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Found 124 results

  1. After winter holidays, I was trying to make something new. As a result, I composed this simple melody and published in VKontakte as usual, but only today decided to publish it in YouTube. Inspired by one of my favourite universes which is Command & Conquer Red Alert.
  2. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update The shotgun/volkov overhaul is done, hope it works out! Next on my plate is some more map fixer-uppers. In the future, expect to see RockTrap revisited as a Fissure-esque barracks/silo map, and Coastal Influence set up so that boats/missile subs can actually attack things going around the ocean side of the central island! General Replaced the incredibly low quality team icons on target boxes with higher-quality RA team flags. Reduced frequency of texture cleanup calls (so more performance boosts) Sun dazzle actually works now (it was broken the whole past 2 years). Be wary of this beast on sunrise/sunset maps. Infantry Engineer Mine detection radius reduced (37.5m -> 32m) Number of Clearing Charges reduced (5 -> 3) Clearing Charge damage to hedgehogs doubled. Shock Trooper Move speed up (6.5 -> 7m/s) Bonus damage vs MGGs increased; now lands a 3-hit kill. Shotgunners Removed the original secondary firing modes. Sergeant's Remington primary is overhauled; it's still dragonsbreath, and is somewhat weaker per shot than the original (-17.5% armoured damage, -45% unarmoured damage), but instead of causing burn damage, it now melts through infantry kevlar rapidly (armour shredding up from 75% to 200%) - making it twice as good at this as the previous armour-shredding top dogs were (the Captain and Flamethrower). Starshina's TOZ primary is overhauled; it is now buckshot which acts more like the original dragonsbreath, having medium range and accuracy, but not burning. Combat-wise it acts pretty much the opposite of the Sergeant's dragonsbreath, dealing damage like a pistol; armour penetration and shredding ability are very poor, so performance against armoured infantry is not amazing, especially from midrange where it doesn't burn anymore, but it improves significantly when facing an enemy that lacks armour, like Tanya. (-2.5% armoured damage, +30% unarmoured damage) TL;DR these guys are pretty heavily specced towards taking out the enemy commandos, but are a little worse at general combat than before, especially at mid-range. Accuracy is now more heavily affected by crouching/jumping (jump inaccuracy up from 4 -> 6, crouch inaccuracy down from 2.75 -> 2) Starshina TOZ tracers are smaller than before and do not have the "bullet whiz" sound attached. Volkov Points value increased (100 -> 125) AT cannon range up (90 -> 120m) AT cannon ROF up (0.75/sec -> 1) AT cannon damage down (70 -> 50) AT cannon now uses the same warhead as the Light Tank; this means that it now suffers a damage penalty against the armour of heavy vehicles (Medium Tank, Minelayer) and especially against super-heavy (APC, Ore Truck), but its DPS to buildings is now a little better than the previous Kovtillery (+3%) instead of the terrible damage of the original AT cannon (which took 2 Volkovs to equal the DPS of one rocket soldier). Kovtillery no longer exists as the AT cannon now fills the roles of both previous AT modes. Shotgun ROF up (1.5/sec -> 2) Shotgun damage up (45 -> 50) Shotgun inaccuracy down (3 -> 2) Shotgun range up (60m -> 70m) Shotgun tracers are smaller than before and do not have the "bullet whiz" sound attached. Napalm grenades have a delayed explosion at close quarters again. You might want to rely more on the shotgun in such circumstances. Napalm grenade splash radius up (10 -> 12m) Napalm grenade range up (100 -> 105m) Movement speed way down (7.5 -> 6m/s) Vehicles APC Armour shredding up (100% -> 150%) Artillery Points distribution changed; gives 75 points for being killed and 25 points for damage (was 50/50). Price down (900 -> 750). Damage credit rewards actually reflect its price being increased from 600 now (Soviets get 75 credits for killing it and 75 for doing 300 HP of damage to it, instead of 60 credits each) Phase Tank No longer has the special armour class that receives extra damage from tesla weapons; that weakness is exclusive to the Mobile Gap Generator now. Ranger Special armour class that slightly resists tesla damage has returned. V2 Launcher Points distribution changed; gives 75 points for being killed and 25 points for damage (was 50/50). Fixed missile on snow camo still being visible after firing. Fixed snow camo variant being considered a "bot-usable" vehicle. Maps All snow maps Fixed rooftop snow being immune to damage on buildings that got new rooftop access routes. Antlion Removed Engineer crate. Added Flamethrower infantry and Shock Trooper crates. [blurb]The shotgun/volkov overhaul is done, hope it works out! Next on my plate is some more map fixer-uppers. In the future, expect to see RockTrap revisited as a Fissure-esque barracks/silo map, and Coastal Influence set up so that boats/missile subs can actually attack things going around the ocean side of the central island![/blurb] [blurb]The shotgun/volkov overhaul is done, hope it works out! Next on my plate is some more map fixer-uppers. Expect to see RockTrap revisited as a Fissure-esque barracks map, and Coastal Influence set up so that boats/missile subs can actually attack things going around the ocean side of the central island![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.f.png[/thumb]
  3. Used to play this game a lot back in the day with a few friends and was really hoping to come back and see people still playing. Even joined the discord which was eerily quiet and was told people are usually on around 7pm-8pm GMT but have yet to see anyone on the server, is there anywhere else to talk to people who still play this game so can try organise a few troops to establish battlefield control?
