down (70 -> 60) Tanya Points value down (100 -> 75) New gun sound. Volkov No longer has napalm or trishot attacks. AT cannon damage down (70 -> 60) AT cannon warhead changed (Sabot -> Shell) - this is the same warhead as the Light Tank, so it is less effective vs heavy/superheavy vehicle shields, but better against buildings (its anti-building DPS is now on par with an RPG). AT cannon range up (90 -> 100m) AT cannon ROF up (0.75/s -> 1) AT cannon now has no splash damage. Shotgun replaced with a slug rifle; range up (60 -> 100m), damage down (50 -> 22.5), ROF up (1.5 -> 2/sec), inaccuracy down (3 -> 0), velocity up (250 -> 1000m/s). Poor for close combat; keep your distance and snipe stuff. Now receives the same damage from anti-tank weapons that everyone else does. Can't be tracked by homing missiles anymore. Can now only receive a maximum of 25 damage from a single fall instead of 50. Speed up (7 -> 7.5m/s; now "fast") Price down (1750 -> 1500) New death sounds. A-Bomb Flare Damage down (1000 -> 800); now needs to be a little closer to buildings to one-shot them, so it'll be harder to take down an entire base in one go. Vehicles Neutral vehicles Can now be sold for money at the Service Depot; Supply Truck 75, Cargo Truck 350, Mobile AA Gun 300, Mobile Construction Vehicle 1000 Respawn times increased; Forklift/Supply Truck 30s -> 60s, Cargo Truck 30s -> 3m, Mobile AA Gun 2m -> 3m, Mobile Construction Vehicle 5m -> 10m Minelayer AP mines are no longer an instant kill to ALL infantry - they now deal 110 damage with 0% armour penetration, or instakill you if you don't have armour. This only makes a difference for Mechanics, Sergeants, Captains and Medics who are now able to survive a single mine from full health+armour, but will be left injured and completely unarmoured afterwards. The Medic's Armour Cache does not reduce health damage from mines or make armour immune to mine damage like it did in older versions, but it'll at least allow a group of infiltrators (if they only get hit by one mine) to regain enough armour to benefit from armour's damage reduction properties against other weapons. Mobile Artillery Fixed position of front lamps (they were slightly floating). Now comes in forest/desert/urban/snow camo variants. No longer benefits from the "base defenses take more damage with less players" system (as it allowed V2s to 2-shot pillboxes and they share the same damage type) Mobile Radar Jammer Cannot be deployed in mid-air or on the sides of cliffs anymore. Prints a chat message to your team when in range of the enemy Radar Dome. Ore Truck Value of higher-end resources is reduced; mixed ore/gems are worth 525 instead of 700, and pure gems are 1050 instead of 1400. This also means the Soviet default economy on KOTG/RidgeWar are weaker. Ranger Soviet Rangers no longer get targeted by defenses when stolen by a spy. Allied version now comes in forest/desert/urban/snow camo variants. V-2 Launcher No longer benefits from the "base defenses take more damage with less players" system (as it allowed V2s to 2-shot pillboxes) Submarines Much more resistant to tilting; they should now be completely level at all times, which should stop them from getting stuck when re-entering a Sub Pen for repairs. Having only the periscope above water no longer counts as surfaced; you have to go all the way up to the surface, which should stop torpedoes from "missing" boats by going under them. Climb/dive speed increased by about 35%. When diving, there is now a 2 second delay before you gain underwater damage resistance bonuses; this means bobbing up and down between shots for invincibility time is no longer a viable cheese tactic against boats (it's still possible but it would drastically slow down your damage output if you wanted to do it). Attack Sub price down (550 -> 450) Missile Sub price up (950 -> 1150) Missile Sub range up (160 -> 170m) Aircraft Now have Red Alert-esque "generic" names just like ground units do, instead of their "real" name (AH-64 Longbow -> Longbow Helicopter, Mi-24 Hind -> Hind Gunship, Yakovlev Yak-9P -> Yak Attack Plane) Yak Now flies forward automatically while airborne (cruise control). So you no longer need to keep a button held to avoid death, meaning you can chat freely and won't be screwed if your game window loses focus, and you can't "kill your engines" in flight to quickly deny the enemy a kill at any time. No longer able to gain altitude while on the airfield. So no more accidentally trying