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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I have some screenshots about the player WhereIsMyMedal? It looks like he was possibly using some type of hack that bypasses mines. What do you guys think about this, is this legit? On Orca Heights he was able to get inside the PP and destroy it via the MCT, despite the fact that both doors were still mined. I spawned in the base and decided to check the PP after it was destroyed as I'm just generally interested how people get in. However my mines were still there, above both doors. "How is this PP red with mines still at both doors, how did anyone get in here?", I thought. So I asked in public how he even got inside PP. I now thought I could've been going crazy, as I was now not seeing my mines. But when I checked my screenshots I was right, my mines were there just a second ago. Unfortunately I didn't get a good screenshot of the left door showing the mines, but what you can see is the mines dissappearing with that electric animation. You can also see my message showing in public chat. On the right door you see 2 mines on the side, I guess thats where he died. On the left door I didn't get a good shot while the top mines were there but you can still see 3 mines on the side. Was it mine limit and someone overmining? I doubt it, they don't go that fast. Do the server logs show the mine limit at this time? Okay, the mines dissappeared, lets suppose I didn't see this, you still don't get in through the door without setting off those mines on the side. Or is there some trick? (A side note: this was earlier this week, 27-Apr. Sorry I didn't get round to do this till now.)
  2. Hey guys! I need some help. I just got banned by Threve for RGH/ESP when I was playing on the Interim Apex server. I was on the server when the map was 'Scorpion_Hunters'. I'm very confused, as I had played on the server previously after October the 30th. I do not hack or condone hacking.I have never hacked in C&C Renegade and never will. I don't know why I got banned. Please help.
  3. Why player aaaaaaaa was muted? And then swapped to another imbalanced team. 2 times without explaionation before. Still waiting for response
  4. Why aaaaaaaa was muted now without any visavle reason? The same happened in last weekend. I want to know, Is there some automatical bot which mutes players by some algorithm or just someone has some worthy reason? Who and why did that:
  5. this player constantly spammed chat with the sound messages, honestly probably at least 100 messages, forcing pretty much everyone to disable sounds additionally, to a much lesser extent, EricGCK and miblet joined in at the beginning too a vote mute feature would be very awesome, I hope it can some day be implimented
  6. So today on Industrial Warfare I got banned by Gavin Chater because he's a little whining bitch that enjoys to abuse his power. I got a 36 inch from a crate and locked it in the middle of the base with no way for Nod to get to it, he kicks me 'for leaving vehicles empty to be stolen by Nod' even though it's literally IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BASE. Then I join back and called him an autistic fuck, he stole my 36 and then he muted me. I join again with his real name and bans me for 24 hours yeah buddy ok 'using name' I wouldn't mind if anyone joined with mine, I don't care at all, there's nothing they can use it for. Now unban me, this guy does this crap on purpose on me and a couple of other guys just because he doesn't like us, and frankly we don't like him either. There shouldn't be any personal feelings when it comes to moderating, there's people talking racist crap ingame all the time and no one does anything but God forbid someone respond to this guy, he'll mute and ban you. A while ago he was talking trash to me so I literally said 'What did you say Gavin' then he muted me straight off. Seriously guys you should consider a bit more when picking mods and admins. If not then It'll be my pleasure to take this as a more personal matter since a couple of my friends know their way around a PC and I already know everything about this guy.
  7. So I joined the APB server at around 11:25 PM GMT and then got banned like 10 minutes later because Pushwall thought I was mackintoke. As the thread title implies, I'm not mackintoke. I'm not exactly sure why he thought that as there was no reasoning given, but I did respond to a comment directed at mackintoke (who was apparently also there?) with a question because it was near the end of a game in which my team was getting stomped, so maybe that led him to believe I was mackintoke. Could the ban be lifted please?
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