  4. Hey guys, Since I'm officially done with APB level contributions, I'm more or less free to pick up the occasional small tasks. The first thing I've worked on today was an updated Soviet Airfield, since I really did not like the existing low resolution single black asphalt texture that was on it. I've had to make sure not to modify the existing geometry much, else complications may have surfaced in various levels. The screenshots below are 100% material/texture work with no geometry changes outside of vertex coloring. The runway stripes glow, making them easy to spot in night time maps. The runway consists of 11 new textures and ~13 new 3-pass materials. Snow version: Grass version: I may do a desert version if @Pushwall requires it, but keep in mind none of the current buildings even have a desert version. If I end up doing any additional contributions, I'll post them here.
  5. View File War Factory Door and Roof Edits of War Factory door and roof textures to tile better. Results vary. Submitter KevinLancaster Submitted 02/11/2018 Category Custom Textures  
  6. War Factory Door and Roof

    Version 2.0.0


    Edits of War Factory door and roof textures to tile better. Results vary.
  7. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update General Script zone checks are now only run server-side, this will improve client performance. Reduced particle count, size and lifetime of a wide array of particle effects in the game (mostly explosions, smoke and fire). Again this will improve performance. Fixed exhaust sound for normal rockets being louder than even V2/Arty projectiles (now only audible from up to 50m away instead of 200m) A little experiment to switch up sub searching. Water is now 95% opaque instead of 99%, but it blocks target acquisition - you can't get a target box on something on the other side of a water surface, just like in Beta. So subs are a fair bit easier to spot by eye close up (though not so much from a distance since the bubble emitter is gone), but you can't just detect one by flailing your mouse until a target box shows up anymore. This also has the neat little effect that bullets/rockets going through water will actually splash at the water surface now instead of the floor. However, it also causes tracking weapons to randomly go berserk when trying to track through water, but that's really only an issue for Longbows hitting submerged subs - phases are almost never close enough to submerged subs to hit them, and dest rockets don't damage them anyway. To compensate for this inconvenience, Longbow damage to submerged subs has doubled. The water opacity and permeability settings aren't on the non-naval maps yet until it tests well and even then only when I have more pressing reasons to update every other map (probably at the same time as whatever ends being done about rooftop access - don't worry, it's not getting removed, you've made your point ) On the flip side, water is now completely opaque from below due to a bunch of awkward overlaps with particle effects/windows. Subs should still have a fairly easy time seeing boats from below though due to the water wakes and the submerged hull (which subs CAN get targeting on). Vehicles Supply Truck Max speed up (~13.5 -> ~15.3m/s), a ~14% increase Can't dodge FTs/Turrets anymore. LST Price down (700 -> 500) Health down (450 -> 400) Reworked physics a bit, should be less vulnerable to getting stuck on beaches. Submarines Attack Sub torpedo's trail spawns particles at a faster rate, so it's easier to determine how to lead but also easier for Allies to notice you when you're firing. Removed rotor bubbles, so submerged subs are harder for Allies to spot at a distance. Reduced physical collision radius. Due to the water permeability change, Missile Sub's missiles now fire straight and it now needs to bring its launchers above sea level before firing, or else the missiles will spaz out. Yak Made physical collision box more lenient (used to be 66% as wide as its wings, now it's only 33%, or about as far as the landing gear). In addition to making it harder to clip trees/other Yaks and less obnoxious for infantry getting in, 2 Yaks can now be landed at the Airfield without creating a Mexican standoff where neither of them can build up speed for takeoff without crashing into the other one. Now floats downwards 1m while putting away its landing gear, so that the plane's in-flight position reflects its physical collision box more accurately (since moving THAT instead during the animation would cause issues). In addition to making it easier to tell how close you are to the ground, this also puts its gun 1m closer to the ground compared to its collision box, making it