to treat it like a helicopter and instantly dying. Control scheme adjusts slightly depending on if you are taxiing (on the runway) or cruising (airborne). While taxiing, W accelerates (just like it does for everything else) and S descends and decelerates (but cannot reverse). While cruising, W ascends and S descends. Since you have to hold W to leave the runway properly, this will create a smooth transition into ascending while automatically cruising - and since you have to hold S to land, this will create a smooth transition into stopping on the runway. Just in case you're wondering why the controls aren't inverted. Is now much more stable when trying to turn around on the runway; you should never end up accidentally flipping over when doing so, even if you're not holding the descent key at the same time. Unfortunately the stability measures in the vehicle physics do slow down its rotation somewhat but it's better than worrying about flipping. No longer gets targeted by SAMs when stolen by a spy. Removed the enlarged in-flight hitbox. Max speed down (~44 -> 40m/s) Build limit down to 2. Can no longer fire while grounded. Now has limited ammo and must refill at the Airfield. Carries a total of 30 rounds. Damage output in a single pass is no longer limited by magazine capacity; your full ammo loadout is now all in one magazine, so if you are able to line up multiple targets, you can hit them all in one strafe with all of your ammo. However, against a single target like one building/arty that you want to focus on, you will still need to make multiple passes in order to use all your ammo. If there are no terrain obstacles or other Yaks hindering your approach and you get the timing down you should be able to use up to about 20 of your 30 rounds at a time against one stationary target. Gun vertical tilt restrictions loosened from -22.5/7.5 to -25/25 (so now it has an easier time of hitting longbows that decide to go above it) Role overhauled; it's now more of a base assault and anti-infantry unit than an arty hunter. One Yak can do about 45% damage to a main building (except CY) with all its ammo, only taking slightly more time to use all its ammo than a Longbow would - so it's basically the Soviet equivalent to the Longbow in this regard, except even with 2 they need some ground support to finish the job. Being able to fire as many bullets as possible before passing their target also greatly helps their damage output against infantry. However, they are somewhat weaker against vehicles than before, and can't kill a full-health artillery in one pass. The exception is against Rangers and Longbows, which they can easily decimate in one pass if they can hit them. Buildings AA Gun Damage down (60 -> 50 vs helis, 60 -> 37.5 vs planes) Rotation speed doubled. Airfield Maintenance for landed planes (repair/refill/sell) is no longer available when the Airfield is destroyed. Can no longer be used to sell helicopters. Repairs are no longer automatic and free; they work just like Service Depot repairs, but unlike an SD multiple planes are still allowed to repair at the same time. Allied planes can no longer use it to repair. However, they can use it to refill ammo, so a spy can still wreak a decent amount of havoc if he's allowed to. Barracks On infantry-only maps (currently only Wasteland but will apply to future inf maps too) it has 40% less health and grants twice as many points when destroyed compared to normal. Radar Dome Airdrop price reduced (150% of the vehicle's War Factory price instead of 200%) Can now call in Ore Truck airdrops. SAM Site Damage down (75 -> 65) Tesla Coil Range vs vehicles down (160 -> 150m) Bots Can now buy infantry that don't require a Barracks (Sergeant, Captain, Grenadier) if the Barracks is dead. Grenadier bots now hold their weapons properly. No longer get stuck shooting Construction Yard exteriors after they're destroyed. Group rushes start faster. Better at getting into vehicles. Maps Canyon River Reduced trees in lower route. Coastal Influence Remade the island to have a wider vehicle route and a much lower altitude; passing naval units can now fight vehicles on the island and vice versa. Added more defenses to island route, and in positions that are harder to abuse. Soviet base no longer has a height advantage. Allied land route has much fewer defenses. "External" SDs are closer to the base. Ore Silos are more sheltered. Added new piers. Guard Duty Allies now have a Construction Yard