slightly easier to hit things without crashing into cover. Made speed thresholds for stall/damage more lenient again (20m stall/25m damage -> 15m stall/20m damage) Now has a heli-esque fuselage pitch effect when flying, and the inherent pitching from the flying animation is reduced to compensate. This makes it harder to attack things that are at ground level if you deliberately stop accelerating, ensuring that the more lenient stall speed is not too abusable for combat - it's there to make communication easier and make it harder to crash accidentally. Deceleration when not holding W is slower thanks to reduced mass (however mass can't be reduced much further than it already is without glitches) This mass reduction has also effectively improved its acceleration again, however its max speed is now lower to compensate (~49m/s -> ~45m/s) Horizontal aiming cone increased (40 -> 60 degrees) Splash damage (anti-infantry) up (9 -> 10) Splash radius up (10 -> 12) Direct hit damage multiplier to infantry down (1 -> 0.5), a 50% decrease Damage multiplier to Mammoth armour back down (0.4 -> 0.3), a 25% decrease Range down (130 -> 115m) Shots now use the same terrain effects as dragonsbreath, so they will not kick up enough dirt/sparks to hinder performance. Health down (400 -> 300) Now has a unique armour class that takes reduced damage from various sources: Redeye/AA Guns (1x -> 0.5x) LAW (1x -> 0.75x) APCs (0.875x -> 0.625x) Rangers/Captains (0.5x -> 0.4x) Artillery/V2 (1.2x -> 0.8x) With the health reduction, this means Yaks are killed by Redeyes/AAs 33% slower, APCs 5% slower and Artilleries 11% slower, but 6% faster by Rangers/Captains and 33% faster by almost everything else (Rifle/Sergeant/Grenadier/LT) as the problem before was that Yaks were completely useless if Redeyes were on the field, but completely unstoppable if they weren't. TL;DR Yak is now much easier to use (both control-wise and hurting infantry reliably) but has less raw power in fringe cases, and is less hard-countered but more soft-countered. Buildings Airfield Added a small invisible ramp on each end of the landing strip, which will cause Yaks to automatically pull up slightly at the end, making it more clear when you should start manually ascending. Maps RA_GuardDuty Removed the tree cluster directly in front of the Airfield to give scrambling Yaks more time to ascend. Allied infantry bots no longer randomly commit suicide while on the move (they kept trying to path to the Airfield MCT and failing). However they won't try to infiltrate the Airfield anymore. The riverside hills are reshaped to be less accessible, harder for enemy infantry to retreat from, and force artillery/V2 to expose themselves more when attacking from them. RA_Under Fixed Attack Sub being stuck in its spawn point. More tweaks to naval, as well as the long-awaited rerelease of Hostile Waters, are coming soon![blurb]Performance improvements and experimental Yak/naval tweaks abounds in this new APB update![/blurb]
  8. Let's play some APB this Thursday and Saturday! 9PM GMT, Official APB Server! Why different days from last week? Because we're alternating days instead this week! Join our Discord server during the event and hang with us! Credit to Hiramaky (Professor Lemur) for keeping the ball rolling! [blurb]Keeping the ball rolling on the weekly events! Let's play APB this Thursday and Saturday! 9PM GMT, Official APB Server![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.f.png [/thumb]
  9. I'm feeling more and more that the building ladders aren't really that beneficial for gameplay. While they do make a good defensive position for infantry against tanks in the middle of your base, the thing is, normally people only use their own rooftops for defense when they're losing badly enough that they can't make a comeback, so it just draws out the game. Or because they're snipers - a unit that could probably stand to be a little better in general and not need to rely on high ground so much. Or the Sub Pen which I'll discuss a little more later. They make scouting on the smaller maps like Guard Duty/River Raid even easier than it needs to be. A captain/sniper can just stand on their own WF/Ref roof and scope straight to the enemy base while ignoring all the rock/prop/foliage cover that people on ground can't see around, and bam, all rushes instantly visible without even exposing your neck. Mostly though they are a haven for killwhores, make units like Volkov/Tanya difficult to balance for their intended purpose, and either make a-bomb flares guarded by a grand total of one person require half a team to stop, or lull newbies into a false sense of security where they think they can fend off half a team from up there like the pros can or that nobody will ever notice a flare up here!!! but just end up feeding the enemy flare disarm points on a silver platter. It's why NBNW got convenient boxes placed around its Refinery ladders - to minimise the places where you could put an OP flare. (And looking at similar blockades on the new Hostile Waters, I think Raap sees the ladders as a liability too.) As far as I can tell, the only reason Chronojam really wanted ladders back when he was in charge, was to solve the problem of people losing helis over enemy rooftops and walking around on them wrecking everything while nigh-invincible - which was against the rules back when ladders didn't exist. And there's another solution that works without forcing rooftop engagements: coating the rooftop in a mesh that damages infantry. The Radar Dome already has this (though it didn't back under the CJ plan...) since the shape of its roof doesn't exactly make it plausible to add an access ladder. It'd be easy to do the same for every other building. The only thing I can really see being problematic if building ladders are removed, is that it'd give RPGs a lot less room to defend the Sub Pen from gunboats and no room against destroyers - not being able to put infantry in front of the Sub Pen or Advanced Sub Pen means their rooftops get used for defense far, far more frequently than other buildings. So some solution would have to be found for that. Maybe some sort of internal staircase with a team-locked door that leads to the roof like on the Airfield? Or just leave it as the only building with ladders? Since the Sub Pen is out of range of most of the rest of the base, has 4 rooftop access points, and leaves enemies on it cornered since the pen is mostly surrounded by water, it's not a very appealing rooftop for Allies to hang out on anyway. Anyway. discuss. Maybe there's something I'm missing
  10. Come play some APB this Thursday and Friday! 9PM GMT, in the official APB server! Hiramaky from our Discord has suggested making this a weekly event, so let's give it a try! Join our Discord during the event and use the Red Alert: A Path Beyond channel! [blurb]Come play some APB this Thursday and Friday! 9PM GMT, in the official APB server![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.b.png [/thumb]
  11. I wanted to keep v-sync on due to the game having no frame cap in the menu and the maximum core usage as a result, however in-game it seems to cap my maximum framerate at 30 and causes drops below. Is there a performance level you should be able to make before turning on v-sync?
  12. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update [thumb]thumb_apb.h.png[/thumb][blurb]Fixed combat refilling, improved bot behaviour, radio command emoticons and more in this new update![/blurb] General Added emoticons for radio commands, like in Renegade. Refilling or buying rifles/techies in infantry combat is no longer possible. Fixed the "limit" on items in the B/N/M list, they will now display all players/buildings. Screen shake of most explosive weaponry has been reduced about 20-30%. Infantry Grenadier Splash radius down (8 -> 7m) Rifle/Medic Rifle/SMG (AK-47, M16, MP5) damage multiplier to light vehicle health/armour down (0.4/0.2 -> 0.36/0.18), a 10% decrease Rifle/SMG damage multiplier to heavy vehicle health/armour down (0.3/0.15 -> 0.28/0.14), a 6.67% decrease Starshina TOZ-194 buckshot damage multiplier to infantry decreased (1 -> 0.9), a 10% decrease Captain/Kapitan Light machinegun (M60, PKM) damage multiplier to light vehicle health/armour down (0.5/0.5 -> 0.5/0.4), an 11.11% decrease (but not against supply trucks or other unarmoured vehs) Light machinegun damage multiplier to heavy vehicle health/armour down (0.45/0.3 -> 0.4/0.3), a 4.75% decrease Light machinegun damage multiplier to armoured infantry down (0.875 -> 0.75), a 14.3% decrease Flamethrower Splash radius up (8 -> 8.5m) Splash damage down (35 -> 30) Tanya Self-healing delay increased (15 -> 20 seconds) Volkov Adjusted to be a little more "midfield" and less "enemy rooftop camping killwhoring douche": AT cannon range back up (85 -> 90m) Shotgun damage down (50 -> 45) Napalm direct damage down (25 -> 20) Napalm splash radius up (8 -> 10m) Napalm splash no longer penetrates terrain/building cover. Shotgun/napalm no longer gets improved accuracy from crouching. Self-healing delay increased (15 -> 20 seconds) No longer has infinite armour, the bar is there and it can be depleted. Vehicles Tesla Tank Physics redone slightly, should no longer be susceptible to randomly flipping over when reversing. (Unfortunately the suspension can now LOOK a little weird at times but you can't have it all. I'll figure