instead of a Radar Dome. (Radar Dome's "backup WF" nature basically never mattered due to the WF having a really sheltered position compared to the dome's. And just like the dome, an Allied CY was also in the mission this map's based on.) Allies now only have 1 AA Gun and it's on the War Factory roof, where it's harder to kill, but doesn't protect nearly as much of the base as the old layout did. Added an extra flame tower by the Soviet Refinery. The mountains around the south side of the Soviet Airfield are gone to make it easier for Yaks to take off and land from that direction, and for the new flame tower to do its job. Reopened the northern mountain infantry route into the Soviet base, since sneaks at the south aren't really possible anymore due to the new terrain layout. The ledge with the tree and the bush on the mountain between the Soviet Refinery and central river is no longer accessible. Both Soviet river banks have been narrowed a bit so Allied vehicles have to expose themselves and drive up onto land to attack flame towers. Fixed V2 rockets glitching through water. Keep off the Grass Moved frontal Flame Towers a bit further away from base. Allied WF turret has been moved up to the hill between the WF/barracks - so it's a bit more exposed because it's further from the base, but it should actually be able to hit enemy units now and not be a pain to repair because you don't have to jump to repair it. Lunar Paradox No longer has the restriction on donations that normal maps have. (Both because it's not a serious map and because the map constantly causes the server bot to die, which resets the timer for enabling donations when the bot comes back.) LST physics are unfucked, shouldn't get stuck on everything anymore. Pimpin Ranger is more lowridery; when idle its chassis is about as low as it can go without clipping through the tires, its suspension only becoming exposed when accelerating or decelerating - even a slight tap is enough to get a good bounce out of it. Pimpin Ranger has proper LeanK settings which should make it more resistant to self-tipping. Added a new vehicle to each team: Rangerhead for the Allies, and Flammoth Tank for the Soviets. As for what these units do, you'll have to find out yourself. They show up on the sidebar as the more expensive unit that's using the ranger/mammoth icon; the old Pimpin' Ranger/Micro Mammoth are the cheaper ones. Chrono Dust Blower's warping has been upgraded to a newer, more instant system. Metro Removed blocker around the "unfinished" building with the forklift (you still can't drive it) Rangers can't ramp over the hedgehogs anymore. North by Northwest Fixed spikiness of the central hill. Allies' frontal defenses are now 2 pillboxes/1 turret instead of 2 turrets/1 pillbox. Pipeline Oils are only worth 2 creds/second instead of 2.5. Adjusted position of Allied coastal pillbox and nearby cover so that heavy tanks can't hide from it and infantry are less protected. Seamist Cutscene Cruisers have been fixed, they actually attack the Soviet base now. Cutscene Cruisers now also deal damage to ground vehicles if any happen to be caught in the path of their shells; still completely harmless to infantry though. Cutscene Destroyers no longer snipe air units; they're just there for show. Added cutscene Gunboats too; also just for show. Spies can no longer crash the game by trying to infiltrate a Refinery that doesn't exist. Siege Added extra ground routes in the form of bridges going over the river, connecting the behind-castle route to each team's Radar Dome. The base walls close to these routes have been opened up and an additional base defense has been added to guard them (Flame Tower for Soviets, Pillbox for Allies) Tesla Coil is moved closer to the Conyard so that it doesn't cover the Soviet bridge. Stormy Valley Fixed infantry collision on the girder ramp in the Allied ore field. Fixed small portion of the out-of-bounds area that played the sound every frame. To the Core Church door now repels all heathen machines (except our lord and saviour Volkov). [blurb]Can you tell I'm running out of things to say in these? There's still more coming up, like the Chronotank and RockTrap overhaul, but I didn't want to put this patch off any longer. Enjoy![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.8.png[/thumb]
  23. KevinLancaster

    War Factory Door and Roof

    Version 2.0.0


    Edits of War Factory door and roof textures to tile better. Results vary.