out a better solution eventually.) Yak Decreased acceleration about 10% Decreased range (140 -> 130m) Buildings In dead buildings, prop monitors display static on screens and "blinklight" mainframes stop blinking. Construction Yard/Power Plant No longer has to be destroyed for a base destruction victory. Radar Dome Added Repair Tool props to the shelves. Airfield Removed physical collision from runway lights as they were making rotation difficult for Yaks. Tesla Coil Range no longer falls a few centimetres short of its targeting range (which made it possible for a Ranger to draw coil fire without being hurt). Splash cover penetration up from 0% to 75% Flame Tower / Turret Splash cover penetration up from 33%/0% to 75% Technology Centre Fixed the stickiness of the lower edges of the platform for the "mega mainframe". Bots Targeting priority for most bots (excluding base defenses, snipers and Tanyas) treats the target's unit cost as a much less important factor, so they will be more likely to target buildings and to finish already-damaged units. Targeting and "fear" priorities vs each "type" of unit (infantry, light vehicle/base defense, heavy vehicle, aircraft, building) have been tweaked for greater sensibility. Most importantly, bots in MBTs will no longer attempt to maintain max range against inconsequential rifle infantry that barely hurt them and they can barely hurt in return, and will instead try to charge through them but still return fire if there are no better targets, whereas the lightly-armoured Phase/Tesla bots continue to fear infantry and maintain maximum range against them. Rifle Soldier bots do not "fear" infantry, as they are free and expendable - this also means they can break past poor defensive lines and infiltrate buildings more easily. Behaviour of defender/repair bots has been improved; instead of randomly picking a building to repair/defend (even if it's in no danger) and then staying glued to its MCT until it or the bots die, they will now only rush to the aid of buildings that are damaged, and will just idle around if no buildings are damaged. Bots' per-map infantry restrictions have been revised once again to exclude more infantry that are unsuitable for certain situations. For example, since Metro is now an infantry-only map in the eyes of bots, bots will never purchase Rocket Soldiers there, and since Camos Canyon's lanes are straight and open enough that bots often find themselves fighting at long range, bots will never purchase Sergeants, Medics or Flamethrowers there. Bots don't buy Mammoth Tanks or APCs anymore, since they both have issues - with Mammoths they frequently manage to somehow leave the pathfinding grid, upon which they become "stuck" and only serve as a stationary turret, and with APCs the "infantry join a transport vehicle" logic isn't currently functioning in group rushes, so an APC in a group rush doesn't provide the intended effect of speeding up the group (because the tanks wouldn't have to wait for infantry to catch up at each waypoint) to compensate for being a mediocre combatant. Both may be re-enabled in future if these issues are fixed. Bots will still try to use an APC/Mammoth if they are left unused for too long (like with Rangers). Bots can now buy Grenadiers. (However, due to issues targeting around cover, they don't get bought on Metro.) Volkov bots now use the AP shotgun against infantry. However, due to the AI 1-weapon limitation, this draws from the same ammo pool as the AT cannon and takes no time to "switch" to. Allied Sergeant bots now use the dragonsbreath shot against infantry to balance them with Soviet ones, since being set on fire causes bots to aim sporadically. Bots will now react to the radio commands "Follow me" (causes some bots who are near you to follow you) and "Move out" (releases followers who will then do their own thing) Group rushes are less "patient" - they won't wait around for participants to join for as long as they used to. Bot "wakeup" time after spawning is randomised. Player kills versus bots are reported on the killfeed and play the kill sound. Maps RA_CamosCanyon Fixed OT pathfinding which somehow broke again. RA_Metro Bots no longer crash the game. Bots no longer get hung up on the War Factory props or the Cargo Truck. Moved Soviet north silo slightly south so it's easier to repair. Moved the boxes around Soviet north silo to provide more cover to repairmen. RA_NorthByNorthwest Fixed missing spy/thief zones for the Soviet Barracks, War Factory and Refinery. Fixed a VIS error in the Tech Centre. RA_RiverRaid Bots can now be enabled. (As usual, load up the map in LAN, press F8 to open the console, and type botcount 30 or some number around that.)
  13. Life signs, the best kind of signs. Preview of the revamped Hostile Waters, Soviet base. Key feedback was always that LST landing parties had too many easy angles of approach, so each of the two bases are gaining some significant terrain changes to make attack routes more defined. The Allied base uses more natural terrain for the same purpose, while the Soviet one uses more industrial themes, an approach I also used back on Siege. Note that I'm having a few strange issues that are roadblocking further development progress, so as of now the only thing I can work on is aesthetic changes and general terrain changes, such as this one. This means, no ETA for when I finally get to complete this APB level. Upon delivery, release is entirely the decision of Pushwall. Added note: Due to time restrictions and concerns regarding network based gameplay behavior, the rail cart system and related underground tunnels have unfortunately been cut from the reboot project, despite having been largely completed already. I figured I'd make this a post regardless of the lack of substantial 'meat', I might post future updates in this thread however.
  14. This is something that's bothered me for a bit - it doesn't really make sense that in a missile silo that only has room to arm and fuel one missile at a time, you can wait double the arming time and launch two missiles back to back. Would it be possible / worth doing to make it so the 5 minute countdown to create the next flare only starts on the previous missile launching?
  15. I am a fan of the command and conquer
  16. Hey guys! There is a little issue with the official launcher where currently it doesn't seem to want to change APB's resolution. But fear not citizens! I'm sure that someone much smarter than I am will have it fixed before too much longer. In the mean time, you can still get by with this little tool should you need to make a change. Self-explanatory, and hopefully crash-free [Link removed] If anyone has any problems using it, please let me know! Enjoy!
  17. Now that the ever-irritating online bug with bot vehicle turrets is fixed, and a change to Metro has meant that its bots are sadly left without vehicles, I'm going to work on adding the option of botmatches to some more maps soon. Which ones should I try first? If it looks like there aren't many maps in this poll, it's because there are a lot of maps where bots would still be problematic. Bear in mind that bots wouldn't know how to use naval units (especially subs due to the specific circumstances needed for subs to attack) and that while they can use normal VTOL aircraft, they won't know how to refill their ammo. So the only option there would be giving them unlimited ammo which would be quite overpowered, especially since infantry bots being limited to 1 weapon prevents rocket soldier bots from having a Redeye/Strela on hand. So air/naval maps are out. Since pathfinding sectors can't be added or removed midgame, any map that heavily relies on destructible blockades (Metro/Coastal Influence's wall of hedgehogs) or anti-blockades that turn into blockades when destroyed (Under's archway) is also out of the question. CI could be made like Metro where bots only use infantry but it wouldn't be very interesting, it works better with Metro due to the small size, no defenses, and no navy. And while Under could be made to have bots ignore that rear route, they'd be completely blind to players that are using that route. Complex is also an odd duck; it heavily relies on an infantry-only lane (the side tunnel) and we don't yet have a way of telling the bots that there are some avenues of attack that only infantry should try to access. Under has the same issue with all of its infantry tunnels and the rear entrance. On top of that, a common Allied route involves driving tanks off the "upper" road onto the lower road, something that bots won't do because they can't see a drop as a valid route (at least not willingly, and when they do it accidentally it'll likely be sideways, resulting in a flipped vehicle).