  24. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update The shotgun/volkov overhaul is done, hope it works out! Next on my plate is some more map fixer-uppers. In the future, expect to see RockTrap revisited as a Fissure-esque barracks/silo map, and Coastal Influence set up so that boats/missile subs can actually attack things going around the ocean side of the central island! General Replaced the incredibly low quality team icons on target boxes with higher-quality RA team flags. Reduced frequency of texture cleanup calls (so more performance boosts) Sun dazzle actually works now (it was broken the whole past 2 years). Be wary of this beast on sunrise/sunset maps. Infantry Engineer Mine detection radius reduced (37.5m -> 32m) Number of Clearing Charges reduced (5 -> 3) Clearing Charge damage to hedgehogs doubled. Shock Trooper Move speed up (6.5 -> 7m/s) Bonus damage vs MGGs increased; now lands a 3-hit kill. Shotgunners Removed the original secondary firing modes. Sergeant's Remington primary is overhauled; it's still dragonsbreath, and is somewhat weaker per shot than the original (-17.5% armoured damage, -45% unarmoured damage), but instead of causing burn damage, it now melts through infantry kevlar rapidly (armour shredding up from 75% to 200%) - making it twice as good at this as the previous armour-shredding top dogs were (the Captain and Flamethrower). Starshina's TOZ primary is overhauled; it is now buckshot which acts more like the original dragonsbreath, having medium range and accuracy, but not burning. Combat-wise it acts pretty much the opposite of the Sergeant's dragonsbreath, dealing damage like a pistol; armour penetration and shredding ability are very poor, so performance against armoured infantry is not amazing, especially from midrange where it doesn't burn anymore, but it improves significantly when facing an enemy that lacks armour, like Tanya. (-2.5% armoured damage, +30% unarmoured damage) TL;DR these guys are pretty heavily specced towards taking out the enemy commandos, but are a little worse at general combat than before, especially at mid-range. Accuracy is now more heavily affected by crouching/jumping (jump inaccuracy up from 4 -> 6, crouch inaccuracy down from 2.75 -> 2) Starshina TOZ tracers are smaller than before and do not have the "bullet whiz" sound attached. Volkov Points value increased (100 -> 125) AT cannon range up (90 -> 120m) AT cannon ROF up (0.75/sec -> 1) AT cannon damage down (70 -> 50) AT cannon now uses the same warhead as the Light Tank; this means that it now suffers a damage penalty against the armour of heavy vehicles (Medium Tank, Minelayer) and especially against super-heavy (APC, Ore Truck), but its DPS to buildings is now a little better than the previous Kovtillery (+3%) instead of the terrible damage of the original AT cannon (which took 2 Volkovs to equal the DPS of one rocket soldier). Kovtillery no longer exists as the AT cannon now fills the roles of both previous AT modes. Shotgun ROF up (1.5/sec -> 2) Shotgun damage up (45 -> 50) Shotgun inaccuracy down (3 -> 2) Shotgun range up (60m -> 70m) Shotgun tracers are smaller than before and do not have the "bullet whiz" sound attached. Napalm grenades have a delayed explosion at close quarters again. You might want to rely more on the shotgun in such circumstances. Napalm grenade splash radius up (10 -> 12m) Napalm grenade range up (100 -> 105m) Movement speed way down (7.5 -> 6m/s) Vehicles APC Armour shredding up (100% -> 150%) Artillery Points distribution changed; gives 75 points for being killed and 25 points for damage (was 50/50). Price down (900 -> 750). Damage credit rewards actually reflect its price being increased from 600 now (Soviets get 75 credits for killing it and 75 for doing 300 HP of damage to it, instead of 60 credits each) Phase Tank No longer has the special armour class that receives extra damage from tesla weapons; that weakness is exclusive to the Mobile Gap Generator now. Ranger Special armour class that slightly resists tesla damage has returned. V2 Launcher Points distribution changed; gives 75 points for being killed and 25 points for damage (was 50/50). Fixed missile on snow camo still being visible after firing. Fixed snow camo variant being considered a "bot-usable" vehicle. Maps All snow maps Fixed rooftop snow being immune to damage on buildings that got new rooftop access routes. Antlion Removed Engineer crate. Added Flamethrower infantry and Shock Trooper crates. [blurb]The shotgun/volkov overhaul is done, hope it works out! Next on my plate is some more map fixer-uppers. In the future, expect to see RockTrap revisited as a Fissure-esque barracks/silo map, and Coastal Influence set up so that boats/missile subs can actually attack things going around the ocean side of the central island![/blurb] [blurb]The shotgun/volkov overhaul is done, hope it works out! Next on my plate is some more map fixer-uppers. Expect to see RockTrap revisited as a Fissure-esque barracks map, and Coastal Influence set up so that boats/missile subs can actually attack things going around the ocean side of the central island![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.f.png[/thumb]
  25. Installing and playing some games on APB May 6