  18. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update Hello everyone - apologies for being almost completely absent the past few months save for answering one or two forum/IRC queries, but I kind of needed a break. Have a Christmas present for your patience! General Wrecked Medium Tank prop has been redone completely by @Ice using the Delta Medium Tank as a base. Fixed some unwrapping issues with the wrecked Light Tank prop. (again by Ice) Some minor improvements to the Wrecked Heavy Tank prop and texture. (again by Ice) Updated to a much newer scripts build; now we can debug crashdumps again. Bots driving vehicles on the server now actually show their turret rotation properly to clients, so they will no longer appear to fire a projectile in a completely different direction from you and still hit you. I only just learned about this script-fix less than a day before the patch was meant to go live so I haven't been able to do anything with it yet; for the time being it'll make Camos Canyon bot matches less awkward, but you can expect to see bot functionality added to a few more of the less-complicated maps in future. Infantry Grenadier Projectile velocity up (50 -> 60m/s) Medic Self-healing now starts after 5 seconds instead of 1. Health down (100 -> 90) MP5 ROF down (12.5 -> 11.25) Captain/Kapitan M60/PKM damage to MCTless buildings down by 6.25% (0.2 -> 0.1875) M60/PKM damage to base defenses down by 16.67% (0.15 -> 0.125) Portable Stinger (misc. event weapon) Range down (180 -> 135m) Reload time down (2.5 -> 2s) Projectile damage down (120 -> 70) Splash damage down (30 -> 25) Splash radius down (14 -> 12m) Projectile velocity down (200 -> 50m/s) Rifle Soldier M16/AK-47 damage to MCTless buildings down by 6.25% (0.16 -> 0.15) M16/AK-47 damage to base defenses down by 7.4% (0.135 -> 0.125) Spy Fixed oversight where he could establish radar relays while his own Radar Dome was still up, which caused his dome to stop working after the relay's timer expired. Sniper Fixed rendering issue with Allied Sniper where his bandolier glowed in the dark, so he should be harder to spot now. Added snow camo variant for both teams courtesy of Ice; click the gold arrow on the purchase icon to switch what camo you're buying. Volkov Anti-tank cannon range down (90 -> 85m) Vehicles Ranger Damage to MCTless buildings and base defenses down by 6.25% (0.2 -> 0.1875) Tesla Tank Fixed alt camera being too high - it was sharing the Mammoth Tank's alt camera which got moved up when the Mammoth was resized. Buildings Refinery Improved collision on the rails in the stairwell. War Factory Construction magnet doesn't block camera movement anymore. Missile Silo Launch animation is slightly redone to be less silly from the basement view; the missile smoke doesn't clip through the wall of the basement quite so much, and a new missile will not materialise right in front of onlookers' eyes. Maps RA_NorthByNorthwest Brought back from the dead! Map has been shrunk slightly. Bases are now backed up against the map borders. The spring on the central hill is now a much more defensible position to infantry, surrounded by rocks/vehicle wrecks/bunkers that prevent vehicle access. To compensate, the hill is not quite as heavily forested as before, so compared to Gamma it shouldn't be as painful to move vehicles around the edges if you control the area. The corner hills are now much steeper than before, and are only accessible from certain ramps. Added 3 neutral Supply Truck spawn points. Tech Level set to 2. New Delta jukebox: Depth Charge (initial track just like in Gamma), Creeping Upon, Re-Con, We Will Stop Them Added a Missile Silo, an Ore Silo (as usual), and an extra Service Depot. Less defenses in total, but since the bases are assailable from less angles than before and the walls are a little more helpful than before, bases are still pretty well defended. Somewhere there is a fidget spinner new neutral building to explore, courtesy of @CMDBob, with a randomly spawning crate that can be of great use to you. Whereas KOTG's crate focuses primarily on weapons, NBNW's crate focuses primarily on defense and reclassing - it's not recommended to pick one up if you're comfortable with your current class. It can even give you some infantry units from higher tech levels or from the other team, or maybe even something beyond all that! RA_KeepOffTheGrass Crate now spawns every 90-150 seconds (like the new NBNW crate) instead of a fixed 120. Crate can no longer give radar invisibility or medic kits. Crate can now give limited M16s, AK-47s, Shock Rifles and Colt .45s. Crate now has a 1/4 chance of changing you to a Captain or Rocket Soldier (or the Soviet equivalent). This will reset your inventory, making it much less likely for crate abuse to turn a character into a walking arsenal, but at least you still have a useful field class. RA_Metro More destructible hedgehogs have been added, this time to the bridges. Now you need to clear them if you want vehicles to attack at all. Added concrete walls to the east of the north Soviet silo to make assaulting it from the bridge more difficult initially. Soviet WF construction death zone no longer pokes slightly out of one of the sides of the construction pad. Bots can't buy vehicles anymore - they wouldn't know how to handle the hedgehog blockades anyway. Bots can't buy Tanya or Volkov anymore - they shouldn't be available to them due to tech level. Moved the silos around: Soviet north silo is now moved outside the map border fence. You can still repair it from this position, but it's harder to do so while under attack as the area from which your tool can reach it is fairly limited. Most importantly it is now much more protected from almost-b2b arty fire. Soviet south silo is now slightly further from the WF, on the other side of the drainage grate. Some cones have been removed to make it still feasible to mine. Allied south silo is moved all the way back to the war factory, so it can't be attacked from behind the bridge anymore. Allied north silo is moved back slightly, giving attackers from the hospital/restaurant side a better angle of attack against it. RA_Pipeline Removed a barrel that was clipping through a concrete wall. Sandstorm particles no longer move in the opposite direction of the Barracks flags. RA_RiverRaid Added a vehicle blocker to the upper tunnel so Rangers can't get in. RA_Siege Fixed a bit of the castle wall filler mesh that was poking out into the real world. RA_Zama The lower-elevated parts of the map have been heavily deforested; the large forest between the Allied base and the river has been turned into more water (bringing it a bit closer to the actual Red Alert version of Zama), and the large forest between the Soviet base and the village has been turned into a rocky valley.
  19. Why fissure is not a playable map now? Why artillery medal is buged since 1912?
  20. Hi all, What are the recommended system requirements of all W3D hub games? I'm using windows xp and remember reading somewhere that the minimal OS was vista... Before I upgrade to vista I wanted to known if that was true. 32-bit os or 64-bit?
  21. Heya, Raap here, aka the guy who promised some sort of APB contributions but failed to deliver 1/3rd of it. How is things around here these days, and does APB stil have an audience? Despite how I left things during a 'heated moment', and despite an attempt to finish up my last contribution in august was just not working out due to a long excuse-train of reasons I don't believe are worth mentioning, I can't help but feel this nagging feeling of having some unfinished business. So I wonder, is there a point for me to consider making the time available to finish the Hostile Waters revamp that got stuck in a development hell? I'm speaking of this thing here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7fULGRONJ7dNldqVHVRQVhRSGc/view I put a lot of work on various art related things earlier this year to finish it but I just wasn't able to pull through, and unfortunately there is still a lot left to be done unless I trim down the development scope a lot (like axing the completely untested underground railcart system). So, TLDR: Do people still play APB?
  22. And oh yes, it is! Roland JV-2080 included as well as a vibe from Red Alert.
  23. So this is an extremely minor issue that won't affect gameplay at all and is mostly about aesthetics, but I'm going to bring it up anyway. I was showing a friend of mine APB who had never played it or Renegade before and when telling him about how the technicians and engineers work, I started thinking that the repair tool is kinda ridiculous. Engineers already have the golden wrench, so I was thinking it would be really easy to replace the repair tool with a non-golden wrench. Now, I do realize that swinging a wrench at a MCT to repair a building doesn't really make that much more sense than pressing buttons a a flip phone, but I do think it would be a little more intuitive to new players. I also think it might drive home the point to new players who have played Renegade before that repair tool doesn't work the same as in Renegade (although this is admittedly hardly an issue anymore). Plus it is more RAlistic, as in Red Alert you repair buildings by clicking the wrench icon and then clicking on the building. And also the repair tool doesn't really fit in the the time period, since Red Alert is supposed to take place in the '50s and a repair tool is some pretty advanced technology. The only downsides I can think of are that this may cause some confusion with the mechanic wrench vs. the technician wrench, and also nostalgia for the repair tool and 56K sound effects. So what do you think. Should we keep the repair tool as it is or replace it with a wrench?
  24. In continuance of my (now fixed) discovery of terrain in CanyonRiver; Was I supposed to be able to get here? It doesn't really provide any tactical usage, sadly, but it didn't feel very intentional. Looks like I can see some end-map glitches? On that note, guess the map
  25. Does anyone know if the setting is broken or something? I can't seem to actually get it to work even if i turn it on in-game :/